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  1. this patch has some serious problems. like it just said no eliminations while my squad was number 1 and it eliminated us even when we where number 1. also something is wrong with the grabbing as i was multiply grabbed while i was in midair after square making me stumble over something. also in team tail tag i notice people can steal tails from far away so something seems of with the grabbing
  2. likes games below 5 percent
  3. i agree it seems hard at first until u get a weapon like the pulse rifle (not sure what the ingame name is) and some decent mods to apply to ur guns talking about main game only atm as the dlc is way harder edit: they do change the game alot tho i used to use a hammer and apply defense and attack down with primary and secondary weapon and i just couldnt die when i swinged hammer (with healthleech) i heard they nerfed that into the ground
  4. checked my reply this what they said Hello luckyegg, Apologies for the delay in responding to your request, we are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of tickets. Thank you so much for your request and your patience with us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, however we do not collect bug reports via support ticket. We ask that you post bugs to the appropriate section on the Warframe Bug Reporting subforums located at the link below. so they basically want me to go to there forum one of my warframe friends gave me that link to make a ticket anyway i take u up on ur offer and will add u to see if u can find the trigger oh my bad we where already friends
  5. FTT6-LQNR-7DXB here is my code 19 more people should be able to use it edit: code is from belgium
  6. its a soulslike with guns i would say its similar to immortal unchained but i liked remnant alot more it is possible to play solo but its recommended to make ur game public in comparison with lords of the fallen its alot faster and has a better dodge roll cause its sluggish in lord of the fallen as for the size its a minimum of 31,36 gig my game says i would say its a 6 in difficulty to plat the game defo not an 8 like some guides but the survival dlc is tough tho dont believe when people say its easy. (unless they made it easier but at release it was tough)
  7. hi i have the augment glitch where it takes forever to move thru the nodes. but it got so bad that each time i check my augments now my schreen turns blue and the game became unplayable anyone else has this problem? surely i cant be the only one?
  8. the problem is u cant replay railjack mission i dont see the option i contacted them asswel but they are taking there time
  9. psn might have issues but i had it a while ago while psn didnt had issues and i fixed it by keep pressing reconecting it might take u a while but thats how i did it i not sure what triggers it but i think the games doesnt like it when u farm revenants as thats when it usually happened with me
  10. i just tried it and it didnt work. thanks for trying to help me tho i do hope they patch it also i noticed its completed on ps4 but on ps5 it still has a lock
  11. my assemble railjack trophy refuses to pop i dowloaded ps5 version like minutes ago
  12. i was ready to do this game on ps5 and then redo it on ps4 but i just tried it out and it gotta be really smart saving. like i had uploaded 2 saves. one where i got the trophy and another one before i got the trophy and had chopped 96 trees. on the save where i had the trophy i chopped 20 trees and trophy refused to pop then i downloaded the 96 tree save and it popped after 4 trees so i think aslong when u save right before the trophy and upload it it should be fine
  13. i can confirm it asswel. i personally didnt bother about being fastest achiever but a friend told me about this and i tried it out after 100 percent. and can confirm this. edit: you dont have to buy a car as u can loan it
  14. Was it the ps4 version for any change? as ps4 seems to work fine