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  1. Nobody cares if I leave since I'm one of those niche guys and I'm already the minority. Sony just wants their big bucks coming from the masses and to help keep their investors satisfied.
  2. The horrendous launch of the PS5 itself was bad enough. But it's Sony's bullshit decisions keeping me away from spending hundreds of dollars on this next gen console. I'm not going to further support a company that continues to shaft their long time consumers, so while I may be missing the 4K, 60 FPS capabilities of the PS5 and ray tracing, there's really not much of anything I want on the new console anyway.
  3. I never cared much for this YouTuber, but he helped reassure my feelings for Sony with this video: 



    Already late to the punch but this basically confirms to me that Sony is heavily in the realm of favoritism and only cares for AAA blockbusters. 

    Days Gone, a game I still haven’t played, isn’t quite on a technical level as that of Red Dead Redemption 2, or Ghost of Tsushima. However it’s not just SIE’s treatment of Japanese titles (hence the closing of Studio Japan and censorship of anime games) it’s their mishandling of their own developer companies on their own continent. 

    Sony is gradually burying itself under an idiot leader. All fingers point to the top.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      I understand not everyone is into smaller titles but Sony doesn't understand the importance of them.


      At this point the only reason I'm sticking with Sony is because of the trophy system, and there are some real solid exclusives I still want to play. Right now the people running SIE are strictly corporate executives who know nothing about games, and it shows with their actions.

    3. SnowxSakura


      It's so hypocritical when he says he doesn't like old games, and who would bother playing them, just to greenlight a remake of an older game 

    4. AJ_Radio


      The Last of Us isn't even that old. If they want to go the route of remakes then look at stuff like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Those were remade at the right place at the right time.


      There is plenty of old Sony property far predating The Last of Us that could go with a good remake treatment. But rejecting a Days Gone sequel in place of a remake for a game that's barely 7 - 8 years old is stupid.


      Sony has their head so far up their ass right now it's not even funny.

  4. I wish Capcom would work on other IPs instead of constantly shove out Resident Evil, as the series has been milked to death at this point. In 2019 you get the Resident Evil 2 remake, then last year you get Resident Evil 3. Now the title that perhaps people are most fond and familiar with, Resident Evil 4, is getting remade. Because new IPs present a risk that big publishers don’t want to deal with, they’re going to keep milking Resident Evil, just like Square Enix does with Final Fantasy.
  5. The video definitely shows that Sony is obsessed with favoritism as well. You killed off Sony Studio Japan, then you mistreat a company (Bend) on your own fucking continent because the first game didn’t get enough praise and sales. I can think of 10 - 20 games that deserve a remake much more than The Last of Us. Jak & Daxter? Bully? Silent Hill? Gecko? No.... alright then.
  6. This game was just okay. Nothing special, a couple trophies were annoying to deal with.
  7. Same here. Steam on the PC is cheaper for me, but their achievement system is a joke. Absolutely no moderation whatsoever, there is a program you can get which automatically gets Steam achievements for you which completely destroys the purpose of achievement hunting. Games are horribly imbalanced, some of them have thousands of achievements. For as much as I’ve criticized Ratalalika Games, there is still a standard in trophy hunting. Steam? No dice. Nobody cares about Steam achievements. If Jim Ryan and his windbags do what you pointed out then I will quit Sony as well.
  8. Agree completely.
  9. As someone who just got the platinum in Rayman Origins I would agree only if you never played platformers before. It is around a 5.5 - 6 out of 10 difficulty wise in my books. The time trials in the last two areas (Smokey and Mecha) were difficult, as was the undead level and the underwater chest chase level. The game has very generous checkpoints and you probably need to play each level two - three times to get a basic understanding of how to speedrun them. People can argue but I’d put Rayman Origins around the same level as Crash Bandicoot, with Crash being slightly harder. In my opinion Knack 1 should take this spot, not Knack 2. Detroit: Become Human is definitely not a 6 out of 10. Maybe if you were to tackle it completely blind, but with a guide the vast majority of the game is easy.
  10. Unfortunately most of these titles will be lost. I don’t know if Super Stardust HD and Shatter count. Both are old PSN games that were popular during the early PS3 days. Super Stardust HD was the first game to ever get a trophy list. I think Housemarque really helped Sony along when Xbox 360 was dominating the console wars.
  11. As long as you sleep in the car and then successfully sneak past the police as Kara, you should be able to get the magazine #41 when you play as Markus in the next chapter.
  12. A number of my old highschool and college classmates are having kids now. In this day and age, kids are being bombarded enough with crap. Makes me feel old when some of my old friends are having to do Day Care and Preschool. As someone who worked with a lot of kids in the past, I'm good. Not going to have kids.
  13. I still plan to 100 percent Capcom Arcade Cabinet. Just need to practice a bit for Commando and Son Son. The Streets of Rage 2 OST on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive is hands down the best music on that system, and the game is perhaps my #1 favorite on it.
  14. You guys are really showing your age here... Never played this, but may pick it up in the future. Looks like fun and a bit of a challenge.
  15. This is where I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you. You obviously know these are your personal ratings. I think the guide writers should take into account the difficulty based on the average gamer, who does not possess the skill and time to platinum something as daunting as Crypt of the Necrodancer. That's basically a fact whether people say it or not, the time commitment alone would throw over 99 percent of everybody off. That's probably the #1 hardest game on PSN you can get a platinum in, I think there's enough video evidence and written statements from guys like Floriiss that back this up. We talked about Super Meat Boy in the past and you disagreed with some of my points. PSNProfiles is basically the #1 website for trophy hunters, there is no other equal (PST.org has only a fraction of people that PSNP does). The trophy guide should at the very least reflect a 9 - 9.5 out of 10 difficulty for Super Meat Boy, taking into account the average person who doesn't have cat like reflexes and has a certain amount of patience. I respect some of you guys who have insanely difficult games like Trials Fusion fully complete, but at the same time I get turned off a little because from time to time we reflect a little bit of 'elitism' in our mannerism, how we treat these games from a difficulty perspective and our advice to those wishing to start said games. What I'm pointing out is Vanquish has one of the most obvious 'platinum breakers' out there. I mentioned I counted over 6000 accounts on this website who are at 91 percent trophy completion with only Tactical Challenger left, which is more than the number of people with the platinum. That's a lot of people who gave up on Challenge 6, which does require a lot of skill and effort to obtain. Everybody knows that by now.