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  1. This was awesome, glad to see this was a success. Thanks for running this and thanks to those doing the counting.
  2. Ok, I just synced and counted what I have. I count 19: #20,988-#21,006 https://psnprofiles.com/SNACH2497/log?page=2 That was during EST on the 28th of September. Unfortunately I can't play too much since I work weekends, this is all I could earn. Thanks for running this, good luck to all in the giveaway.
  3. Love the platinum trophy title, they know this is a cash grab. Not only the fact that they remastered the game for the PS4, but also that it has platinum ensuring that the trophy hunting community that never buys or plays games without one will get this one. They even removed the trophy in which you're required to beat the game on insane mode making this version much easier than the PS3 version. But people will still tell you that only # of platinums matter when judging one's trophy card, lol.
  4. Thank you for this, very nice work.
  5. Has the physical version of this game ever been ruled out for this list? Has anyone ever actually opened up the game, played it and synced it on the leaderboard? Maybe it just shares a list with either the NA, EU or AS ones though.
  6. Excellent news, hooray me! As seen from the rarity percentages I've just been chugging through a ton of EZPZ's lately and completed this without actually trying. Gonna get some rarer games completed soon, on my way to finishing Burnout Paradise. Thanks for running this event and best of luck to all other participants.
  7. Link or it didn't happen
  8. If you really want to keep gaming without ignoring your commitments get a 2nd tv for the living room. Game while you're watching shows & movies with the family at the same time. That's what I do. Above all else enjoy life whichever way you see fit.
  9. So where & how do you get the non-plat version? Was it originally released by the devs with no platinum & then delisted? TIA
  10. Anti-Stacking is anti-freedom. Why do you hate freedom and democracy?
  11. This isn't the EU list anyway, this'll be the AS one.
  12. If nobody is going to contact me about this I'm deleting this post. The dev has posts on PST referring to glitched trophies. I've never cheated any game before, this game or any game in the future. Check out my trophy cabinet, why the Hell would I cheat a game that has a 2 in difficulty when I've earned all the trophies in 100's of games 10x harder than this one?
  13. Perfect guide, Smash
  14. Congrats on that Aaron Burr trophy. My last 8 ultra rare trophies were all from my latest PSN 100% The rarest trophy being Really Thirsty Work Collect all of the water drops in the game. Rarity: 1.44% Achievers: 94 9th Jan 2019 2:33:42 PM