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  1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  2. Robotic;Notes Elite | Dash bundle. Very excited to delve back into the Steins;Gate Universe.
  3. Because of quarantine my depression has worsened. I was trying to make even a small change in my life by going to church on sunday so I could worship and have fellowship. I feel it helped a lot but because of the pandemic churches are not allowed to have in house services. I also suffer from social anxiety and rarely leave the house, so going to church I felt was a positive change. In 2006 I was a victim of a violent crime which caused me to basically become a shut in, very closed off from others. Then in 2014 I earned my first platinum in Sly 1 on Vita, it felt good and thus began my journey.
  4. The latest achiever was in june 2020. There's a 25% off bundle but I don't want to waste $20.
  5. Vicious Sisters (Platinum) - The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
  6. Adept Oni - Dead by Daylight
  7. I've been doing the requirements but it seems like its bugged. Edit: finally popped
  8. Anyone know if there's a trick to this? Honestly feel it should have popped by now.
  9. Yes, many of the trophies are very much luck based as they require random events to occur. Yes man isn't that hard if you play on little boy (easy), naysayer can be a bit difficult. Tsar bomba (hard) is quite difficult to win on survival but you only have to do it once. Mad house can be tricky, but might be easier on fat man (normal) or tsar bomba. The game includes all the dlc from reatomized. I am having some difficulty with Danger zone, Bug hunter, a gift and no stone unturned. I'm not sure of the exact requirements but I'm almost sure I've done them. EDIT: A gift requires you to receive a food or water, without getting sick, with a note from the suitcase. For Bug hunter let the cockroaches populate. Eventually you suspect they have become intelligent, use the bug spray. Danger Zone - All breakable supplies must be broken in the shelter at the time same. (gas mask, rifle, first aid kit, radio, map and flashlight). I did Apocolypse on Tsar Bomba, grabbed all the required items, Dolores, the suitcase and as much food and water as possible. If you can grab the axe and bug spray it might help you survive long enough. Wait till day 4, as you usually get an event and chance to break something by then, the start by having Dolores take the suitcase and 3 items out with her. There is a high chance of her breaking most if not all items upon her return. Keep the first aid kit in the shelter in case a sickness/injury may occur. I reccoment taking the flashlight, rifle and gas mask/radio. As they are the hardest to break. Sometimes you get lucky and a natural disaster will happen, simply don't save anything. Characters who are crazy will eventually break an item related to them but this is unreliable. No stone unturned, I'm not 100% certain but I believe all exploration events must occur during one playthrough (manhole, hole in the wall, safe behind map and hidden door). Cuckoo's nest I did on survival Little boy. Ignore anything that looks like it might raise their sanity, birthdays, talking to silent family members, taking in a pet and perform evil actions (steal from neighbors). Do not scavenge. END OF EDIT. I was able to get Cat Lady easily due to a bug occurring with Enigma. It said Dolores returned and Ted didn't at the exact same time yet no one was in the shelter so I did not have to use any supplies. I simply progressed the days until I outlasted the cats. I almost got Konrad style but it ended on day 99.
  10. Classic has the tutorial, apocalypse which is both scavenge and survival. The other modes are just 1 part of apocalypse. Scavenge is basically practise. Survival you are random family members and supplies depending on the difficulty and you have to do your best to get by. Challenge has challenges with specific requirements in mind. Completing them unlocks hats for your family members to wear. As of right now only scavenge challenges seem to be available.
  11. I actually posted guides for the relationship trophies in theatrical cut in the comments of the PSNP trophy guide. You must download the DLC from the PSN store. Then start a new game in solo mode then it should be selectable.
  12. Requires a sign in to view.
  13. I highly suspect it's because it was released on Wednesday but the PlayStation store in NA is updated on tuesday.
  14. Looks cool just wish it was an official thing so I don't need a special extension and extra browser app.
  15. This all i need for plat, but leveling the instruments seems to be bugged. Some are capped at 15 others at 20. Anyone can help? EDIT: Aha, seems max level is 20.