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  1. There is like either 89 or 98 or somewhere in between those 2 gods now
  2. My bad i didn't realize this is for neverwinter lol
  3. Sign me up man
  4. I have a buddy who goes by TB and everyone asks me all the time does he have tuberculosis and i always say no its his initials lol the original name that i wanted to use was jinxxxsyns but it was taken so to allow me to use some form of the i made it xXjinxsynsXx which of course the xX and Xx are just being used to make it an available name but the jinxsyns is because my 2 favorite guitarists when i made the account were Jeremy Miles "Jinxx" Ferguson and Brian Elwin Haner, Jr. or Synyster Gates/ Syn is his stage name
  5. Hey i was wondering if i could get in on this looks like it could be fun
  6. Im listening to Pokemon Meets Metal by a guy on youtueb who covers a lot of different songs, themes, and things along those line on his 7 string guitar in a metal fashion so to all you metalheads out there head to his channel he does some great stuff!
  7. first home console i had was the Nintendo 64 So much time spent playing super smash bros. and kicking my friends asses on it and my first handheld was the Game Boy Color which as most people at my age (i was like between 3 and 5) pokemon consumed most of my time on that system