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  1. My area is experiencing another heatwave, and we’re fast approaching the point where restrictions on machinery will be issued after 12 - 3 PM in the afternoons. 

    Two years ago in September there was a wildfire somewhere on the West Coast (Oregon and California) that pushed the air quality into the red. For a few weeks the air was smoky and hard to breathe. Last year in June, we hit record heat reaching temperatures of 45.1 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit). Could not play games or use my computer for fear of overheating, but more critical was the chance I would have to evacuate my area, as fire dangers were already being issued.

    Global warming is not a pretty sight. California is pretty fucked up with the politics and figureheads running things into the ground. The state is basically a second home as I have friends and family who largely came from California, some relatives of mine still dwell there. Now there’s yet another raging wildfire going on. The past 10 - 15 years have seen a record breaking amount of wildfires. Maybe there was more over a century ago, but I’m speaking of last 100 years in recorded history. 

    Earthquakes are another major disaster and tragedy for anyone on the West Coast, like tornadoes are for those in the Midwest and hurricanes are for people on the East Coast. 

    I used to love summer, but since I work and do a bit outdoors I have to be wary of fire dangers, and when it is best to prepare and move should the worst happen.

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      Recently moved to Southern California myself and while I'll definitely own property in the future, I'm preparing for how awful that mortgage will be. 

    3. kingofbattle8174


      I predict that by the end of the next decade most of the southwest will move to either the mid west or other locations due to the wildfires and lack of access to water.

    4. AJ_Radio


      @kingofbattle8174 Those are the two biggest reasons, but a third big reason is the high costs you have to pay to even live in the southwest United States. Stagnant wages and rising inflation do not make a good combination.


      Young people cannot get promising careers nor can they get a wife/husband with kids, because of child care costs and all that. Plus with society becoming more isolationist thanks to social media and our current gen politics stifling things, a lot of people don't care to push themselves. I read recently that Anaheim, California is trying to get more affordable housing, but it's still housing that will be largely inaccessible to the average person.


      Las Vegas, Nevada will likely be the first major city to fall, but I imagine other cities will follow suit. Too many people and not enough water to go around.