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  1. They make My Name is Mayo look like an all time great in gaming history.
  2. The problem with Spongebob is he's still everywhere now. Everyone in America has forgotten about Doug, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Cat Dog, etc etc etc. Nickelodeon even had live action game shows! Anyone remember GUTS? All the little kids I know in my life just know Spongebob because he's the only thing left from Nickelodeon who is still..... semi watchable. After Nick Studio 10 I was done with Nickelodeon. It's just an embarrassment and a hollow shell of what it used to be. Even the shows aimed at toddlers like Blue's Clues were multitudes better than the stuff Nickelodeon has now. Thankfully, you can watch GUTS from all those years ago on Paramount Plus, which is a streaming service I've been getting into lately.
  3. Your entire OP here is very subjective. I understand it's easy to get burnt out especially when you're playing a game that you would otherwise not bother if it weren't for the trophies. It's NOT worth stressing out over a 100% profile. I have three unobtainables on my profile, and I basically decided I wasn't going to bother going after them when they were obtainable because I just wouldn't have fun playing those games. I hate online trophies in general as much as the next guy. However, some games like Red Dead Redemption 1 I had tons of fun. Even ended up having fun with getting the Kingpin trophy, which requires nine players to set up. It was a bonding experience that I wouldn't of gotten with single player only games. Really... it just depends on the game. I strongly disagree. I had a lot of fun going after NYMHC (New York Minute Hardcore) in Max Payne 3. I made a friend off of boosting the online trophies in it. Games like this aren't for everyone though, and it sounds like you just don't like permadeath trophies. Max Payne 3 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus just aren't for you. Again, this depends on the particular game. I did Resident Evil HD last month, did seven playthroughs of the game for the platinum, and I enjoyed it. You don't need to do it all in one sitting, or in one week, or in one month. Take a break and play other games, then come back when you feel like you're ready. That's how I handle a lot of games that require multiple playthroughs for the platinum. This is the only point in the OP that I agree with you. Glitched trophies do indeed suck, and sometimes they lock players out of the platinum. Another man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm not going to debate the impact of easy games on the leaderboards, or why certain players stack them. I've pissed off enough people with my rants on Ratalaika Games and those awful Breakthrough Gaming Arcade titles, that I've gone beyond the point of caring. I just play the games I want. Ikemenzi or whatever the fuck his name is who is at the top of the PSNP leaderboards can play all the garbage games he wants. I don't care, because doing that kind of stacking and playing 10 - 15 hours of a day just isn't for me. As a gamer, I like to challenge myself occasionally, but not too often. I play a variety of easy and some hard games. A majority of my games consist of being fairly easy on the difficulty scale, as long as I enjoyed the experience I don't care. I don't give a damn about how many ultra rares I have either. If I did, I would have over a thousand ultra rare trophies at this point. That's not for me either. I can't play hard game after hard game, or go after that very obscure game that few people even know exists, just because it has a bunch of ultra rares. If that obscure game looks interesting and appealing, then I'll go and buy it. If not, I skip it and move on to other games.
  4. Awesome accomplishment on Rayman Legends. Even more impressive on the Vita since you have to get a Diamond, which is extremely challenging since you have to be in the top 1 percent of players in any particular challenge. As a matter of fact, it is the stupid online challenges that is keeping me from adding Rayman Legends onto my profile. I have played it before, and it is a fantastic platformer. But the platinum is a slog based on what everyone has told me. The best you can possibly get is two to three weeks on getting the platinum, but the problem is you need to score a Diamond on all your challenges which is basically impossible to do. With Gold, you can expect to spend two to three months working on that platinum trophy. You're seven years older than me so I would say yes. You're the same age as my sister who practically grew up on a lot of the same stuff. DriveClub VR, I can't do VR because I have extreme motion sickness. I can be reading a book in a car that is taking a couple turns on a 10 - 20 mile journey and that is enough to make me sick.
  5. Valhalla could well be my final Assassin’s Creed game unless Ubisoft really does a banger in future projects. It took me over an entire month to do Odyssey. My save file was at 115 hours played when I wrapped up all the DLC trophies in addition to the base game trophies including the platinum. Valhalla is easily looking to be over 200 hours including the Dawn of Ragnorak expansion and the challenges. Considering Origins was about 70 - 75 hours when I finished it, Valhalla is far too long of a game. I’d much rather play Red Dead Redemption 2, even with the online and that Zoologist trophy. More substance and certainly far more polish than Valhalla.
  6. I need to speak out here, because I think too many people here who are Gran Turismo veterans all regard Gran Turismo 6 as very easy in contrast to the others in the franchise with trophy support. I'm sort of the odd man out, because I never played any Gran Turismo game although I remember friends playing the series on the PlayStation 2 back in the day. This is a solid game. Good controls, lots of depth in adjusting how your car is fine tuned, settings to make your driving experience easier or harder, over 1000 vehicles that hold historical significance, the list goes on. Gran Turismo is literally the oldest PlayStation franchise that I'm aware of that is still going strong. That's a real feat of accomplishment, and the guys over in Japan who are keeping Gran Turismo alive deserve respect. The reason I bought this was because I wanted to try out this racing franchise for myself and all of the others in the series were either too difficult (Gran Turismo 5) or too time consuming (Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7). Plus, my internet isn't the best, and I don't exactly like to play endless hours grinding online trophies especially if I'm not having fun with them. Despite what some people here think, this is not an easy game to platinum for newcomers like myself. A number of these threads both here on PSNP and over at the PST.org forums are full of people saying this is by far the easiest to platinum. That's probably true, but the vast majority of those people were practically Gran Turismo veterans who have stuck with the series since the PS1, PS2 days. I've been stuck on the S license tests for a couple days now, which is perfectly normal, they are a real test of your actual skill with driving. However, there is no real purpose to buy a driving wheel off of Amazon or eBay specifically for this game unless you're a serious racing car gamer in which case you're probably already invested thousands of hours into this series. I can see myself spending 10 - 12 hours on one or two Senna Tribute events, as those time requirements for gold are extremely tight and legitimately difficult to earn. The S license tests aren't nearly as bad, but I've already been scratching my head over S license test #4 and #5, both easily the hardest in the set. There are also luck based trophies like going into the final race of a championship in third place or lower, emerging as champion..... and the trophy for winning a race with the guy in second place +0.01 seconds behind you. Despite spending hours on both I haven't gotten either trophy. YouTube guides are probably your best friend if you're new to the Gran Turismo franchise like myself and you need help. I don't think the S license tests and those awfully difficult Senna Tribute events really require a wheel, but you definitely have to be quite skilled at precision which a lot of people don't have. I counted around 5,557 trophy accounts with all the trophies in Gran Turismo 6, and there's several thousand people who never got the silver trophy for earning gold in all Senna Tribute events. There is a massive drop off in trophy rarity between earning your S rank license and earning the gold awards in every S rank license test. So that already means this is not an easy game to platinum. I would definitely pick out several other racing games that are much easier than this if you're just a casual dude who wants to play a racing title here and there. Getting 100% trophies in both DriveClub and DriveClub Bikes is one of my proudest achievements... and I know I will eventually get all the trophies in Gran Turismo 6. It just won't be easy, and it will be challenging.
  7. The reason some of us were mad is because the PS3 and Vita are dying systems. They are old consoles. Sony corporate couldn’t give a damn less about their old stuff. Since the announcement of the PS3/Vita stores closing which turned out false, I have been on pins and needles on any change made to these older systems. The security stuff back in 2006 and 2012 respectively isn’t valid anymore. The world has moved on, technology has advanced to the point where we need to protect our personal information from the outside. I was upset when Sony disabled PS3/Vita payments via credit card, then I realized it was more than likely for the better. These are old systems as I said already, and for a long time they were much less secure than the PS4 or PS5.
  8. There seriously needs to be a prequel or sequel to LA Noire. Sucks that Team Bondi went out shortly after the game released back in 2011. I still haven't found a game that quite matches the atmosphere and style of LA Noire. Unfortunately, the bastards at Take Two practically control Rockstar, and they refuse to take any risks which is why Midnight Club, Manhunt and Max Payne are all dead. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was that bad eh?
  9. It's going to be annoying working with a split screen with the four controllers. It'll be a little while before I get around to this game.
  10. This is the first time in a real long time that I've checked out this thread. Enjoyed reading your accomplishments. Since I'm currently playing the game, I think you're going to enjoy Gran Turismo 6. Not insanely hard like Assetto Corsa, but a fair amount of challenge. The S license tests and the Senna DLC will test your mettle and skill. Let me just tell you, the Senna DLC is very hard.
  11. It’s that college mentality. Your body can take more abuse. I used to work six days a week at Dollar Tree. I was with a bunch of 18 - 20 year old college kids who were just there to pay their tuition costs. We had a break room and outdoor area, which is where a lot of these kids smoked cigarettes. At 20 years, you may not notice a difference. But starting in your late 20s and 30s, smoking really takes its toll on you. Women develop premature lines on their faces, and their teeth turn yellow. A pack of cigarettes has really gone thru the roof in price over the last 10 - 15 years. Average people can’t really afford them anymore. Alcohol I feel is worse. I’ve been around a lot of alcoholics, some of whom were young and it’s incredibly difficult to get out of that habit.
  12. Almost done with Splatterhouse review. Will be posting one review per day, so I don’t clog up the status update feed. 

    May swap out Blasphemous with Dark Souls II.

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      Dark Souls II is quite the different goose compared to Dark Souls 1. Some loved it, some hated it. I am just curious how your experience will be with the game.

      Plus...I see Dark Souls, my eyes automatically light up 😂 can't help it!

    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      This reminded me I am so behind reviews. Need to get back to it. Looking forward to reading more of yours. 

  13. He doesn't understand that Japan encompasses all kinds of genres, not just JRPGs like Final Fantasy or visual novels, which I've done a few of. Yakuza is a Japanese franchise. Gran Turismo is a Japanese franchise, even though the racing series appeals greatly to western people like myself. You can say I haven't played enough Dark Souls and so forth, but I have plenty on my profile that came out of Japan. Also, Sony is still technically Japan, even though we have Ryan of Sony of America and all that.
  14. Off topic, but I'm looking forward to Yakuza 3 and the others when I get around to buying them. Even if they are dated now, they look sick. Back to PS5 discussion, I've been seeing more PS5 consoles in my local area, but you still have to pay overprice. Either that or get lucky.
  15. I did three Yakuza games over the past few months. Look at my profile before you judge that I don't play Japanese titles.