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  1. OP is up to date as of today. I think. As always, let me know if you catch anything missing. There’s still a few days left to report November games before I make the summary, & I’m going to start moving the people who didn’t respond to the active check in the meantime. As for the best news: my dog has made a full recovery! After 5 days in the hospital, 3 of which were in an oxygen cage (who knew they could give a dog that kind of treatment), her sutures have been removed & she finished taking the last of her medicine Thanksgiving morning. Those were some longs nights while she was in the hospital & even after, taking care of her & trying to get her to take all her medicine. Everyone at the vet was outstanding. They would let me come by after work & sit with her in the ICU for hours. Which I believe made all the difference keeping her spirits up. She’s back to her normal bouncy self, which is all that counts. @Psy-Tychist Added the two October games I missed. @poetic_justice_ Welcome! Got you in the OP with that eclectic starting list. & to clarify a couple things I noticed from your post: Games with closed servers may count for a completion point in this event if every possible trophy obtainable is earned. So try for as much as you can! Completions count from month joined, so that October game isn’t eligible. @Sylvanticore Nice work getting the plat in RE2, now it’s time to finish RE3 (I say this only because I’m currently playing it). As for that last bit of RE2; it’s kind of luck/skill based surviving the wave of enemies. Brush up on your shooting skills before going back to it & you should be fine. @Mr-ttaM I’m glad you didn’t put those older completions in the Form, it makes it easier for me with a list. They’re still eligible, & I’ve added to your section the completions for: Minecraft Alice Ni no Kuni A Hat in Time AC Brotherhood Not sure though if you want FIFA 15 & Battle Royale to count. For the former, story completions are allowed. As for the latter, it can count if you earned all obtainable trophies. I’ve left them out for now, let me know if you do wish them to count for your total. @willythom88 A perfect time to join. Welcome! Since your backlog is incredibly long, might I suggest some games to get you started like: Borderlands 2: there’s no other way to say it, one of the most common games people complete in this event. Also, one of the top ones I see boosted here. GTA V: the PS3 servers are closing soon. It’s now or never. Resonance of Fate: tough to learn, rewarding to complete. Grim Fandango: a humorous game you can get done rather quickly. Welcome Park: ….just two trophies left on the puzzle game. Freedom Wars: also nearing a server closure, but the online doesn’t take long. Adventures of Mana: easy to complete in a weekend. Persona 4 Golden: a right of passage for Vita owners.
  2. Dropping in for a progress report. Spoiler alert: I won't have anything to cross off this month. It's been hectic lately, but I'm getting back to gaming. Here's where I'm at: NFS Payback: has taken a backseat, or more like completely stalled out. I was just over half way done earning all possible stars. All jumps & speed traps have been completed to three stars. Just speed zones & drift zones left, when I get back to racing. Summon Night 6: clocking in at 55hrs now. I've conquered the Endless Domain (a 60 floor monstrosity of a dungeon that makes an excellent power leveling spot). I'm max leveling some of those 30+ characters now & then I'll go back to the main story. I'm on chapter 21 of 25... maybe? A guide was published on the site this month (finally!) that slates the game as a 200hr platinum. So, I'm a quarter way done. Resident Evil 3: takes longer to finish than I was anticipating from the critical reviews. I haven't looked at the in game time lately, but I'm guessing I've played 5-6hrs. Unclear yet if it'll meet the 10hr requirement for a story point. Pokémon Sword: I'm stuck (read as: unwilling to leave) the first open area. Seeing all the Pokémon viewable in the different environments is hard to leave. ~Off the list~ Pokémon Brilliant Diamond: I bought the double pack, & shamefully, I've played maybe an hour of this one. It's tough juggling two Pokémon games at once. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories: been spending time playing this with a family member. Progress is slow, but fun, with lots of replays. Cooking Mama Cookstar: another game to play with family. I've got a lot to go back & perfect in the recipes, but this might be my next completion. I keep finding myself going back to play it. I think that about covers it for the month. It's fun reading everyone's progress, keep at it & enjoy the holidays!
  3. Out of all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping I've picked three games to play for now. The rest are tucked away for Christmas. AI The Somnium Files: Strangely, I've gone all in for a special edition of a game I know little about. The premise & a snippet of a trailer are what caught my attention. & with another game coming out next year, I'm going to find out if I like it enough to order the upcoming one. Two Point Hospital: I've been chomping at the bit to play this wacky game I know I'll likely get lost playing for hours. I had to get a different region though for the extra content that was actually cheaper than buying the standard edition in my own region. Go figure. Cooking Mama: This used to be one of my top games on the DS. I started this one immediately, & it doesn't quite live up to my expectations. I'm thinking I should have went for the Switch version (if that uses the touchscreen instead of the analog sticks for most motions).
  4. Vita haul for the month: Bastion: a charming looking action game. Cosmic Star Heroine: a sci-fi rpg. Deer God: sounds like a ridiculous concept, got it for a laugh. Dragon Fantasy Black Tome of Ice: classic rpg, enough said. Siralim: I have the first game, but haven't played it, yet. Guess series complete here. Undertale: A love or hate title with serious gameplay twists from what I've heard. & didn't get around to posting about War Theatre: Blood of Winter arriving a few weeks back. I missed out on the other game that released the same day. The latest two are on order. Though when they'll arrive is custom's choice.
  5. Some early Black Friday deals from this week, I'll pick up more tomorrow. Scarlet Nexus: Anime style RPG, seems up my alley. It didn't hurt to have that early Black Friday price drop. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time: it is. Toys for Bob did a good job on revamping Spyro & the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, so I'm interested to see an original game from them. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories: found a genre (rhythm) an older family member of mine likes to play. We started this up as soon as it arrived, & have been enjoying it so far. Just wish the main campaign could be done co-op, it's simple enough to pass the controller though.
  6. Hey everyone, Dropping in to say the OP update is going to be postponed for right now. Last week was hectic at work while dealing with a sick dog. By the weekend she took a turn for the worst, it's still touch & go at the moment. & since it's not typical to be this late with the update, I wanted to let you all know the reason. Continue clearing off those games as usual. I'll catch it up when there's less on my shoulders.
  7. I'll look for them when updating the OP. I can be a blind bat sometimes. The dates are the only thing that switches on the Form. On my end, every month goes to the same excel sheet. Which may explain why I missed Psy-Tychist, those first days of a new month usually have overlaps from the previous. Welcome! I'm interested in hearing about Greedfall & Two Point Hospital when you get those finished. They both look fun. Best of luck with the others & I'll have you in the OP soon.
  8. OP has not been updated yet, it will be later this week. Monthly Summary: October Games Completed by Participant: be_minor: 2 games Berendsapje: 1 game damage_6-9: 1 game lch1994-1994: 1 game IGUnique: 1 game Ilzaki: 1 game JayDeLosDioses: 2 games JourneySilvers: 1 game KingHayes9000: 1 game MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 2 games Sylaris: 2 games Sylvanticore: 3 games tomotakino: 1 game xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 21 games (-2) Oldest Game Completed: Call of Duty: Black Ops [9 years, 6 months] KingHayes9000 Youngest Game Completed: Zombie Army 4: Dead War [6 months, 1 day] JayDeLosDioses Rarest Platinum: Torment: Tides of Numenera (1.63%) Psy-Tychist Rarest 100%: Warframe (0.10%) lch1994-1994 Absolute Rarity: Call of Duty: Black Ops (0.45%) KingHayes9000 Active check time for: @Askey @bruin-rocks @Crispy_Oglop @Flex_Da_Brent @HeyaBen @HokieCAB @Kevvik @kingofbattle8174 @Mr-ttaM @OmegaRejectz @Phantochi (profile deleted?) @SunkenQueen @TheDragonfly44 @Unwanted_Kermit @Wild-Arms-R @Zbir_Vladimir
  9. Nicole: I may have missed out on a lot of PlayAsia & LR releases, but that won't stop me from tracking them down. Just the ones I think will be interesting, I'm not going for a complete collection. I think I'll like Nicole as a short, horror game. 2064 Read Only Memories: Yes, I've had this through PS Plus, but physical > digital every time. Let's Try Bass Fishing: A fishing simulator. Graphically, it looks in line with the old Cabella hunting & fishing games I played on the PC when I was a kid. No translation needed here. YS VIII Lacrimosa of Dana: I finally got a copy, series complete. Not sure if I should play this first, or Origins. Doubt it really matters. Atelier Shallie Plus Alchemist of the Dusk Sea: Found it in the retro game shop I frequent. What a find! I was ecstatic to get an English, physical copy.
  10. Peaky Blinders Mastermind: Based on the thrilling TV series, which I'm on season two of. Though instead of being in the expected style of GTA or Mafia, this game appears to be a top down puzzler. Stranded Sails: Picked it up because it was giving me a cute Lost in Blue meets Harvest Moon vibes. Shin Megumi Tensei: So, I bought this based on a rather enthusiastic recommendation. From the back cover I see it's a remaster of an older (possibly PS2 era) game. & I swear, there's a little blizzard, clown/gnome creature that I've seen used in Persona. I'm guessing it's an early concept from the same studio or development team. Trails of Cold Steel III: Boom. Filled in the missing gap, & now I have no more excuses not to start up II on the Vita. Fun fact though; Gamestop sent me the wrong edition. I ordered a regular, pre-owned copy. A risk, I know in terms of cover art. I was pleasantly surprised to find the early enrollment edition completely in tact. NFS Heat: Snagged it while in the store pre-ordering next month's Pokémon games. I've recently finished Payback's story (closing in on the platinum), so I can treat myself to the next one.
  11. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: I'm not sure if I've posted about this one, yet. I ordered it some time ago, & then forgot about it until I went through some boxes. Anywho, finding a copy of this game (at a reasonable price) was sort of a challenge. This is another already played game, it's my fastest platinum even, & my introduction to the Holmes' games from Frogware. My original copy was traded, instant regret there. That should be fixed. Now if we can only convince Frogware to do a physical release for Chapter One.
  12. Took a risk getting the pre-order with Square Enix's hit or miss streak. We shall see, I'm betting hit for story, miss on gameplay (before patches).
  13. It's happened... at last, I've got a story completion to report! Need for Speed Payback Status: Story mode (Complete) Playtime: 22hrs 48mins-->27hrs 58mins Trophies: 37/58 (52%) --> 49/58 (80%) - total time to complete since starting this event = 17hrs 25min The past few weeks have been busy for me between work & personal life, but I've snagged snippets of time to play on the PS4. & after getting side tracked by the fun DLC, I finished up the last series of races of story mode. NFS Payback is currently at 3rd place in my ranking list for the series. Sure they reuse aspects of the game like annual sport game releases, but like those games, it's hard to break away from the familar. Personally, I always look forward to having a new (I'm using that term lightly) one to play. It's a relief they learned from that live action cut scene mess. I'm moving on to three staring all activities, let's hope they won't be as challenging as the 2015 one. Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Status: Story mode (in progress) Playtime: 32hrs 48min --> 39hrs 09min Trophies: 24/52 (35%) --> 27/52 (40%) Of course, I continue playing on the Vita heavily. It's funny how my wishes for this game have flipped. I started out wanting more battles & slogging through reading side stories that held no meaning. & now, I'm buried in longer, albeit slower, battles & shying away from the main story in favor of the entertaining side ones. Resident Evil 3 Status: Story mode (in progress) Playtime: 56mins Trophies: 4/33 (6%) Also, I got to start RE3 last week! RE3 sees you play as Jill "who will not be a Nemesis sandwich" Valentine, fighting her way out of a Raccoon City overrun with zombies. It's a perfect choice in horror game for this month. I may have just barely started it, but I'm aiming to beat the story by Halloween. P.S. I'm starting my Pokémon Sword adventure tonight! If not now, I'll be way behind when the Diamond/Pearl remakes drop next month. You better believe I've got this on pre-order.
  14. Yes! It's a feature no one mentions, & not every game allows. You can use the content manager or a PS3 to copy mp3 files, then open the app (I can't remember if the media player comes pre-installed), & start your game. If it doesn't allow, the music will simply be paused until you're back in the home screen. Some games temporarily pause it for cut scenes, & a few truly cruel ones seem to pause it temporarily every few minutes. Give it a try next time you play a grindy game.
  15. Conception II Children of the Seven Stars: Not ashamed at all to admit this is one of my favorite Vita games. I'm fond of dungeon crawlers, & all the star children were adorable (& unexpectedly diverse with the classes from what I remember). The story was okay, not the worst. Though the 'conception' stuff was awkwardly, cringe worthy. It shines in gameplay, & bonus, it was the first Vita game I realized you could play with your own music from the media player app. Anywho, I played it originally from a digital copy, but I've had my eye on adding a physical copy ever since. Danganronpa 2: One more (V3) to go. I snagged a cheap copy just as it was listed on ebay. Hakuoki Kyoto Winds: I read Stories of the Shinsengumi on the PS3. & while I didn't like reading on the big screen, I did like the story. VNs are better consumed on handheld consoles IMHO. The House of Fate Morgana: Okay, this is currently the most expensive game I've purchased for the Vita. I hope it's as good as the reviews suggest. Operation Babel New Tokyo Legacy: Strangely even though I love dungeon crawlers, first person ones I tend to avoid. I'll give it a try. Rainbow Moon: I found a physical copy for the collection. Series complete! Runner 2: No idea what type of game this is, or even what it's about. It came bundled with The House of Fate Morgana. Virtue's Last Reward: Another played/ platted from a digital copy.