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  1. Just some mysteries as of late.
  2. Another soul to grind for Rainbow Moon then? Your trophy list looks to be about where I was when I jumped back into it. Though I'd recommend clearing those optional dungeons before the enemy levels become useless for exp. Either way: you got this!
  3. Got my first UR of the event done with Rainbow Moon. Completion time at just under 104hrs. Though technically not done with the post game as I've seen level 999 enemies in the dungeons. Another reason to come back to the game down the road. I should start clearing out some space on the PS3 to download Tales soon. It might be the next one I tackle, or Deception. We'll see. & after a bit of thought, I think I'll add another game that's already been started with Disgaea 4. The main story's mostly done, I'll have to clear it again for some endings. & then there's the massive post game to work on. Safe to say it'll be a while before my next completion.
  4. Got you all updated. Nice work so far! I'll try & remember to look up the rarity at the end of the month. It's already doubled since you posted, but I'd be surprised if it broke the 2% mark. Took a hell of a long time to cross the road, huh? 😄 Glad to see you had the online done before it shutdown, that'd have been a sad 100% to miss out on.
  5. I'm fast approaching the plat for Rainbow Moon. After finally getting through the main story & that difficulty spike for the final boss last week, it's been smooth sailing through the post game. I've been playing a bit just about every night, hope to be done by early next week. Only 10hrs left on the 100hr trophy & most of the remaining ones should come naturally as I play to level 500.
  6. Child of Light: has had some good reviews & I've almost bought it on more than one occasion in a PSN sale. Glad I've waited to come across a physical copy. Criminal Girls: Saw it when I was on vacation & bought it. I never see it in the stores in my area, so another for the Vita collection! All of the above I've already played, but didn't have (or no longer have) physical copies of.
  7. Then you're at a great place to get back into or start over even with Rainbow Moon. I absolutely love the game all grind gripes aside. But that's largely because it checks off categories I like to play. It's an RPG with turn based battles, simple enough by my standards. It's not an easy game in the beginning. Through the main story it's meant to be difficult enough to require level grinding. & you're gonna want to check shops for new equipment to upgrade to keep up with enemies. Battles are really slow when you're under leveled & facing a mob. The combat is great, but I think you have to be the type who likes to sit through turn based to stick with it. I find it rewarding to beat each boss battle. Though the game is really lousy in the beginning because the equipment sucks & you haven't unlocked or leveled up stronger skills. I'd say give it another chance by getting through a couple main storyline quests. There's so much to unlock that opens the world up, it's unfair to just judge it from the first island area. If you're getting back into it, I'd recommend checking the PSN store. There's a freebie for some items & I purchased one of the character packs ($2) that helped a ton for the early game. & play it on the Vita! I have no idea how people can get through it on console. Though it's a long journey to competition either way.
  8. Monthly Summary: October Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game bruin-rocks: 2 games damage_6-9: 2 games Flex_Da_Brent: 2 games Fnee2000: 3 games Gretchen27: 2 games llzaki: 1 game Kevvik: 1 game MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 1 game snakebit10 1 game Total: 17 games (+4) Oldest Game Completed: Little Big Planet [11 years, 4 days] Kevvik Youngest Game Completed: Fill-a-Pix: Phil’s Epic Adventure [6 months, 2 weeks] damage_6-9 Where the Bees Make Honey [6 months, 2 weeks] Fnee2000 Rarest Platinum: The Sims 3: Pets (2.66%) Gretchen27 Rarest 100%: Flower (14.29%) Fnee2000 Absolute Rarity: Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 (0.22%) AUSTRALIANDJ @MattbluePT I agree, the ending in season 1 was the best of the ones I’ve played. Michonne was the best overall, but season 1 is the most impactful & memorable IMO. Congrats on completing your first game! Looking forward to hearing about many more down the road. @REAPER4536 Those offline games will always be available to come back to, better to get that online grind fest wrapped up ASAP. I know you’re always good about checking in so I won’t wonder where you’ve gone off to for a while then. If you can 100% Uncharted 3, then you can get these done. You got this! @Kevvik I just had the same thing happen to my completion time for The Last of Us. Yeah, I forgot the leap year, but that should have only added one day. A well-earned congrats for getting the LBP platinum! Platformer god status achieved @damage_6-9 Might want to take another look…I saw 2 eligible titles. @AUSTRALIANDJ Nice work on some difficult games! But don’t ever feel like you have to stress to finish something every month. It’s just a general benchmark. Besides, you’re a bit ahead with the average anyway. As for my own progress: Got a second game wrapped up last month with The Last of Us 100% at 5 years, 2 days. Absolute rarity 0.62%. My original goal of unlocking the final trophy on Halloween changed when I started reading the horror VN Death Mark, & I realized I had the chance to finish the game on the exact same date/time as the first trophy earned. But if you read the complete time then you’ll know I mucked it up. I completed grounded + mode two weeks ago, sitting right at the epilogue just waiting on Oct 25th. Well, I forgot about one thing, leap year. & then PSNP added an extra day, because…? It’s fine. I know I unlocked it on the same day as the first trophy. I probably don’t need to get into what a great story this was as most have played it already. If not, go watch a playthrough (no commentary preferably). Or re-watch it when Retro Replay gets around to it & you can watch Nolan North & Troy Baker struggle with it. They’re working on Uncharted 2 at the moment, maybe they’ll get there by next year. Game play wise grounded mode gave me some trouble on my first run. It took about 20hrs with 293 deaths, verses ground+ at 10hrs & no more than 60 deaths. Forgot where the bloater battles were & was not prepared with moltovs. & the Ellie section in the factory can do one. It was interesting to measure it against Akumu mode in The Evil Within. No contest, Akumu was worse. & now I don’t have any scary games on my list to work on. Guess that means it’s time to start The Evil Within 2 (somebody stop me) Next up: I recently jumped back into Rainbow Moon & The Witcher III. It’s been just over a year since I last played RM & I’m finding it easy to get back into mechanics wise, quest wise not so much. If side quests had a tracking pin for the general area it’d save some time. Right now I’m going all over the map to clean up quests because I got to stage 2 of the final boss fight before being defeated. So a bit more training & I can move onto the post game. TW3: I’ve gotten so invested in the story. Most of the quests are disturbing or profound enough to have me thinking about them later on in the day (I’m looking at you lubberkin). It’s reminded me of why I like Dragon Age: Origins. I’ve played so many playthroughs of that game, & when I come across someone I know is going to be a backstabber or coward, or have a moral choice I already know all the outcomes. & with this massive game I get to discover all new avenues that are just as engaging. I’m really going to enjoy subsequent playthroughs, just don’t expect this one to be completed for quite a while. Also, ahead of the game for this month with the completion of the Mech DLC in Just Cause 3. The worst pack IMO as operating the mech makes me feel sick. It just swivels & sways in a nauseating way so it was not easy getting all the gears in the challenge modes. I had to go for minimal movement using the cannons instead of the pulse arm so I could get through them. & that bled into the time bonus. Several rounds were just a hundred points away from the target score. Back to the base game challenges
  9. @Wise_Mans_Fears Great event idea! I'll take up the challenge, my list is as follows: [Vita] Rainbow Moon (4.85%) - Currently playing with 41/53 trophies earned, 61% complete. I've still got quite a long way to go, hopefully it'll hold onto it's UR status by the time I finish it. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (4.24%) - Pretty good progress already with this one at 22/31 trophies earned, 50% complete. Just have to watch & worry over unlocking the "nice" events & everything else should come naturally playing out the rest of the years. [Vita] Deception IV: Blood Ties (1.00%) - My love/hate relationship with this game never ends. I struggle with the missions a couple times a year before getting frustrated & throwing it back on the shelf. It's not the elaborate short time ones that give me trouble. It's the ones with numerous enemies; where some come right at you, others run for the exit, & others have ranged weapons. Besides the missions, I'll need to finish up demon requests in the story mode. 35/41 trophies earned, 80% complete. Tales of Symphonia (2.72%) - Not started. It's been sitting in my backlog for at least 2+ years, time to change that. Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (3.06%) - Not started. Almost started it for a KYC at the beginning of the year, then swapped it out at the last minute. I've really wanted to play it for awhile now, so I won't pass it up again. Just going for these 5 at the moment. When I finish one, I'll add another in it's place.
  10. Welcome to the party! I think we’re all out of hard liquor by now, but there should be some punch leftover somewhere. The Walking Dead is a good one to start off with. Keep us up to date on your progress & have fun 😃 No shame in still having them incomplete as they’re both notoriously difficult. It’ll take some patience & practice, but you’ve got time until #50. Well, hopefully the AC multiplayer won’t be all that bad. I’m sure there’s a dedicated boosting group you can find. Or you might be able to complete it with randoms along the way to max level. Just keep chipping away at it!
  11. Fame: Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (1.35%) Shame - actually, hell no I’m not ashamed of it: Code: Realize-Future Blessings (81.98%)
  12. @Fnee2000 No worries, it counts so long as it’s over the 6 month mark. @Ilzaki Glad to see it crossed off your list! @Flex_Da_Brent About time to plan for plat #50 then. Any ideas yet? & congrats getting through the whole PoP trilogy this month That was a weird mishap with the no death run in Two Thrones. Props for sticking to another playthrough (I’d have thrown it back on the shelf for another year after that). I’ve never played them myself, but they must be pretty good. I’ve been expecting a re-release on the PS4, looks like it’s never coming though. If you’re not up for AC, you could always work on the older games with low percent completion instead. Like Game of Thrones for something easy, Uncharted 3 or Hitman (PS4) with lots of trophies. @Psy-Tychist I like the idea of the group all going for their oldest one month. Or bonus: oldest game for each platform. It’d be neat to pull off before the end of the year, though it’s likely too late to go for it this year. We could say, tentatively, complete your oldest game in December of 2020. That’d give plenty of time to list their game(s), locate them, & work through them. Would anyone else be interested in Psy-Tychist’s challenge?
  13. DLC absolutely counts for this event. Looks like you didn't have any trouble with the dive score challenge, hopefully MGS proves just as easy for you. No death runs are nerve wracking. I think you'll be able to wrap up hard mode without too much hassle now. You've already beat the final boss once without dying on normal mode. You got this!
  14. What a hassle, at least you got the pirates DLC for sure before it was completely gone. That one was amazing & fun. You'll have to let me know if metal gear works. If not, you could get most of it through co-op with me. I think it'd be a bit more difficult to complete the ace & limited paintball trophies with 2 people, it wouldn't hurt to try though.
  15. @ladynadiad RNG may have been kind to you, but I was getting down to my last handful of weapons to upgrade with still 2 spell book upgrades left. I know you're likely to find them clearing the sky palace a few times, wasn't going to do it though as I had the game crash twice in there & lost 99+ equipment from an unlucky enemy setup. I found it was easier to take equipment through the curry tower killing a few enemies at each level. The equipment would reach it's final upgrade by the end every time & you'd get the chest rewards for spell books at the end. For the sake of my sanity I just took 5-10 change scrolls into a dungeon, used them, if I got the book I needed I'd transport back to town. Repeat. If not, just reload the game. Just another option to consider. @DarkSolerideOh & don't forget to buy the doll in the chef's shop for the item list. It wasn't listed on the spreadsheet I used, but it cycles through the shop often. & after you get 99+ equipment the best place to tackle the minotaurs is on the first area of any early game dungeon as it can't collapse over the turn limit. Bring a transport book to get back to town when all variations are defeated.