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  1. So Assassin's Creed multiplayer on PS3 is finally coming to an end. That lasted way longer than I thought it would, outlasting major games like Uncharted. I wonder how bad the servers are now? I boosted it way back in 2015 and it felt like it was barely functioning then.
  2. Hardened Veteran Won three hundred ranked matches. Treasure Hunter Claimed treasure one hundred times. Doom: Expansion Pack 1 Computing with Style Play a Multiplayer Match with a piece of Robotic Armor equipped Doom: Expansion Pack 2 Beauty is Pain Play a Multiplayer Match with a piece of Cyber-Demonic armor equipped Got several grind heavy online trophies out of the way. Due to differences in schedules, my usual Doom group hasn't been able to meet up so recently I decided to join a new group and not only did I learn a more efficient way of grinding levels, the Sector XP Method (which honestly I should have researched before boosting in the first place), I got my last two online trophies done in only a couple days. Normally you only need to reach prestige (called Echelon here) VIII to get the last online trophy because you unlock challenges that will give you the required pieces when completed, but because I was helping lower level players, I decided to just wait and let myself unlock them naturally upon hitting Echelon X.
  3. I think it's interesting also looking back on generations knowing more about how the sausage is made. PS1/N64 era was a lot of experimenting with making games in 3D. Developers were figuring out how to move, fight, etc and some game franchises made that move better than others. The gen after that, GC/Xbox/PS2, you saw companies making games where working around 3D space was more or less figured out, but you still saw some wacky experimental stuff since game budgets weren't astronomical yet. The first HD era was all over the place. Budgets exploding meant the near death of the mid tier games, while the increase in availability of high speed interenet and digital distribution platforms let indie developers fill that void. Japanese developers in particular had a very hard adjusting to HD game development which led to Japan losing that market domination they had in previous generations. The PS3 being difficult to understand and develop for didn't help things either so a lot of multiplatform games ended up with unoptimized version for the system if it wasn't the lead platform. In a sense, it was the PS1/N64 era all over again with developers trying to figure out how to transition and make use of this new generation of tech. Edit: Sadly this gen also was the beginning of some of the more hated practices of the industry such as microtransactions, things locked behind DLC, and too many big budget open world games that boil down to checking things off a never ending list. Something only people who were there would remember: not being able to read text in some games because you still had a CRT.
  4. I never got around to playing this series even though I bought it digitally for PS3 because of my backlog so being able to play it on newer hardware with trophy support and having my PS3 purchase grandfathered in is awesome.
  5. Hardened Veteran Won three hundred ranked matches. Wanderer Achieved 50% completion in Adventure mode Perfectionist (x3) Performed a Perfect Clear 3 times in completed matches Puyo King (x1,000) Popped 1,000 Puyos in completed matches Finally hit 300 ranked wins in Dissidia so now online is done. I decided to go through my list of games that I already started from boosting online and go back and work on the rest of it and I chose Puyo Puyo Tetris. When I was in high school, I used to play Puyo a lot and got pretty decent at it while I was terrible at Tetris. Now over a decade later, it's the opposite. lol
  6. The problem is that a list like that can get quite large to the point it might as well have a separate list just for console ports of eroge. Also what would list include? Any eroge at all that has a console version? What if the console version is the only way to play it in English with the original PC version having no English translation (official or fan)? Do we count the console port even if it never left Japan? Do we count remakes that were designed from the ground up to be all ages such as the PS3 remake of Tears to Tiara? Console ports also often get additional content which means there is no definitive version. Get 18+ for the adult content and miss out on later additions or play the all ages port for the additional story content but lose the adult stuff?
  7. Yeah, no need to worry. Square has said that when that time comes they will give advance notice. I plan on keeping up with news regarding the game like I did when they announced the end of updates and the shutting down of the arcade version, so when that announcement is made, I'll be sure to post it here and on the game's forum page.
  8. I don't get why people are so upset with 2FA now being mandatory. Sony introduced 2FA back in 2016. By then, it was already common knowledge that 2FA was highly encouraged for any account you want protected whether that is your email or Amazon or whatever. Everyone had almost 6 years to turn it on and set it up. I'm actually somewhat shocked at the number of people here that didn't already have it turned on. I expected trophy hunters who spend so much time and money building up their trophy collection to be some of the first to protect their account. The fact that Sony bothered doing this in an update at least shows they're going to support PS3/Vita for the near future.
  9. Between a gift card and Amazon points, I paid nothing for these games. Except for Xuan Yuan 7, these were all $20 or less.
  10. I saw these a few days ago while casually browsing GS and I was very tempted to buy them. I had a similar looking set of Pokemon glasses I got at Target for years, but between pets and me being a klutz I no longer have all of them. lol And another PS3 game for my backlog...
  11. Chemical Warfare Kill 5 enemies with one Poison Arrow Compulsive Complete every Challenge Ultimate Survivor Finish the game on Survivor difficulty Iron Will Complete a level in Score Attack using 5 cards Gilded Complete a level in Score Attack with a gold score Last time I posted in this thread I had just finished Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. The next day I started Rise and neglected to post here until I already got almost 100%. I had already completed the Endurance and Endurance Co-op trophies years ago when I was going through my backlog to get any online trophies out of the way. The day after beating the main story, I started and finished the Croft Manor DLC and completed the Cold Darkness DLC the day after that. I am only missing one trophy in the Baba Yaga DLC and I only need to earn a Gold Star on the boss fight for that. So yeah, Score Attack is going to be my life for a bit. The base game's trophy list is weird and what I mean is that the entire list is made up of bronze trophies with only one gold for getting 100% in the main campaign. Stuff like Golden Child should be a gold while something like Ultimate Survivor and stuff like completing/maxing all tombs and upgrades should have been silver. Overall, I enjoyed the game, but playing on Survivor required me to grind more for resources to max all my upgrades and that slowed the game down a bit. Yes, I know you don't need to max all your weapons and gear for the plat, but is it really a 100% playthrough if you don't max everything? lol
  12. Lethal Purchase all skills in all categories. A Survivor Is Born Complete the game. No Stone Left Unturned Find all documents, relics and GPS caches. Intellectually Superior Complete all optional tombs. Guess I'm missing a weapon part somewhere. I'll get back to it later. Overall I enjoyed the game and looking the the trophy list of the next game RotTR, I'm going to go ahead and start it so I can get through Survivor difficulty while I remember how to play these games.
  13. Deadeye Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines. Get Over Here! Rope pull 5 enemies off edges. Former Adventurer Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter. Clever Girl Purchase all skills in one category. Archaeologist Collect 75% of all relics. Bag Full O' Cache Find 75% of GPS caches. Historian Find 75% of all documents. Chatterbox Complete all conversations with the Endurance crew. Inconceivable! Complete all challenges. Now We're Getting Serious Fully mod and completely upgrade any weapon. After having been working on grindy and difficult games for a while, it's nice to stop and play a game where I can make decent progress in a short time. I had boosted the multiplayer years ago, but until now never got around to the single player. Other than working on PS4 games with online components, I was working on my PS3 backlog but when three of the major games in your backlog are Catherine (fucking Babel), Raiden IV (fucking double play and 1CC Ultimate difficulty), and Arcana Heart 3 Love Max (fucking Parace), progress has been slow.
  14. Lazer Assassin Achieve a shot down rate of 95% in areas 1-5. Ten to the Designation Obtained ten titles within the game. Storyteller Unlocked five memories related to the story. Scrivener of Tales Unlocked ten memories related to the story. Seeker of Otherworldly Truths Unlocked fifteen memories related to the story. Keeper of Timeless Lore Unlocked twenty memories related to the story. Curator of Myths Immemorial Unlocked twenty-five memories related to the story. Pretty proud of getting 95% shot down rate in all levels in Rez. Other than that I've been grinding titles and rank in Dissidia. Even though I don't need to, I want to grind all the titles for using summons and 100 ranked wins for each character. I actually do enjoy the game so it doesn't feel that bad. I did take a break from ranked matches to do the story. I got through most of it, but will come back and finish them once I get my rank to a higher level.
  15. VVS Cleared all EXTENSION 2 tracks with S Rank. NEXT LEVEL Cleared EXTENSION 2 tracks in order of NORMAL - HARD - MAXIMUM. Could you turn off the light? Need to see my gear. Cleared a track with V EX 2 Gear and FEVER OFF setting. COLORFUL Equipped one of EXTENSION 2 Plates. A good eye-dea Found a hidden BGA from EXTENSION 2 tracks. The latest DJMAX Respect DLC recently dropped so if course I had to get it. I got really lucky with the hidden BGA for Chrysanthemum with it popping up on my first time playing the song. Of course there is a trophy tied to missions which means the chance of me completing this one anytime soon is near zero.