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  1. I used Jacob's pull abilities and shepards throw ability and worked for me
  2. Double check your projects; any projects that says it leads to a bounty will count towards the trophy. Usually projects that requires grabbing shd and refilling control points should lead to that bounty.
  3. I know just recently had a echo glitch. It place echoes based I where I accessed first. For example general echo #23 clinic; when you look in the menu it's in # 16th spot so, I looked at a list of the echo and found which one I needed; and got the trophy.
  4. Have you updated the game with the lastest patch yet? That was solving a lot of issues players had after getting their 3rd trophy in episode 5.
  5. It was a matter of time before they would no longer put their games on last gen consoles. Batman was the final nail for telltale.
  6. Patch works just finished the game
  7. The patch is up now
  8. From the last email I got from telltale they are working on a patch
  9. After the first email I replied back and this is what they said Telltale via email Kasen (Telltale Games Product Support) Dec 14, 11:52 AM PST Hello, We are definitely working towards a patch that should fix this, along with any other performance you are seeing. We do not have an exact date in which this patch will be available however we are working very hard to ensure that it is delivered as fast as possible. This is of very high importance to us, and I again am very sorry for the trouble. When the patch is available, you should receive it automatically through your PS3. Please allow if to download fully before opening the game application again. Regards, Kasen Now it's a matter when this patch comes out
  10. I know what you mean I got the similar message from telltale;but how can you tell the performance is dropping when there is not that much going on, from wearing the bat mask to walk towards the map. To make it worst no way to manual save or go back within the episode to replay certain part of the episode like there older games. Same here man, I never had this issue with a telltale game, maybe some SFX sound loss and some minor frame drops but not like what happen with Batman episode 5
  11. With the amount of issue with this episode i see a patch. The question is going to be how long until one comes out.
  12. Yeah I tried deleting it and reinstalling the game, and still got the same issue. Send an email to telltale, hopefully they will have a patch out soon.
  13. Had anyone else had, episode 5 freeze up, it happened to me three time and it's at the point when I'm trying to find Alfred and head to the map
  14. Blackberry z10
  15. Yeah the only way to get on the servers is if you have a friend thats in the MP lobby, and you can join via xbm or get an invite. I tried a many times to get on the servers and my ps3 always froze.