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  1. Unravel 2 was offered in the IGC? What month was this?
  2. Yes to both controller schemes.
  3. Spyro took no effort and you're in the gaming industry? Did you not see that the trilogy was in development for 3 years? Did you not see my breakdown of salaries. Most of the budget is no longer 50% in marketing because of Social Media being free and around 75% of gamers find out about games this way. I'm also in the gaming industry and use common sense. When a game is already not a full priced game and you are getting 3 games rebuilt from the ground up and the fact is in this day and age "if" you have slow internet or low download usage then you shouldn't own this gen of consoles. Go back and look at Fallout 76 and look at the first download update patch on the PS4 being 48gb and there has been 2 or 3 since then. Whereas this game had an 17.5gb roughly download. So, I reiterate if you have slow speeds and limited use then don't own this gen of consoles because if you do you should expect big patches and downloads.
  4. "pressing and printing Blu-Ray discs isn’t that expensive". If it isn't expensive then you flip the bill for the next shipment of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy game getting the second disc. In this day and age "if" you own a PS4 or any other console/computer you should expect big downloads regardless of whether it is on 2 discs or 1. Look at Fallout 76. How big is the update patch? Oh ya 47gb and the game is still broken. Whereas Spyro Reignited Trilogy launched with an extra 17+gb download and the games are perfect. I guess you do not know how the gaming industry works because this trilogy was in development for about 3 years. If you take into consideration that Toys for Bob has around 120 employees and if each programmer/coder earns 50,000 each (which is on the low side) that would be 18 million just in salary over those 3 years. That would mean that they would have to sell around 900,000 just to break even on paying the employees. Then there is the overhead of property tax, water, hydro, repairs of said studio etc....etc... I'm sure you get my point. Self entitled gamers disgust me.
  5. The link I provided is the legit way of doing it "if" the servers are shutdown and that also goes for any other PS3 game as well. But, Keep in mind that there has to be other people playing that same game while using the website which is near impossible without setting up a gaming session with a large enough group to start an online match on a particular game.
  6. Problem is Spyro has 3 games to develop and Red Dead Redemption 2 is only 1. Plus keep in mind that Spyro is $40 USD and Red Dead Redemption 2 is $60 USD plus online microtransactions so that means Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to make far more money on top of the games original price.
  7. This game came out without any marketing push behind it and the poor reviews didn't help either. I picked my copy up after 3 weeks after launch for $19.99 CAD for the steelbook version from EB Games and that's from the launch price of $89.99 CAD Keep in mind that this is a free edition so "usually"the free to play games you do not have to pay for PS+ in order to play online and that means you "could" possibly self boost if you have more then one PS4.
  8. My local Walmart had it in their display case and they sold at least 2 copies while I was there. Walmart is notorious for this and I live in Canada eh.
  9. How is any of this Activision's fault that people live on the outskirts of mainstream society or in a third world country? You do realize that other companies do this as well, correct? and in fact most companies do this on their AAA titles. There are always updates,dlcs, season passes and patches. Would I loved to had 2 discs? Yes, I would. But I'm not going to go pointing a finger at ACTIVISION and bashing them for giving us a trilogy of games that we wanted.
  10. I was waiting with loaded fingers for that response. How much development time do you think went into the MEGA MAN X Collections? How long did it take to develop the "ports" of the games? More then 3 years? Spyro has 3 legit new games rebuilt from the ground up not just another port. Meaning I can guarantee that Spyro's development was likely 5-10 times easily of what MEGA MAN was.
  11. Um, comparing Red Dead Redemption 2 to this game is f---ing ludicrous. Do you think Sypro Reignited Trilogy is going to make 725 million dollars in just 3 days? Red Dead Redemption 2 only 1 game at $60 USD - Spyro the Reignited Trilogy 3 games for $40 USD. You do realize the install is 50GB, correct? Toys for Bob is not skimping and get over yourself.
  12. "There is zero excuse". Aren't we entitled. You do realize that Toys for Bob made the game, correct? You do realize that this game is not a full retail price game, correct? Maybe give them money for that extra disc and we don't need to hear or read your banters. Like I said earlier. Would you rather Toys for Bob half a-- the games just to fit them onto one disc? I'd rather play the beautiful games they built for true fans. Fans that don't wine and complain and enjoy the games that we wanted for so long.
  13. You do realize that Toys for Bob worked on this game, correct? "when I found all 3 games won't be on the disc". You do realize a dual layered blu-ray disc will hold only 50-55gb worth of data, correct? Well I guess the games are so kick a-- and had so much effort put into them that they are beyond that single disc. Toys for Bob also stated that the delay was for polishing and making the trilogy near perfect. Did you not read why they delayed the game? Obviously not. So, I'll fill you in on the deal. Toys for Bob delayed the game because they wanted to polish it and make sure everything was near perfect. Let's get this straight. So, You want to play the games 20 years from now. So, You will only buy it used. Do you think buying it used is going to fix that? Do you actually realize how much hard work went into making these games because I don't think you do. Would you rather they half a--ed the games just to fit them on a single disc? Buying games used doesn't support the developers and in this case Toys for Bob at all and they put a lot of hard work into bringing these games out. Keep in mind this is not a full retail priced game and at 40 USD for 3 legendary games rebuilt from the ground up is worth it in my book. ACTIVISION and their dirty ways? You realize Toys for Bob made these games correct? Do you realize that Toys for Bob didn't have the original code and developed SpyroScope from the ground up? You do realize that this game is far bigger then Crash is? Have you played Spyro before? I ask this because Spyro is open world sandbox and Crash is not. Meaning the game is going to be a far bigger file size. You can enjoy your PS1 version then while I buy this trilogy new and support the developers and coders that worked their butts off for well over 2 years to bring us something that wasn't half a--ed. Besides who owns a PS4 without internet these days? Sure there are caps and slow download speeds but that's not ACTIVISION or Toys for Bob's fault.
  14. Why is it not good enough? Sure Toys for Bob could have had 2 discs but remember this game is not a full retail priced game. Plus look at how much hard work went into each game. Basically the trilogy is going to be around 80gb and should show how much effort went into the game. So, everyone just stop whining about boycotting buying this game new and support the developers and coders that put years of hard work and passion into this franchise instead of giving us another Skylander game. I'm really starting to hate the self entitled gamers that demand something for years and then when we finally get it they crap all over it. Same goes for the FFVII remake. Just get over yourselves and enjoy what we get.
  15. That doesn't really mean much because there are 2 solutions to getting online trophies. #1 hacking #2 using that website through your PS3 that enable the online component Lots of people I know used it when the PSN was hacked.