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  1. I have the same feelings. Games from 2008 - 2014 had a standard that had to be met in regards to trophies. Most PSN games were 100% only titles. Too bad the shovelware had to dilute the trophy hunting scene... Most online games are dead within a few years, so for anyone wishing to play this game, good luck finding boosting partners.
  2. There’s always boosting when available. Online isn’t as bad as the first game in regards to trophies. I just hope my internet can handle it.
  3. AVGN was literally one of the first guys to make it big on the internet in regards to video game review videos. Him and Mike Matei posted their Ghostbusters NES video on YouTube back in April of 2006. Long time ago, different era, different standards. Personally I don’t much care for the guy anymore, for reasons many long time fans can share with me. I still go back and watch the first three seasons every once in a while. He made my college days more cheerful.
  4. I'll have to try this. Learned something new today. Even if I will never get the platinum I would pick this game up anyway. Always loved the old American West, especially if older people in your childhood exposed you to classics like The Wild Bunch and other old movies growing up. The number of cultural references and easter eggs is insane. I already applied thermal paste to my PS4 and it is a night and day difference. PS5 is obviously better, but can't afford to buy one, and probably not for a while. Is it possible to do Free for All competitive matches with just two players, or am I missing something? Damn, I always liked private lobbies. Public can be pretty awful, believe me, I played GTA Online on release. Everyone tells me RDR2 Online isn't as exciting as RDR1 Online back in the day was. This. Private lobbies should be a thing. 50 ms or lower is preferable. Having 100 ms or above usually means you have a shitty internet connection anyway. I've been out in the boonies and used grandmothers internet before, so I know how terrible it is.
  5. About five years more or less. Stuff like Little Adventure on the Prairie basically helped kickstart the shoveltrain crap.
  6. This is an indie game I can’t recommend enough to people. Challenging but fair. Hard but not overly frustrating. Tight, responsive controls. Good techno music. The DLC has stricter time requirements for ‘PERFECT’. The PS Vita version allows for touch teleport which makes the Dual Core DLC far easier. Short levels, but extremely tight on the time limit. You have to do everything flawlessly. Can’t remember if I recommended this game on your thread. Glad to see you finished Surgeon Simulator. Curious how I Am Bread will turn out, I was so frustrated with Surgeon Simulator. Shame Velocity Ultra isn’t on PS4/PS5, it’s not as hard as Velocity 2X but it’s a fun indie game. Purely a shmup, doesn’t have the platforming bits.
  7. Entirely subjective. I’ve seen profiles with over 90 percent average rarity with nothing but shovelware, and to me, I cannot take those profiles seriously. I value profiles with 50 - 90 percent completion that have a big variety of games. Doesn’t matter the difficulty. Someone that enjoys games and enjoys getting trophies will often have those reflected on their profile. No ‘padding’, just enjoy the games they played. Again, this varies. Some people hunt Ultra Rares as part of a challenge. Someone with 50 percent trophy completion with a lot of hard stuff done is better than someone with near 100% completion that purposely avoids certain games & genres so their completion rate doesn’t take a dent. Hakoom has a lot of hard stuff on his profile as well as shovelware and the popular AAA games like Horizon and Spider-Man. That kind of dedication is only achievable by a select few, and trophy hunters usually need a lot of disposable income. Ikemenzi in contrast has around 90 - 95 percent of ‘padding’. It’s what all the top trophy hunters do, which makes the leaderboards as a whole utterly pointless. It was always about how much time and money you had. Someone can’t play as much as someone else, therefore their ranking is much lower. Hakoom I can at least respect because he’s been around since trophy hunting started and he’s done some exceptionally hard games. There’s a lot of low quality games with Ultra Rares. A lot of PS3 games had tacked on multiplayer that brought the platinum rarity down to Very Rare and Ultra Rare. Many of them didn’t age well. Super Meat Boy is an example of a high quality game with URs. It has some of the most responsive and fluid controls in any platformer I ever played. Quality over Quantity is preferable. Quantity over Quality isn’t necessarily a good thing. When someone pads their stats with five minute platinums, that is Quantity over Quality. One platinum in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is in my opinion worth more than 50 of those five minute platinums.
  8. Spot on, and totally agree.
  9. Being a God of War fan myself, the story was definitely taken out of the Disney vault. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist spoiling the story and it’s just…. yuck. This is just one of those things where I’m no longer the target audience.
  10. Comparing Diablo II to Ubisoft is like comparing a world class cuisine to some stale McDonalds food that sat out for a little too long. Ubisoft is the “fast food” of gaming. I used to think they went downhill starting with Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but after I recently learned of one of the key members of the franchise getting let go, the series has gone downhill for over a decade. I can’t even be content with Assassin’s Creed Mirage or that Codename Red project that takes place in Japan. Ghost of Tsushima already has that itch filled, and I’m simply not interested in an Assassin’s Creed taking place in Japan. I dropped Far Cry. Too much of the same. The Far Cry 6 story is comprised of a bunch of whiny, edgy Zoomer teenagers trying to say they’re better than anything that came before them. For a long time I felt open world was getting stale. Both the Yakuza games and Elden Ring proved open world can still be exciting, especially when you take more care into the quality of the products.
  11. Don’t care either way. I don’t play to impress anyone, but I like to set high standards for myself and challenge myself from time to time, as many of us do anyway. There’s a bunch of dead PSN games on PS4/PS5 that virtually nobody plays that have a bunch of “easy” Ultra Rares for anyone looking to spend the time earning the trophies. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was an easy one and that was a PS Plus title. The co-op element probably throws a lot of people off. Most people don’t trophy hunt and even less of those that do are completionists. So most games on PS Plus will result in lower rarities, regardless of how easy or how hard people thought they were before.
  12. Having over 15,000 trophies and only around 400 Ultra Rares isn’t that many or impressive.
  13. Ultra Rares are what you make of them. The reason why I only have 410 of them instead of 700, 800 or 1000 is because I value having fun and having good gameplay above some hard challenge. There are several games with “easy” Ultra Rares, that aren’t popular or have really cumbersome trophies. Has nothing to do with actual difficulty because Rarity =/= Difficulty. Also, any game that was on PS Plus for free for one month always has rarities drop. Then there are games with very few game owners, that offer up a challenging platinum despite having that 10 - 20 percent average rarity.
  14. Then don’t bother posting.
  15. Some are easily found, so I figured by looking thru nooks and crannies you can find all of them. Which you will, but I’m not wasting my time repeating levels half a dozen times just to get a Knack medal. Understandably I’m sure Knack 2 didn’t sell all too well, as the first Knack game released with poor reviews. YouTube guides mostly show some of the more obvious objectives for medals, but I never found a guide for lighting 10 lamps with the freeze ability. So it’s a waste of time unless you’re either really patient or you’re going to do the objective for a video, which nobody has done for that particular one. Since you only need slightly less than half of all Knack medals, it’s better to just do the ones you know you can accomplish, and skip most of the collectible related tasks.
  16. It’s a video idea. The relic chests can be very well hidden. Went through Chapter 3-1 about five or six times, can’t find all of them so I give up on those specific medals. It sucks when you provide ad hominem and act, well, utter condescending because I don’t like the guy I’m quoting to. I suppose that instead of 100%ing Capcom Arcade Cabinet and soloing Commando Mode in Resogun I should of just left them unfinished. Duly noted.
  17. Screw the relic chests. Can’t find them to save my life, and the fact that nobody on YouTube has uploaded specific objectives for ALL chapters (including sub chapters) is a slap in the face. Finding beating the areas on Very Hard difficulty surprisingly easier than expected. Likely because I have all the basic upgrades.
  18. Wasn’t expecting to see you here PlatinumBro7. Still watch your videos, enjoy the commentary you make on them. There’s other sites like TrueTrophies, PSNTrophyLeaders and PST.org, but outside of Twitter and Discord, PSNProfiles as far as I’m aware is the most popular trophy website in existence. Most people just use PSNP for checking and updating their profiles, we’re a very small minority on the forums. The trophy system, while heavily flawed, is likely here to stay. @HusKy has done a marvelous job with PSNP+ which is great for people like me who enjoy statistics. This entire post is nonsense. You knew exactly what you got into when you decided to release this crap. You capitalized on a hobby to try to get some money and this influx of spam games is probably why Hakoom finally had to back off and take a breather. I don’t think most anyone outside of trophy hunting cares one bit about these shovelware games which means a small minority of us who hunt trophies are the target audience. You want respect, stick to making and publishing actual games. You make Ratalaika look like saints and that’s saying something. Quit flooding the store with trash. You along with others started this gravy train back in 2017 - 2018 and I’m glad to see people are finally calling you out.
  19. I hate to bring up a really old post, but I have to agree. For me it was the Attitude Era of the WWF that made me a real fan. Was much too young to see Hulk Hogan go against Andre the Giant or any of those old guys from the 1980's. In fact I wasn't really aware that stuff even existed until I played WWE Legends of Wrestlemania on the Xbox 360. I loved Sting as a kid. Also enjoyed Goldberg. On the WWF side it was Triple H, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, followed by Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. The problem now is even if I was a teenager again, my enjoyment of the sport of the wrestling would still be diminished because the internet reveals so much on what goes on behind the scenes. Back in say 1998 you mostly still relied on wrestling magazines and whatever the biased news television shows told you. The internet hadn't evolved enough to make itself all too accessible for the masses, as slow dial-up and using old dinosaur PCs was too cumbersome. Now we can look up everything. What this guy behind the scenes said in a wrestling podcast. What Chris Jericho said the other night. This controversy that popped up a few weeks ago. Legacy media was already slow in delivering you the news and by the time people knew about it, it was already a day or two old. So a lot had already happened after you were told it. Today I can pull up articles on the WWE after they were published mere minutes ago. The veil was lifted with the rise of social media and when high speed internet didn't require a physical line, exposure became that much easier to pull off. I haven't completely given up on wrestling, but I very rarely watch it. AEW to me is slightly better than WWE, but not much. Like you, I have to suspend my disbelief, but it is sometimes difficult to do.
  20. Your trophy list is still better than most. Trophy hunting is a very small minority, I would be surprised if the total amount of trophy hunters amounts to two or three percent amongst the PlayStation gaming crowd. None of my friends trophy hunt, they just buy up a new game that they want to play, then shelve it when they're done. It's happening to both platforms actually.
  21. Depends on the game genre and the game itself. Resogun was far less enjoyable on the PS3 because it had lower framerate, which made doing some stuff more of a chore. On the PS4, the game is pretty solid and consistent. Runs much smoother and it's rather addicting. Housemarque arcade style shmups are better at higher framerates.
  22. I’ve had multiple messages on PSN removed last year. Several of which was addressed to a troll from a boosting group who was sending actual Nazi propaganda crap. Several of us who were boosting Red Dead Redemption 1 at the time put him on block. He was using multiple troll accounts to try to harass the group I was in. After warning people of this guy I was given a warning by Sony, for what was apparently ‘insulting’ or using ‘hate speech’ against this person. Sad that some words are outright deemed hate speech and almost automatically removed if you say any such words on PSN. Voice chat is now heavily monitored, so no more screaming profanities and slurs in Call of Duty online matches.
  23. Square Enix is dragging their feet in the mud. They are the closest thing to EA, Activision and Ubisoft here in the West. I was lucky enough to play a couple of the classic Final Fantasy games on Super Nintendo at a cousins house. Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite 2D JRPGs aside from Chrono Trigger, which I hope gets trophy support some day.
  24. My PS4 is automatically set to upload to the cloud in the early morning. In the seven years I’ve been trophy hunting, I’ve had at least five instances where my save files were utterly corrupt, which made resuming my game progress literally impossible. Thanks to cloud saving, it has saved me over 100 hours of working to regain that lost progress, which surely would of angered me. I have stopped Dark Souls II on the PS3. I already mentioned it on a group I’m in on PSN, but I lost my character. My PS3 is beginning to age and unfortunately it just decided to take a crap and freeze the entire console. My controller was not responsive and I was killing knights in the Iron Keep area in Dark Souls II. When I reset my console and went thru the process of restoring after it told me it was not turned off properly, I learned my Dark Souls II save was corrupt. Unfortunately this particular game is always auto save and there is no way to turn that off. That means quitting to XMB without quitting to the main menu of Dark Souls II is enough to corrupt your save. I tested this deliberately and I can confirm that this indeed corrupts your save, because I received the exact same message in getting corruption. You can try to say ‘Yes’ which will delete characters that are on corrupt saves, but sometimes this doesn’t work. Saying ‘No’ almost never works. So from this point forward I will try to back up every single save file for games I plan to play and finish. The problem now is From Software has made it a pain in the ass to copy save files, which I’ve already done for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed and other games. But From doesn’t let me do that, so I’ve backed my new character over to PS Plus. Unfortunately I have to wait 24 hours to download that particular save so if I run into another freezing problem, that’s already progress lost. Maybe this isn’t an issue with the PS4 version of Dark Souls II since cloud saving works, but I don’t know about the PS3. I tinkered with some settings a while back so I don’t remember if there is an auto upload for PS3 save files. What I do know is the console must be left on, and I generally turn off the PS3 when I’m not using it. Still, I’m a little upset that this happened and it’s going to take a week and a half at best to regain what I lost in Dark Souls II. Always back up your saves, because you never know what might happen. Anyway, here’s a dude that suffered much worse than I did. So I’m far from the only one.
  25. Because the corporate business suits working at Sony don’t care.