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  1. Is this game worth $3CAD. A local store has it and tomorrow is their 50% off sale? Which means it will be $1.50CAD or should I buy it now before it sells?
  2. Has anyone actually gotten this trophy that can tell us 100% the cars needed? By the trophy's description it says "were once destined to win" which makes me think that the car was destined to win but did not.
  3. Will there be a free upgrade from the PlayStation 4 to the digital PlayStation 5 game?
  4. The game does offer a free upgrade now just so anyone else is wondering.
  5. Sony's new policy is PlayStation 5 games will not share a trophy list.
  6. I had that problem as well but realized quite quickly that the quest line goes the shortest distance to where you need to go and sometimes that is over a boulder that you cannot move and you have to go around a cliff or mountain. I'm playing the PlayStation 5 digital version and it was the free upgrade from the PlayStation 4 physical disc that I picked up from my local discount store for $4.99CAD and knock on wood haven't had any hard crashes or any problems.
  7. They are adding in cross buy with many of their titles and this is now one of them.
  8. I already know this guys and gals that Nioh does not get an upgrade. My question is if I buy the digital version of the collection which comes swith all 4 versions of the game with all the DLC for the PlayStation 5 version but will I also get all the DLC for the 2 PlayStation 4 games?
  9. So The Nioh Collection is on sale right now on the PlayStation Store and you get it for both PS4 and PS5. I have seen all over the internet that you get all the DLC if you purchase the PlayStation 5 version but I haven't seen anywhere if you purchase the game digitally that you also get all the DLC for the PlayStation 4 version as well. If anyone knows 100% if you do than I will not buy the season pass for Nioh on the PS4 and I'll just get the collection.
  10. They did answer the question though. Play it on an alternate/dummy account and the others said to try something not so easy and if you persevere you will get better in the end. So in short play and practice on a dummy account and once you get good at the game. Then play on your main account.
  11. This as of right now is the only way I have seen work. If you previously had the PlayStation 4 version installed. You will need to delete your original install of the PlayStation 4 disc version of Kena Bridge of Spirits and then eject the disc and put it back in the PlayStation 5 but don't copy the disc. Press the option button on the dualsense controller and select view product then it should show the "Free" instead of the price and just select that option and it should download the PlayStation 5 digital version of Kena Bridge of Spirits.
  12. I cannot start a new topic for some reason. But it also seems that there is no free upgrade from the physical PlayStation 4 version even though it has it on the box and every website that has it listed as a free upgrade. If there is a way to get the free upgrade just place it in this post please and thank you. I will also post here if it hasn't been answered if I find anything out.
  13. The game is cute but gameplay gets boring very quickly and feels like a chore to collect and get through the levels. Spyro Reignited collection is a must own for all 3D platforming fans. The first Yooka-Laylee was an okay game but the sequel Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair was quite enjoyable and gives a decent challenge without making it feel cheap.
  14. To the best of my knowledge all PlayStation 5 games will have a separate list.
  15. That is because the PS Vita standalones are .99 or $1.49 region dependent and they only started doing the cross buy recently because I have noticed they have PS4/PS Vita in the description via the PS4 PS Store. It sucks to because many of the games I purchased for the $1.49 on the Canadian PS Vita PS store and now they are crossbuy albeit having to buy the PS4 versions to be eligible for crossbuy is more expensive if you wait on a sale it isn't.