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  1. I did it! Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God is complete at 4 years, 6 months rarity 3.44% That's been a serious end game grind for the past month to find those last little side story items, a few monsters, & leveling all weapons/shields. Fun bit of stats: took me exactly 300 dungeon quests with 22K monsters defeated. Sadly I don't know the time as the in game clock continues counting even when the Vita is in rest mode. I'd easily estimate it to be over 100hrs, maybe even closer to 150 as I had numerous bad/unlucky runs thanks to the game's unique enemies. There's chickens that can eat items in your bag, fish maids that roam the floors to clean up items, beet (or might be carrot) foxes that can heal themselves & other monsters, samurai tadpoles that knock equipment out of your hands, professors made of ears of corn that squat on items, block headed tofu men with incredible jumping powers, sickly elf ladies cursing your items, legless totem dragons, & floating onion genies that turn items into pickled onions. Shit gets weird here real quick. & that's not even all the enemies (like the bosses). I would say the minotaurs are what you'd expect in a dungeon crawler, except they wear oven mitts & cooking aprons. I know it sounds like quirky fun (most of the time it is). But some of these monsters encountered in combination can be really challenging. I've had so many bad runs during the story & early end game where I'd be defeated & not returned to town with my equipment. Or something I'd be working on leveling would be turned into onions or eaten. Worst is when my equipment would be knocked to the floor, I'd be pushed away from it & it'd be cleaned up or my own little companion would eat it. Yeah, he can do that. You have to constantly feed this thing or else he'll cry & attract monsters to your location or faint, preventing you from going to the next floor. In fairness though, he can learn some very helpful skills like: crafting to level items for free, safety first so you can open chests without having to worry about traps, & a case that will hold eight items that cannot be turned or lost. I'm glad to have finally stuck with this one long enough to finish it. It's a good rogue-like dungeon crawler, just don't play it with the music/sound effects on.
  2. Picked up a physical copy of Dark Rose Valkyrie that was on sale. I've been interested in it for a little while now, hopefully I like it. Digital side there's The Grand Tour, which I downloaded & started immediately. Loved Top Gear UK & US, but I've only got around to watching season 1 of TGT. Still a good show, though this game is such a weird mix of show & gameplay. Not saying it's bad, I'm liking it. Just such an unusual concept to try. Also, along varies sales snagged the season pass for Ni no Kuni II, Mafia III, & the ice pack DLC for Table Top Racing.
  3. Started up this sci-fi novel today. Already had one character square a guy in the balls who had dropped in for a visit. & another that wrecked her own teammate’s ship in the middle of a race. Shaping up to be a good read if you ask me. Recently finished Wind River Lawman by Lindsay McKenna. Not a bad romance novel, honestly more of a whump episode for (insert any) generic soldier/officer characters you can think off. Not a fan of random character thought inserts you get with these type of novels as narration changes are annoying. But you gotta switch up the genres on occasion.
  4. That was very well put. & now you can kick back to enjoy the single player in all three!
  5. @Kevvik Did you like The Caligula Effect? I've had a digital copy for ages I've been meaning to start, but the save glitch has kept me from it.
  6. It may not be Rex Stout writing, still an excellent possible prequel for his series. Had to pick it up after being introduced to the A&E version with Timothy Hutton playing Archie.
  7. Monthly Summary: August Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game bruin-rocks: 6 games Flex_Da_Brent: 2 games Fnee2000: 4 games Gretchen27: 2 games MarkusT1992: 2 games Psy-Tychist: 1 game REAPER4536: 1 game xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 20 games (+5) Oldest Game Completed: Gunstar Heroes [10 years, 1 month] Fnee2000 Youngest Game Completed: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel [7 months, 1 week] Gretchen27 Rarest Platinum: Star Trek Online (0.35%) REAPER4536 Rarest 100%: Grow Home (5.82%) MarkusT1992 Absolute Rarity: Star Trek Online (0.31%) REAPER4536 Thought I’d get this month’s summary done a little early with the new additions & in case Dorian takes my power. If I got anything wrong or another game gets finished, just let me know! Active check incoming next month. So speak up even if you haven’t completed anything recently. It’ll likely be the last one of the year. @xEl_Cidx I remember now when you had the Vita games removed. Just had to check! @Flex_Da_Brent Keep at it. You'll be able to ace challenge mode. @bruin-rocks Awesome milestone! Time to plan for #200. @REAPER4536 That's quite a few games to be working on at once. But even a little progress over time is going to add up quick. As for my own progress this month: I wrapped up the down trophies in The Last of Us thanks to a very dedicated boosting group. The session was marred with all manner of mishaps from disconnects, unlucky maps, power outages, a bee (literally), & of course random players joining to ruin the group’s kills. But everyone was awesomely upbeat & patient until we all finished those trophies. There was no way I could have got all of those legit, though I’m still proud of the two I managed on my own. The DLC maps alone that never show up though was a real pain. All that’s left here is two runs in Grounded Mode. Maybe I’ll try for another Halloween theme by completing it then. Also, worked on Uncharted 3’s online here & there. The co-op is absolutely great, I’m kicking myself for steering away from it all this time. I really enjoyed the map adventures & even the arena challenges. Snagged a handful of trophies along the way. But like mentioned above, depending on what Dorian does I may or may not get to play a bit more of it before the servers close. Either way I’m happy I got to try it. Currently been playing Sorcery Saga on the Vita (tried going back to Deception IV before getting frustrated with the missions pretty quickly). Basically I’m at 85% completion for obtaining all 700 items. Just left with upgrading all the staffs & need to find a few spell books. I’ll say more about the game once I finish it.
  8. @Myu Don’t forget to download the free DLC for 3 instant level ups. That was a major time saver for the final battles. It still took me about 6 tries, but it is doable if you follow the visual & sound cues. & while it’s still fresh in my mind, my set up for boss battles used 2 party members (preferably Rean & Fie) as the damage dealers while the other 2 (preferably Alisa & Elliot) provided buffs & healing. I had the orbments to cast Impassion (25 CP regen), Shining (4 turn insight), & Adamant Shield (1 turn attack blocker) on most of the party members so not just the main buffers could cast. Elliot’s special craft Resonant Beat is great for health regen & a bit of defense. While Alisa has 2 special crafts that can cast healing & CP regen or Shining & CP regen. Plus, Alisa’s starting master quartz maxed out has 2 instant revives per battle. You won’t have to worry about any of this really until the boss battles in chapter 6. Most of the enemies ran from me for the first couple of chapters in nightmare mode, with bosses going down in with a few S-craft moves. & if you only have enough materials to craft ultimate weapons, make them for your damage dealing members. @Psy-Tychist Hefty playtime for your first run. Must have been a good RPG then. Best of luck on the PS3 games! @snakebit10 That’s tough when you only have one trophy left to unlock. Hopefully the servers hold out for you on the next attempt. @bruin-rocks It has been a backlog year for you! Can’t wait to see you cross off 100 games. Also, glad to hear you’re enjoying YS. @Fnee2000 No worries, you don’t need to stick with your list. As long as the game meets the criteria then you’re good to go! @Flex_Da_Brent Congrats on the 100% in TLoU! I bet the sequel will be just as good. @xEl_Cidx On to plat #50! & did you forget to report the completion of AC III Liberation (Vita) or did I just forget to add it?
  9. @xEl_Cidx Go for it! 😀 Both of those are great choices, but I think Batman (PS4) has the better plat name for the milestone.
  10. The grind didn't rub you the wrong way did it? Couldn't resist. That was a ridiculous gimmick in an otherwise good game IMO.
  11. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is done! It didn't take as long to do a cleanup run as I thought it would. Next up: who knows
  12. Coming in at two games this month with the completion of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel [7 months, 1 week]. A fantastic RPG that I’d give a 10 out of 10 for gameplay & story. Normally I’m not interested in a school like setting, Persona 4 took several hours to get invested in. But ToC was a win from the get-go. There wasn’t a single character (NPCs included) that I didn’t want to interact with or complete a quest for. Everyone is well written & even NPCs have their own little story arcs through the game. Initially, I thought the cutscene to gameplay balance was leaning too much toward cutscenes for my liking. After a few chapters though I realized it follows a pattern & my completion time per chapter (averaging about 10hrs a piece) shows it’s relatively balanced. Even if each chapter felt like it lasted longer, not in a boring way. It was just the story building in each segment & character stories falling into place. Except for the final chapter which flipped the whole board, leaving off on a cliffhanger. It’s a good thing I have a copy of the sequel already. Nightmare mode proved easy in NG+ up until the last 2 chapters. Especially the final boss battle which was absolute BS. The battle system used for the past ~80hrs is changed just enough to make it impossible to learn, survive, & win the fight on the first go. Though I should say fights. Because there are 3 back-to-back flights before the final battle. Lose & it’s a good 30min-1hr back through the battles & cutscenes. & did I mention that final battle still has some RNG aspects where your opponent can land critical hits? This didn’t temper my enjoyment of the game though. But if this new system/mechanic battle mode doesn’t play a regular role in 2, I’ll be peeved. I’m at a bit of a loss on what to work on next. It’s hard to say goodbye to such a great RPG I’ve been playing over half the year. Maybe I’ll jump back into The Witcher 3 for RPG goodness. I think for the Vita at least, I’ll go back to chipping away at missions in Deception IV.
  13. @bruin-rocks Jumping back to that AC I see. Have fun! @Fnee2000 Well at least Far Cry tried for something a bit different, even if it didn’t pan out. That’s 3 games down so far. @The Abiding Dude No one has to deal with anything of yours. If you don’t have the time, then neither do I. As the others recommended, find another subforum or make your own. Flippancy to members & the rules is not tolerated here.
  14. @Flex_Da_Brent You’ve simply become a better gamer since then. Great to see another early PS3 game removed. Best of luck with the exams! @bruin-rocks Burnout at 9 months definitely qualifies for the event. I’m sure you’re got a 100% title in the backlog somewhere with a rare percent. @Deelwheels Welcome aboard! Don’t feel bad about the forgotten games, they’re getting your attention now. & while the un-started games do not qualify, I’d still highly recommend playing Uncharted 4 & Just Cause 3. Looking forward to reading about your first backlog completion.
  15. Updated. @bruin-rocks It seems to be a common theme for people to be iffy on HZD. Like it’s not quite perfect yet. I say this while glancing at my copy of the complete edition I’ve yet to start. I’ve still got high hopes for it. @Fnee2000 Never mind, pretty sure you’ve got the oldest game for the month already. Most of us didn’t have a PS3 a decade ago. @AUSTRALIANDJ Oddworld must be bad if you’d take Chain of Memories over it 😅 At least one of your backlog games was enjoyable to finish. & I have to agree, the Tearaway Unfolded plat is far from easy. The original Vita game was simply okay, but Unfolded just doesn’t work well as a PS4 game. Keep chipping away at the sphere grids in FFX!