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  1. Got another order in from AmiAmi The best part about Yashahime being a thing is all the new Inuyasha merch. I've wanted a scale Kurisu figure for a while and I really like the pose for this one. I waited quite awhile for the Autumn variant to show up in the preowned section and I finally have it. I enjoy collecting some of the Ultra Detail Figure line. Shame they did away with the themed logo bases and switched to clear generic ones. I liked that with the first few Link figures they did. These Paper Theater kits are a lot of fun to put together. Gonna replace all my standard Disney BD release with the GKids steelbooks. Was on clearance at Best Buy so I figured why not. The packaging was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
  2. Some limited print games and variants. Best Buy has some stuff on clearance so I took advantage of that. Tempest was only $10. I missed buying Doom 64 from LRG so I was glad that Best Buy got it in stock. Got a couple Steelbooks too.
  3. More artbooks! This last one of for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is the LE version that come with a lithograph and a slipcase. The standard edition seems to no longer be listed on Amazon and the LE was discounted to about the price of a standard artbook anyway. As for other stuff... A shmup for the Switch And my Kickstarter merch pack for Miku Expo 2021
  4. Not going to post all the trophies I got since it's a lot, so just some highlights. 天下無双 全てのキャラクターでアーケードモード難易度8をクリアした。 [The World's Greatest] [Cleared Arcade Mode on difficulty 8 with all characters.] 英雄豪傑 アーケードモードをノーコンティニューでクリアした。 (難易度6以上) [Warrior of Matchless Valor] [Cleared Arcade Mode with no continues. (Difficulty level 6 or higher)] 百発百中 アーケードモードで40コンボを達成した。 [Infallible] [Achieved a 40 hit combo in Arcade Mode.] 百戦錬磨 ランキングマッチで50勝をあげた。 [Veteran] [Won 50 ranked matches.] 威風堂々 ランキングマッチで初段に昇段した。 [Powerhouse] [Promoted to Shodan in a ranked match.] This is the first fighting game based on the eroge Koihime Muso and was first released in arcades. Sadly, it looks low budget. The PS3 version is very barebones with none of the modes one would expect to see in most fighting games. No Time Attack, Score Attack, or Survival. Outside of Arcade and Challenge Mode, there is no other single player content. Arcade Mode also lacks any story content outside of the short intro and the character specific ending. A weird omission is the lack of a Gallery Mode of any kind. Whenever you beat Arcade Mode with a character, you get a short dialogue sequence then a CG image of several characters together in cute or amusing moments. As this is based on an eroge where CG galleries are standard practice, you'd think having a gallery to review these images whenever you want would make sense. The game also has a resolution issue that is seen in some other niche Japanese fighting games. The image never quite fit my TV correctly. By default, a bit of the image is cut off at the top and bottom. There are different scaling options, but they're all terrible. Luckily, it's not really an issue when you are playing a match. It's more noticeable in menus when the top of the text is slightly missing. I'm not sure what is going on with the character models. The models are all 3D but are very jaggy, almost pixelated even. I hope I can plat this. The combo challenges don't look stupid impossible besides Xiahou's.
  5. A few things were on sale on the Playstation Gear store. The Last of Us Ruston Coffee mug is one thing I was looking to buy for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had others things I was interested in before buying. The stone coaster set and the Uncharted 4 artbook came as a bundle so the coasters were basically free. A few people in a Discord server were talking about this weird DS game so I went out and got a copy. Managed to get a sealed one for $20. The outer shrinkwrap has a small tear and was a little dirty, but that didn't matter since I plan on playing it.
  6. Special Reserve Games had a few things on sale. Didn't get Ruiner, but got the art booklet at least.
  7. A friend wanted me to boost this game with him so I got it. Currently writing a trophy guide for this too. And a couple special imports for my collection. I plan on writing a guide for Dungeon & Dragons as well...when I get to it. (Hopefully this year.)
  8. Think I'm about done buying for Vita except for whatever EAS releases interest me. Not many left from what I heard. So today we have Astro Aqua Kitty. I don't know if it bothers anyone else, but I always take the sticker and move it to the back.
  9. IPXSETUP.EXE Win a Multiplayer match Combat tested, Doomguy approved Reach Level 5 in Multiplayer Successful Launch Kill 10 enemies with the Grenade Launcher in Multiplayer A Memorable Performance Earn a Gold Rating in a Multiplayer Match On Track Complete a tracked challenge in a Multiplayer Match Fashion Fanatic Play a Multiplayer Match with a piece of Evil Cultist armor equipped Threat Assessment Detect 20 enemies using the Threat Pulse in Multiplayer Entryway Complete the SnapMap Basic and Advanced Tutorials Like Nobody is Watching Use a taunt from Expansion 2 during a Multiplayer Match Slotted for Success Unlock all Multiplayer Runes Sitting Duck Use a taunt from Expansion 1 during a Multiplayer Match Marked for Death Kill 10 enemies with the EMG Mark V Pistol in Multiplayer Motion in the Explosion Kill 5 enemies with the Kinetic Mine in Multiplayer No Rest for the Living Play 5 published SnapMaps Shareware Create and publish a SnapMap My friends and I finally got online at the same time so after much planning and discussion about it we finally started boosting Doom. I have to say, leveling is insanely quick and not like say, Call of Duty like I feared. We only played for a few hours and all four of use already prestiged. Overall, doesn't appear to a difficult grind which is good. Afterwards, I got the SnapMap trophies. Messing around with it, it's pretty cool and I like how they use logic chains that allow you to set things up in a user friendly manner. I could have easily just uploaded a template with no tags for an easy trophy, but I actually had fun trying to make one of my own.
  10. [The Strongest Comrades] [Raise all comrades' level to maximum] [Super Training Lv.2 Domination!] [Complete the VR mission "[EX] Super Training Lv.2"] [Super Training Lv.3 Domination!] [Complete the VR mission "[EX] Super Training Lv.3"] [All VR Missions Complete!] [Complete all VR missions] [Medal Collector] [Collect all challenge medals] Finally finished all the VR missions and got all the medals too. Following the strats laid out in the trophy guide helped a ton though that final stage on EX Super Training 3 was still a pain when it came to trying to get the last medal. Hint: spam that team super.
  11. [Super Training Lv.1 Domination!] [Complete the VR mission "[EX] Super Training Lv.1"] [The Strongest Man] [Raise Bren's level to maximum] [Weapon Master] [Raise all weapons' proficiency to max] [Point Collector] [Hold 50,000 points] [Cafe's Familiar Customer] [Use the cafe 10 times] [Cafe's Regular Customer] [Conquer the cafe's menu] [Costume Collector] [Collect all items "costume"] Glad I finally got all the weapons upgraded. I already have two friends interested in getting the online trophies done. It's just a matter of setting a time. For now, I'm going to practice the EX Missions and try to finish those. I'll get the last two characters up to level 10 doing so.
  12. [Advance Champion] [Achieve first place in mission "Maze Escape Time Attack"] ["Our Departure"] [Clear the EP4] ["Twin Meteor"] [Clear the EP5] [Senior Trainee] [Play 100 missions] [BGM Collector] [Collect all items "BGM Album" and "Vocal Song"] [Surpass Chris] [Surpass Chris' record in the mission Second Time Run-Through] [Able to Do the Impossible!] [Kill Chryatis in mission Hard-Punch-Pinch] [Weapon Collector] [Collect all weapons] [Gingira Friendship!] [Collect all members' profile data] [Gingira Fellowship!] [Become friend with all fellows] [Avatar Collector] [Collect all avatars] [Armor Master] [Upgrade all armors to maximum] Those last missions where anime af. And the final cutscene did this 4th wall breaking transition that I thought was cool. I got a good portion of the post game done like getting all characters, maxing their friendship levels, and unlocking the last few post game story missions. Some of the requirements to earn the medals are pretty annoying like taking no damage, ensuring a character's health doesn't fall below a certain level when you have to defend them, never getting knocked to the ground, etc. Just really tired of always being strapped for cash for weapon upgrades. I have the stuff, and the items needed to unlock the final "unlimited" weapon upgrades are just given to you, so I really just need money.
  13. ["Skyward Bren Appeared!"] [Clear the EP0] [Combo Rookie] [Achieve 5 combos in one mission] [Fearless!] [Drink a Hatena Drink at cafe] ["First-Star Shooting Star"] [Clear the EP1] [Glitter Collector] [Examine the glowing object in the base 10 times] [Combo Master] [Achieve 20 combos in one mission] [Score Rookie] [Achieve 100,000 score in one mission] ["Snow-Motion Encounter"] [Clear the EP2] [Dodge Master] [Succeeded EX-T Dodge 20 times] [Do Not Miss the Weaknesses!] [Destroy the core inside the mouth of AK "Undeep"] [Naughty Boy · · ·] [Enter the woman toilet 5 times] ["Combat Maneuver Champion"] [Receive the skill award in Special Battle] [Tech Champion] [Achieve first place in mission "VS Time Attack] [Anchor Drive Master] [Succeed anchor drive 20 times] [Invitation] [Clear the mission request 5 times] [Score Master] [Achieve 200,000 score in one mission] [Rumor Boy · · ·] [Enter the man toilet 20 times] ["First Feeling"] [Clear the EP3] E.X Troopers is a ton of fun even though I can't read any of it or understand the plot. I can't believe I got this game brand new for only 700 yen and wish I imported this earlier. The trophies are pretty simple too. You get most of them just naturally playing the game. Post game will take more effort though. Sucks this game never left Japan. Lost Planet was extremely popular and this game has many similarities to it. But seeing as the text is hardcoded and the game sold poorly in Japan, the investment would likely have not been worth it. Luckily the language barrier isn't that bad and what you do need to know is in the trophy guide.
  14. I ordered from Amazon JP. For some reason, none of the copies sold by third parties even if "fulfilled by Amazon" would to ship to me in the States which is why I had to use the forwarding service Tenso. Uppers is a beat em up from the same guy that made Senran Kagura, but that's all I really know about it.
  15. These games were being held waiting for normal shipping options to resume. Got tired of waiting and paid for DHL so here they are. With the language barrier, it's unlikely that I'll ever play these, but it's nice just having all three Dungeon Travelers games on the Vita and part of my larger Aquaplus collection. A friend recommended me Miracle Girls Festival since I love rhythm games. I figured I might as well see what Uppers is about with how cheap it is. Orgarhythm was super cheap too.