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  1. While I did get some new games, the biggest addition is the purchase of my second Vita! It's a gorgeous white with the light blue backing. Secondhand from Japan, but it looks like new with the original box & manuals. I'm just waiting on a screen protector & case to come in. & while I was importing, & with all the Vita store turmoil, I decided to start hunting more Japanese games for the collection. So I bought: Durarara!! Relay Limited Edition: I've watched a little bit of the amine. I think this is more of a VN game. Digimon World: Next Order: I have an NA copy for the PS4, & I suspect I'll like monster raising enough to want to stack these. Phantasy Star Nova: I love this series. I used to play Phantasy Star games on the PS2 & PSP. I know they're not localized anymore, so I've been looking for a decently priced copy for a while. Time Travellers: something heavily story based by Level-5. Kaleido Eve: an otome. I don't need to explain myself. I can probably manage Digimon & Phantasy Star fine right now. The others I'll need to see if translations are available online, or get better at Japanese.
  2. Another month down, taking with it a sizable chunk out of the backlog. Great to see a few decade old tiles in the mix. Keep it up everyone, & don’t forget to log them in the Report Form! It makes my job so much easier. Monthly Summary: May Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 2 games Aviditas90: 3 games be_minor: 1 game damage_6-9: 1 game Flex_Da_Brent: 3 games HokieCAB: 1 game IGUnigue: 1 game JayDeLosDioses: 1 game JourneySilver: 1 game Kishnabe: 2 games lch1994-1994: 6 games MattbluePT: 1 game Psy-Tychist: 2 games roxas1233: 1 game Sylaris: 1 game TomoTakino: 1 game Total: 28 games (-8) Oldest Game Completed: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [10 years, 5 months] lch1994-1994 Youngest Game Completed: Takotan [6 months, 3 days] damage_6-9 Rarest Platinum: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2.15%) AUSTRALIANDJ Rarest 100%: Boggle (1.29%) IGUnique Absolute Rarity: Need for Speed: Shift (1.33%) lch1994-1994
  3. Could be. I've got a 2000, so that version works with the android chargers.
  4. If you happen to have an old android phone or know somebody who does, their chargers work. Not the latest USB-C ones whatever the one was that came before it. Alternatively, I think you can take the PS4 controller's cable and use a wall adapter to make a charger for the Vita. I haven't really used the Sony one that much over the years and my Vita's been just fine with android chargers. We can finish a game this month! Just gotta find something fun.
  5. Nothing to report again for this month. I seem to be stuck in a no games completed streak. LEGO HP is still too mind-numbingly boring to handle for more than a level or two at a time. & really, the only games holding my interest at the moment are Gran Turismo Sport (which will surely fall into the backlog, & likely never be finished). It's a spectacular racing sim, tough as nails though. But I did manage an online win after 55 races, & then another. Only 67 more or so for the trophy. Sounds like a great ratio. Also, been reading Danganronpa during my lunch breaks. Up to chapter 4 now. & checking up on my island in Animal Crossing. I could spend a whole day there, but I'm limiting myself to half hour chunks. Can't spend all my time in one game. This month I'm going to try & focus on something refreshing in the backlog, like Crash Bandicoot or The Evil Within 2. Best of luck on all of your backlogs.
  6. I don't use it myself, but I think just copying & pasting from your profile page should work. You might have to add the percentage in if the formating gets wonky because of the progress bar.
  7. Hi All, Guess what? Sign ups are back open! I finally had time to update the general info in the OP, April's streak challenge completions, & make a crappy banner. My skills are lacking in the photo editing department, so if anyone would like to make a better one, please do. It's always bugged me not to have something there. As always, let me know if you find any errors or have a suggestion
  8. @Aviditas90 Yeah, it gets boring having to follow a collectible guide for a day. I usually try to combine my collectible run with a hard playthrough or some other special one (like a high accuracy run), that way it doesn't feel a complete waste. But the Uncharted game on Vita was RNG based for bounties if I remember right. I could have been lucky as that one didn't seem to take that long to complete. Best of luck with Relations 2's special episode challenges. I was able to finish the story on the Vita edition, & while I appreciate they released it on the handheld, it admittedly doesn't play well. Attempting the medal list sounds difficult enough on a console version. @OmegaRejectz Recommends a third of the RE franchise 😂 Fortunately, that 100 zombie trophy is in a DLC. That was more nerve wracking than getting chased around the police station by Mr. X. It certainly takes equal measure of luck & planning. Easier to complete compared to Revelation's list though.
  9. Latest pickups, Resident Evil 3: waited till I could find a cheap copy as I heard this one was too short to justify full price. 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim: the art style & favorable reviews drew me in. Yakuza: Like a Dragon: another addition to the steelbook collection! Originally, I wasn't going to pick this up for awhile because I planned to play through Kiryu's storyline first. But I think this game is completely separate, & I can jump in whenever. Robotics;Notes Elite Dash: it was on sale, pins included. Hard to pass up a potentially good story in the Steins;Gate universe. At least I'll get to find out what Daru has been up to.
  10. I haven't had much time to play games lately, but working on my Vita collection is still going strong. Added to the gaming library some offerings from PlayAsia. Roommates: Looks to be a rom-com VN in a college setting. I don't have high expectations for it, just hoping it'll have its funny moments. Synergia: I actually set an alarm to remind myself to be ready when the pre-order opened. They had me at cyberpunk thriller with this one. My order went through about 2 minutes after it opened (& I think it was already sold out when I refreshed the page), received copy #1111. So very happy I was able to snag a copy. Yumeutsutsu Re: Master & After: Yeah, I went for the double pack bundle. It didn't seem right to order one without the other. In for a penny & all that. Never read a Yuri VN, looking forward to it. Accel World vs Sword Art Online: I've played Lost Song (absolutely loved it), & this copy is in English, so couldn't pass it up. Needless to say, I've got plenty of reading material & one long RPG.
  11. Those are tough to choose between, both series are great for different reasons. I'd put a vote down to suggest Lost Legacy if you end up playing Uncharted; or, one of the Revelations games for Resident Evil. & who knows, maybe the kitties will make great gaming buddies 😄
  12. No worries, I'll add them to your section during the next update.
  13. Monthly Summary: April Games Completed by Participant: AUSTRALIANDJ: 1 game Aviditas90: 1 game be_minor: 2 games damage_6-9: 1 game HokieCAB: 2 games IGUnigue: 2 games Ilzaki: 1 game JayDeLosDioses: 3 games JourneySilver: 1 game Kishnabe: 1 game lch1994-1994: 14 games MattbluePT: 3 games roxas1233: 1 game Sylaris: 1 game TheDragonfly44: 1 game Unwanted_Kermit: 1 game Zbir_Vladimir: 3 games Total: 39 games (+14) Oldest Game Completed: Red Faction Battlegrounds [10 years, 4 weeks] lch1994-1994 Youngest Game Completed: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds [6 months, 3 weeks] Unwanted_Kermit Rarest Platinum: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (1.39%) IGUnique Rarest 100%: Red Faction Battlegrounds (1.05%) lch1994-1994 Absolute Rarity: Minecraft (0.37%) lch1994-1994 Alright, first try at using the form responses to make this summary. I have not looked at a single profile, which saves unbelievable time, but we’ll see if everything is here. Sign-ups are still closed. I didn’t have the free time last month to work on the OP. & tomorrow marks 3 years hosting this event, so I’d like to get caught back up ASAP. Maybe I’ll be able to work on it this weekend. @JayDeLosDioses Yeah, this LEGO game is a real dud for me. Most of the Vita ones I played through were great for a weekend, but the little puzzles in HP are dull. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever bother with the second part. @Ich1994-1994 Removed count fixed. Congrats platting DA: Inquisition! I hope you end up enjoying Origins just as much. I couldn’t guess the hours I’ve spent playing it; I can tell you I’ve used every available save slot, then overwrote a bunch for all the times I went for a fresh playthrough. @Fnee2000 & @bruin-rocks Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Keep playing for fun, & eventually, some of those games may end up in the backlog naturally. Not like those already completed numbers can go down
  14. Reminder for everyone: the submission form for April will be closed in about a week, on May 3rd. Try & have your completions logged in before then if you can. Link. Ironically, it's looking like I won't get a chance to use the form myself this month. Starting those handful of games for KYC has, as usual, made picking what to play next difficult. Probably didn't help when I recently bought Animal Crossing I'm chipping my way through LEGO Harry Potter, which is doing its best to be my least favorite LEGO game. Slim chance I'll have it finished by Friday though.
  15. Dusk has beautiful graphics. They really blew me away on Vita. Oh well, thought I'd ask about the bosses. Sounds like you've played a good portion of them already. Nothing wrong with having a selection of games to jump into though. Dusk is the first & only Alchemist game I've played, & that might be my problem. I should start another one & learn more about the series mechanics. But somehow when I see people mention the newer titles, they seem easier.