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  1. Less is indeed more.
  2. The guy on PST is a fucking beast. His account (psnprofiles.com/ThanatosNinja2) is pretty comparable with yours, actually better in fact. I will never have that many ultra rares or hard games on my profile. Anyway, I will say this. You need some serious fucking balls and a hella lot of patience to stack Mighty No 9. If I want a complete torture session I will just play Mighty No 9 on the PS3. No thanks, I already took that off my backlog. I'm just missing Hyper difficulty, the Boss Rush and of course, the challenges. This is a 7 out of 10 minimum, but realistically a 8 out of 10 for me difficulty wise because I choke up a lot. Shame you missed out on Max Payne 3. That makes me more grateful I have the platinum and 100%.
  3. I will never return to Xbox. Most of everything that they have is readily available on PC, because obviously, Microsoft has control over both. While I haven't exactly praised Sony these past couple years for their stupid decision making, I have to give them some credit because they still offer good exclusives, even if they're just timed exclusives at this point. Microsoft hasn't offered a solid library since the Xbox 360 days. Their long and storied history of their treatment of franchises shouldn't go unnoticed either. The bottom line? Money. Microsoft is one of the most powerful and influential companies out there, their intention of getting acquisitions is obvious.
  4. The issue is the amount of EZ games with EZ platinums that people just stack to oblivion. There are plenty of good games out there, but if you care at all about the leaderboards, then stacking a bunch of crap is the only real way to gain ranks. Back in 2011, there were standards in place. Crazy to think that Hannah Montana, Terminator Salvation and even Magus are considered "medium" difficulty by today's standards. Indication that the standards themselves have definitely gotten worse, in regards to trophies.
  5. A majority of people here are well in their 30s, though I understand there are people in their late teens who probably aren't aware of gaming prior to achievements. I'd rather play the stuff that was on Miniclip.com and Albino Black Sheep than the crap infesting the store now. If you guys know what Miniclip was, then you've been around a while.
  6. Ted Kaczynski murdered people by sending packages all across the United States. I cannot support him regardless of his vision on the future of technology and media in general. Had his brother not found out about him back in 1995 he probably would of killed more people. Crazy, but smart. He's just shy of 80 years old, but he will live the rest of his life in prison, where he belongs. If he wanted to be respected he shouldn't of killed anybody. Unfortunately this always happens with national news media. Sadly my old mother has been obsessed with The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Sure, Rachel herself might be a good person on her own, but her show is nothing more than idiotic propaganda. I've been trying to talk my mom out of watching the show, but it hasn't been easy. The sad thing is, this media already invaded our private lives a long time ago. I predicted years ago that Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh would brainwash the masses into adopting a specific set of thinking. They have succeeded. There is no such thing as a neutral news source anymore. It's all either one side, or the highway. Nothing in the middle. Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of them are all massive corporations, so naturally, they all suck. Part of the video I posted in the OP mentioned that there are no real alternatives. The truth is, there are alternatives, but they are so small and obscure you either have to know somebody who uses them or go out of your way in finding them. Google search results already give you skewed numbers, because Google wants to control what people can and can't do. The market was mostly dominated by Nintendo, and for quite a while they had a sort of monopoly on the industry. Nobody was bigger than them. Most of your games were simplistic 2-D platformers, many of them bad. The technology wasn't there to create bigger and better worlds. That would rapidly change in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This can be a bad thing too. The 1960s were a major turning point for the United States and much of the western world, as there were several social changes as well as changes towards getting more people together. People were actively opposing the Vietnam War, which was a tragedy on its own. Unlike back then, people have the power to fight with technology now. It's no longer just causing riots in the streets and opposing racial inequality like it was back in the old days. I feel with the advent of social media, we are far more distracted now. Teachers constantly have problems keeping their students in check because they're texting on their smartphones. There were always asshole kids with every generation. But with this technology, I feel to some extent, it is hindering us rather than having us push forward. Social media allows you to block and mute people. You can't do that in the real world. Using these tools actually makes us get progressively worse, instead of trying to compromise and come to an agreement. I'm sure all of us learned this working various jobs in our lives. There was no internet back then, so for a lot of people, they wanted to join up in their local communities because they wanted to feel they were a part of something. Getting like minded people together was far more difficult. The internet makes this possible with ease, because it takes far less effort than doing it out in the real world. My ancestors constantly had to fight racism and worked tooth and nail to get anywhere. That's not me wearing rose tinted glasses, that is the truth. The problem is everything is too accessible, which makes us take it all for granted. Even the PS4/PS5 consoles we have today allows us to freely download whatever shit game we want and platinum it in a hours time. We couldn't do that 20 years ago. We had to drive ourselves or have our parents drive us to a Blockbuster, where we could rent a couple games. If we were lucky, or if you were old enough back then, you could buy that game you were looking forward to for months, which was probably expensive. We don't do that nowadays because that just isn't practical anymore. I see people on this website with a thousand games on their accounts, and there is no doubt in my mind that all of those games are taken for granted. Definitely a lot different from when you had a small handful of games for your Nintendo 64. Each game was expensive, in fact more expensive than PS5 games are being listed for because they were charged over the $60 - 70 threshold in a time when a dollar bought you a lot more. I had to be grateful for what I had. All this to say, we have it much easier than what our grandparents and great grandparents had to put up with during World War II. But like I just said, we take most of everything for granted. The sheer narcissism you see on social media today is utter proof.
  7. I went to my local Walmart and Best Buy, both were out on PS5s. They don't know when the console will be restocked. I guess the chip shortage really has the tech industry struggling right now. Only three games (Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Demon's Souls) convince me to get a PS5. The rest of the stuff I can either play on the PS4, or just play on Steam on the PC, which is already vastly superior when it comes to specs.
  8. Decided to go with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition instead of Mighty No 9. Game was too frustrating so I’m taking a short break from it.
  9. My only real goal right now is 300 platinums. I may go with Yakuza 0 as number 300, depending on how I feel by the time I get there.
  10. Nice generalization there. I’m apparently lacking to the point where I have a passion for this hobby. I make one post, you respond in a manner that I felt was rude. Then you proceed to tell me that I’m just seeking attention. I’ve been a part of this community for a long time, but that never mattered. Don’t bother to comment on anything I make, because I don’t appreciate people who are “fickle” about my content. We’re done.
  11. The End is Nigh is a tough one for sure. The rarities are completely off, probably because everyone who bought it here already knows what they’re getting into.
  12. Running has a point. You get exercise, you live longer, you are more physically fit. Unless of course, you are just being sarcastic. Likewise, I think Yoga is completely stupid, but that's just me.
  13. 100% Game #26: Resogun Difficulty: 8/10 Excitement Rating: 9/10 It took quite some time, but I finally obtained the 100% for the PS4 version of Resogun back in June this year. What can I say about this great game from Housemarque that hasn't already been said? Resogun is a lot of fun, whether you're playing by yourself or you're playing with a co-op partner. I'm not going to talk about the base game trophies as I'm going to focus purely on the DLC trophies. The majority of the DLC trophies are frankly, not that hard to get. However, to get any of the DLC packs fully complete, you have to do some rather difficult objectives. The easiest DLC for me was Resogun Heroes, with the hardest trophy being to survive to the 5th day in Survival mode. While still not that easy, it took a lot less practice than I spent on the other DLCs. I found the Resogun Challengers DLC to be next to impossible without a boosting partner. I reached Rank 50 with the help of a partner because points can be accumulated by playing the same mode over and over. The Construction Kit DLC was fun for its own reasons, but I struggled with a couple trophies, including NAVDML. The hardest trophy was completing Commando Mode. Unlike the other modes, you're not controlling a ship, you're controlling a person, a commando with a weapon. The goal is to keep your house from being destroyed, and you have to survive 20 waves to beat Commando Mode, which takes roughly 20 - 23 minutes to finish. I will be uploading my successful run on YouTube pretty soon. In short, I spent around 12 hours making attempts to beat this mode, definitely would of been easier with a co-op partner. I'm considering buying Super Stardust Ultra, but I don't own a PS VR so the 100% is unobtainable for me. I'm working on Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and will tackle Nex Machina at some point. Resogun on the PS4, one of the harder and most prestigious 100% titles to earn.
  14. I lost respect for Angry Joe after that copyright crap that happened to him several years back. Angry Joe like the AVGN himself both came on when YouTube video game reviews were in their infancy. AVGN along with The Irate Gamer were the first two guys to really push forth video game reviewing on a digital format, therefore I consider them both pioneers. Angry Joe reviews on his old stuff were spot on. Unfortunately, his content is no better than thousands of other YouTubers now. I discovered a trophy hunter here who does YouTube content. Only 1000 subscribers to his name, but his video quality, camera equipment and delivery is just as good as Angry Joe, AVGN and the other guys. YouTube used to be about "you". Today it's about Google, and getting the money flowing in so your YouTube channel doesn't fall into obscurity.
  15. If you didn't care you wouldn't of tried to make a stupid point about me not admitting that a game I've done broke me, more or less. The people who don't care about me mostly don't comment on anything I write anyway. You simply read this and made stupid accusations. This was the comment I made two years ago: Where did I make the flex? Nobody else made this point except yourself. I simply said "possibly Mighty No 9, but I haven't yet reached a game that really broke me. I must be lucky". Did you simply read the lines "I must be lucky" to just assume I came on here to purposely flex my accomplishments? Up until this last page, I simply made a couple responses on this thread, glanced at all the other responses here, and moved on to other threads. I already have a thread where I flex, and that is the thread I have on the Trophy Checklists subforum. If you want to make your own thread on there that's great, I encourage people who love trophy hunting to start their own threads so they can write their own experiences. All you did @Vault-TecPhantom was try to take a jab at me, which I don't appreciate, and if you're trying to tell me my comments prior to you quoting the one I made regarding Mighty No 9 were comments that go against the thread title, then I don't know what to say.