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  1. @SyIaris Ah, that was on me then, I tried @ with a lowercase 'L." Got it down now. @be_minor Marvel Super Heroes was the worst LEGO game I've played (even beating out Legends of Chima). Definitely don't try & stack it with the Vita version. It's glitches galore there, making the plat incredible frustrating. Also, it's kind of a running thing here to dupe weapons for each other on Borderlands games. So whenever you do get back to 1 feel free to @ me & I'd be happy to drop a fire weapon (it makes Moxxi's arena manageable). My game this month was another Vita title, & a dud at that with Bad Apples Wars. Completed in 7 months, 1 week. Another leftover from KYC, Bad Apple Wars is a lackluster otome VN. The story revolves a group of high school age kids, all deceased, sent to a type of holding afterlife that resembles - what else - but a school. The student body is divided between Good Apples, those following the rules & becoming soulless drones to graduate (aka return to their old life), & the Bad Apples, those clinging to their humanity by breaking every rule (& they're mostly boring ridiculous ones) to...well I've read all the routes & they never really knew what they were aiming for, but it wasn't what the majority was going for. Which is largely how reading the entire thing feels like. The premise on the back of the case was interesting, it looked like a typical VN art style wise, & the music is fantastic for most tracks. Yet, the story & execution was painfully lame. It had so much potential & I almost feel bad for the people who must have worked on this, & then the more routes I read, the more convinced I was they switched out the story writers with people who write manuals (or any other tedious piece of literature everyone skims through). Nothing eventful happens. & what the VN considers impactful, I could have cared less about. There's just no stakes to worry about or characters to relate to. It's a terrible read, avoid at all costs. Other than that, I played a touch more Resonance of Fate. The grind to platinum is real, up to 65hrs now since July. I got stuck midway through the month on the last set of arena bosses. Just cleared them the other day in fact, & I've dabbled a bit in the post-game dungeon. I think I'm finally leveled enough to take that head on & clear it soon. It might get done next month (though I'm feeling like playing Spider-Man at the moment). Something will surely get done from the backlog.
  2. This was difficult to narrow down to just 3 choices per topic. Most fun platinums: 1 - Dragon Age: Origins 2 - L.A. Noire 3 - Freedom Wars Wish I could put an honorable mention, but that'd take writing two thirds of my earned plats. I enjoyed most of my games. Most grindy platinums: 1 - Monster Hunter World 2 - Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines 3 - Omega Quintet Highest skill based platinums: 1 - The Evil Within 2 - Just Cause 3 3 - Gravity Rush (Vita) Most boring/tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Tearaway 2 - Drive Girls 3 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril (Vita) Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - James Bond 007: Bloodstone (or Table Top: World Tour if the online has finally been shutdown) 2 - Deception IV: Blood Ties 3 - Kingdom Hearts
  3. Digital copy of AC: Origins Gold edition when it was on sale the week before last or so. I still have the Ezio Collection untouched from a few years ago, but I'm more interested in starting this one. Got it set to download tonight & have the day off tomorrow to enjoy. Physical copies of the other two because one makes sense for the season (though Vampyr is vying to be started to) & there's never enough racing games. Never tried a proper racing sim, so that can only go well.
  4. @bruin-rocks It'll be sad to see one of the last handful from the original event depart, but you gotta do what's best for you. I think most of us fall into the same category at some point, especially with the strain this year has brought. While away that unplayed backlog at the pace you enjoy. After all, gaming is a pastime hobby meant for fun. There's no need to force completions (still I know you'll finish out the year strong). You've conquered plenty of phenomenal games over the years & that was only possibly by starting said games. The event is always open if your mindset shifts back to cleanup. I hope your love of games continues strong through the years! & please know you've been a motivator for many of us (myself included) to continue working on our backlogs no matter the associated difficulty or how many incomplete games we may have.
  5. My bad It's fixed in the summary now (I had it already in the OP at least). The event has gotten so big over the years, its easy to overlook something. A total of 27 games is better then 26 though.
  6. Monthly Summary: September Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 3 games be_minor: 2 games bruin-rocks: 2 games damage_6-9: 1 game Fnee2000: 3 games Gretchen27: 1 game HokieCAB: 1 game IGUnique: 4 games kingofbattle8174: 1 game lch1994-1994: 4 games Mr-ttam: 1 game REAPER4536: 1 game Sylaris: 2 games TomoTakino: 1 game Total: 27 games (+2) Oldest Game Completed: Rayman Origins [8 years, 5 months] lch1994-1994 Youngest Game Completed: Yakuza 0 [6 months, 1 day] AUSTRALIANDJ Rarest Platinum: Yakuza 0 (3.79%) AUSTRALIANDJ Rarest 100%: Never Alone (4.76%) be_minor Absolute Rarity: Killing Floor 2 (0.14%) bruin-rocks @Berendsapje I’ll count it from the date you requested to join (since I only update at the end/start of the month). So Madden has been added to your section. @King Hayes Thanks for letting us know, schooling should take precedence. No worries, I’ll leave you in the active section. @AUSTRALIANDJ I can’t see the name FFX without flash backs of the sphere grid. Awesome work getting the plat! A well themed Final Fantasy month there.
  7. One game accomplished this month with Drive Girls at 6 months, 2 weeks. Honestly, it was all I could manage. September was a not so fun turmoil of a month in my personal life & I didn't find any interest in my hobbies. Which in hindsight, probably didn't help matters. I'm working on it though, & plan to spend more time on things I enjoy (don't worry, that still includes gaming). Drive Girls is a bland, button mashing female transformers knockoff. To put it simply, it's bad. I'd never recommend it be added to anyone's vita collection. I picked it up originally on a whim because it was on the vita & I didn't do my research. Then it sat on the shelf until it shined for KYC. After an hour of playing, it becomes apparent how mediocre this game is. The voiceovers are fine, story thread bare & uninteresting. Combat voiceovers are horribly repetitive & annoying (I cut them off in under a half hour). The game does a bad job of explaining mechanics. Which leads to researching on your own, but the player base is so small answers were hard to find. I made it through the story mode during KYC & was so burnt out afterward I put it back on the shelf. It's one of those games with some post game content, requires you do every offline/online (or ad hoc in my case) mission, & collect every in game item for the platinum. Not a fun feat. I am happy it's off my list. Resonance of Fate is still on deck, since about the end of July really. No progress to report for this month other than a handful of matches out of the 500 required in the arena. My total progress for that is over the halfway mark. I think every time I play it I'll aim to complete 1 rank (there's 50). That way I might have a shot at finishing it this year. I've still got a post game dungeon that seems impossible at the moment, but should be doable after grinding all those arena matches. & a second story playthrough which I'm looking forward to. I've got backlog additions as well. All but 1 (Drive Girls) from my KYC participation earlier this year. Kinda disappointed carrying over that much, it is what it is though. The games are: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: yeah, that I'm not surprised to see roll over the 6 month mark. Base game only took like 2 years, maybe I can beat that with this one (*delusional expectations abound). Borderlands 3: I've noticed my approach to this series follows a pattern. Every single one I've started, I play through until a stopping point in the story -or a boss stops me - & then never jump back in. Like it’s an arcade game & I've walked out of the building. Eventually the urge for Borderland's mayhem will return. Bad Apple Wars: or snooze fest school time stalemate. This one currently holds the penultimate spot for worst VN in my listings. I think I've read 2 out 5 routes so far, finding the last couple chapters in each somewhat interesting. No idea when I'll get around to finishing them. Exist Archive: I love this game. & I also find this game aggravating. On the one hand, it's a beautifully crafted RPG (not just in looks, though those are a plus too), but it’s also a broken mess. I've put in 60+ hours since starting & have had dozens of crashes. My biggest loss was about 3 hours of gameplay. After that I wised up to saving at every opportunity. I've found the game crashes because of too many combat actions at once. Which is a shame considering its such a unique system. Spider-Man: in my defense, this was my top pick for KYC. & the reason I haven't gotten back to it is because I wanted to set aside time just to play this. At the time, I couldn't commit more than an hour to playing & I wanted to take my time & enjoy the game. When I get a weekend to binge out, this'll be my top choice. The Evil Within 2: I've returned to the animus - I mean stem... with conflicting results again. You can read my impressions here (it's nowhere near as long as when I finished the first one). Ni no Kuni: this is one I'm disappointed in letting fall through the cracks. Such a fun RPG, like Spider-Man though, it didn't fit into my tight schedule at the time. After RoF, this'll be my main PS3 focus. I'll catch everyone's stuff up in the update. I might be able to get to it Thursday, or if not, the summaries going to be a little late. @Phantochi Welcome! I’ll add you in. Best of luck with DMC, those can be tough. For some strange reason I can't tag you...Yes though, welcome aboard & very nice work on the completions so far! Unfortunately, other platforms do not count for this event. @AmarisSkye No worries, life happens. Hope your dad has a swift recovery & glad to hear he’s doing better. @be_minor Hola & welcome! Games count on a monthly basis, so only the ones you completed from the month joined & on would be eligible to count. Great progress so far though. @Leigrez I’ll move you to inactive. Feel free to rejoin if the need arises & happy gaming!
  8. @eigen-space Just noticed on the Google Sheet Resident Evil 2 is listed for my completions. I finished the DLC for it having already earned the platinum, so it sadly wouldn't count for this event. The only game I finished this month was Drive Girls at a #5, which I also already had filled in. Looks like I was one off for a badge. Next time I hope to have a better run. Thank you for hosting! I'm happy that Batman AK at least got done. Nice work to everyone that managed games 0-9, that's no easy feat.
  9. Monthly Summary: August Games Completed by Participant: AmarisSkye: 3 games AUSTRALIANDJ: 2 games bruin-rocks: 3 games Fnee2000: 2 games Gretchen27: 1 game IGUnique: 1 game Kevvik: 1 game King Hayes: 1 game lch1994-1994: 1 game Leigrez: 3 games MattbluePT: 3 games REAPER4536: 1 game TomoTakino: 1 game xBathingApe: 1 game xEl_Cidx: 1 game Total: 25 games (-2) Oldest Game Completed: Dante's Inferno [9 years, 4 months] Leigrez Youngest Game Completed: Nihilumbra [6 months, 2 weeks] MattbluePT Rarest Platinum: Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (0.94%) bruin-rocks Rarest 100%: Nihilumbra (6.62%) MattbluePT Absolute Rarity: Minecraft (0.22%) bruin-rocks @Berendsapje Welcome aboard! Got you added. @TomoTakino Congratulations on your first backlog game crossed off! & best of luck with the others (Megatagmension is grindy, but then again, they all are).
  10. I feel that's more fitting as a personal rule then one that has to be an actual written rule. Yes, it's disheartening to see the same game used over & over, or obviously seeded titles. Still that's similar to the debate over the worth of a profile with easy games vs. ultra rares, ultimately, an individual's choice. I don't want to put too many restrictions for participants that genuinely may only be able to complete DLC here & there. Keeping up with lists that add trophies is still progress.
  11. Save them for closer to the end of the year then & just do a wrap up for the handful of games that don't know when to quit with the update trophies. That way you'll only count them once for the year with minimal guilt while still maintaining the spirit of the event.
  12. Resident Evil 2 has been 100% completed. Went back & finished those raid & survival scenarios. I'll share my most exciting one, don't worry, nothing really to spoil here with story content. The sheriff's scenario was the most difficult challenge to survive in such a small area with waves of a 100 zombies, of all different types, as they try & tear your throat out. On my first attempt I killed 76 before failing, then improved slightly to 87. Then I stupidly decided to quit for the night & try again fresh the next day. That attempt reached a whopping 15 zombies. So I thought I had my work cut out for me learning the waves & hoping for decent RNG. On my fourth run, the earlier small waves saw a blessed luck at avoiding being poisoned, but when I hit the 71 kill mark, things started to go south. I started getting grabbed & then every zombie in the room clusters around you & I was sure this run was going to end very soon. So as luck would have it, a well placed explosive zombie crisply saved my bacon. Fast forward to the last wave with streaming zombies coming in & I got stuck in like a triple animation of grabs, somehow managed to use my last healing item. Though I was completely surrounded at this point with the counter at 91 kills. Saw an explosive zombie & tried to aim for him, he instead grabbed me, which if you play the game you know means he dropped his pack. So now it was a matter of pulling off one final shot amidst a crowd of zombies... you're talkin' I was about to have a heart attack being this close to surviving the wave. I found the explosive pack on the ground, took aim, prayed hit detection would not hit any of the pair of legs surrounding it, & fired. The pack exploded & the counter jumped to 98. Health is in the red at this point & I can hear the last 2 zombies somewhere close by & I don't know what the hell I have left for weapons. If they're armored or poisoned or if it's that blind super-speedy white one, then I'm screwed regardless. I took a breather in the inventory menu & found I had three spark shots left. Great. They take time, but can also kill anything. A fat zombie burst through the front door ahead of me & I immediately catch it in the spark shot's charge. I can hear that final zombie scurrying around heading my way while I wait for the meter to fill. It may only take a few seconds, but when you can hear another zombie somewhere behind you in a dark enclosed space, that's still takes way too damn long to charge. Luck was seriously on my side this run as the fat zombie exploded & I whirled around to find that final one. He was nowhere in sight. I started slowly creeping forward & around isles looking for him. The AI had glitched out & was running into a corner wall. Such a forgiving run. Not sure yet if I'll look into purchasing a new RE game or go back to Revelations 2. I'll just keep y'all updated when I finish something.
  13. Managed a game this month with Resident Evil 2 100% at 8 months, 3 weeks. AR 4.67%. My first introduction to the Resident Evil game series. Did things a bit out of order by watching the movies first. They're the rare exception to good game movies (though I admittedly love the Hitman movies to), & I really enjoyed the game. The whole two different routes & playable characters from different viewpoints is a great reason to replay & keeps the game fresh. Though I'm not a fan of the gauntlet modes. That's really all I had to clear up here is the free DLC pack for the Ghost Survivors, find some extra collectibles & do the survival raid for the sheriff's scenario. The first batch I had minimal trouble with, that last task though was a nerve-wracking challenge. Got it done regardless. I wanted my game this month to be Resonance of Fate, but I just couldn't finish it. I'm over 40 hours into the game & haven't even completed the story yet. It's been my main focus lately since I've finally gotten the hang of the combat system, still my gaming time has been short of late. I'm going to try & have it as my game completion for next month so at least I can have a PS3 backlog game crossed off for the year & a pretty old one for my list to boot. @TomoTakino Welcome! I'll add you in on the next update. Also, just to let you know, games are counted on a monthly basis so you can add in any you have completed for this month if you'd like.
  14. Completed: 3 - (6453) Batman: The Enemy Within 4 - (3634) Batman: Arkham Knight 5 - (2705) Child of Light ✅ 6 - (7376) A Way Out Haven't been updating my progress as I should here, even though I haven't had much gaming time lately. Two more games to report now with: Child of Light, a rhyming fairytale-esque RPG that I did a disservice to by letting it sit on the shelf for so long. I thought this was a rainy day type of game that would only take an afternoon to complete, but it actually took me several days of playing off & on to finish. Even got hung up on the final boss battle until I remembered to use unstoppable potions (the combat system was a bit wonky). Lovely game though. A Way Out, The co-op exclusive experience. That's not typically my thing, so I made sure to have a friend lined up for some couch co-op before buying it. We both had some fun with it, especially liking some of the camera work during action scenes. I find it a little odd though that the trophies have nothing to do with story choices. Currently, I'm trying to get back into reading Bad Apple Wars (8), which is really uneventful for a VN & doesn't even have dialogue choices. Just going to let the chips fall where they may for the other numbers. Here's hoping August will prove better for game completions.
  15. In order of preference, I enjoy watching: Let's Plays & lists from the crew at outsidexbox & Outside Extra. PlayStation Access Plat Mondays & Friday feature lists. RETRO REPLAY Nolan North + Uncharted cast playing, watching & discussing Uncharted. Enough said. Vita game reviews from I do games (I skipped around BlueMaxima's stuff). Channels I used to watch: Jigzaw_Killer + uhTrance, my main motivators to getting through The Evil Within. ELTheGeek's vita playthroughs. XpertThief & TheIvaneh for GTA V mayhem. Dekap's various playthroughs.