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  1. THIS SALE IS SO zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. There seems to be a growing trend to go with unproven youth over questionable talent. I'll bet a lot of teams will rush draft picks into starters and the FA market bloats, until injuries/failures mount. Nobody knows how or even bothers to try to developing professional players anymore. You either 'got it' or hope that someone else will bother. Of course part of it is the players fault. They don't want to practice, and thats what the NFLPA fought for and won. And though Graham has had great TD receptions, he continues to drop them too.
  3. Oh, so when you were talking about getting a psn voucher, it wasn't from platinum points.
  4. Taylor is better than close to half of the current starters. He's no Dan Marino, but he ain't Gus Frerotte. Bad example, he ain't Flacco, or Bortles, etc. If they depend on his arm, they will likely not do well, but his not a guy that is going to blow up a game (Cutler, Kizer and of course, Pickerman, I mean Peterman).
  5. Hmmm. I'd probably have to go with SMB3 or Zelda, since NES was my only system for about 5+ years and I had few games. Parasite Eve consumed massive amount of time, replaying and replaying. MGS 2 would be high on the list, having played it a ton on ps2 and getting the plat on ps3 (and having to restart the VR missions after ~85% complete because I wasn't getting the trophies).
  6. Red Star? Are you from the DPRK? I use firefox. I have had some issues with the new update. Most of them have been resolved, but not all. I only use chrome if I have to. Opera is on my cell, but I think I like chrome mobile better, but Opera is good for cutting down ads.
  7. Were you complaining about the program that pays people to play games? I didn't see it. So I wasn't talking to you. To answer your question before, I think you can earn all these rewards multiple times. @aZombieDictator is working on his 2nd plat reward?
  8. People crying about getting $$$ for playing video games???? That mommy probably bought you... You guys are really breaking my heart. 1st world life is just so hard!
  9. With how Kam plays no holds barred every hit/play, his career isn't likely to be a long one.
  10. This was by far the worst of the series. Not a fun game. If you haven't played it, I'd recommend giving it a go before hand. Some games I've got my eye on are WOFF 999 (thought I had already bought it, but no) MGS3 MGS Peacewalker (PSP) If there is ever a cart discount, I will probably finally pick up Gravity Rush dlc
  11. The Conjuring The last time I saw a scary movie and was scared (not surprised by tricks like music, something jumping out, etc) was when I was a boy (pet cemetary, 5-6yo). The conjuring was well done! The hair on my neck was standing up. I didn't sleep well last night. Well, I had some bad indigestion, but still).
  12. So why not have it for all of regulation? Apparently, even the refs can't handle all of the intricacies of the rule book. The refs have enough to concentrate on and apply in the moment. A needlessly complicated rule book hurts the game. Almost every week I can read about a misapplication of an obscure rule, not even including the abomination "catch" rule.
  13. I'm not complaining about the ruling. The rule just unnecessarily complicates and detracts from the game. I like how he forces the ball into his hand with his head. funny to watch. He kept his other hand limp at his side, as if he was trying to 'dazzle'
  14. I can't quite figure out if you disagree or not That fumble rule (Steelers) is stupid. Why the heck should a rule like that change during the 2 minute warning? Another stupid rule to over complicate the game and get fans annoyed. Lets clean up the rulebook, eh?
  15. Post once? Huh, that's a tough one... Let me try thisss... Thanks for the psn$$$ raffle!