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  1. No sweat mate - I actually got the trophy and just kept the saves around in case but looks like the profile itself from your feedback is what's tracking it now. Good info.
  2. There are still 2 dlcs coming in 2021 so there will be 10 dlc + main game. As mentioned, all current trophies are obtainable (there was 1 trophy that was glitched but was fixed in October update). If you are following a guide for getting all the trophies, I'd say 80-90 hours but obviously depends on your past experience and how you enjoy the game elements.
  3. Curious did you keep the saves until you had all x10 generals across multiple saves or does the profile actually keep track of the generals so you can delete the saves?
  4. So good news, there are x3 people that have completed "To Plow the Sea" now. I've reached out to identify what steps they took to secure the trophy. So the Pirates DLC released last month actually fixed the trophy!!!
  5. So good news, there are x3 people that have completed "To Plow the Sea" now. I've reached out to identify what steps they took to secure the trophy.
  6. I just finished my 1st play through completing all strike points but no trophy - on easy. I'm trying to follow the steps above, did you end up starting a new game one same difficulty as your 1st play through or kept going in Easy and it eventually popped? TIA
  7. I've only been playing the game for 2 weeks or so now and maybe you already have your answer, however for me the armoured vehicles find me pretty regularly. They occur further into the first red zone especially on easy difficulty. You'll see them soon enough as in the Yellow Zone and other Red Zones they are more common for sure.
  8. I'm having the same issue now; how did you end up solving it? For me, I had to use the generators in red zone (not yellow zone) for the picture to work properly; just got this job completed earlier today.
  9. This is from 2K support: More people that report the issue the better. Hey there, Thank you for reaching out to me with more information and that screenshot. I very much appreciate it and they will definitely help document the case. Please rest assured that I will be now forwarding the case to the appropriate department for further investigation, so please sit tight as we're looking into it! Thanks to players like yourself, I was able to collect enough information on this case to notify the development team and make sure that the issue you are experiencing is properly reported! Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime and I hope you have a great day!
  10. Have you submitted a bud report through 2K Support? I filled out a report 2 weeks ago and they indicated I'm the first person to bring this to their attention to address. Would help if more ppl reported the issue so to raise the priority. It's working properly on PC so activating each of the 10 generals across multiple saves should give the trophy.
  11. See above da-Noob123; several of us have tried with results suggesting unobtainable until addressed by 2K. I've been in touch with 2K support and provided them details on my particular situation (ie. tried in SP and MP, tried with 1v1 and 1vmany with same results). Recently they asked me to send them a video showing the results which seems a bit over the top as games can last many many hours and I suspect the video footage would be quite large to send. Has anyone else followed up with 2K on this issue specific to trophy "To Plow the Sea". Many thanks for your feedback and hopefully united we can get this addressed sooner than later. -Silvanous
  12. 1) yes, focus on unlocking guns using the hut contracts; some of the necessary guns (and shock grenade) are embedded a few layers into the contracts (meaning you'll need to do 2 contracts to unlock some guns) 2) Trait to level 3 will come with experience young padawan; as will living amongst the powerful ones with well trained builds. 3) Use Hero Hunt to farm your hero kills needed to unlock guns you will need for later; you'll need to use all the heros/villians anyways for a trophy and best to learn their mechanics sooner than later. 4) If you think killing the Y-wing is challenging, wait until you have to trample 25 ppl using an AT-ST or tow chord the AT-AT with 20 well trained in the force players ensuring you have a hard time of it. Timing is everything - try and get in front of the AT-AT and to the right side (my opinion), learn where the Y-wings spawn and be quick about firing once locked. You'll get it eventually with ion torp. As to Tie Fighter - that comes with experience with flying (and likely not dying from enemy air rebel squads. 5) DLC modes are tricky to find pug matches nowadays from my recent experience. Walker Assault is pretty active throughout the day (as 40 man matches go) and other modes with lesser starting requirements are relatively easy to find matches. 100% will be quite challenging without a community to lean on if nothing else to play the multiplayer dlc wins you'll need eventually. Not for the feint of heart for sure. Good luck with your journey!
  13. I'm up to level 48, missing several abilities (can't afford them yet) but still haven't gotten into an artifact assault match yet... how did you get one if you recall? That mode is totally dead last few days and I tried voting for it, but none of the try hards want that mode.
  14. Purchase ($$ or in game currency) xp booster
  15. @brokenMaro Did you end up finishing this trophy? I'm only Level 3/4 on each of the locations so far and I'm already worried my reflexes won't be able to keep up... lol