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  1. These were the two I specifically mentioned. Also, if you plan to play Transformed, get Team Sonic out of the way ASAP. You will need four controllers altogether, another player needs four controllers and the third player needs two controllers.
  2. Not a bad list at all. Most of the stuff you have uncompleted are games with server shutdown and games with trophies that require a good amount of skill, such as the challenges in Vanquish which stop most people from the platinum. I had the same sort of childhood as you, because I was a real 90s kid. My parents were a bit strict and felt too many video games would prove harmful to a kid so I didn't have much when it came to actual games I could play on my Nintendo 64 for instance. I was big on MMOs for a while, World of Warcraft and Runescape I sunk more time into than any other game I've played in my life. Today the format in general is outdated, I content myself with the variety of games on Sony consoles. I may buy a Nintendo Switch in the future, but I'm unsure just exactly when. I don't know if you will play Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. I found Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing fairly easy with the exception of the Bonanza Bros mission and the last mission to score AAA, which involves Sonic trying to outrun a giant robot.
  3. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube already had a handle on digital movies and TV shows years before Sony themselves got into them. There are plenty of other choices out there. For some obscure movies that nobody cared about I actually managed to find them for free somewhere. Saved me the hassle of paying overpriced fees for them. The market is already saturated to death. So Sony dropping their library, I couldn't care less.
  4. In my opinion, if they don't have the skill to do it themselves, they should just give up on the trophy they were aiming for and move on. Brutality 101 in Batman: Arkham Knight and ....Becomes the Master in Titanfall 2 are two examples of trophies that get a lot of shareplay sessions. They are hard, no doubt about that, but they are completely doable. The only time I would shareplay a single player trophy is if it was designed around couch co-op, or at least designed it to where you have to play what is now called local multiplayer. It's what us kids did way back in the day on the Nintendo 64 or PS1. The local co-op trophy in Resogun is one I can see myself doing a Shareplay session on. Unfortunately I live in an area with slow and somewhat poor internet, so I can't do any Shareplay session.
  5. This is going to be a hell of a time covering every single game I've done since August last summer, but since I'm so far behind the curve with where I'm at right now I figured I better start somewhere... Platinum #246: MLB 15 the Show (August 5th, 2020) Difficulty: 5/10 Excitement Rating: 6/10 Estimated Time to Platinum: 12 - 15 Hours Hardest Trophy: Nope ( Successfully rob a home run. User cannot switch sides during game. ) There is a little story in how I got this game. To make it brief, I bought it off of eBay for around $25. Expensive, I know. I wasn't even sure if the voucher code inside would work, since, there was never an actual physical disk with this game. The code according to the voucher expired on 2017, but sometime early last year I inputted the code on the PS Store on my PS Vita and it worked. Got very lucky. Gameplay wise, the PS Vita version of MLB 15 the Show is very barebones. To make way for reduced file size, a number of features were cut out, and the graphics were greatly downsized. This game, like Madden NFL 11, has an entirely offline single player trophy list that hinges on luck. Two trophies that took a long time to get were Sorry Kid, for catching a fly ball in foul territory, and Nope, for successfully robbing a home run. The key to getting most trophies in this game is by using the various sliders. I picked the Boston Red Sox and buffed them up accordingly so I would have a better fighting chance with the trophies. I picked a different team and nerfed most of their players so that their pitchers would throw a slow fastball right down the middle of the plate. Not so much a hard list as it is an annoying one. There is MLB 14 the Show which is even worse, but it's likely I won't bother playing the PS Vita version at this point. Too many games to play. Platinum #247: MLB The Show 18 (August 11th, 2020) Difficulty: 4/10 Excitement Rating: 8/10 Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 - 18 Hours Hardest Trophy: I'm Not Gonna Cry ( In Road To The Show, get called up to the MLB® while in the managers office. ) With COVID-19 affecting the majority of the 2020 baseball season and a number of players declining to play that year, I decided to play another baseball game to sort of make up for the lack of games. With a good introduction featuring some of today's best players (Jose Altuve, Aaron Judge, etc), baseball fans were in for a treat. As part of a longtime sports series made exclusively for Sony consoles by SIE San Diego Studio, MLB the Show 18 doesn't do too much that hasn't already been done in past entries. There are several game modes, including Franchise, the acclaimed Road to the Show (where you guide a young player to stardom that you created), a Retro mode that tries to emulate Super Nintendo era gameplay, and so forth. Diamond Dynasty, another acclaimed game mode in The Show series, only has you downloading an item from the Vault, which is the only online based trophy. This already makes this game considerably easier than earlier titles in the series. There wasn't as much adjusting the sliders this time around, which I was glad because they were annoying to deal with in MLB 15 The Show. However there is quite a lot of emphasis on Road to the Show. The trophy for getting called up to the managers office deals mostly on luck, and I ended up having to manually play a good 60 - 80 games into the baseball season as a AAA ballplayer after several attempts to auto play through them. I made a first baseman who got a contract through the New York Mets, another player that was a pitcher was signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It is unsure whether I will play another baseball game. I suppose for an extreme discount I will pick up MLB the Show 20, but there is some doubt, as I'm not particularly a fan of actual sports games with trophy lists that have a lot of luck based factors. 100% Game #11: Uncharted: Fight For Fortune Difficulty: 3/10 Excitement Rating: 5/10 This game is now completely unobtainable whether by purchase or actually completing it. Both the servers and the game being available were cut, so if you didn't get the Kitty Got Wet trophy before October 2018, you cannot get all the trophies. For some reason, SIE Bend Studio, long before they developed Days Gone, decided to make a card game after they made Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Golden Abyss, while not the best Uncharted game, was fairly decent for the PS Vita, utilizing good touch motion controls while providing much of the humor and charm of the Uncharted franchise. Uncharted: Fight For Fortune on the other hand lacks any charm and it was an utter chore to get through. After a few games you will get used to how Fight for Fortune plays. This card game is practically 80 percent luck, 20 percent strategy. You pick out a series of cards that are random from three different factions (Heroes, Villains and Mercenaries) and bank Fortune. You get what I consider to be mod cards which enhance the cards you have in play or you can use such cards to attack or even eliminate your opponents cards. Most matches require you to kill your opponent by reducing their health rating to 0, some matches require you to survive a certain number of rounds. With the sheer number of matches in the base game and two DLC packs, it took me a combined 25 - 30 hours to get all the trophies. I don't consider anything in this game exceptionally difficult as it's more luck than anything else. Reaching 5 Star Dillon and beating out Tenzig and Salim in Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 DLC packs respectively were the toughest opponents. This kind of game isn't my style, as I generally don't like most card games and usually avoid them. For what it's worth, I have an unobtainable game completely on my profile, so that is a plus. Platinum #248: XBlaze Lost: Memories (August 19th, 2020) Difficulty: 1/10 Excitement Rating: 1/10 Estimated Time to Platinum: 5 - 6 Hours Hardest Trophy: Bloody awful is an understatement for what I think of this game. This was a PS Plus title dating back to December 2017 that I managed to pick up because it looked.... different. If my analysis on Amnesia: Memories and Code Realize - Guardian of Rebirth didn't reach out to some people, I'll make a quick statement... I don't like Japanese visual novels. Whether it's their art style, the way the stories are told, or just how to play the games, I can't exactly put a finger on a specific area for them. But they are NOT for me. I'm fully aware there are plenty of people here who can't get enough of VNs, and the way I see it, more power to them. At least you can say I have tried. But I cannot get into them no matter how many times someone who is a big 'weeb' and fan of everything Japanese related tries to recommend me a VN. They're not games as much as they are interactive novels. And in my opinion they fail in that category, because Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, Until Dawn and others (The Bunker, Late Shift) have done interactive movies/novels so much better. I'm not exactly a fan of interactive movies either, but if the material and content are good enough, as Heavy Rain was for me, then I will play them. The only gameplay I can recall from XBlaze Lost Memories were the various collectibles in a seemingly 8-bit styled world. You move around and find the collectibles, then watch a cutscene, one of countless many in a VN like this. I tried to get into the story and feel for the characters but I gave up after about a hour. Nothing makes sense, but then again a lot of anime doesn't make sense to me so this is nothing new. XBlaze is also the modern new style of anime, the anime I greatly despise featuring cutesy, cuddly innocent per-prebuscent sweet girls and so on. The anime I like best comes from the old anime. Akira, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, etc. This however was cringeworthy, because I didn't know who that annoying brat white haired girl was at all who kept pestering the girl I was playing. In conclusion, not a fan of this game at all whatsoever.
  6. I mean I can fully understand people hating on PewDiePie, DarkSydePhil, Markaplier, JackSepticEye, Angry Joe and so forth. DarkSydePhil, DSP for short is probably one of the worst despicable human beings when it comes to Let's Plays and just being a gamer in general. He disrespects everyone, doesn't care one iota about his viewers, regularly bitches about games, he is practically a rage quitter who never should of gotten more than 1000 subscribers. PewDiePie, Markaplier and JackSepticEye cater exclusively to children and people with serious ADD. I hated PewDiePie from the get go, how someone got by with making sex jokes and penis jokes to become a #1 YouTuber is beyond me. Then again, I don't think Shane Dawson or iJustine should of gotten big either. Same with Boogie2988. Angry Joe to me is just a big whiner. James Rolfe on the other hand I can somewhat respect, even if his reputation isn't what it used to be. There was that deal with his movie many years back where he was asking his fans for money, and when the movie finally came out it wasn't all that great. Mike Matei deserves some blame, he comes off as a guy who never truly grew up. I loved their James & Mike Mondays episodes on YouTube, and I have to hand it to them because they were some of the first guys to really cover video games on the website. Personally I don't think AVGN's new episodes are anywhere near as good as his old stuff. Like him or hate him, he made an impact on the internet. However he is basically stuck in a time warp, covering old games from 20 years ago when virtually everyone else has moved on to the modern era. His prime is behind him, but for those who have stuck with him all these years, I still appreciate he is still out there making content. There are people who I think are far worse than AVGN.
  7. You did Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4 at 100 percent. Very impressive, and one I've already scrapped for good because of those multiplayer trophies. Will probably play it at some point to get an A Rank and just leave it at that.
  8. Unfortunately I ran into this glitch as well and I had to delete the entire game and reinstall everything. It seems to happen when you install the Epilogue before you installed the version 1.01 patch. I found an old topic in GameFAQs that confirms this: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/945942-prince-of-persia/48655463
  9. This son of a bitch right here: DOOM II When I'm With You Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode Made several attempts at this trophy and I'm convinced with the latest update (version 1.08), you either have to have a decent boosting partner (which I think is still only possible via Shareplay) or have mad twitch like gaming skills to stand a chance at some of these levels. You have to do levels 1 thru 30 in Nightmare Co-Op. Nightmare difficulty is already unfair and complete bonkers, as John Romero and John Carmack confirmed nearly 30 years ago before most of you guys were even born. What makes this exceptionally hard and annoying is the split screen, it looks and plays like old school couch co-op multiplayer on Nintendo 64 games. For an old ass game like DOOM II that I played countless times throughout the years, Nightmare Co-Op is a trophy I'm closing to throwing in the towel on. Maybe I can contact some of the recent achievers for this trophy and try to get an answer on how they obtained it. My last resort is to downgrade to an earlier version of DOOM II on the PS4 and gradually chip away at the levels I wasn't able to beat.
  10. So basically speaking, you’re allowed to play normally by going to a private free roam session once you have a bounty placed by a modder, is that correct? Red Dead Redemption had a serious problem with hackers and modders before Rockstar finally cleaned up the online sometime in 2017 or so. The modders were able to snipe players from impossible distances and had other quirks which made Free Roam a real hassle. What I’m concerned of is these hackers and modders actually intentionally or unintentionally unlocking other trophies in GTA V on the PS3, which is an automatic flag. You can obtain all the other trophies apart from the aforementioned Run Like the Wind trophy by hosting a private Free Roam then inviting your boosting partners to help. Also, someone was saying you can get dumped in a public Free Roam session after you do the Heists in the DLC. I cannot confirm this as it has been a long time since I played the PS3 version of GTA V. I imagine nowadays the only people actually playing are trophy hunters and hackers/modders. I need someone to confirm that playing in a public free roam isn’t going to have modders in GTA V unlock other trophies by cheating, as is the case for Big Leagues in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and modders unlocking random multiplayer trophies in Call of Duty: World at War.
  11. You came back from a few months hiatus. Glad to see you’re moving forward with your reviews. I did quite a bit since you were last active, so I think you’ll enjoy my list quite a bit @Goat King. Still haven’t gotten around to either Fallout 4 nor Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but I plan to start both very soon.
  12. I knew from the start my account would NOT have 100 percent completion, due to games that are multiplayer heavy like Grand Theft Auto V, or games that can take ages to find a boosting group like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on the PS3. Even if you have OCD and are determined to get 100 percent in every game you play, you will eventually reach a point where you cannot fully finish a game because of either server shutdown, or lack of skill, which most people run into when they play Super Meat Boy. I plan to get Dante’s Inferno eventually, but it’s extremely unlikely I will obtain that two player co-op trophy due to slow internet on my end. Plus, older games with online servers tend to degrade over time. Rockstar managed to clean out the hackers and modders on Red Dead Redemption 1, and the servers, albeit slow, mostly work quite alright. Do what you can, and if you’re not up to it, then move on. I have plenty of games I have gone back to years later because before I just wasn’t prepared or was willing to put up with some stupid trophies. I have over 97 percent completion and I feel that is good enough. I plan to get to 98 percent but I see no point in going beyond that. Having that high of completion with as many trophies as I do is a little respect in my opinion, regardless of how many easy or hard games we’ve done. But if you’re feeling completely burnt out, then take a few days break or so and come back when you’re ready. Works for me almost every time.
  13. Lately I have been slammed with work so haven’t had much time to play. 

    Unfortunately, despite having two successful attempts at boosting two different games in the past month and a half (Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed Revslations), I haven’t gotten the same success with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. 

    With the effort it took to get people from as far as Australia and Eastern Europe respectively to get into a goddamn group together, I had to stay up at hours where I’m normally asleep. Unfortunately AC Brotherhood has a trophy list that was commonplace when every other single player game had a tacked on multiplayer. Not just a simple ‘play X amount of hours’ sort of thing, but a list that demands good coordination and communication. 

    Knowing the steps it took to get no less than nine fucking people together to obtain the generally elusive Kingpin trophy in Red Dead Redemption, it’s not exactly easy.


    I have to get around six people to boost effectively in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood because of Alliance. And unfortunately I’ve had to work a lot more now than I did over a month ago. Getting Brotherhood done in a couple weeks time from now would be a complete miracle. 

    The era of multiplayer heavy trophies in otherwise single player games like Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, Resistance 2 (which had server shutdown back in 2014) and so forth are long behind this. 

    I met some great people on Red Dead Redemption and a couple friendly faces on AC Revelations. But for the time being, my luck seems to have worn out.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JayDeLosDioses


      Let me know if you still need people for Brotherhood.

      Considering starting the game myself.


      I'm in Germany so there's still timezones BS.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Any trophy that requires you to get a party of people is going to be a pain in the ass. The more people you'll have to coordinate with, the bigger that pain in the ass would be. No kidding.


      Online trophies that can be boosted with the help of one friend or two usually go down easily and can be entertaining to do. Having to match with 8 other people you really don't know at all, well... It's certainly not a really good experience. Not in my book at least. 😅

    4. AJ_Radio


      @Honor_Hand I'm still part of a Red Dead Redemption boosting group on PS App and someone was nice enough to host a session for Kingpin. There were a good 12 - 15 people who showed up, but understandably, setting up the whole thing took quite some time. Thankfully I didn't have to do it.


      Yes that's the general consensus. That is why I will never touch old games like Far Cry 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 1, because getting that many people together to coordinate fully is not fun at all. AC Brotherhood on the PS3 is probably the last game I will make a serious attempt at boosting. Other games I have (won't do GTA V) are boosted with 2 - 4 people, so nothing nearly as bad.

  14. Only indie game I’ve bought recently was Streets of Rage 4. I haven’t bought another since I purchased Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime back in November. Lots of good indies here but my backlog would be set back by a good 20 - 30 games if I were to buy everything I had an interest in on this list. For now, great sale, but money is short for me so I will have to skip this selection.
  15. This has been an ongoing issue for at least a decade. It would really help Sony if some of those talented people from Steam took a job in networking at Sony. Now with Jim Ryan at the helm and Sony doing a series of drastic, poor decision making, this likely has to do with sheer incompetence. Sony was never good when it came to networking and effective website design.