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  1. hi i have the augment glitch where it takes forever to move thru the nodes. but it got so bad that each time i check my augments now my schreen turns blue and the game became unplayable anyone else has this problem? surely i cant be the only one?
  2. the problem is u cant replay railjack mission i dont see the option i contacted them asswel but they are taking there time
  3. psn might have issues but i had it a while ago while psn didnt had issues and i fixed it by keep pressing reconecting it might take u a while but thats how i did it i not sure what triggers it but i think the games doesnt like it when u farm revenants as thats when it usually happened with me
  4. i just tried it and it didnt work. thanks for trying to help me tho i do hope they patch it also i noticed its completed on ps4 but on ps5 it still has a lock
  5. my assemble railjack trophy refuses to pop i dowloaded ps5 version like minutes ago
  6. i was ready to do this game on ps5 and then redo it on ps4 but i just tried it out and it gotta be really smart saving. like i had uploaded 2 saves. one where i got the trophy and another one before i got the trophy and had chopped 96 trees. on the save where i had the trophy i chopped 20 trees and trophy refused to pop then i downloaded the 96 tree save and it popped after 4 trees so i think aslong when u save right before the trophy and upload it it should be fine
  7. i can confirm it asswel. i personally didnt bother about being fastest achiever but a friend told me about this and i tried it out after 100 percent. and can confirm this. edit: you dont have to buy a car as u can loan it
  8. Was it the ps4 version for any change? as ps4 seems to work fine
  9. are there any missables in this game?
  10. yo i originally thought it was glitched asswel until i saw steam guide and realised u need to do the 10 regular quest on each tier asswel to pop the trophy
  11. thank you alot this trophy and a few request is all im missing. and i pretty much have al candy now. i was missing the one in a city and i walked the same city yesterday but i missed it somehow when i was trying to find candy myself. nice vid and cheers!
  12. im about to attempt this 2 trophies and i noticed the wording is different 1 of the trophies say continious the other says complete speedrun so what i think that happened is this: when you went for your plat the 3 maps you did had very good times. so i think when you finish your continious speedrun it counts all ur best times even the ones u did with chapter select and then decides to pop the trophies. just my 2 cents tho. but achieving a complete speedrun might mean u could set some really good times in chapter select and then do an continious 1 to pop the trophy. edit: it might be worth it for people who had it glitch to count al ur seperate times together if u go to chapter select and see if ur total time is below 150 minutes. I prolly wont be able to confirm my theory as im planning to pop the trophies at the same time but might be worth it for people who had it glitch in a good way to count the maps seperately second edit: i failed to get 2,5 hours and tried to get below 150 minutes in chapter select then replay the last chapter but didnt pop
  13. i been waiting whole januari to see if the events where going to update and originally i there was an event that said 11 days left if u went ingame to the townhall but now it says time until next event starts "unknown". i havent been playing this game for a long time so i would wanna ask if this events not updated happened before? i dont really have a good feeling about this cause its ea
  14. Use avoid teammate method. Friend boost partner. Go into a game to get them into your recent players(it can be any game). Unfriend boost partner. Restart game because overwatch doesn’t recognise your not friends anymore. Avoid them as teammates through you recent players. Have them invite you. Queue for a game and it should work. after almost 4 weeks of nonstop play i finally met against a 3th symetra and got the trophy legit. thanks for explaining it more clearly tho as i might need to do baptise. i thought it was already bad enough to get 2500 damage amplified but then i saw u cant die asswel and then i saw if i get the trophy it will enter my rarest trophies so it must be hard i assume
  15. i wasnt really going to boost this game as i wanted to do it legit but im getting worried about destroying 3 teleporters from symetra as i played 9 days straight and only saw 3 symetras. i tried the leave option thing and even with me hovering over it i just cant leave it in time as my reaction is to slow so i guess i need to do it hardd way