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  1. Guys, not too sure about the Killzone: Mercenary servers being region locked, but when I boosted the online trophies last year, I was able to boost it with a player from EU (from Singapore in R3 Asia). Granted though, this was done through the Join Friend option so I am not too sure whether only matchmaking may be locked etc. Just sharing my experience here.
  2. Currently as of today, the Botzone and the M224A1 DLCs are still available in the Singapore PSN Store (R3), so it hasn't been delisted for us over here yet.
  3. Yeah was about to ask this too. I actually already boosted and cleared other online trophies (including Ace High) out of the way last year, but not Full Deck, because I believe this can be boosted in Botzone, albeit more tedious I suppose.
  4. I can’t remember since I haven’t touched the game for a long time, but shouldn’t take very long to unlock if I remember correctly. The MP itself runs a bit like a timer game (like attack this node takes X amount of time etc), so you can plan your attacks or defends, and then do something else in the meantime until the timer finishes. Rinse and repeat until one side (normally Assassins) wins all nodes in the game world. It’s pretty monotonous and repetitive, but at least there isn’t any MP trophies that require multiple people to boost.
  5. Good point, hopefully they don't pull something like Littlebigplanet Vita last year where the online servers went down due to hacking and then never went back up ever. Luckily I did the online portion for AC 3: Liberation a few years back, so I no longer have to worry about this. For those that haven't got the online trophies, best to get it done now because you never know it might just go down all of a sudden.
  6. With the recent announcement by Ubisoft to shut down online services for Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD, do you think is there any remote possibility that this non HD version might have its online services shut down in the near future as well?
  7. Not too sure on that, but sometimes EA being EA, the Autolog can be a bit buggy at times. I never tried using alternate account to sign in so can't really advise much. So you are using a main on one PS3 and an alt on another PS3 I presume? Maybe try again later?
  8. Mine was DriveClub as what others before me had mentioned already. I had unlocked some DLC trophies as well so it is currently standing at 32%.
  9. Oh that is... interesting. I thought I was the only one with this issue. I have been trying on and off over the past week or so trying to connect and so far it hasn't been working yet to date. I'm gonna still keep trying and if I ever get to connect, I'll update here again too.
  10. I started the PS4 version of Resogun recently (used to start from from the Vita and PS3 cross-save versions) and currently it seems the ship creator is offline again as I am unable to connect. Not sure if anyone is facing the same issue as well?
  11. Thank you for this heads up, haven't played Fall Guys for quite a while so this event helped me a lot! Just for clarity, is this the event where you either need to pick up candy or defend the candy depending on which team you are? I saw that this mode will be available for around five days or so.
  12. For the game soundtrack, It's under the Find Your Line (Official Music from Gran Turismo 7) app, which is separate from the Gran Turismo app. Once launched, click on Settings and there will be an option to download the tracks to a USB drive. That's how I downloaded the tracks on my PS4 Pro.
  13. Thank you for the insight. Was wondering how it would work, since I got the 25th Anniversary Edition physical copy and starting out on PS4 (since I don't have a PS5 for now).
  14. I saw for PS4, the different stacks are for US R1, EU R2 and Asia R3. I'm getting my 25th Anniversary Edition R3 tomorrow and playing on PS4 Pro (since I don't have a PS5 for now) so I think I might fall into the R3 Asia set in this case? Not too sure why it was split into three versions while the PS5 version only has a single trophy set for all regions though. Anyway having played GT 5, 6 and Sport, I find GT 7's trophies to be easier and less grindy compared to Sport. Probably only the online mileage trophies will take some time and dedication to clear it, but good to see the focus mostly on the single player modes, which I have always preferred anyway.
  15. Agreed, was very impressed on how it looked on my PS4 Pro, and still running pretty smoothly at that. If I ever get my hands on the PS5 in the future, would love to see the improvements too!