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  1. If I was younger, things like the Fastest Achievers leaderboard would appeal to me more. In fact, I'm still ranked in the top 50 for a number of games I completed.


    At this point though, I just no longer give a fuck. If I land on a spot on the front page then that is completely by happenstance, I didn't plan it out or nothing. Too old to give a shit.


    eSports? No chance in hell would I ever do something like that. AGDQ, used to love watching those guys several years back, but I got bored of them too. The only way you're going to pull in any sizable audience for old retro games like Super Mario Bros on the NES is if you achieve a near world record. After that one dude cheated, I just stopped caring. I'm too old to speedrun.


    My teens and 20s are over. I don't have the reflexes like I did when I was 20 years of age. Eating McDonalds makes me sick to my stomach, so I've cut it off entirely. Fast food is gross and detrimental to your health. When you're a 12 year old kid, you think it's goddamn awesome. Just like getting those "free CD ROMs" from those gaming magazines back in the late 90's/early 2000's, not knowing they could contain a virus... or worse. Soda pop is completely out too. Mountain Dew Livewire? That shit will make your teeth suffer.


    The other night I watched old footage of the X Games. Fucking loved watching it as a kid. Today, after watching some of it, I'm going "How the fuck did I ever watch this stuff?". It's a bit better than The Fast & the Furious, another movie I loved, but did not age well. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were performing at slightly above amateur levels of acting.


    Tastes have changed, but at least my love for gaming hasn't dimmed out.

    1. KenjiCBZ


      Just one word, autopop

    2. zizimonster



      Tastes have changed, but at least my love for gaming hasn't dimmed out.