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  1. Nice of you to run this, seems like a challenging, but fun event. Please sign me up. PSN: SNACH2497 Tier 1: Zeno Clash 2 (2.64%, 1 UR) - 14% Disney Infinity (3.47%, 1 UR) - 5% Q*Bert Rebooted - EU PS4 (2.92%, 6 UR) - 0% Frozen Synapse Prime - PS3 (7.63%, 17 UR) - 0% Limbo - PS4 (17.06%, 1 UR) - 0%
  2. The elevator has glitched on me, it never goes down after I go in it and hit the button after it closes. I've tried every possible combo of levels before it, swear I triggered everything possible on that level and previous ones to get past that and beat the game with no luck. Can anyone of the 20 plus achievers help, possibly?
  3. Tl;dr: Playstation clearly has no QA when it comes to trophies and could still care less about them even into the ps5 generation. This difference between trophy stacks is just idiotic, Lol.
  4. Just finished this after so many years. In case anyone is wondering: the online leaderboard still works, you can still report your length to girl to make her longer, she's currently at 13 billion meters. If the online ever does eventually get shutdown the trophies won't be affected anyway. Peace...
  5. This is a great post. Hit the nail on the head. The amount of people who cared about this, I think, has now decreased. The people who will have started on PSN with their brand new PS5, even if they're a young person might look at the trophy system with a mild curiosity and then ignore it. When they get the new Spider-Man platinum and jump up to Level 15, they'll look at someone at the Level cap and say "good for them." I think those of you here who think this'll bring more gamers into the PSN ecosystem and care about trophies, and eventually to this site are wishful thinkers. They're going to continue to play their handful of AAA games and not give a damn about indies, other innovative small games and completely ignore the trophy level ups that they gain. The Xbox points structure seems much more worthwhile, like Aeris said here.
  6. Thanks for all your work on this, @NathanielJohn
  7. But pretty much every platinum is ultra rare when it comes to the completion rate on PSN, though. Look at The Last of Us for PS3: 0.5% completion percentage for PSN worldwide.
  8. Yeah, they did that for every account to agree to the new ToS and user agreement. I'm guessing it was due to the new trophy system.
  9. Absolutely right. Also, don't listen to what anyone says to you about your trophy hunting journey. Do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. It drives me crazy too, but makes me happy like crazy as well. Enjoy. 👍
  10. 1,200 Friend just Went from 911 62% to 911 98% With one Rata game. 10 gold, 4 silver, 1 plat
  11. Yeah, good for them, shame for the high end trophy hunters. I'll hit the cap by the end of next year, dumb. 103 ppl here at or above 165, they're all capped. 1,200 platinums and you're guaranteed capped.
  12. Level 165 would get you it. At least 1,000 platinums. I've got 810 myself.
  13. Level 904 Was 132, still am here. I personally think this was stupid, if they would've just increased the cap at 999 without changing anything else I would've been fine with that.
  14. A lot of devs have said the same and their game never came back. 1000 Top Rated for example.
  15. ...but do the trophies work?