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  1. New teaser is out
  2. Soul Sacrifice is back online as well.
  3. Freedom Wars servers are now back online
  4. The Adventure Begins... Started the game for the first time! Novice General Battled for the first time! Storming the Castle Attacked castle for first time! Flawless Victory Won a card battle with 0 damage! The Thrill Of Victory... Won a card battle for the first time! The First Card... Acquired a card for first time! Finally started this because it has online trophies and I want to get that out of the way. Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice now being down for almost a week with no news whatsoever has made me more nervous and Freedom Wars was a game I've been putting off for way too long. Years ago I got this on sale for about $3-4 as I was looking for a card battle game which there is a strange lack of on Vita. You'd think it'd be the perfect platform to crank card games out on. The only other major card game on the Vita that I can think of is Uncharted Fight for Fortune, but the online functionality has been shutdown. So after starting feels like two different aesthetics mixed together. When you first start the game, you are introduced to an academy full of girls. They are cute and conservatively dressed. May straight up looks like an otome protagonist and is the shy one, Elsa is the outgoing friend, Karen is the smart one, and Leanne's got that full ara ara thing going on. Even the color palette gives off a warm shoujo vibe. Already getting some yuri vibes with the whole "all girls school" setting and the pairing of human girls with monster girls as battle partners. Then when you get access to your deck, it's full of ecchi loli art which I was aware of going in. It's like someone was making a cute all ages anime card game before partway through development someone went, "quick shove some fanservice in there and add a gimmicky rubbing minigame to sell those Vita touchscreen controls." Even the box art is quite tame compared to that of other Genkai Tokki titles. So far I think the battle mechanics are pretty cool though and sets it apart from the typical card games out there. Also, Fia best girl, already calling it. Can't say no to cute ears and fangs.
  5. Looks like the CMOS battery or whatever keeps track of time in my Vita is dead. When I turned it on, it asked me to se t the time. At first I didn't think much of this since I was using it to pass the time while my car was getting serviced and figured I'll just sync it to PSN later. It was after earning a few trophies that I realized, "fuck, now those trophies will be listed as having missing time stamps."

    1. DaivRules


      There isn't any CMOS battery in a Vita, it's just the Vita battery. It keeps a small reserve when it shuts down from being too low, but if you let it sit even longer, it drains it's reserve even further and when it has absolutely nothing left, it looses it's synced clock.


      Any time a Vita boots up and asks for Date/Time, that's a warning to connect to PSN before doing anything or you'll have Missing Timestamps.



      You should be able to format the Vita and download a save from before you lost sync (and any progress you had in a game) if you're worried about more Missing Timestamps.

    2. Seraphim_Rez


      Luckily it was a game I just started so I would lose only 20 minutes of progress so I guess I could do that.

  6. Got a couple of limited editions for Switch. Glad to have a new Metroid game out. I'm also happy to see it doing very well in sales. Metroid has been a favorite of mine, but it was never a massive seller like other Nintendo franchises. After many delays, the SeaBed physical edition is finally here. The art style is hit or miss for me, but seems like a cute game. I missed out on the hardcover for this when it first came out and people ask way too much online on places like eBay for it. Luckily, a user in one of the online groups I hang out with was selling quite a few of their guides and I got a pretty good deal on a mint copy with all the goodies. A friend told me about this game. Back in the day, when a game was made based on a movie, it was released on every platform available and often the portable version was seen as an afterthought. Just another platform to squeeze money out of. But sometimes you get some real gems. This is one of them. A beautifully animated and challenging beat em up.
  7. Berserk Defeated 10000 enemies. 50 co-op quests Played through 50 co-op quests. Billionaire's Dream The total value of the items in the Billionaire's Pot has exceeded 500000 Zeny. Siege Everybody Dies Defeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures. Civilian Casualties Defeat the BSAA 100 times. Made some more progress toward getting all the multiplayer trophies in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, but the biggest achievement is being able to now say goodbye to Siege and multiplayer as a whole in Resident Evil 6. I still plan on helping a friend with Onslaught because it's quick and doesn't make me want to shove forks in my eyeballs, but that's it.
  8. Sadly, it looks like Warrior Cheat is dead. A damn shame as it had the most information.
  9. That's likely it. If I happen to browse this thread at work, then my images don't show up as well as blocking images from other users depending on where it's hosted..
  10. I don't mind finding more games I am interested in playing. It's just when I think I found everything I could care about for a system, I find something else. I have stopped buying for a couple consoles though since I felt like my collections for them are complete so I know I'll stop buying PS3 eventually.
  11. Hey there👋 Would you follow my account? I'll follow you back thanks😊

    1. flipskullhead


      I wish he will follow you back man. I'm always support you man because we are friends😊 greetings from turkey 😎

  12. At this point I don't know when I'll actually stop buying PS3 games because I keep buying them even after I told myself I was done.
  13. Got a few Switch imports. Still wish the PS3 version of Raiden IV got a physical release. B-Side Games decided to close down their online store so they had a final sale. I never knew these little El Shaddai figures existed until I happened upon them while browsing preowned figures on AmiAmi. The Miku one was very easy to put together. By far the easiest model kit I've ever done, but that was the point. All you need to do is apply the dry decals after putting it together. No paint needed. The Reverse Trike however from a quick glance will 100% require painting to make it look complete. Got a few more BDs Got a physical copy of Hearts of the Woods from their Kickstarter campaign. Beautiful package. Do I want to think about just how many CDs I'll end up buying to have the full FFVII Remake soundtrack? I'm already at 11 CDs between this and the box set for the first game. The latest mainline Touhou game.
  14. The backlogged packages just keep rolling in. Disappointed that the Player's Manual is only in Chinese. Still neat though. Can't say I've ever had washi tape as a pre-order bonus before. This was my first Pix n Love purchase. I was originally going to get the Vita version from Play-Asia, but it sold out too quick so I got the PS4 version. This is the only game that wasn't from a order placed a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Not pictured: Tales of Arise Collector's Edition. It's in the closet and I can't be bothered to take it back out.
  15. Last week there was a live broadcast regarding future DLC plans and updates to DJMAX Respect on PS4 and the PC version. This was only streamed in Korean, but the official DJMAX Discord posted a basic summary, both of which will be posted below. Of the various announcements, the biggest is that the PS4 version will no longer receive any future collaboration DLCs due to lack of time and resources. "Development team discussed a lot about adding new DLCs in PS4, and we decided to add DJMAX-related DLCs (such as V Extension 2 or 3) in both V and PS4, but from now on, all collaboration DLCs will be only added in V, not in PS4. We decided this since we use a whole different development model between PS4 and V, thus it takes way too much time to prepare both DLCs for PS4 and V in every three months." This is disappointing as in the same stream a new collab DLC with Nexon was announced. Below is the full DLC summary. "New DLC Information 1) 2021. 10 - Collaboration DLC with Nexon - 21 tracks (9 remix tracks / 12 original - remix tracks are keysounded) - Short preview for 2 tracks > 1 original (D&F) / 1 Remix (Maplestory BGM remix by jam-jam + track for teaser video was a remix from Kartrider 2) 2022. 01 (Hopefully) - V Extension 2 DLC - 20 tracks (most likely, we will announce more info later.) - Includes new tracks Leezu, Nien [email protected] (same as above, and Bexter quoted, Nien's new track is incredible) - All completely new tracks 3) Plan for 2022 - 2 More collaboration dlcs, and V EX3. 4) We got more getting ready for the future." During the free talk segment was the news that addition of more older DJMAX songs is unlikely due to the difficulty of digging up and restoring older assets. "Free Talk 1) BEXTER : Nien new track is incredible. 2) No hard judgment effector for freestyle planned for now. 3) no plans for more emotional sense songs. It's really hard for us to even dig up the resources since it has been at least 17~18 years. Hopefully, we may have some free updates for the tracks. 4) Is there gonna be more non-rhythm game collabs? > Maybe. There are many great games & IPs. Future is open for both non-rhythm & rhythm game collabs, if it's possible and applicable. 5) P1/P2 Soundtrack possible? - Same as emotional sense tracks, the resources are limited and hard to dig up. But we will consider it in near future. 6) Will there be more broadcasts? - Yes, we have been quiet for last year & 9 months with broadcast, but we will try to run live broadcast whenever there are new track DLCs in the future."