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  1. Skill Activated Played CHUNITHM tracks earned 45000 additional score with FEVER. CHUNITHM QUEST Cleared all CHUNITHM tracks with MAX COMBO. WORLD`S END Played CHUNITHM tracks 15 difficulty pattern. Chuni Penguin Equipped CHUNITHM Plate. Before the holiday sale ended, I bought a few games and used what funds I had left to get the latest DLC pack for DJMAX Respect. I have never played Chunithm so all the music was new to me.
  2. ARCADE Clear Clear ARCADE MODE .(No continue/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) ARCADE Clear Clear ARCADE MODE .(No continue/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Mission 2 "Preemptive Attack!" Clear with every Score Ring collected from the enemies in LEVEL 2.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) Mission 7 "Enemy Guards Destroyed!" Clear with 100% of destruction rate in LEVEL 7.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) All missions "Sols Destruction" Destroy all Sols in LEVEL 1 - LEVEL 7.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Miklas! Resucue all Miklas in LEVEL 2-1 - LEVEL 2-7.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Any difficulty/No DUAL) Unlocking unlimited continues by beating Overkill Mode made both Arcade modes so much easier. Getting some of the other miscellaneous made me realize how much better I already am than when I started. I can beat the first few levels without dying so that's nice, but I'm nowhere good enough to tackle higher difficulties even with the pause strategy. It only gets harder from here.
  3. LEVEL 1-4 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 1-4 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Bombs Away! Destroy more than 12 enemies at once with one bomb.(All game modes/Any difficulty/No DUAL) Mission 4 "Obtain 1UP!" Obtain the 1UP item in LEVEL 4.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) Specail Mission 1 "Save the Fairies!" Rescue all fairies in mission stage 1!(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) Fireworks! Accumulate 7 bombs and use all of them at once.(All game modes/Any difficulty/No DUAL) Blue Flash! In Double play, Clear first stage using only the 2P ship without shooting from 1P aircraft.(All game modes/Difficulty NORMAL or higher) Double play "The Breakthrough" Clear LEVEL 1 with double play!(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher) Mission 5 "Tank Unit Destroyed!" Destroy all tanks that appear in LEVEL 5.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 1-5 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 1-5 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Mission 6 "Enemy Fleet Destroyed!" Destroy all warships that appear in LEVEL 6.(OVERKILL MODE/SCORE ATTACK MODE/Difficulty EASY or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 1-6 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 1-6 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 1-7 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 1-7 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-1 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-1 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-2 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-2 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Perseverance! Make boss self destruct by running out of time.(All game modes/Any difficulty/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-3 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-3 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-4 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-4 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-5 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-5 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-6 Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-6 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) LEVEL 2-7 True Boss Destroyed! Destroy the LEVEL 2-7 Boss.(OVERKILL MODE/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL) Gallery complete! Collect every ship in the Gallery! After 4 weeks of barely playing anything or acquiring any trophies, I've made a decent amount of progress on Raiden IV. I don't see how I'm going to be able to plat this without the pause exploit unless I make this game my religion and I don't have time for that. I was able to get stuff done because I stopped being stubborn about the way I was playing this game. I would start on the first stage and try to get one level farther than before instead of just using level select to continue where I left off. I also went into the settings and set the default life and bomb count to max: 5 and 7 respectively. But damn, this game is fucking hard.
  4. Got a few soundtrack CDs from Play-Asia. The Okami CD is full of remixes done in retro 8-bit style. I hope to later get the other remix albums. I originally had another CD in the order, but it was out of stock so I replaced it with this Kirby Paldolce figure. Very cute. The second part of my Rightstuf order from the holiday sale also arrived. I got great deals on these. Higurashi for $17, Himouto for $9, Haikyu for $13, and Yrui for $27 Sometimes I'll browse Kickstarter and find some comics that sound interesting to me. I'm trying to branch out of just reading manga.
  5. I put the ones I'm most proud of and for the ones I enjoyed the most. Chronicles of Riddick. The single player is fantastic, but the multiplayer grind was tedious and soul sucking. Not difficult, just very long. But I'm proud of it and it's an ultra rare plat at less than 1%. Tales of Symphonia. It was my first Tales game so I have a lot of nostalgia for this one. It's not a difficult plat, just a very time consuming one and because of changes made to the PS2 version which is what the remaster is based on, it takes more play throughs to get everything than it would on the GC version. But overall, I enjoyed returning to Symphonia. El Shaddai. I loved this game and think it's underrated. Out of the three games in my trophy cabinet, this one took the least amount of time (based on time spent in the game, not real life time), but was the most difficult. Like character actions games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, and Metal Gear Rising, this game also rates you on your performance at the end of each chapter with the highest rank being G for Godlike. The plat requires you to get G rank on every chapter on Hard difficulty and also beat the game on Extra difficulty. And like the action games I just listed, this game's ranking system also grades you on things like number of deaths, damage taken, combo points, and time taken.
  6. Previously in this thread: "For real, this will be my last NA region physical PS3 purchase...or at least I hope so. That backlog isn't getting any smaller." Nope.
  7. 4 new Vita games.
  8. It's hard for me to pick just one so I'll pick my top 3. El Shaddai: Having to get G rank on every chapter on Hard diffculty and beating the game on EXTRA difficulty took a lot of practice. Batman Arkham Asylum: 95% of the game is not hard. But the 5% that is the combat challenges was really frustrating. Took me 5 years before I went back and finally got the plat. Fuck Shock and Awe. Tears to Tiara Gaiden: Secret of Avalon: Despite having very little knowledge of Japanese (only a handful of words and phrases), I thought trying to plat an untranslated SPRG/visual novel hybrid was a good idea. Because there were almost no resources for non-Japanese users, I was mostly on my own pasting the game's Japanese title in Google hoping to find Japanese guides or blogs. The situation led me to dedicate the time to create a trophy guide that I could easily reference and would benefit other users. Took almost 2 years, but I finally got the plat and I'm pretty proud of the guide I made.
  9. Got a few imports and a bunch of games from LRG. The smallest acrylic stand I have ever seen, but I like it. Finally got a copy of Doom 2016. I like the cover for this version. At the time of order, this was on clearance for less than 4000 yen and came with the preorder Mako maychain.
  10. Two of my backlogged packages from Japan managed to arrive after being changed to what AmiAmi calls "Surface Mail Premium." Seems to be going well so far as they have both arrived safe and damaged. As many accessories as these come with, I'm impressed how Good Smile manages to get the boxes smaller and smaller. This one showed up with good timing as the official English version of the Majikoi! visual novel just released. A couple soundtracks were also part of the shipment. The Rockman Zero & ZX Sound Box and the Link's Awakening Soundtrack which comes with both the remake and the original GB version's music. Two Nier music boxes. A few clear files A couple Yuru Camp mousepads. Shiba mug From Amazon I bought the Rayearth manga box set and the Hetalia anime box sets. Grabbed this Flinthook soundtrack for about $12.
  11. Amazon had a coupon for John Wick Hex which brought the price down to about $14. Been procrastinating on getting the PS4 version of Dragon's Dogma. I had the PS3 version for a long time, but never got to it and there's no need to now.
  12. Square Enix has announced that online support for the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy will be ending on April 1st 2021. Square is encouraging players to migrate to the console version and will allow the transfer of play data from January 23rd to April 30th. Back in February, it was announced in a live stream, that all versions of Dissidia would no longer receive updates and new content. If you are currently working on this game or planning to, it would be a good idea to make it a priority. Link to the announcement below followed by a translation using Deepl. Thank you very much for your continued support of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY. We would like to inform you that we will be terminating the network-based service of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY on April 1, 2021 (Thursday) at 6:00. Thank you very much for your patronage since the start of the service. Date and time of network-based service termination Thursday, April 1, 2021, 6:00 a.m. Target All stores currently operating DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY via NESYS connection Operation after the end of network-based services After 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 1, 2021, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY will be available offline. Only the "Tutorial" will be playable. You will not be able to reflect NESiCA data in your play or record your results. In addition, the following services will be unavailable due to the termination of the network service. Official player's site SANCTUARIUM ( ) February 26, 2021 (Fri.) 12:00 Premium members-only service will be opened for free. After February 26 (Fri.), 2021, automatic renewal of Premium Membership will be terminated. April 1, 2021 (Thu) 12:00 No new registration will be allowed on the Official Player's Site. April 30, 2021 (Fri) 12:00 Official Player's Site SANCTUARIUM service will be terminated. Data browsing and data linking from the arcade version to DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT will be available until April 30, 2021 (Fri.) 12:00. For more information about data linking, please click here. To link data, arcade version play data from January 23, 2020 (Thu.) 8:00 a.m. onward is required. Online battles will continue to be playable on the PS4 and Steam versions of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition. Translated with (free version)
  13. Team Player Complete one level with 5 Feats of Strength enabled in Co-op. Final Destination Complete The End in a party of four. Outside of gathering people together to get these trophies, they're pretty easy. Even though enemy health will scale up with each additional person, the amount of resources you get increases as well so you can build more towers and do more upgrades especially on The End. Using a map build I saw from a video, The End wasn't bad at all since the trophy doesn't require the 5 Feats of Strength to be active. For the Team Player trophy, we did it in groups of two to keep the enemy health as low as possible and selected The Park, the first level after the tutorial. Using the same strat I used to beat the map solo, it went smoothly.
  14. A couple books from Fangamer. Xseed sells a bunch of extra merch that was originally included in limited editions on their site, mostly artbooks and CDs. I got the artbook for Corpse Party Blood Drive and the artbook and soundtrack for Uppers. And two more for the Nendoroid collection.
  15. Hope Rides Alone Complete Facility, Rocky Fields, Giant Trees and Swamp. Full-time Ass-kicker Reach rank 20. Finally beat the game. It's not very long. There are 4 areas on the word map each consisting of 4 levels making a total of 16 maps to complete. Now the hard part begins: completing each map with all 5 Feats of Strength enabled. I've got a few maps completed already, but I still have a long way to go. And I still need to get those two online trophies as well.