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  1. I saw, I Can Only Imagine. It was quite good. I like Trace Adkins. There were a few (rather minor) cheesy parts and some of the backstory on the father (of course they didn't want to show any violence) wasn't developed well, but altogether quite good.
  2. Stupid rule. This happens whenever someone initiates or expects contact. This penalty, should be called on almost every play. Who leaves there head out before impact? Those with preparaplegic syndrome, thats who.
  3. Thanks! I love Parasite Eve and MGS Peace Walker
  4. Wow! SHs are in rebuild mode? I guess they have to be with their aging D. Everybody with a big contract not RW is on the block. My expectations for this year are shriveling. It looks like they might get a haul for him. 1st, 3rd + __! You'd have to at least entertain that thought. A 1,3,5 would be pretty good compensation, doncha think? Knowing the SHs, theyll want a player thrown in there instead. Earl wants to fill his new spacious wallet on an extention too. thats no doubt what has spurred their willingness to talk trade. Look out Avril, your next...
  5. It is good to get this news a year out. Not that I have ever had a subscription, and certainly now never will. The prices go up and the benefits get dropped...
  6. Not the guy I would have mortgaged 3 years on...
  7. I'm interested to see what Andrew Luck does with Luck. I'd seriously be looking for a long term QB at this point. I see darkness in Indy for a few years yet...
  8. I didn't know about the vita market in China. Then again, I was living well off the beaten path in Yenji, Jilin province. Plus, I wasn't in the market, I carried my with me.
  9. I got Parasite Eve a while ago when it was on sale. I had been thinking about getting it for years, and finally gave in. My favorite RPG and PS1 game!
  10. NFL might get a lot more watchable next year... I can only hope!
  11. Refreshing the O coaches is a good thing. Cable wasn't getting it done (so glad he didnt get bumped to OC), and they haven't been getting OL difference makers. Its too bad they will be shopping for a new DC too. I doubt we will see carroll past 1-2 more seasons.
  12. Yeah, I hate to say it even more... but you are probably right (I guess it is slightly better than the alternative, a disfunctional unit). I wouldnt think that a small drop would do that... but I guess there are greater oddities in this here universe.
  13. Thanks for the advice, but I can't reformat a memory card that the device can't read. I have removed and reinserted it a few dozen times. I have restarted it several times. It is the 16 gb. I noticed that sometimes I can't even swipe off the unlock screen until I remove the card. Something real funky is happening. I guess I can only send it to be repaired. I wonder what itll cost me.... I wish I had a 2nd card to test it would work.
  14. My vita recently fell off my bed, from less than 2 feet, and since then it doesn't recognize the memory card. I have tried a few things, but it still doesn't read it. I don't have another card to see if a different would work. Has anyone come across a situation like this and found a solution? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. hmmm... not such a great year year, waking up to find your team will be resting. There will be a lot of changes coming. Bennett thinks hes out, but hes not work cutting yet. After this year his contract makes him very cuttable. Carroll doesn't think hell retire, but either way the team is going to have to rebuild. they have no cap space and everyone is aging. Expect trades and cuts. Hopefully there will be some turnover on the offensive side. the old way of running it hasnt worked for a while. Dump all those worthless rbs. Don't resign Graham, unless he takes a nice pay cut (he wont). Get me a new kicker! Spend money on a OL! Trade some older LOBers for young blood/draft picks. Their paychecks are suffocating, even if they are still productive (when they can stay on the field). I guess I'm rutting for Jacksonville and Rams? Also wouldn't mind Buffalo and Atlanta doing well... Full disclosure: 151- 105 not bad considering so many rough weeks, but still not great.