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  1. Firstly I'll apologise now if this has been answered elsewhere. A few of the trophies on my list are currently showing "missing time stamps", but a few days ago it was fine. What's changed? EDIT: Just noticed that the trophies in question have changed rareity. Its the DLC on Motorstorm Pacific Rift. All time stamps are on these trophies but Stoll says they are missing? I only noticed because my rarest trophy list has changed?
  2. Banned for being so easily confused!
  3. Banned for calling the wrong train creepy! (henry was the creepiest...)
  4. Banned for banning a disabled bee...
  5. 91.62% and rising. Will have have 100% tho
  6. Banned because i am sick of banning him now!!
  7. Its one of the many games in my backlog. Currently working on the Trilogy at the min, followed by this! Good to hear its fun!
  8. Looking forward to another nostalgia trip this is going to give me!
  9. Still chipping away at Elite Campaign. Got the first to race cards done so far...
  10. Banned because even after i have taken a break from this thread he is still banning everyone!
  11. Currently sat at 90.00%
  12. Thanks man! Appreciate that!!
  13. Beat Zico was the first thing i worked on. I wanted that out the before anything else lol. Not looking forward to Zone ones tho. Especially using only airbreaks...
  14. Started back on this again. Just chipping away at the online trophies with a friend, then i will work on Elite Campaign. Oh the joys... Which forum you look at MegaGeeza22??
  15. Already got Borderlands GOTY, but will give Just Cause 2 a whirl!