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  1. On 12/29/2022 at 10:21 AM, WitcherScotty said:

    I'd say the first Dark Souls is the easiest of the trilogy but the Demons Souls remaster is the easiest of all the Fromsoft Souls-likes. I never played the orginal so can't say if it's easier/harder. This is after having played/completed them all (except Sekiro) multiple times and looking back on them. I struggled through all of them my first playthroughs of each though, so 'Easiest' =/= 'Easy'. 1f605.png


    You did Dark Souls Remastered in one week four days which is really fast.


  2. On 12/4/2022 at 0:21 AM, Dry said:


    I agree. "Woke garbage" sums up their message too narrowly.



    Not exclusively, no.



    This too, I agree. Simply being a homosexual or living a trans life etc. isn't woke.



    I dispute against the act of virtue signalling; it's dishonest, scummy and is practiced often by many major corporations from the film, TV and video game industries to disguise the fact they really don't give two shits about the sexual orientation and/or preferences of anybody consuming their products (a.k.a. giving them money). Disney didn't just release a movie (Strange World) with the lead role being a gay biracial dude because they care about men who are of two races and/or attracted to the same sex, now did they? NOPE! Mickey Mouse did so by executive order over all those involved in the making of said movie to go balls deep into the pants wallets of said groups because "that rodent" and his suits making these decisions from lib-right love playing pretend lib-left.


    Me calling out entertainment/media corp. over content being forcibly taken in the exact, if not a direction very simimar to that of which the Saint's Row reboot took does not make me a garbage person nor does it mean I fear any person for the reason being that they are of LGBT+ status. Speaking of which...


    ...Can somebdy who's actually played the game confirm to me if one, EVEN ONE of Saint's Row 22's four poster children is LGBT+? I wanna know just how on-topic I am but to be honest I'm too stupid to do my own research on this newest installment in a franchise of which it's veteran fans don't root for, is of these wimps gay or bisexual? Yes? No? Maybe two of them? If so, then whatever. I judge people by character, not their skin or in this case, who they are and love. Once again, I am not a garbage person.








    There always has been and there always will be.

    Thank you. Someone finally came out and said it. 

    Saints Row is such a departure from the past games. I didn’t think Saints Row IV or Gat out of Hell were great, just passable enough for a playthrough. 

    The developers attitude towards the fan base was what turned me off. That one guy said the jokes and pun are no longer fit for a modern audience, therefore they have to “adapt”. Instead they had to change things around and water down the humor to not upset certain focus groups. 

    That’s not to mention all the bugs and glitches and technical problems this game had on release. Several livestreams showed the game running poorly, so like most bigger budget games, Saints Row was released unfinished. 

    I normally disregard websites like Metacritic and so on, but the low ratings practically speak for the level of disappointment many people have with this one.


  3. 41 minutes ago, SuchRemorse said:

    You are comparing a few people to over 100 million playstation users. Even if 10,000 people had over 400 Ultra rare trophies! In the grand scheme of things, that's still not a lot compared to the playstation userbase. It wouldn't even be 1% of players. 

    There are well over 10,000 people trophy hunting. Also, a lot of people have cheated trophies and thus aren’t ranked on the PSNP leaderboards. Several of those guys have tons of ultra rare trophies. 

    I take pride in being one of a few, not being one of millions with participation trophies. Because what is accomplishment if everyone else can do it?


  4. 1 hour ago, KindaSabbath said:

    Granted, I wasn’t on the trophy hunting scene back in 2008-2014, however, I disagree that the influx of shovelware has done as much damage to this hobby as people tend to think. If we completely disregard leaderboards (which many these days now do) then I believe the trophy hunting scene is buzzing. 

    I wasn’t either. But I joined this forum website back in December of 2014 and unless you had your head buried in the sand, a great deal has changed since then. 

    Shovelware is just that, shovelware. It’s just as worthless on Steam as it is on Sony. Most regular people aren’t going to bother with it, it’s generally people competing on the leaderboards buying up these games. 

    The trophy lists were designed to be completed as fast as possible. 

    1 hour ago, KindaSabbath said:

    The only damage I see from the influx of shovelware - there’s really not much motivation for the average trophy hunter to even want to compete on a numbers level, but I don’t actually see this as a bad thing … If anything, this shifts the focus back to what in my opinion is the very essence of trophy hunting anyway: having fun hunting the games we’re actually interested in playing. Each individual completion carries more weight now than ever because even your average triple A run of the mill platinum is worth 30+ of these trophy spam games. 

    @Unknown_v2_0 quit two years ago in October of 2020. I respect his decision to quit, because he was no longer enjoying trophy hunting as a hobby. Was as high as #5 worldwide on the PSNP leaderboards and he bowed out gracefully. 

    Enjoyment of games should come first. I value challenge and speeding a little as secondary. I hold some top 10 fastest achiever marks in a select few games. 

    1 hour ago, KindaSabbath said:

    I have so many friends both on profiles and on psn that are absolutely in their element ticking off completions and working towards certain profile related goals while having tonnes of fun doing so. These days you see so much variety and many people have very carefully curated profiles that showcase different play-styles. Shovelware is just one play-style and outside of the leaderboards I really don’t think the negative impact on the trophy scene is that bad. 

    I have many friends from boosting games, including Assassin‘s Creed Brotherhood and Red Dead Redemption 1. Abstergo Employee of the Month took some serious effort while using voice chat on Discord. When the people are nice working and communicating, that’s an aspect of trophy hunting I really appreciate. And I’m a guy who deliberately avoids most multiplayer, because I hate dealing with bad people. 

    I know how this hobby works. I’ve been active for several years at this point. 

    1 hour ago, KindaSabbath said:

    To get back on topic - I don’t really mind when a game doesn’t have a platinum. Some of my longest completions and proudest trophies have absolutely nothing to do with a platinum trophy. I personally like the thought of seeking out more ‘non-platinum’ games to try and get my trophy count up while keeping my platinum count low… another example of variety in trophy lists and play-styles!

    I have plenty of non platinum games that took serious effort to finish. I don’t just play games with only platinums.



    On 12/26/2022 at 3:57 AM, SuchRemorse said:

    I've been playing souls games from the beginning. Demon's Souls was my first! I did play them all in order. Dark Souls 2 is the ONLY one that I didn't get the platinum on. So I don't know if it's the easiest. I'm actually thinking of running through the games again. Maybe it IS the easiest. Only time will tell. 


    Dark Souls 2 is the weakest of the trilogy because the creator wasn't present for its game development. In contrast, it has far less focus on the weapon based trophies which I honestly didn't like doing in Dark Souls 1.


    On 12/26/2022 at 4:57 AM, Sadomasochist said:

    To me, I feel like the areas/runbacks to the boss arenas are harder than the actual bosses themselves. The amount of normal enemies in certain areas are pretty overwhelming at times, while the bosses themselves weren't that hard thinking back on it. Going through Iron Keep was a dreadful experience lol. Although, I did play the SOTFS edition. Don't really know how different the game is on the PS3. 


    This is especially true of the Black Gulch. Very dark without a torch, and far too much poison. Thankfully I already had high Vitality before I got into the area. Ended up skipping this place until I got stronger and had proper anti poison.


    Thank goodness for the NPC summons. Iron Keep is tough, enemies will kill you quickly if you're not careful or well prepared.


  6. On 12/26/2022 at 1:30 AM, SuchRemorse said:

    Neither..... I just find it funny how he says he ONLY has that many... Like it's a small amount. Most People won't ever have close to that many.


    Compared to people like TheYuriG, greenzsaber, Danny Johansen, VirtualNight, DarkSamuraii and so forth, 410 really isn't that much. Then again I don't typically go out of my way to specifically hunt ultra rares because I don't find that to be all too fun. I've done my share of padding, including playing games like Surgeon Simulator just for the challenge and the fact it has a pretty sizable amount of ultra rares. Wasn't fun playing the game, it was a pain, which makes me think if I'll ever bother with I Am Bread.


    Most people don't even have one ultra rare, because they aren't trophy hunters or achievement hunters. Plenty of PSNP accounts on the leaderboards here on this website with no ultra rares at all, let alone just five or ten ultra rares.


    8 or 9 times out of 10 I will pick up games that I think I can enjoy while maintaining a high trophy completion percentage. That's my priorities. If I do want to challenge myself I will pick games that may or may not have a bunch of ultra rares. Rarely do I pad my stats like I used to do years ago. I won't buy stacks of games anymore unless I get cross buy with them, like the obscure platformer Bard's Gold which I picked up for cheap a few weeks ago.


  7. This game is a joke. It's literally a watered down Dead Space. It's games like The Callisto Protocol that make me have a bad opinion of the AAA gaming industry in general. Graphics are great and cinematics are nice, but that's all the game has going for it. Everything else is the same rinse and repeat that we've seen for roughly a decade now.


  8. I have the same feelings. Games from 2008 - 2014 had a standard that had to be met in regards to trophies. Most PSN games were 100% only titles. Too bad the shovelware had to dilute the trophy hunting scene...


    Most online games are dead within a few years, so for anyone wishing to play this game, good luck finding boosting partners.


  9. 54 minutes ago, NamoPh said:

    The trophy specifically states that there need to be at least 4 people, and as far as I'm aware matches can only be launched through the game's matchmaking.


    Silver lining is that the game has a special rotating Rockstar playlist that disables your loadout in favour of giving everyone a default one, and that's the only playlist where you won't be in a massive disadvantage against the loadouts veterans have. You just need to pray there's a mode you're apt with currently in rotation, and then spam it so that you can get 3 MVPs before it rotates out.


    The one that worked best for me is the team mode where you need to bring loot bags back to your base. In order to get MVP you need to be in the winning team, and be the one in your team who captured the most lootbags. So you need to be running all the time to grab those bags, and pray your teammates are competent enough to keep the opponents dead.

    There’s always boosting when available. 

    Online isn’t as bad as the first game in regards to trophies. I just hope my internet can handle it.


  10. On 11/10/2022 at 3:29 PM, Cassylvania said:

    Platinum #346 - Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe



    I mean, you had to know I was going to play it...


    Alright, so the AVGN video game is actually 2.5 games in one, if you're going to count the Tower of Torment as a separate (albeit much shorter) game. However, there isn't a huge difference between the games... In the first game, there are three unlockable characters you can play as. In the second game (and the Tower of Torment), you can only play as the Nerd, but there are permanent upgrades you can find that enhance his abilities. He also has a wall jump in the second game, which can make going back to the first game seem kinda limiting... I definitely died a few times thinking I could jump off a wall.


    Anyway, I'm going to assume you all know who AVGN is, since this is the internet. I'm also probably going to assume you're pretty cool, since you're reading this thread, so you already know that I've been watching him for years now and definitely use him as inspiration for some of my angrier reviews. Strangely enough, this isn't going to be one of them. Yes, the game is "Nintendo hard," but you can play everything on Easy, which drastically reduces the difficulty. Since that's what I did, I can't say how much harder the game would be without it, but it's still not a cake walk. There are lots of enemies, projectiles, hazards, bottomless pits, and death blocks/lasers, which kill the Nerd in one hit. You die, die, die, die, DIE! (the trophy for dying 100 times) is right. I died over 100 times in the first game and 200 times in the second.


    That said, the levels and the games are rather short. Both games took me under 3 hours, and the Tower of Torment only took 31 minutes. Most levels can be beaten in only a few minutes, and there are lots of checkpoints along the way. If you take your time, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Most of the level design is there to punish you for rushing.


    You'll get basically every trophy in the game simply by playing through every level and finding all of the collectibles. Most of the collectibles are easy to find, but some are well-hidden, and others can only be found once you have the right character or upgrade. I don't want to spoil what those characters or upgrades are, but my suggestion is just to play through each level blindly first, and then go back for the collectibles. You'll need to master every level anyway for Totally Perfect Nerd, which is the real platinum breaker here. That trophy requires beating every level and boss in the game without dying. You'll probably get a few of these without even trying, but some stages are downright dickish, which I guess is the point of the game... It's really the insta-death obstacles that you have to watch out for.


    I'm going to agree with the guide on this one. I'd say about a 4/10 in difficulty. The game does get a bit easier once you've collected the "N-E-R-D" cartridges in every stage, as that unlocks a skin that gives you a permanent upgrade to your weapon across all games. Doesn't make the platforming any easier, but every little bit helps...


    One of the more fun games I've played this year, so I'll recommend it -- particularly if you're into AVGN or old school games.

    AVGN was literally one of the first guys to make it big on the internet in regards to video game review videos. Him and Mike Matei posted their Ghostbusters NES video on YouTube back in April of 2006. Long time ago, different era, different standards. 

    Personally I don’t much care for the guy anymore, for reasons many long time fans can share with me. I still go back and watch the first three seasons every once in a while. 

    He made my college days more cheerful.


  11. 9 hours ago, baboon_overlord said:

    Hey AJ, Merry Christmas.


    I live in the countryside and only got fibre optic this year. I never tried the RDR2 MP until a few months ago, so unfortunately I can't comment on how it will play for you.


    However, if you go into the network settings and change the MTU to 800, this "emulates" (for want of a better term) having a rubbish Internet connection. Doing this puts you into your own permanent private lobby because the game "thinks" your Internet connection is too poor to play with other people.


    I'll have to try this. Learned something new today.


    9 hours ago, baboon_overlord said:

    The single player is one of the best games ever made, so you should get it anyway. The MP was surprisingly quick to get all the trophies for (if you choose the Collector role, you can get to Level 50 pretty fast playing in your own private server and if you use the Collector's map here - https://madamnazar.io/maps).


    As for PS4 performance, it's fine (although I'm sure a PS5 would be better). I think my PS4 is having problems and I often get the "F15 afterburner" thing going with the fans when I play this game, but it didn't use to do that.


    Anyway, hope this helps.


    Even if I will never get the platinum I would pick this game up anyway. Always loved the old American West, especially if older people in your childhood exposed you to classics like The Wild Bunch and other old movies growing up. The number of cultural references and easter eggs is insane.


    I already applied thermal paste to my PS4 and it is a night and day difference. PS5 is obviously better, but can't afford to buy one, and probably not for a while.


    9 hours ago, NamoPh said:

    There are a couple trophies that require you to participate in competitive modes, but other than getting 3 MVPs, everything else only requires participation. Now how you're gonna get those MVPs with a slow connection, that's another story.


    Is it possible to do Free for All competitive matches with just two players, or am I missing something?


    9 hours ago, Floorkiller74 said:

    The biggest issue is that unlike the 1st RDR and GTAV, this game doesn't have private lobbies. You are stuck in public. This has been an issue of contention since it was released. It's possible that's changed, but when I last checked last summer that was still the case, and I don't see them changing it this late in the games lifecycle. 


    Edit: I have shit internet, and it's run fine when I've jumped online (Which has only been to collect rewards, F playing with the public)


    Damn, I always liked private lobbies. Public can be pretty awful, believe me, I played GTA Online on release.


    7 hours ago, Sunnyburrito said:

    I did the online portion not long ago and the connection was fine the problem was the griefers, you can't have a private session so most of the time I was minding my own business and some mf would come along and kill my horse for funsies, or this other time a random joined my posse to find where I was just to kill me and then camped in front of the guest giver because why not, Valentine is off limits since theres always chaos there, and the defensive mode does jackshit, the online didn't take long but I swear it was one of the most miserable experiences I had in a  game.


    Everyone tells me RDR2 Online isn't as exciting as RDR1 Online back in the day was.


    7 hours ago, MidnightDragon said:

    My connection wasn't the best, but I was able to get it done to answer your question. The idiot at R* who decided not allowing private servers was a good idea should be fired.


    This. Private lobbies should be a thing.


    7 hours ago, zizimonster said:

    I believe what matters most in multiplayer games is your internet latency aka ping, not speed. So, even if your internet isn't that fast (speed-wise), you'll be fine if you have low latency internet (the lower, the better). :hmm:


    50 ms or lower is preferable. Having 100 ms or above usually means you have a shitty internet connection anyway. I've been out in the boonies and used grandmothers internet before, so I know how terrible it is.


  12. A few years back I moved to a new area after my previous area had absolutely horrible internet. Unfortunately being a little out of town I’m limited in what I can do, so I’ve purposely avoided games like Destiny with a heavy emphasis on online. 

    Red Dead Redemption 1 is probably in my top 10 games of all time. Naturally I wanted a sequel for years. Years later RDR2 still draws a sizable audience. 

    If the online is anything like RDR1 then I can grab some of the online trophies solo. GTA Online has content you can do on your own as well so I assume it’s the same here. Don’t know how the trophies that require others will fare, I can always boost if preferable. 

    I won’t pick this up for a while. RDR2 occasionally shows up cheap on eBay which is far cheaper than what the PS Store is selling. The big drawback is my OG console since RDR2 surely runs far better on a PS5. 

    The single player and multiplayer have both changed a lot since the games initial release. As I understand, RDR2 has some of the best graphics seen on a PS4 and the file size is pretty big (over 80 GBs), which may have an effect in online lobbies since my internet is still a little crappy. 

    Is the online pretty doable for lesser connections?


  13. 11 hours ago, CB7Tuner91 said:

    I'm just so glad these games are coming to an end. Not just the Stroke games, but all of them. It has forever damaged the quality of the leaderboards. Never have bought any of these and I never will. I firstly play games for enjoyment not just for trophies.


    About five years more or less. Stuff like Little Adventure on the Prairie basically helped kickstart the shoveltrain crap.


  14. On 11/6/2022 at 1:41 PM, Arcesius said:

    I just finished a new game, so I'm gonna swap it in before it's too late :P 




    Velocity 2X

    This was a pretty fun game. I had no experience with Velocity Ultra, so I didn't really know what to expect going into this one. The game was overall easier to 100% than I expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing 1f605.png 


    The last three levels in the main game have you control two mirrowed ships at once, and there is an entire DLC consisting of 10 levels using that mechanic exclusively. Initially I thought I would never manage to wrap my head around that type of gameplay, but it is really fun to see how quickly you start to assimilate that gameplay and it starts feeling somewhat natural. 


    Overall a fun and short 100% :) 


    Next up? I have a business trip coming up so probably nothing new for a couple of days. I might then jump into Neon Drive or start Fury Unleashed if @Mori isn't too busy with God of War, as we planned on giving that one a go in coop :P We'll see. 

    This is an indie game I can’t recommend enough to people. Challenging but fair. Hard but not overly frustrating. Tight, responsive controls. Good techno music. 

    The DLC has stricter time requirements for ‘PERFECT’. The PS Vita version allows for touch teleport which makes the Dual Core DLC far easier. Short levels, but extremely tight on the time limit. You have to do everything flawlessly. 

    Can’t remember if I recommended this game on your thread. Glad to see you finished Surgeon Simulator. Curious how I Am Bread will turn out, I was so frustrated with Surgeon Simulator.


    Shame Velocity Ultra isn’t on PS4/PS5, it’s not as hard as Velocity 2X but it’s a fun indie game. Purely a shmup, doesn’t have the platforming bits.


  15. 59 minutes ago, JohnCenaSong- said:

    I agree, it's the same reason I don't see much value in 'average rarity' that some others do.

    Entirely subjective. I’ve seen profiles with over 90 percent average rarity with nothing but shovelware, and to me, I cannot take those profiles seriously. 

    I value profiles with 50 - 90 percent completion that have a big variety of games. Doesn’t matter the difficulty. Someone that enjoys games and enjoys getting trophies will often have those reflected on their profile. No ‘padding’, just enjoy the games they played. 

    59 minutes ago, JohnCenaSong- said:

    I've seen people boast having a better average rarity than others yet their account seems super restricted much like 100% accounts. Few games played, only games with low averages to avoid hurting that stat. Then someone else might have all the exact same rare games completed but has additional games on top of that.

    Again, this varies. Some people hunt Ultra Rares as part of a challenge. Someone with 50 percent trophy completion with a lot of hard stuff done is better than someone with near 100% completion that purposely avoids certain games & genres so their completion rate doesn’t take a dent. 

    59 minutes ago, JohnCenaSong- said:

    Like, as much as games like SpiderMan, GoW 2018 or Horizon may be easy and commonly achieved by the masses. If a dude has, let's say, SMB on their profile and that's it, then a 2nd dude strolls along and has not only SMB, but SpiderMan, GoW and Horizon and maybe a couple others for example... well... by average rarity the SMB only guy wins clear but... the other guy has literally matched that accomplishment and has technically done even more. Objectively to some degree the 2nd guys profile is 'better' because it equals the other guys feats whilst having something extra on top.

    Hakoom has a lot of hard stuff on his profile as well as shovelware and the popular AAA games like Horizon and Spider-Man. That kind of dedication is only achievable by a select few, and trophy hunters usually need a lot of disposable income.


    Ikemenzi in contrast has around 90 - 95 percent of ‘padding’. It’s what all the top trophy hunters do, which makes the leaderboards as a whole utterly pointless. It was always about how much time and money you had. Someone can’t play as much as someone else, therefore their ranking is much lower. 

    Hakoom I can at least respect because he’s been around since trophy hunting started and he’s done some exceptionally hard games. 

    59 minutes ago, JohnCenaSong- said:

    Quality over quantity is good, but quality and quantity is also good. If you decide to measure on URs, # of difficult games or what-have-you as some measure of 'quality' it shouldn't matter how that compares to their amount of commons. If they have a lot of UR, they have a lot of UR, commons don't magically detract from them. If I have Crypt of the Necrodancer at 100% does having My Name is Mayo devalue it somehow?

    There’s a lot of low quality games with Ultra Rares. A lot of PS3 games had tacked on multiplayer that brought the platinum rarity down to Very Rare and Ultra Rare. Many of them didn’t age well. 

    Super Meat Boy is an example of a high quality game with URs. It has some of the most responsive and fluid controls in any platformer I ever played. 

    Quality over Quantity is preferable. Quantity over Quality isn’t necessarily a good thing. When someone pads their stats with five minute platinums, that is Quantity over Quality. One platinum in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is in my opinion worth more than 50 of those five minute platinums. 


  16. 2 hours ago, the1andonly654 said:

    You can just buy some strategy or overall niche games and get to a 100 within a week or two. It's just another stat that doesn't really mean anything, in this case because there are so many reasons for trophies being UR. Looking at mine - The Flame in the Flood has 18 URs. An amazing game imo and a very easy one too, for some reason it sits at such a low percentage. It's more impressive that so many people gave up on this gem 1f609.png


    Some trophies should be UR but aren't due to a glitch or other ways to cheese them, like the invincibility glitch in Hollow Knight. Kind of a shame really because platting that game legit is actually impressive. 


    I'm just looking at trophies "impressiveness" on case by case basis, one Crypt of the Necrodancer plat is infinitely more impressive than all of my UR trophies combined. It all comes down to difficulty to me. Difficult URs are impressive, the rest are kinda meaningless, just a stat with a nice ring to it. 

    Spot on, and totally agree.


  17. On 11/18/2022 at 1:26 AM, Elegy said:

    I, personally, am not finding it as good as I was hoping for.  I think it suffers heavily from reused assets so nothing feels fresh, new or exciting in the same way that 2018 did.  2018's game world was a mystery in that you had no idea what you'd find or who you would meet.  In Ragnarok.. we all knew what the story was going to be.  I think the level design is considerably less interesting as well in Ragnarok vs 2018.  Ragnarok feels like its just a lot of linear paths.. and nothing really has stood out quite like the Thamur's corpse section did in 2018.  I could just be tired of the game's formula though.  I don't like foraging around for hacksilver and lore anymore nor do I like shimmying along walls, crouching through tunnels or holding forward in the "platforming" sections which feel ripped straight out of Uncharted.  It is all incredibly slow compared to the old God of War games and everything feels scripted and setup in a way that requires little effort on the part of the player to see it to its conclusion.  Every story boss feels like its programmed to lose and secretly wants to fail on normal difficulty.  The camera is still an improper camera for a hack n slash action game so I have no real desire to increase the enemy damage and life by setting it higher; this game's combat difficulty is entirely based on getting hit from behind or stun locked.

    Many aspects of the game feel rushed from the considerably worse menus and UI which really do look like a free to play game's interface.  The map is completely useless.  The gear is not interesting at all and as far as I can tell doesn't really matter.  As long as you upgrade anything as you go then it probably doesn't matter which perks or stats you have.  Most enemies feel like sponges from the start to the finish regardless until you get to gear score 7+ and start beating up on things that are lower.  One of the final areas just gets thrown over the wall near the end of the game and the way the end game resources are just offloaded on you like a dump truck pouring shit on your head feels like they didn't have time to put adequate content in the game to feed you those materials in a better way.  Muspelheim once again felt unfinished.. like why do you have to redo trials several times in different orders instead of them making some new and interesting ones to do instead?  Gear stats still aren't explained in a way that tells you exactly what 1 point of strength or 1 point of defense does for you.. so it feels like it wasn't thought out that well.  Why is this game using RPG mechanics if it doesn't share any of the min/max values with us?


    The game's writing is basically ripped right out of a Disney movie.  It's super difficult to take it seriously at all and the buddy jokes/quips just feels out of place most of the time. The game is dragged out like a soap opera and the coming of age, father/son bonding stuff is predictable and uninteresting.  I'd rather read The Road if I wanted that story.  This does not fit God of War's origins or universe, but rather fits the headspace of the developers and writers of the game in 2022.  Additionally, the Atreus sections are quite boring and his combat is not interesting.  I think I mostly just spammed sonic arrows and then beat stuff up with the bow.. every fight was the same with him.  The story really feels like its interfering with the gameplay and replayability in Ragnarok.  This game might get a lot of praise now on people's first run or two, but this game is not gonna have any longevity.  Ultimately, it feels like they wrote a story and then made a game around it rather than vice versa.


    I feel like 2018 had the benefit of essentially being a new series so things felt new and interesting and discovering the game's lore and learning about the Aesir felt more interesting then.  However, I still vastly prefer God of War 1-3 to the reboot series.  The story was a straight up revenge tale and the games were made to be fun first.  We didn't have to have round table discussions about whether we should beat some god's ass.. decide its bad and morally wrong.. but then do it anyway because we're still playing a game and we need boss fights.

    Being a God of War fan myself, the story was definitely taken out of the Disney vault. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist spoiling the story and it’s just…. yuck. 

    This is just one of those things where I’m no longer the target audience. 


  18. On 12/1/2022 at 2:41 PM, Elegy said:

    I think they have earned themselves a "wait to purchase for 2 years minimum" stipulation at the very least.  This trend of charging for season passes on release and then adding another DLC a year later that is also paid and expensive on top of it to get the complete experience.. no thanks.  I am not going to start paying 130+ for all their games.  Makes more sense to just wait for their "Truly Complete Complete edition" for the same price or less than what day one buyers paid with no DLC included.


    Their game design, writing and everything else keeps getting more bland and uninspired though as well.  Almost all their game systems feel half-assed and under developed to me.  Like they have game design by committee where every employee submits their ideas for the game into a hat and they just put literally every idea into the game.  Then they don't flesh out or expand on anything.  The gameplay loop is always just "heres some meaningless junk to do to put you into a coma after a long day of work".  The gear system in Far Cry 6 is a complete disaster.. and its not all that dissimilar from AC Valhalla's gear system which is also a complete disaster.  It just feels like shameless padding.  Why anyone would enjoy trying to acquire gear that does not affect the game at all is beyond me.  Anyone who has played Diablo 2 or the Nioh series knows what I am talking about.  The gear in those games actually affects your gameplay experience.  Ubisoft needs to drop their gear systems and RPG mechanics if they can't at least flesh them out and provide some engaging design.

    Comparing Diablo II to Ubisoft is like comparing a world class cuisine to some stale McDonalds food that sat out for a little too long. 

    Ubisoft is the “fast food” of gaming. I used to think they went downhill starting with Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but after I recently learned of one of the key members of the franchise getting let go, the series has gone downhill for over a decade. 

    I can’t even be content with Assassin’s Creed Mirage or that Codename Red project that takes place in Japan. Ghost of Tsushima already has that itch filled, and I’m simply not interested in an Assassin’s Creed taking place in Japan. 

    I dropped Far Cry. Too much of the same. The Far Cry 6 story is comprised of a bunch of whiny, edgy Zoomer teenagers trying to say they’re better than anything that came before them. 

    For a long time I felt open world was getting stale. Both the Yakuza games and Elden Ring proved open world can still be exciting, especially when you take more care into the quality of the products.


  19. Just now, KenjiCBZ said:

    I think that if we want to set a number of Ultra Rare Trophies to be impressive, we shouldn't consider how many overall Trophies you have.

    Don’t care either way. I don’t play to impress anyone, but I like to set high standards for myself and challenge myself from time to time, as many of us do anyway. 

    There’s a bunch of dead PSN games on PS4/PS5 that virtually nobody plays that have a bunch of “easy” Ultra Rares for anyone looking to spend the time earning the trophies. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was an easy one and that was a PS Plus title. The co-op element probably throws a lot of people off. 

    Most people don’t trophy hunt and even less of those that do are completionists. So most games on PS Plus will result in lower rarities, regardless of how easy or how hard people thought they were before. 


  20. Ultra Rares are what you make of them. The reason why I only have 410 of them instead of 700, 800 or 1000 is because I value having fun and having good gameplay above some hard challenge. 

    There are several games with “easy” Ultra Rares, that aren’t popular or have really cumbersome trophies. Has nothing to do with actual difficulty because Rarity =/= Difficulty. 

    Also, any game that was on PS Plus for free for one month always has rarities drop. Then there are games with very few game owners, that offer up a challenging platinum despite having that 10 - 20 percent average rarity.