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  1. There is a thread at playstationtrophies.org (PST.org) someone made listing what he felt were the easiest to hardest DLC packs in Driveclub. However that list is incomplete and the OP hasn't been updated in over four years, so I figure I will list what is in my opinion the toughest events in each DLC pack. Difficulty however is subjective, what felt hard for me might be easy for someone else, so feel free to list what events you thought were notably hard or more annoying to finish than others. Everything but DRIVECLUB Tour and All-Stars I have basically had at least one or two events in the DLC pack that I either struggled with completing or was irritated by them. This includes Bikes, I will list DLCs from both Driveclub and Driveclub Bikes for anyone wanting to know what events are notably more difficult than others. I haven't finished all the DLCs, so part of the list I will list as "no comment" until I either finish them or someone mentions what they felt was quite hard. DRIVECLUB: DRIVECLUB Tour - Nothing was notably hard for me, however those new to the game may struggle with a few events. However everything here in my opinion was definitely much easier than the later DLC packs, so anyone like me who hasn't had much experience with racing games should be able to get these trophies without too many issues. --- Ignition - The first DLC I finished outside of DRIVECLUB Tour. Races weren't too bad, but both events with the X-Bow were pretty annoying. The vehicle itself spins out too much. The event X-Bow Bolt has a very tight lap time requirement. Lykan Hot Lap is notably more difficult here than what was offered in DRIVECLUB Tour. Will likely require multiple attempts to beat the lap time for inexperienced players. --- Photo Finish - P1 Hot Lap is very difficult and aggravating. Usage of when exactly to use KERS and DRS is required to beat the lap time. The second race for the Photo-Finish trophy event has a very annoying and hard to get Average Speed Face-Off requirement. You will likely have to get it bumping into other cars, as I had to do to maintain my speed. --- Redline - Alpine Hot Lap was the toughest event for me. I couldn't get the lap time with the McLaren F1 in the McLaren 1992 vs 2014 event on the first race, had to use the McLaren P1 instead. Didn't find anything else too difficult. --- Elements - This is a tough one. As the name implies, all events in this DLC have some sort of rain or snowy weather. I personally think Elements isn't as difficult event by event as Torque, Evolution and even Velocity. What makes this difficult is one event, and that's Venom Hot Lap 2. While it may not be as hard as the first Venom Hot Lap, this event is still pretty hard. The Venom car is hard to control properly and it's even harder to control in pouring rain. The real problem is doing this time trial without drifting, because it's a real bitch. I had to basically spend between 2 to 3 hours making lap after lap in this time trial because the goddamn car just loves to spin out. Venom Hot Lap 2 took me the most time out of any event I can think of, even edging out the difficult P1 Hot Lap event in Photo Finish. What I discovered that made this event a little easier was accelerating the Venom Car to just pass the first corner of the time trial and crash head on onto the wall, while I incur a penalty I still get a lead over the first ghost most of the time. Then it was a matter of driving very fast and carefully without messing up, which was quite a lot in fact. Yeah, this one sucks. To make this less of a headache I suggest getting this event done first so the rest of the DLC will be a lot easier for you guys. A couple other events took some tries, but nothing too crazy. The last race in the Elements Trophy Event is a bitch. It has the worst visibility of any race in the game, starting from lap 2 onwards the sky goes dark and you're racing in the middle of heavy snowfall. I've done the track for this event at least a few dozen times and I still had a hard time finding where the corners were. A tough DLC, but definitely doable. --- Apex - Drift Master Class took a good number of attempts. One of the easier DLC packs in my opinion. Salt Flat Trials was a little annoying to finish. --- Sakura - Relatively easy. Did this DLC pack fairly quickly. I can't think of anything here that stood out in difficulty. --- Downforce - Viper Hot Lap took me a number of attempts. Sweden's Finest can be pretty annoying, especially with how the Koenigsegg One vehicle handles in the rain. --- Midnight - Dusk Til Dawn is an endurance race, very tough to get all three stars in one go, takes over 10 - 12 minutes to finish. All events take place at night as the name implies. Vuhl Proof is pretty difficult and will require a little bit of skill and perseverence to beat. --- Lamborghini - Nothing that stands out to me in difficulty. As usual, the 'Hot Lap' time trials are annoying, but are very easily doable. --- Pacesetter - Several time trials, a couple of which have pretty tight time trial requirements. Dam Busters is an endurance race with a time requirement and 5 Face Offs. I found it easier to do these stars on two attempts. One of the more difficult DLC packs. I struggled with a couple events, namely one with the Marussia B2 vehicle which has bad turn handling. The rain just made the events annoying. --- Turbocharged - Dawn Descent had me stumped for a while. Everything else isn't that bad. --- Evolution - One of the more difficult DLC packs. Crash Bandipur is a challenging time trial due to little room for error. Both the Buggy time trial and race (Buggy Highway and A Class Buggy respectively) were annoying, but you're allowed to drive off track in the dirt without a penalty. Peak Performance, which is an endurance race, is probably the most difficult because you have to be pretty good in going around the corners well given the short track, and you have 9 Face Offs for one of the star requirements. The AI race drivers here seem more aggressive and competitive than in other DLC packs, which means you have to race pretty well. --- Lamborghini Icons - The Lineage race event has an AI opponent who is always first place and is well ahead of everyone else. Carbon Cycle is one of the tougher time trials in the game, took me a lot of attempts to beat. --- Torque - Pretty tough DLC. French Connection is annoying because your opponent has a faster car than you, so you basically have to be good in driving around corners and overtaking him. XX Games will likely take several laps to get a feel for the car and the track. Atomic Theory can be cheesed, it's actually better to crash at some corners to stay ahead of the ghosts. Choose Your Poison is difficult to reach in the Top 2 because of how well your AI opponents drive. It's an endurance race on a track with a lot of corners, and you literally have to race well if you want all three gold stars for this event. The AI is more competitive and difficult to overtake than in other DLCs. Edges out Evolution and is definitely more difficult than Velocity. Torque is notably one of the harder DLCs in the game. --- RPM - Takahagi Hillbillies is another endurance race that is hard to get all three stars in one go, and takes over 10 - 12 minutes to finish. One of the easier DLC packs. --- Velocity - A bit tougher than a number of other DLC packs. Several time trials, including an aggravating time trial with the X-Bow in rain (Target Practice). Evora Borealis is tough. A couple vehicles, particularly the Peugeot EX1 Concept are unique to this DLC pack and they take some getting used to. The Velocity Trophy event has slow vehicles which is surprising, definitely a contrast to the rest of the events. There are no drift events in Velocity, only races and time trials. --- Horsepower - Hype Machines was one of the more difficult race events for me. The Horsepower Trophy event has a pretty tight lap time requirement for the first race. Everything else wasn't that bad. --- Unite in Speed - The Storm Breaker time trial with the buggy is a pain and will likely require multiple attempts due to how poorly the buggy handles. I would say the Power Surge time trial was also annoying, but learning how to handle the vehicle and properly driving around the corners will get you the lap time. Nothing too hard. The Unite In Speed trophy event, while not that hard, has you up against faster cars. Overall, not the easiest, but not the hardest DLC pack. --- All-Stars - by far the easiest DLC. Nothing was remotely hard. --- AMG - This was the last DLC I've finished. Event by event, I think this is the hardest DLC pack in the Driveclub trophy list. The AI seemed more competitive than in other DLCs. In contrast, I literally didn't have to try in All Stars, but I basically had to restart a number of times for the races here in AMG. The drift events had somewhat strict score requirements, particularly the one that takes place at night time. The time trials were NOT easy. Only one was fairly doable, which is the first one you have access to before you unlock the later events. Back to Black was tough. This was definitely a time trial where you simply have to let go on throttle (R2 button) and basically speed up a little as you're going around the corners. The lap time is very strict, and I ended up spending a good 20 laps or so before I had a pretty good idea how to beat it. One Man One Engine is quite simply one of the hardest DLC events in this game. Venom Hot Lap 2 edges out One Man One Engine by a little, and I don't think it's as tough as Venom Hot Lap 1. But I had to spend three hours on this to get all three stars. The real key here is letting go on throttle and being easy with it. Speeding up to a corner and then breaking WILL NOT WORK, because I tried that dozens of times to no success. To make matters worse One Man One Engine is basically a track going from Point A to Point B in pouring rain, and you have a car that doesn't handle well in the rain. On top of those things, you have to get two clean sectors, one wrong mistake can fling your car off track, which will generally have you fail that objective. You have to let go of the throttle even on the easy (green) corners, it does wonders to get you a better time. I must of done over 100 attempts at this event, I don't recall anything other than Venom Hot Lap 2 that gave me this much trouble. YouTube videos help A LOT, and I finally had to consort one after failing so many times. If you can 3 star this event, you have the skills to 100 percent the rest of Driveclub, including Bikes. Learning how to handle the car in pouring rain is top priority, and letting go of R2 will get you around the corners faster without sliding off track. One Man One Engine is difficult and requires many attempts, but it is definitely doable. --- DRIVECLUB BIKES: EBR - Nothing too difficult, probably the easiest DLC pack of the five. --- Suzuki - Definitely tougher than EBR. Both time trials in this DLC pack took me a lot of attempts, both contain a lot of corners that you have to be good at dealing with. Particularly Gixxer Upper, this one can be challenging. Didn't think the Suzuki trophy event was that bad. The Suzuki Challenger trophy kept me busy, would of been a lot harder if not for the ghosts showing me how to deal with the corners. --- No Limits - Nothing too hard. The time trial took some tries as did the 4 clean sectors requirement in the first race of the No Limits trophy event. Fairly easy overall. Even the gold trophy for reaching a trial time of 1 minute 10 seconds or less with the Honda Civic Type R wasn't that bad. --- MV Agusta - Harder than EBR, but I felt it was the same as Suzuki. Indian Summer is difficult to get 3 Gold Stars in one go. Fast & Furious requires skill and perseverance to beat. The MV Agusta challenger trophy is pretty rough, though it can be argued that it's slightly easier than Suzuki challenger trophy. Time trials of course were a little tough but are definitely doable. --- Finish Line - Hardest DLC in the Bikes trophy list. The Finish Line Challenger trophy was tough, namely because the vehicle used here is tough to handle properly. The lap time requirement is rather strict, so I had to look up a YouTube video and run the course a couple dozen times to find out how to get under 1 minute, 14 seconds. Was a good challenge. The drift event here felt like the toughest in the entire game, but at this point I was pretty good at doing the drift challenges so it didn't take me too long. Both time trials were a little hard, as was the Championship Event due to how competitive the AI is. Not as hard as Torque and AMG, but still harder than most of the DLCs offered in both Driveclub and Bikes. --- ========== I think that about covers all of them.
  2. Is this the easiest Dark Souls game?
  3. Just bought this game partly because of the PS Plus discount. I really enjoyed Megaman Collection Volume 1 when I played through it last year and it is perhaps my proudest non-platinum game, as many of the challenges were difficult and took a lot of practice to pull off. Unfortunately this collection only has bronze trophies rather than the silver and gold trophies the first collection had. Though as a whole it looks easier overall, although Mega Man 10 is often noted for it's hard difficulty. What do you guys think?
  4. After five long years I finally come back to Shovel Knight. Despite only taking me three days to platinum, it was not easy. Countless restarts, raging at my TV screen, backing up saves to Cloud, you all know the drill. I’ve been a fan of Adam McDermott dating back to 2015 - 2016, when he posted his platinum journey for Dead Space 2. Even though I was aware of Shovel Knight on Steam back in 2014, I had never gotten around to playing it. Once Adam McDermott posted his video on the game, I was convinced enough to buy Shovel Knight for myself to see how much of a challenge it was. And Adam was right. Regardless of my past experience with 2-D platformers, I struggled a LOT with this game. Like Adam in his video commentary, I could not finish the game doing the speedrun, checkpointless feats and not using magic all at once. I had to do multiple playthroughs to eventually earn all three of these feats. There are people out there skilled enough to earn these feats in one go, but I am not one of them. I was never an exceptional gamer. My strength is I simply don’t give up, I persevere. Anybody who listened to me rant and rave on Super Meat Boy knows where I’m coming from. After putting in multiple hours on Shovel Knight, I eventually earned the platinum across three strenuous days. Then there’s the DLC. I did a playthrough of Plague Knight and Specter Knight years ago, and they weren’t easy to finish. I can tell you guys right now that Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight are all harder to finish than Shovel Knight. Getting this 100% requires a great deal of time and a decent amount of skill. I estimate the time required to be 50 to 75 hours. Heavily skill dependent, which is why this 100% is a respectful one. Currently I am unable to do the speedrun, no health tonics, no Chester relics and no spending money in one go, so I’ll have to salvage what I can for another playthrough as Plague Knight. And frankly, if you’re a casual trophy hunter then this just isn’t worth the time and dedication. So what do you guys think? Is this a hard game to 100%?
  5. My backlog of games and wishlist. This is a pretty simple list. Games with platinums are in normal text. Games without platinums are underlined. Games obtained through Playstation Plus are highlighted Yellow. UPDATE 1 (SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2021) - Added the rest of the backlog to the trophy checklist thread. UPDATE 2 (SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2021) - Removed Jet Set Radio and Metal Gear Solid 2 from the backlog on the PS Vita, because I will just be autopopping the trophies for both games. I have no real games left on the handheld anymore. It pains me, but I may have to skip out on Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate as I want to move forward and put more time towards the PS4 backlog, which is no small task. UPDATE 3 (OCTOBER 16TH, 2021) - Added Mega Man 11 and Nex Machina to the backlog. UPDATE 4 (DECEMBER 23RD, 2021) - Added Gran Turismo 6 to the backlog. UPDATE 5 (JULY 9TH, 2022) - Added Dante’s Inferno, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Farming Simulator 19, Final Fantasy VII, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and Matterfall to the backlog. Playstation 3: Dante’s Inferno - not started Dark Souls II - not started Dead Space: Extraction - not started From Dust - not started Jet Set Radio - not started Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - not started Metal Gear Solid 2 - 6/46 trophies Metal Gear Solid 4 - not started Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - not started NiGHTS Into Dreams - not started Sonic Adventure - 6/15 trophies Sonic Adventure 2 - not started Sonic Unleashed - not started TOTAL # OF GAMES: 13 PLATINUMS: 8 100%s: 5 PS PLUS TITLES: 1 Playstation 4: Amnesia Collection - not started Beyond Two Souls - not started Bioshock - not started Bioshock 2 - not started Bioshock Infinite - not started Bound - not started Darksiders II - not started Dark Souls Remastered - not started Days Gone - not started Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - not started DOOM - 6/55 Trophies Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - not started Farming Simulator 19 - not started I Am Bread - not started Kings Quest: The Complete Collection - not started Layers of Fear - not started Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - not started No Man's Sky - not started Rayman Legends - not started Slender the Arrival - not started Spelunky - not started Tearaway Unfolded - not started The Disney Afternoon Collection - not started The Evil Within - not started The Last of Us Remastered - not started The Witness - not started Thief - not started This War of Mine: Little Ones - not started Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - not started TOTAL # OF GAMES: 29 PLATINUMS: 24 100%s: 5 PS PLUS TITLES: 7 === GRAND TOTAL: 42 GRAND # OF PLATINUMS: 32 GRAND # OF 100%s: 10 List of Dropped Games: WISHLIST:
  6. So this is more of a personal update since I haven’t had the will to keep this checklists thread up to the current date and year. 2023 is already here, for us on the West Coast we are behind most of the world. Nothing I generally set as goals are set in stone, as I tend to change my mind half a dozen times in a given week. My buying habits have been the bane of my backlog and while I have reduced my count from 80 - 85 titles to under 50 these past few years, I feel I have a fair bit to go. So I start off with 42 listed games on my backlog. NiGHTS into Dreams and King’s Quest will be the first two I play, so after those the backlog will be at an even 40. Then it’s likely Assassin’s Creed III Remastered and Dark Souls II, with another game sandwiched either in-between or just after I finish King’s Quest. Some titles like Call of Duty Infinite I don’t have on my backlog because frankly I’m not sure if I can finish them. The Spaceland stuff is a bit off the wall and I hear really difficult solo. The DLC is even harder from what I’ve been told. In regards to PS Plus games I have dropped around 10 - 20 titles overall from when I started subscribing to the service. While one may argue they’re “free”, you lose the privilege to access them once the subscription ends. I joined a platinum challenge thread with 10 listed games so I hope to get around to all of them. The thermal paste has made a huge difference and I can finally play AAA games proper without a jet engine clogging out the sound and music. Finally, I hope to get around to most if not all games on my backlog with online trophies. This includes Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and The Last of Us Remastered. I should get the online before the inevitable server shutdown, especially Dante’s Inferno given the trials. I don’t know if I will actually do the 2P co-op trials, but this is a game I’ve been wanting to play for over a decade, just never got around to it. Rayman Legends should be another priority, as one of the versions had its online shut, thankfully the PS4 is still pretty active. Here’s to a year of gaming accomplishments. The big focus will be reducing the backlog, and once I finish up some bigger games I can relax a bit.
  7. You did Dark Souls Remastered in one week four days which is really fast.
  8. Resistance: Fall of Man Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction Assassin's Creed 1
  9. Dark Souls II after losing a 40 hour save file.
  10. Thank you. Someone finally came out and said it. Saints Row is such a departure from the past games. I didn’t think Saints Row IV or Gat out of Hell were great, just passable enough for a playthrough. The developers attitude towards the fan base was what turned me off. That one guy said the jokes and pun are no longer fit for a modern audience, therefore they have to “adapt”. Instead they had to change things around and water down the humor to not upset certain focus groups. That’s not to mention all the bugs and glitches and technical problems this game had on release. Several livestreams showed the game running poorly, so like most bigger budget games, Saints Row was released unfinished. I normally disregard websites like Metacritic and so on, but the low ratings practically speak for the level of disappointment many people have with this one.
  11. There are well over 10,000 people trophy hunting. Also, a lot of people have cheated trophies and thus aren’t ranked on the PSNP leaderboards. Several of those guys have tons of ultra rare trophies. I take pride in being one of a few, not being one of millions with participation trophies. Because what is accomplishment if everyone else can do it?
  12. I wasn’t either. But I joined this forum website back in December of 2014 and unless you had your head buried in the sand, a great deal has changed since then. Shovelware is just that, shovelware. It’s just as worthless on Steam as it is on Sony. Most regular people aren’t going to bother with it, it’s generally people competing on the leaderboards buying up these games. The trophy lists were designed to be completed as fast as possible. @Unknown_v2_0 quit two years ago in October of 2020. I respect his decision to quit, because he was no longer enjoying trophy hunting as a hobby. Was as high as #5 worldwide on the PSNP leaderboards and he bowed out gracefully. Enjoyment of games should come first. I value challenge and speeding a little as secondary. I hold some top 10 fastest achiever marks in a select few games. I have many friends from boosting games, including Assassin‘s Creed Brotherhood and Red Dead Redemption 1. Abstergo Employee of the Month took some serious effort while using voice chat on Discord. When the people are nice working and communicating, that’s an aspect of trophy hunting I really appreciate. And I’m a guy who deliberately avoids most multiplayer, because I hate dealing with bad people. I know how this hobby works. I’ve been active for several years at this point. I have plenty of non platinum games that took serious effort to finish. I don’t just play games with only platinums.
  13. Dark Souls 2 is the weakest of the trilogy because the creator wasn't present for its game development. In contrast, it has far less focus on the weapon based trophies which I honestly didn't like doing in Dark Souls 1. This is especially true of the Black Gulch. Very dark without a torch, and far too much poison. Thankfully I already had high Vitality before I got into the area. Ended up skipping this place until I got stronger and had proper anti poison. Thank goodness for the NPC summons. Iron Keep is tough, enemies will kill you quickly if you're not careful or well prepared.
  14. Compared to people like TheYuriG, greenzsaber, Danny Johansen, VirtualNight, DarkSamuraii and so forth, 410 really isn't that much. Then again I don't typically go out of my way to specifically hunt ultra rares because I don't find that to be all too fun. I've done my share of padding, including playing games like Surgeon Simulator just for the challenge and the fact it has a pretty sizable amount of ultra rares. Wasn't fun playing the game, it was a pain, which makes me think if I'll ever bother with I Am Bread. Most people don't even have one ultra rare, because they aren't trophy hunters or achievement hunters. Plenty of PSNP accounts on the leaderboards here on this website with no ultra rares at all, let alone just five or ten ultra rares. 8 or 9 times out of 10 I will pick up games that I think I can enjoy while maintaining a high trophy completion percentage. That's my priorities. If I do want to challenge myself I will pick games that may or may not have a bunch of ultra rares. Rarely do I pad my stats like I used to do years ago. I won't buy stacks of games anymore unless I get cross buy with them, like the obscure platformer Bard's Gold which I picked up for cheap a few weeks ago.
  15. This game is a joke. It's literally a watered down Dead Space. It's games like The Callisto Protocol that make me have a bad opinion of the AAA gaming industry in general. Graphics are great and cinematics are nice, but that's all the game has going for it. Everything else is the same rinse and repeat that we've seen for roughly a decade now.
  16. Fortnite alone would likely take over a thousand hours.... Fallout Shelter was enough for me NEVER to bother with free games.
  17. I have the same feelings. Games from 2008 - 2014 had a standard that had to be met in regards to trophies. Most PSN games were 100% only titles. Too bad the shovelware had to dilute the trophy hunting scene... Most online games are dead within a few years, so for anyone wishing to play this game, good luck finding boosting partners.
  18. There’s always boosting when available. Online isn’t as bad as the first game in regards to trophies. I just hope my internet can handle it.
  19. A few years back I moved to a new area after my previous area had absolutely horrible internet. Unfortunately being a little out of town I’m limited in what I can do, so I’ve purposely avoided games like Destiny with a heavy emphasis on online. Red Dead Redemption 1 is probably in my top 10 games of all time. Naturally I wanted a sequel for years. Years later RDR2 still draws a sizable audience. If the online is anything like RDR1 then I can grab some of the online trophies solo. GTA Online has content you can do on your own as well so I assume it’s the same here. Don’t know how the trophies that require others will fare, I can always boost if preferable. I won’t pick this up for a while. RDR2 occasionally shows up cheap on eBay which is far cheaper than what the PS Store is selling. The big drawback is my OG console since RDR2 surely runs far better on a PS5. The single player and multiplayer have both changed a lot since the games initial release. As I understand, RDR2 has some of the best graphics seen on a PS4 and the file size is pretty big (over 80 GBs), which may have an effect in online lobbies since my internet is still a little crappy. Is the online pretty doable for lesser connections?
  20. AVGN was literally one of the first guys to make it big on the internet in regards to video game review videos. Him and Mike Matei posted their Ghostbusters NES video on YouTube back in April of 2006. Long time ago, different era, different standards. Personally I don’t much care for the guy anymore, for reasons many long time fans can share with me. I still go back and watch the first three seasons every once in a while. He made my college days more cheerful.
  21. I'll have to try this. Learned something new today. Even if I will never get the platinum I would pick this game up anyway. Always loved the old American West, especially if older people in your childhood exposed you to classics like The Wild Bunch and other old movies growing up. The number of cultural references and easter eggs is insane. I already applied thermal paste to my PS4 and it is a night and day difference. PS5 is obviously better, but can't afford to buy one, and probably not for a while. Is it possible to do Free for All competitive matches with just two players, or am I missing something? Damn, I always liked private lobbies. Public can be pretty awful, believe me, I played GTA Online on release. Everyone tells me RDR2 Online isn't as exciting as RDR1 Online back in the day was. This. Private lobbies should be a thing. 50 ms or lower is preferable. Having 100 ms or above usually means you have a shitty internet connection anyway. I've been out in the boonies and used grandmothers internet before, so I know how terrible it is.
  22. About five years more or less. Stuff like Little Adventure on the Prairie basically helped kickstart the shoveltrain crap.
  23. This is an indie game I can’t recommend enough to people. Challenging but fair. Hard but not overly frustrating. Tight, responsive controls. Good techno music. The DLC has stricter time requirements for ‘PERFECT’. The PS Vita version allows for touch teleport which makes the Dual Core DLC far easier. Short levels, but extremely tight on the time limit. You have to do everything flawlessly. Can’t remember if I recommended this game on your thread. Glad to see you finished Surgeon Simulator. Curious how I Am Bread will turn out, I was so frustrated with Surgeon Simulator. Shame Velocity Ultra isn’t on PS4/PS5, it’s not as hard as Velocity 2X but it’s a fun indie game. Purely a shmup, doesn’t have the platforming bits.
  24. Entirely subjective. I’ve seen profiles with over 90 percent average rarity with nothing but shovelware, and to me, I cannot take those profiles seriously. I value profiles with 50 - 90 percent completion that have a big variety of games. Doesn’t matter the difficulty. Someone that enjoys games and enjoys getting trophies will often have those reflected on their profile. No ‘padding’, just enjoy the games they played. Again, this varies. Some people hunt Ultra Rares as part of a challenge. Someone with 50 percent trophy completion with a lot of hard stuff done is better than someone with near 100% completion that purposely avoids certain games & genres so their completion rate doesn’t take a dent. Hakoom has a lot of hard stuff on his profile as well as shovelware and the popular AAA games like Horizon and Spider-Man. That kind of dedication is only achievable by a select few, and trophy hunters usually need a lot of disposable income. Ikemenzi in contrast has around 90 - 95 percent of ‘padding’. It’s what all the top trophy hunters do, which makes the leaderboards as a whole utterly pointless. It was always about how much time and money you had. Someone can’t play as much as someone else, therefore their ranking is much lower. Hakoom I can at least respect because he’s been around since trophy hunting started and he’s done some exceptionally hard games. There’s a lot of low quality games with Ultra Rares. A lot of PS3 games had tacked on multiplayer that brought the platinum rarity down to Very Rare and Ultra Rare. Many of them didn’t age well. Super Meat Boy is an example of a high quality game with URs. It has some of the most responsive and fluid controls in any platformer I ever played. Quality over Quantity is preferable. Quantity over Quality isn’t necessarily a good thing. When someone pads their stats with five minute platinums, that is Quantity over Quality. One platinum in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is in my opinion worth more than 50 of those five minute platinums.
  25. Spot on, and totally agree.