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  1. oh my bad i must have seen the number 2021 instead of 2022 cause i wasnt wearing my glasses. so yeah nice to know its still obtainable
  2. is this trophy still achievable? no 1 has earned this trophy in 2022 it seems. im asking as i might play the game but i wanna make sure its not glitched
  3. yo my guildmaster told me to log in to claim a reward and my glitched trophy popped. this trophy assemble a railjack was glitched since ps5 version came out. it might be worth it to reinstall the game to see if any trophies pop for people who still have it glitched. once in a while i did reinstall the game and redid the assemble a railjack mission but trophy refused to pop. this time it popped before i loaded into the game
  4. u need to grind anima crystals to unlock certain missions then complete them on chaos. for swordman (i know cause thats the 1 i did) there is 1 mission in memory of poison and there are 2 in the very first story mission (press the right arrow to see something called swordman limiter as completion reward). u also need around 3 million 300k experience to max it but i just stacked gear with 500 swordman affinity and did that 1 sidemission with 55 enemies over and over and got around 1 or 2 levels a run
  5. yeah sorry i meant return to the worldmap,when u die like u just found out
  6. so i just did the same but i grinded a sidemission to farm crystals. i spended it on the very last mission to unlock level 200 speedrunned until the endboss return to worldmap by pressing options after i died then finished a level 8 mission on easy casual now i got the level 200 chaos trophy
  7. so i did the tutorial and offcourse that didnt count for chaos so i tried to do the first real main mission but i was only level 120 while recomended 130 i backed out switched to easy,casual and it popped by doing a sidemission on easy casual. so i now have beaten the game on chaos by playing on easy. it was a sidemission i didnt do yet if that helps for other people trying to replicate what i did
  8. i think most people just went afk when we did it
  9. i am pretty sure u gotta finish the session cause when i quitted after an hour my miles under my profile didnt go up at all.
  10. i did endurance practice for 12 hours had my friend join and after 12 hours the first online trophy popped for both. after that i found a 5 man group we did a 4 hour session and it popped for everyone (the 8k one) even tho some people in the lobby had less then 1000 miles. i did the actual race but i pressed ps button and it autodrived then i just slept and did other stuff for 12 hours
  11. i can actually confirm endurance counts as i had a 12 hour session with a friend and the first online trophy popped for both of us. my friend was the 1 with the average car. after that i told expertsamir and we found a a few people and it only took 4 hours for everyone to get the trophy and most of them didnt even had 1000 miles yet to the person who said to name the lobby so people know whats going on thats not going to work as most people get salty when u use tomahawk and leave. so u need friends that will stay there. when i did it with the 5 people we had a 16 player lobby and only us 5 remained. and this happened each time i hosted a lobby
  12. so this is my first gran turismo since ps1 and i was wondering if playing with friends in custom lobbies would count for the 8k miles online. people are telling me it has to be grinded on the sport mode. but it says online and the custom lobbies are under multiplayer. obviously splitscreen wouldnt count but there is an option to join random lobbies edit a custom lobby works!!! i putted it on public and had a friend join
  13. when i got the platinum it didnt pop in the trophy world so i made my own world got a bunch of rotten flesh putted it all in my starting chest. got to like a very low health (i think 1 or 2 hearts) then backed up my save. i kept eating when it literally was dropping from 1 to 0 (the hunger meter) and after a few reloads of my savefile (like 30 min) it decided to pop today i introduced the trophy world to a casual trophy hunter and i noticed they have added options to lower ur hunger to zero instantly. anyway if the trophy world isnt working people can try to do what i did but overal i took a very long time to pop this buggy trophy
  14. about raid lairs: is there matchmaking for them? i stopped playing after 80 hours weeks ago and never got around to try out raid lairs overall it looks like a long list except for the raid lairs which seems tough but i not complaining as they dont have a trophy for capturing all luma which would take thousands and thousands of hours
  15. so i finally updated my build a bit and i did the trial solo and i can also solo escalation run so i guess we will see how heroic goes. i met some people today who played this game for a long time and they indeed say heroic is kinda tough