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  1. So I've been thinking about overhauling the ranking system. Do away with the averaging as it's a nightmare to maintain. Something along the lines of: - earned when 12+ games have been removed for the year. - earned when at least 6 games have been removed for the year. - earned with the 1st game removed for the year. - earned for joining the event with no backlog games removed, yet. - Inactive participants. These would reset back to bronze for everyone at the start of the year, giving the chance to strive for a fresh platinum rank every year. What does everyone think? I'm open to other suggestions for it as well (just as long as it's in the easier direction ).
  2. Monthly Summary: May Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game Barbeqmeister: 1 game bruin-rocks: 3 games Fnee2000: 3 games Gretchen27: 1 game IGUnique: 2 games King Hayes: 1 game lch1994-1994: 5 games Leigrez: 1 game MarkusT1992: 3 games MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 1 game REAPER4536: 1 game Summers_day122: 1 game WetRaindrops: 1 game xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 27 games (-9) Oldest Game Completed: Dead Space [10 years, 10 months] Fnee2000 Youngest Game Completed: NBA 2K20 [7 months, 4 weeks] King Hayes Rarest Platinum: NBA 2K20 (0.22%) King Hayes Rarest 100%: Cuboid (4.62%) lch1994-1994 Absolute Rarity: LittleBigPlanet 2 (0.25%) Leigrez @REAPER4536 Neptunia games are good light hearted RPGs. There’s just something about them that makes you want to jump back in. This one was the first I didn’t play straight through to completion, they really shine better on handheld. I’d say start at the beginning with the one on the PS3 (since I don’t think you have a Vita); anything else would throw too many characters & previous in game jokes. While on the topic of games, some other series I see missing you may want to look into: Batman – only played Arkham Knight myself, but I’ll attest to the amazing combat flow & expansive open world setting. Final Fantasy – really players choice where to start here. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – a stunning RPG (broken record I know, but they’re my favorite genre). Yakuza – I don’t know what rabbit hole the developers fell into when they came up with this series. Its equal parts wacky/serious, & highly addicting. Well, guess Far Cry is as good as toast then. You’ve tackled more challenging games. Best of luck on the others as well!
  3. @bruin-rocks Another awesome milestone! Haven't played this one myself, but it's gotta be good to come back to through the years. It may have held you up for a bit, but you still got three completions for the month. Very nice 😌 @WetRaindrops Only a bunch of DLC packs to get through now. If you want to of course, wouldn't blame you for skipping them. @SasquatchSaul Welcome! I got into the Yakuza series (with Kiwami) recently myself. The amount of content is incredible, it's easy to see why they're UR plats. I'm sure you'll be able to finish it, just a matter of time. @REAPER4536 Keep up that dedication, Laser Lord. Is there another series lined up next now that Battlefield is nearly done? @Barbeqmeister Welcome to you as well! I'll have you on the board in my next update sweep 😉 Good luck with the RDR2 grind. @Leigrez LBP 2, stunning work! Please, share some of that platforming skill so I can finish Crash Bandicoot at least 😅 Guess I'll also take the time to put in my completion for the month with Megadimension Neptunia VII at 1 year, 1 month. It may not be a milestone plat, though I did unlock it on May 4th. Marking my second year hosting this event, so a milestone of its own. I jumped into my first run of this series on console for KYC last year with less then great results. On the surface it's exactly what you'd find from the Vita games, then it hits you with a difficulty spike. It was weirdly thrown right at the start of the game & is largely the reason I lost interest in it after the event ended. But I finally felt like tackling the challenge & the damn thing turned out easier then I remembered. Still, I experienced two bad blips along the way. Got stuck in a death box: saved right before a boss with no way to heal or get items. Thankfully I had a cloud save, still cost 4hrs of gameplay. Shortly after that, the game crashed. I thought PP would be my least favorite neptunia game, but this one really wants that award. Also been playing some other backlog games. Like Crash Bandicoot, I'm down to gold relic time trials in one (stormy ascent included). Two, I've still got gems to collect, feels like this one has the most boxes on average per level. So I switch back & forth to try & complete at least a few levels every time I play the game. I was doing good with the no death gem runs, then started having trouble with the time trials. So I've popped it back on the shelf for now. Then (& I'll blame current events for restlessly jumping between games) I downloaded the Ratchet & Clank trilogy back on my Vita. Some of the mechanics, like races or certain skill point challenges, have been infuriatingly holding me up. & spoiler alert; they still are. Nevertheless, still got considerable progress there. It could be my June game, or it'll be Monster Hunter World. Since starting Iceborne, I've logged another 70 or so hours into the game & the gold crown grind is in sight with count them, 3 mini crowns left to obtain. One for the pikachu of the series, Nergigante; riddle me this sphinx, Teostra; & one of my favorites - the zombie dragon with regenerative armor that sadly no longer cuts it in master rank, Vaal Hazak. Honestly I can't stop checking my guild card & seeing all those crowns. It's crazy, & I'm crazy for looking forward to still having Iceborne crowns to hunt. If I can get through the main story at some point. I'm not calling this one in the bag yet because I've had the 100+ hunts for a couple monsters already. But I've got plenty of good investigations lined up for these elder dragons & the whole month to do it.
  4. Excellent progress. Keep at it! I should just engrave the oldest game section with your username 😂 Glad to hear you've already reached a goal before half the year was up, that backlog may go from massive to just huge soon enough. Welcome You can count the two already done for this month since it falls under your sign up time. Keep up that awesome rate! Closing in on that U4, & awesome job getting that Rayman plat! Will do. Welcome aboard! Yes, you can. Along with the other new participants, don't forget to share what you're working on (or maybe plan to). Best of luck with the backlog!
  5. Good call. See how you feel about the medal requirements on PS4 first, because once episode 1 is started, there's a damn near guaranteed trophy for a companion take down. Hope you enjoy it enough to try the Vita version (might as well since you got it) with all those other RE completions, it shouldn't be too difficult.
  6. Uh-huh, that's a loftier goal then your monthly one. Looks like you made great progress towards your 2020 goals though. Love to see those 100+hr plats! Excellent start to the month. Welcome, fellow Uncharted fan I'll have you a section on shortly. Best of luck on the backlog, I'm looking forward to hearing about your Uncharted journey! It was, good thing I love reading 😉 I'll switch Uncharted for the preference, solid job last month. & the punishment wouldn't be harsh enough *begins backspacing all their progress in the event* Gotta keep up with those DLCs. Are you looking to make Persona 5 your 100th plat? Insane ultra rarity, & in the first achiever table. Awesome! A classic for a milestone. Great choice, I know you'll finish it in no time.
  7. Small progress update on my RE journey: wrapped up my first playthrough of Revelations 2 on Vita last night. It took just over 10hrs to get through the episodic adventure, & most of that was crawling around with the non-combat partner to find hidden items. I'm glad my first introduction to the series was on 2's remake instead of this one. Rev 2 was meant to be for consoles, but I had better expectations from ports like Borderlands 2. They kept the full CGI rendered cutscenes, & butchered the in game graphics. In a way that lends to the horror element, then gameplay wise it becomes a problem. Some enemies have very tiny weakspots; & even though I'm already familiar with controls of RE games, it was still challenging. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do for countdown or invisible modes. On the good side of things: I did enjoy the story. If I had to wait for each episode it'd really suck, but they make for great stopping points when playing. Otherwise, I'd be trying to rush. Juggling between Barry & Claire over different times is unique to the series & a great aspect. Puzzles were tame & fair. Loading scenes were long, but I never had any issues with crashes. I'd say don't go for it on Vita, unless like me, you prefer handhelds. Either way, it still did it's job of scaring me during boss battles. Next up I think I'll play through the 2 bonus episodes for BP to unlock skills. Then tackle medals, countdown & invisible modes. The game gets easier the more you unlock in the skill tree, so by the time I get to the special modes it should look more doable.
  8. Monthly Summary: April Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game bruin-rocks: 8 games damage_6-9: 5 games Flex_Da_Brent: 1 game Fnee2000: 5 games Gretchen27: 1 game IGUnique: 2 games Ilzaki: 1 game Kevvik: 1 game King Hayes: 1 game Leigrez: 2 games MarkusT1992: 1 game MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 1 game REAPER4536: 2 games WetRaindrops: 2 games xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 36 games (+11) Oldest Game Completed: Heavy Rain [10 years, 1 month] Fnee2000 Youngest Game Completed: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight [6 months, 1 day] bruin-rocks Rarest Platinum: That’s You! (1.86%) MattbluePT Rarest 100%: Jetpack Joyride (3.53%) xEl_Cidx Absolute Rarity: Battlefield Hardline (0.13%) REAPER4536
  9. Recently got into this series with Resident Evil 2 (just have the plat for now). It was tough to put it down, so I'm looking to try more from the series. Then picked up Revelations 2 for the Vita. I'm stuck on Barry's last episode, but maybe this LP will help encourage me to get back to it. I also have RE 0 unstarted. Any with an online requirement I'll likely be skipping though.
  10. A little bit more for the collection. Shame the Sly Cooper game is used, so missing a game there.
  11. For a larger list that seems like a good boost. You haven't got the big lists for Hitman 1 or 2 also hiding out on your profile, do you? Yep, that'll count as well. It's recommended to aim for one game a month (not as easy as it sounds depending on the size of your list), but you're not limited to how many you can complete for a month. Very nice! Of course that would be the case 😂 When I do any speedrun, it's usually after completing a higher difficulty. That way I have the best possible strategy for getting through challenging levels. Still, I feel stressed for time no matter how well it's going until the credits roll. If you're feeling pressured in center chapters, just keep going. You can make up the time later. U2's brutal run is rage inducing. Compared to 1, there's more make it or break it moments (train, train boss battle, train crash, the monsters I can't remember the name of, the village, the final boss; honestly the whole game).
  12. Not gonna lie. It’s been refreshing to see how active the event has become lately. I know we all have been limited to indoor hobbies, but seeing that time used for clearing out backlog games is amazing. Keep playing through what you like, whether that’s getting back to a story driven game or digging into an online grind. & keep sharing that completion journey As for my own update: with the pressure already off for a game this month, I decided to hone in on my platformer skills with the Crash Bandicoot games. I’ve finished 3, so just 1-2 to get done. Also, I plan to put in some time with Monster Hunter. Iceborne doesn’t qualify for this event, yet (cause there’s no way in hell I’m getting all those crowns in under 6 months), the main game does though. So if anyone wants to do some hunts together or needs help getting through a story quest, shoot me an invite. I’m still getting used to Iceborne’s monsters, so not much help there. But I’m good with the main game’s monsters. @Fnee2000 Minecraft’s a 100+ trophy list. I’d be interested to know how much that 100% bumps your completion percent. @REAPER4536 Nice! Another dedicated 100%. But who the hell though 40k kills was a good idea @AUSTRALIANDJ I think you’ll have some laughs whenever you get around to the doughnut Drake speedrun in U2 (one specific line in the museum comes to mind). & the legit speedrun -which if I remember right, you can combine – will prove no challenge compared to Brutal. @WetRaindrops Never too late to beat it with the backlog games. I’ll add you to the OP. Welcome! @King Hayes Well, GTA SA will always be there. Think of the NBA grind as preventing a backlog game. & you know that online won’t be there for very long with that series. @bruin-rocks Anything COD is gonna be a long haul. You got this! @Psy-Tychist No worries, happy you got another one crossed off for last month. I wouldn’t recommend Beyond because of its almost painfully long playthroughs. But you gotta get back to it at some point. @Flex_Da_Brent Congrats on plat#50 HZD can still take another milestone spot (plat or trophy #). What matters was that the game was important to you. I hope things can settle down & you can get more gaming time in. @damage_6-9 Just curious what your thoughts on Back in 1995 were? I’ve had it on my PSN store wish-list for a while for Vita. Is it worth the 10 bucks, wait for a sale, or never pick up? @Ilzaki Awesome! Any plans for your next target?
  13. Can confirm that letting Fliss get captured in the escape attempt does not void the trophy. With or without her, it works like a charm. Thank you for posting a shorter method.
  14. Oh, you late, little troublemakers. It’s all good. Glad to see you’re still in the challenge @AUSTRALIANDJ & nice work getting your first backlog game done for the event @AmarisSkye. Looking forward to seeing you wrap up more. @damage_6-9 Gotta start one more then. @MattbluePT I forgot to say, you should pick up Hacker’s Memory when you can. The gameplay is solid if you liked how they handled it from the first one. They both were gems to play on the Vita. Just remember to transfer your medals over. I’ve got a game crossed off early this month with the 100% in Borderlands at 10 months, 2 weeks. AR: 6.73% Special shout out to @Fnee2000 for giving me a no-damage shield. & to another player I can’t tag on here that gave me an OP weapon. I’d have never gotten through the hellish DLC grinds without them. It’s pretty typical of me not to do things in a normal order. I played the series from 2, 1.5, & then 1. I’d also label that as my order of preference. B2 is still on my Vita, & I sometimes work on an UVH mode. B1 was just so-so IMO. I can recognize it as the starting mold for the later entries. One thing that really got me was the lack of voice overs for mission summaries. Coming from the sequel, I was used to accepting a mission & running off while the NPC gives the rundown over Echo communication. This entry didn’t have that. I think I restarted the game a few times & even reinstalled it until I released that was just how it was. The journey to platinum was fun. The journey to 100%, not so much. Seemingly endless pickup X number of items or rare dropped items was an unimaginative pad for time. Then there’s Moxxi’s Underdome. I swear, after the first 3 small tournaments I was already done seeing the maps & hearing every possible line Moxxi could say. & yeah, I was one of the unlucky ones to get a bad crash on round 18 of 20 in the ruins. Switched to incendiary weapons, taking my time to burn enemies to finally get this one done.
  15. Monthly Summary: March Games Completed by Participant: AmarisSkye: 1 game AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game bruin-rocks: 6 games Fnee2000: 4 games Gretchen27: 1 game IGUnique: 2 games King Hayes: 1 game Leigrez: 3 games MarkusT1992: 1 game MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 4 games REAPER4536: 2 games xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 28 games (-2) Oldest Game Completed: Trivial Pursuit [10 years, 11 months] Fnee2000 Youngest Game Completed: Little Adventure on the Prairie [6 months, 2 days] bruin-rocks Rarest Platinum: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (0.79%) bruin-rocks Rarest 100%: Race the Sun (1.43%) REAPER4536 Absolute Rarity: Battlefield Hardline (0.13%) Leigrez