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  1. @Sylvanticore I checked the form, looks all good on my end. Congrats on that first completion & to the many more to come! 🎆
  2. Mini (aren't you relieved?) Update Time: Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Status: Story mode (in progress) Playtime: 0hrs 38mins --> 14hrs 21mins Trophies: 3/52 (4%) --> 13/52 (18%) I was making near daily story progress until SN6 hit me with a mini game I shouldn't have liked, fishing. It's ridiculously simple, press X to cast, press X to reel. Yet, I played it for far longer than I care to admit. I think I'm over it now because I've caught everything (I'll still need to Monster Hunter mini & large gold crowns for all fish though). Nothing else to report for started or worked on. I've been a bad Switch owner, haven't played it in probably a month. It's hard to start another story though without finishing the current ones I'm playing. @Arethien As for that spooky Halloween addition, I'll go Resident Evil 3. I just got Corpse Party for the Vita, but I think enough people have decided to play it already. Code Vein was also on the table, reviewing my list though, I've got enough long games.
  3. @kingofbattle8174 The more I play of Summon Night, the more I want to play. I was hooked on the mini fishing game last night, & just replaying battles (which remind me of a simplified Disgaea version) are fun. A guide will definitely be needed though. I see I haven't even scratched the surface in the party's skills. By the end of my first playthrough, I think it'll earn a higher enjoyment score. The story has slowly gotten better now that I've essentially given up on making sense of it this go around.
  4. A few nice additions to the collection. Corpse Party Blood Drive: a horror game with chibi characters? I've watched a little bit of a playthrough & I think it'll be good. Finding the Everafter edition for about the price the base game is selling was pure right time surfing luck. Reverie: an indie, adventure game with a history lesson. Semispheres: honestly, not a clue. I know two box versions were released though, doubt I'll bother with orange. @InfinityOnH1gh World of Final Fantasy is one of my favorite games on the Vita. It's amazing, hope you have a blast with it. Just don't sit on it too long.
  5. September 6th, 2021 Games 100%: 143/196 (0/+3) Trophies unearned: 1,126 (+87) Completion percent: 84.91% (-1.07%) Starting off on the stats, my overall percent took a dive as I played new games. Not like that progress of starting games is eclipsing purchasing new ones. It'll even out one day, that's not always a bad problem to have. Nothing was accomplished overhauling the OP either. Between the end of month update I do for a backlog event, & actually gaming nearly everyday (that's been awhile), I didn't get around to it. We'll see what this month brings. It's good to be jumping into a variety of games again. Currently playing: Playstation Pets Enjoyment: 6/10 Trophies: 0/34 --> 7/34 (18%) Playtime: 3hrs After properly digging into this game, my expectations were found to be pretty spot on. Other than the size of the map you get to explore with the pup. I don't feel I've made it through a third of it, which is a nice surprise as the places have changed enough to keep adventuring fresh. Largely, I've been exploring the woods for the game's "story." Which boils down to searching for a legendary king & his dog's artifacts. Couldn't we all be lucky to have the dog turn up gold doubloons on their walk? There are light puzzling aspects in every new area that can be solved in the breathe of a glance. Mostly matching symbols in a specific alignment or order based. The actual pet simulation department is what's been lacking so far. It has the potential to open up, depending on what else unlocks. Doing any task with the pup, as small as petting to finding story elements, earns points that can be used to buy new tricks to teach or toys to play with. The tricks, at least, are often tied to overcoming quest obstacles. While playing with toys are repetitively, boring motions that strain the small screen size. Example: the tug o war toy disproportionately takes up the foreground. Trying to throw a ball requires a flick that goes off the touchscreen to register the throw. Other than that, I've experienced the one prominent glitch/nuisance where the pup is unquenchably thirsty. Easy enough solution to restart the game, or stay out exploring. Musynx Enjoyment: 9/10 Trophies: 11/27 (21%) Playtime: ~3hrs An addicting, rhythm game. I bought this recently on impulse, & something about it made me actually start it sooner rather than later. When the gameplay is simple like this, it's hard to disappoint. Musynx has two difficulty modes easy & hard (I'm not even dreaming at this point of being good enough to get a good score here anytime soon), with the option of having four notes to play or six. Track choices are plentiful, each labeled at a subset difficulty level. The music has been good, catchy even. There's a wide range to choose, from pop, instrumental, to ones I'd swear were inspired by arcadey games or something like Pokémon or Mario. I know there's an online store with more tracks, but frankly, what comes loaded on the cartridge is plenty for the moment. Bonus: the song cover art & track backgrounds are beautiful. Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Enjoyment: 7/10 Trophies: 8/52 (11%) Playtime: 7hrs I've actually already written out my initial impressions in depth here. Continuing on from that though: the pacing of this game is all disjointed. Major story events occur at the beginning & end of each chapter, the middle is sprinkled with little side stories. Those side stories are akin to filler episodes, a grain of meaningful character back story/ development under a pile of pointless fluff. I wouldn't mind that so much except, there's been no adequate time to take an interest in these characters. Chapters take around an hour to complete (there's typically one story battle, one optional battle, two main story events, & a handful of side stories). New party members join each chapter at a rate too fast to then read those side stories on trivial topics. I've only just started liking the first members, but the group is already double that. By new game+ maybe I'll be able to appreciate the side stories. At the moment, they're forgettable. Battles & skills are gaining with the new members. I like the battles, just wish there were more of them to do. Story wise, I think this game has gone off the rails. The premise in chapters 1-3 - mentioned in my initial impression - made for a good setup. Now, the story is throwing in the possibility of different timeliness, mirror dimensions, pocket universe, & the whole gamut of magic use. Sci-fi is my jam, yet throwing all these concepts feels messily cobbled together. & I typically don't like a fantasy - sci-fi crossover genre. Somehow I'm still playing, waiting on the puzzle pieces to stop falling so something coherent can form. Kyle & Teach (aka Aty) are my favorite characters so far.
  6. @JayDeLosDioses Yeah, I get going for Borderlands twice just coincided with a DLC sale or new DLC drop (if they're not done with that already), & wasn't intentional. It was just weird the same series was brought up within a week & it struck me maybe this needed to be clarified or changed. This is the only issue I'd have from a hosting standpoint, regulating those auto pop vs completely restarted lists. Borderlands I'm familiar with, I can scroll right to the level & locations to tell. That's about as far as my knowledge goes though, & then thinking of all the PS5 lists via upgraded PS4 games that could potentially fall into the same category & I'll be spending much of my time looking through people's list to figure out if they auto popped or not. I like how @Ich1994-1994 put it, keeping it simple by avoiding duplicates in general for the challenge. You brought up a great one with an AC platinum I'm not familiar with, that 70-80hrs completion time is considerable. & it made me think of another possible exception with remasters, like the Uncharted series. It's a seperate list, has to be done completely new, even has new trophies not included in the original. I'd still consider it a duplicate though because if done in the same year, Crushing/Brutal modes are no joke - but those tactics you used to get through one are fresh in your mind to use to wrap up the other. Plus, the exact same game is not unique, even if the requirements to complete it changed. Then there are new DLCs like @IGUnique brings up, that can take just as long as a standard game to complete. Should we consider it allowed in the challenge based on time to complete? What's the minimum going to be on time that accounts for people who game for 40hrs a month & those that game for 4hrs. Or what if the reasoning is the DLC dropped out of nowhere? Maneater DLC was a surprise to me, yet I'm not batting an eye with another Killing Floor 2 drop. Should Killing Floor 2 be excluded, but Maneater acceptable? The list of exceptions could be continuous if handled case by case this way. & I wouldn't want to see a situation come up where a possible exception comes up for someone just for it to be determined, say near the end of the month, that their game doesn't count for the challenge & now they don't have another game for its place. So, I think keeping it simple as duplicates are allowed or no duplicates period for the challenge would be better in the long run. That's my opinion & reasoning right now, not the final verdict. I'm going to give others time to weigh in with their own preferences & suggestions.
  7. I'll need to clarify the 'no repeats' in the OP then, if everyone wants to keep that rule. Borderlands is in a grey area. Yes, only a few trophies auto pop & it has a seperate list. On the other hand, transferring the save, or just platinuming the game before gives an advantage to finishing it again. That, I know, then opens interpretations of what merits a completion based on difficulty & time. Which I would not like to do because I see people who seed their lists by starting games & letting them sit until 6 months, or readying a game to pop for a month, easy & difficult ones alike. We've all done it. It's why I mention in the OP total completion points are up to the participant's discretion. I'd drive myself crazy trying to enforce a rigorous standard that excludes play styles. Some hold off on a platinum, planning for a milestone. Games fall into the backlog, forgotten under new releases. Others are happy finishing story completion. Earning the platinum & not bothering with the DLC. Understandably, gamers are varied & there will be games, or versions of games that can become exclusions to the rules. I interpret the yearly streak challenge though as a challenge. A step up from the norm by completing at least one unique game a month for one calendar year. I'm just in charge of updating the OP. If the majority of the yearly streak challenge participants (or even regular ones) would prefer duplicates to be allowed, then I'd be all for it. I'm always up for suggestions/improvements for the event, it's for the group after all.
  8. I'll switch it to Sekiro. I'd have to change the tile anyway because no, repeats are not okay for the yearly streak challenge. They have to be unique for the year, if that's what you mean by challenge. It doesn't matter in your case because you had more than one game that could count for last month.
  9. Any one feel the year’s end is coming up fast? I do. Monthly Summary: August Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 7 games Aviditas90: 1 game be_minor: 2 games Berendsapje: 1 game damage_6-9: 5 games Fnee2000: 1 game lch1994-1994: 2 games IGUnique: 1 game JayDeLosDioses: 4 games Kishnabe: 1 game MattbluePT: 7 games Psy-Tychist: 3 games Sylaris: 1 game Total: 36 games (+18) Oldest Game Completed: Red Dead Redemption [8 years, 11 months] MattbluePT Youngest Game Completed: Persona 5 Strikers [6 months, 3 days] AUSTRALIANDJ Rarest Platinum: AFL3 Evolution (1.28%) AUSTRALIANDJ Rarest 100%: Star Wars: Racer Revenge (1.75%) AUSTRALIANDJ Absolute Rarity: Red Dead Redemption (0.73%) MattbluePT
  10. @InfinityOnH1gh Wow, & you're practically right next door to them. It usually takes just over a month for a Play Asia order to reach my door. Longest it sits is in customs for about a week, 2 if it's near or after a holiday. P.S. Memories of Celceta is a great find! Wish I hadn't traded my copy in.
  11. Thanks. Haven't had a chance to read the thread, yet. I tried setting the desktop view, but I think with this long a post my phone was flipping out & the spoiler eye just kept disappearing before I could click it 🙃 A spoiler is in now. It didn't end where I set it. I'm leaving it be though.
  12. Empire of Angels: almost ordered this on the Switch. Luckily they dropped the PS4 version before that, save the Switch for casual or VN games. Sense: I wanted for the Vita, forget that with how expensive a copy is now. PS4 is fine, I can always remote play.
  13. Another Play Asia order arrived last night: 88 Heroes: it was in stock when they had that free shipping sale going on, so I grabbed it with a couple PS4 games. Not my typical game, I'll still give it a try.
  14. Thank you! As the back cover says, they're cool with you leaving it on the shelf How did you like Time & Eternity? It was on my radar at one point.
  15. @Sylvanticore Get on them then! I can add you if that kinda is more of a certain, but looking at a comparison of our lists, I see Uncharted: Drake's Fortune unfinished. & when that happens I can never pass up the chance to encourage someone to earn the platinum. You've got the Remastered version which has a doughnut Drake speedrun trophy. That one was fun to earn for all the games. & speaking of those, then you can move on to the rest of them. IMHO, 3 is the best, followed by Lost Legacy, 4, 1, & 2. Besides that, Batman: Arkham Knight can be an engrossing platinum to go for. Not to mention a major completion boost with 100+ trophies. Monster Hunter is a great one to check back in with. You've made considerable progress in it already, & with Iceborne, World becomes easier to finish. Unfortunately, it doesn't help with gold crown luck... Just some suggestions, we don't have many games in common, so others may have more suitable ones. @SyIaris You got this. That boss is tough, but I did it solo. It was a bit of a long fight, not the worst the game has though. I'd offer to help, but honestly, little embarrassing how long it took me to kill it. Oh, the challenges. That one with the mailboxes nearly broke me. I could not do that solo & had to get friends to help. I can see now why Sound Shapes never interested me. I'm sure I've looked up gameplay at one point. Randomized with instant deaths I wouldn't manage well at all.