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  1. Yessir, get that trophy done then you can update and do the online trophy.
  2. It is now patched after the 1.05 update which sucks.
  3. Just to add: I had to do it all in one go for it to pop!
  4. Thanks to this thread, i disconnected from the internet and then gave it try and it popped first time!
  5. Thanks Man!
  6. Thanks PvtVoid, sorry for being a dumbass but i cannot find the topic with the answer?
  7. For the 'Checkmate' Medals trophy, where do i find the challenge progress? I scanned through the sections but could not find it. Is it under a different name? Sorry if its obvious.
  8. Out of curiosity, i have a flagged game which is hidden which was cheated before the site/rules existed, where does staff sit on this? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks, Scottmidds
  9. Yes, it has been patched as of November 1st game settings update.
  10. It still works after patch 1.04, see here:
  11. Rounds 20-25, We tried last night and got to 4/5 challenges on round 18 and it blue screened. I will try and get it done at round 13, the powerhouse challenge is a pain in the a$$. Thanks for the advice!
  12. I get the blue-screen every time i get to 2/5 challenges on Blood of the Dead Easter egg. (2players)
  13. From what i hear, the Easter eggs are only active on Normal or higher. Im still struggling with the IX easter egg.
  14. Absolutely Sir, I would actually be happy with either since i did join the site along time ago. But option number 2 would be more fitting. Because it was soo long ago i could not even remember cheating since at the time i was 14 years old. I only realised once being flagged recently that this was the case. Hiding or removing cheated games before the site was introduced/joined would be fantastic. I believe if i hide the game now it will make no difference since the game has already been flagged, so i will still see the red box on my profile.
  15. Hey Guys, So as my dispute was unsuccessful, which i was almost certain of would be the case, even though one said game was before the site existed. Would it be possible please to remove the Flagged box? Its pretty annoying and pointless as i cannot do anything about it anyway. (I know only i can see it but its annoying). Thanks, Scottmidds