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  1. This month hasn't been going the way I planned.


    November has been a pretty lackluster month for me trophy wise, and it's pretty likely I won't get around to some games (Metal Gear Solid 2) until the beginning of next year.


    Got slammed with work and had to do some family duties now that I'm no longer a college kid. Made some decent progress with Fallout 4, still need to finish the last few quests for the Railroad and Institute factions. Wanted to start Automatron DLC but just wasn't able to get around to it.


    Thanksgiving, the holiday that everybody has forgotten, will be busy for me since I will be out. Same with Black Friday probably. I may have some time for gaming and trophy hunting Saturday, depends on what I'll be doing.


    Will be starting up the old Sam & Max games and they will be the final TellTale Games I'll play. Don't care for the Walking Dead or any of the other titles before TellTale went under.


    Nex Machina is still giving me trouble so I'll have to practice the levels a few more times before I'll start my Veteran playthrough. The feats aren't nearly as difficult, there's a bunch of feats involving killing X number of enemies with the Laser, Missile, Smartbomb and so forth so they will be easy to get.


    Yakuza 0 will be the big game after Fallout 4. It is simply fucking phenomenal. I can see why so many westerners got attracted to the series, the franchise brings out a side of Japan many of us aren't fully aware of. Definitely a change of pace from the western open world games I'm so used to.


    I will be out with family, then will try to get back into the swing of things on Saturday or Sunday.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      I will in due time, but I’ll be doing stuff like Resident Evil HD that I’ve left behind for a number of years.


      I’ll be alternating between MGS2 and Yakuza 0. Both will take me over a month to finish, but both have been games I’ve been doing for a long time.

    3. AJ_Radio



      Meant to say been wanting to do for a long time.

    4. Deceptrox


      You definitively should. 

      I completed the Vita version in a bit under 2 weeks due to the controls for the sniper rifle being not that good. The PS3 is easier.