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  1. For real, this will be my last NA region physical PS3 purchase...or at least I hope so. That backlog isn't getting any smaller.
  2. Glad to see a CD release happen so I can place this next to my CD for the first game. Got this in near mint condition for less than $9 on eBay. About halfway through and I'm enjoying it. The artist changes in the second half so that was kind of jarring.
  3. *Mumble* *Mumble* Rolled snake-eyes while using "Mitra". Voice of Hope and Reason Executed a 50-hit combo using only the special moves and super moves of the Arcana of Sound. Spear of Destiny Successfully used "Claiomh" three times in a single battle. ...Sincerest Form of Flattery Saw every version of "Phasma" and "Phantasia". God is Dead... Defeated Kamui in Survival Score Attack Mode. It's Okay to Bust that Ghost, Right?! Defeated Fiona in Time Attack Mode. Faster! Faster! Go Go GO! Cleared Time Attack Mode within 20 minutes. Storybook Ending X-TREME Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty. Over Before it Began...? Cleared Time Attack Mode within 10 minutes. Bronze Arcana Obtained all bronze medals in Trial Mode with one character. Parace L'Sia is the SNK Boss of waifus and I hate her. Kamui in Survival is also really annoying since she's in permanent Extend Force state and flies around like a Super Saiyan. The good news is I finished up the rest of the Arcana specific trophies and beat the Story Mode on the highest difficulty setting. When I first started this game and boosted the online trophies, I picked Saki since she seemed cool. Shortly before getting back into this game I learned that she is a charge type character and I really don't care for that kind of character so I switched to Weiss. I like playing as her a lot more and it has reflected in how well I've done in Trial mode. With Saki, I barely got anywhere, but with Weiss, I only have two trials (3 and 5) plus Parace L'Sia to complete. For beating Time Attack in less than 10 minutes, I used Angelia with the Light Arcana and the controls set to Simple. I spammed simple combos with A, stopping before I used a attack that used meter, then I spammed B, finishing the round with her Critical Heart once I filled up all 3 bars of meter. Trials 3 and 5 are pretty hard since I need to execute some longer combos while the CPU is trying to hit me. I might use a strat I saw in a video to beat Parace L'Sia. A boss so OP that the best way to beat her is to use her own attacks against her with the Mirror Arcana.
  4. Freeflow Gold Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges Perfect Knight 100% Complete Platinum Trophy Platinum Trophy lol Why is the plat image so low res? Anyway, after having set this game aside for about 5 years thinking those last two combat challenges were impossible, I've finally done it. Having this game sit in my trophy list with 1 trophy left to go (technically 3 but the last two go together) really bothered me and I was determined to finally 100% Arkham Asylum. Shock and Awe Extreme was definitely the hardest. The time limit makes this really tough and I ended the last two rounds with no time to spare. After having suffered though that, Rumble in the Jungle Extreme felt much easier since time was not a concern. The titans really help you rack up that combo count. To anyone stuck on those last two challenges, don't give up! Just keep practicing and whether it takes you 5 hours or 15, you'll get it.
  5. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Survived at least 30 matches in Survival Mode. Got Carded Viewed the Card information in the customization options. Can't Buy Happiness Have more than 200,000 IP. Living in Color Unlocked over 20 colors of any given character. There's a Whole in My Heart Unlocked all the illustrations in Gallery Mode. Thanks for Playing! Done all that could be done inside of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late! We thank you very much for playing our game. Tried to win 30 matches in Survival legit with Linne but got frustrated and resorted to winning the cheap ass way with Hilda. Played a few more rounds of Arcade for the remaining IP then bought everything in the Gallery and 10 extra colors for a character for the respective trophies. 200,000 IP is not enough to buy every color for every character so even though I now have the platinum trophy, I'm gonna spend today grinding out enough IP to buy them all. An overall easy plat. 4/10 difficulty for me.
  6. Staying Alive Return to the game as a human character. Team Effort Win without any members of your team being killed. Nerve Us Executed a 70+ hit combo using Vatista. Rezoning Executed a 30+ hit combo using Yuzuriha. Over the Hilda Executed a 70+ hit combo using Hilda. I'll Be Byak Executed a 90+ hit combo using Byakuya. Attack on Score Scored over 300,000,000 in Score Attack Mode. Time Heals All Wounds...Hopefully Finished Time Attack Mode in under 10 minutes. The group I last boosted RE5 with started RE6 boosting today so I got a couple trophies out of the way. Also helped another person with getting the two online trophies in Under Night. Finished the last four combo challenges tonight. I want to thank those of you that posted alternate solutions in the comment section of the trophy guide. They really helped a lot, especially for Byakuya, Vatista, and Yuzuriha. Time Attack took me a couple tries but wasn't too bad and Score Attack was pretty easy. Survival is the last mode I have to the do and surviving 30 matches is quite a task. If I can get that done, then all I have to do is grind for the remaining IP I need and go on a shopping spree.
  7. Can I Go Now? Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Eltnum. Theoretically Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Chaos Aesir Cleared L with MAX COMBO. The Mastermind Cleared Entrance with MAX COMBO. Piece of Cake Played the game on one of the characters' birthdays. The Net is Vast and Infinite Fought a Ranked match. I Wanna Be in Pictures! Played back a replay in Replay Mode. A couple more combo challenges done. Only 4 more to go. I didn't have to adjust the time for the birthday trophy as one of the character's birthdays landed on Oct 7. Got the only two online trophies then someone signed up for the session I posted so I'll help them out. Would be rude not to. Also bought the Cytus collaboration DLC pack, the latest DLC for DJMAX Respect.
  8. I really wish people would just comment on a posted boosting session instead of sending me a message directly with a blank friend request.


    Have the game, but not have it loaded on your profile? Leave a comment.

    Want to suggest a different time? Leave a comment.


    For me, receiving a PSN message from nowhere is like getting a text message on my phone from a stranger. I'm likely not gonna answer, and since I've been getting spam more often recently, I'm also likely to treat it as such.

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    2. Spaz


      Boosting with random people is basically a crapshoot. Some people are good and dependable, others care only for themselves and leave once they get their trophies.


      I wish you the best of luck.

    3. RedRodriguez87


      I'm with ya on this one. It really takes no effort to add a few extra words like "*insert game* mp boosting".

    4. JadedDragos


      I have that issue sometimes to and then they don't show up or answer to anything back.

  9. But for Real Though Dealt 300,000 damage in a single training session. By Any Other Name Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Linne. Thicker Than Water Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Carmine. Blitz off More than You Could Chew Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Akatsuki. Are You Up Seth? Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Seth. It's Hard Merk Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Merkava Nanansense Dealt a 5,000+ damage combo using Nanase. Welcome to Heel Executed a 40+ hit combo using Orie. Got most of the combo challenges done. I only have 6 left, but they're the hard ones so I'm going to have to actually practice.
  10. The Missing CE from LRG and 13 Sentinals
  11. Out of curiosity how much did you pay? I noticed some Japanese PS3 exclusives have been going up in recent years.
  12. My final NA region Vita game. I actually missed out on the game when it went on sale, but because I had been active in the community for a while, a couple people got me in touch with a collector that sold it to me at cost. The only Vita games I'll be getting from here on out is whatever EastAsiaSoft puts out that gets my interest. I've already got about half a dozen preordered.
  13. Rein in Blood Finished Arcade Mode with Carmine. Reason to fight? Ha, I don't have one of those... If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It Finished Arcade Mode with Byakuya. Hahahaha, you sure are a strange one. Around the Wald Finished Arcade Mode with Waldstein. Continue to train... In both flesh and spirit! Life Finds a Way Finished Arcade Mode with Chaos. Here at Amnesia, we're recruiting talented soldiers, any time... Any day. Infinite Monkeys Used "Random" on the character select screen, and picked every character. The Nerve of That Woman! Finished Arcade Mode with Vatista. That... Is not necessary for our kind, the Autonomic Nerves... Lemme Take a Selfie Finished Arcade Mode with Yuzuriha. #EnjoyingTheHollowNight Everything in EXS Used every character's Infinite Worth EXS. I Rule Finished Arcade Mode with Orie. The glimmer of my blade... Tells me if my foe is evil. Sunrise Finished Arcade Mode with all characters. You Half to Trust Me Unlocked over 50% of the illustrations in Gallery Mode. Finished beating arcade mode with every character while making sure that each one executes their Infinite Worth EXS ultimate attack for the corresponding trophy. I think I'll work on everyone's combo challenges and Time Attack.
  14. Well if you ever decide to get another copy of the game and get back to it, there is now a complete English language guide for you to use. 😁