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  1. Why are people so obsessed with getting easy platinums and easy 100 percent games these days? Are you guys in some sort of competition? Do you feel a need to gain a lot of trophies because you think it's necessary? You just want easy shit handed to you. Doesn't mean it's fun or enjoyable, it's because you want all the trophies in the game. If that's what you're going for, then you might as well make five different region accounts, hook them all up on one PS4, buy all the stacks for "said" easy game, and speed run through them. There's SIX stacks of Jack n' Jill DX and SIX stacks of FullBlast if you have all the region accounts necessary to get them. Here you go. 12 platinums in just a few hours. Play some fucking actual games every now and then.
  2. Those are the last Pixar movies I was able to enjoy. The thing is I’m not the target audience. Everything post 2010 that Pixar and Dreamworks has made is just crap to me. You have children, so you basically have to watch those movies with them. That’s like me back in the 1990s when I went to Blockbuster to rent VHS tapes of the cartoon The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. My parents thought it was stupid, but I enjoyed the show. Now I’m more intrigued with hour long HBO melodramas. Because I’m older I can understand them better. Depends on the person. Sometimes I take myself too seriously, other times I don’t. I have no intention on having children. I’m just glad I’m not a kid today, what with all the fearmongering and shit going on. The part I want to focus on is what I highlighted bold in your post. We focus far too much on negativity now. If you look at my posts you may think I’m a ranting asshole who is here to piss others off. But in reality I’m a very calm, relaxed and laid back person. Part of this problem is the times we’re living in. Every day you hear something about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and honestly that shit has gotten real old. I know that news is critically important but it’s shoved in our throats on a daily basis. Our smartphones catch up on this news and it’s thrown in our faces. Even non - political stations I used to love and religiously watch such as ESPN have become more politically minded. People I used to follow years ago on Twitter have Trump constantly in their minds and their tweets reflect that. It used to be where Facebook and Twitter were places you could hang out with your friends, but since both websites have devolved into nothing but political bullshit and spreading viral content I no longer go on them. It’s good to have laughter and fun on occasion. Laughter is of course the best medicine. The internet as it is today isn’t something I truly enjoy anymore.
  3. Yeah I buy mostly physical on the PS3. Mostly because a lot of games aren't on PSN, like Splatterhouse and Lollipop Chainsaw. So many games, so little time. I never put any console at vertical. That's just the picture, I much prefer to have my consoles standing the way they were intended to be. Finding Nemo was a pretty alright movie before Pixar went to shit. Same with the Shrek movies. These days all Dreamworks makes is crap. Toy Story 1 is still my favorite Pixar movie of all time because of how groundbreaking it was back in the day. Absolutely loved The Lion King, probably one of the last truly great 2-D animated films. Family friendly animated movies these days just can't compare. The original Jaws was a solid movie. It shows it's age because it was made back in the 1970s when movie production values were a lot lower. Jaws 2 wasn't as good but it was still fairly decent. I didn't expect someone your age to dress up for Halloween. I stopped dressing up when I was 15. Then again a lot of people go to various clubs for drinking and socializing and they dress up for Halloween as part of an event.
  4. Fixed it for you. The one and main problem is when people go on a bitching session on their likes and dislikes.
  5. I don't let them get to me for the most part. But there are a few who feel they have such an advantage over those with a Slim/Pro that they have to mention it on their shitty fuckin Twitter profiles anyway. And besides, most of these people are high school kids and young early 20 somethings who have nothing better to do than to bitch on Twitter and post their idiotic memes everywhere. That website is cancer. If you want your games to look and run the best possible, you are playing the wrong platform. The custom PC market has plenty of sources and guides out there to help you on building your PC so it can provide the best looking graphics known to man. It already has the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One beat. But wait, you want to play some of the exclusives, so I guess you have the Pro to begin with. Graphics don't make the movies themselves better. VHS I can understand because that was a format that came out in the late 1970s, early 1980s. It can hold maybe two and a half, maybe three hours of video footage at most. DVDs when they came out in the late 1990s, early 2000s were a huge significant jump. Subtitles, a main menu, and exclusive footage such as interviews and commentary were a big deal. Blu-Rays are mostly the same thing, only it holds a lot more space and the resolution is higher. I just see 4K Blu-Rays as pointless. I do not need 4K Blu-Ray to enjoy "There Will be Blood", which was a movie I actually watched in theaters when it came out. I enjoy the movie itself, but I don't need some snazzy, high res graphics to get the most out if it. A shitty movie is a shitty movie regardless of what resolution it is in. Am I at a big disadvantage for watching Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator on DVD? Should I watch every movie George Clooney has made in Blu-Ray/4K Blu-Ray? No. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is a late 1960s film. Like you that is one of my favorite films, without a doubt one of the best westerns ever made. I'm all for polishing old films so they look a little more crisp and clear, but releasing 4K Blu-Ray on those older movies is even more pointless. What are you getting that you haven't already gotten on DVD or Blu-Ray? It's every bit as stupid as the idiots who sell their regular Blu-Ray sets for their 4K Blu-Ray sets. What's the fucking point? You can't compare DVDs and Blu-Rays with VHS and DVDs. The jump from VHS to DVD was very significant, the jump from DVD to Blu-Ray, not so much. I myself own a Blu-Ray player and I have some Blu-Ray sets of my favorite television shows and movies just like anybody else. But I don't need 4K, because what are you truly getting that you didn't already get with Blu-Ray? This is what bothers me. So many people like to say the enhancements for the PS4 Pro are so great that those of us with a PS4 Slim or Vanilla PS4 are at a disadvantage. For some people it takes a while for them to adapt, but what I mostly see coming out of this is games that look closer to real life. This is why I buy a lot of indies because truthfully I don't need a 100 GB game in 4K to enjoy the game play. If this game is a small little game that some guy made in his garage in a few weeks that I ended up enjoying, that's good enough for me. Just look at Undertale. I respect Nintendo for this because they have stayed true to their roots. The latest Legend of Zelda game was met with a lot of praise and guess what, it didn't look all too impressive compared to the behemoths Sony and Microsoft have been cranking out. Gameplay is what matters to me most, and I respect Nintendo because they have been delivering for nearly 40 years. There's a certain charm and appeal that you just can't get with modern day 4K video games or movies, at least in my opinion. Call me "stuck in the past" because I watched some DVDs, still use my vanilla PS4 and still have my PS Vita and PS3 hooked up. You just contradicted yourself here because "Everyone should be able to play a game how they want, where they want, on what system they want, whatever." Yet you're telling me to try playing a SNES game on a original system complete with CRT television. You're getting the same game regardless if you play the original console, the Super NT, or an emulator you downloaded online. It's the same thing, you're just playing the games on more modern systems. But to end this post, I care about the gameplay more than the graphics, and the acting and script direction in the TV shows/movies. Doesn't matter if I watch something in VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K Blu-Ray if the movie itself is a piece of shit and most people hate it. The content itself is what truly matters. All I want to say really is I don't want others to feel discouraged by playing games like Marvel's Spider Man on a Vanilla PS4 or Slim PS4. It's a good game, and that's what counts. Your entire argument to me is no better than the PC nut fanboys that think they're better because they have all these customization options and whatever that a PS4 and Xbox One do not. I don't care about your specs, your 4K graphics card or any of that. But obviously you think different than I do, and if my opinions come across as offensive then feel free to say it. We just have to agree to disagree.
  6. Do you want me to link you the surge protector?
  7. My thoughts exactly. Like I've done with the past two generations (including this one), I'm going to wait a couple years and then make my decision. It's just not worth it to buy a console at launch anymore. Just look at the PS4. It's completely different now from what it was in late 2013 when it released. I don't care either. But what bothers me is when people start to brag about their PS4 Pro saying it's so cool and 4K graphics are so amazing. I bought my PS4 in July 2015, and that came with Batman: Arkham Knight bundled. I must say that was a good investment, not only because I had a brand new system but also because it came with a AAA game I was looking forward to. Some use the PS4 Pro as bragging rights. The Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 generations had changes to their consoles, every version was more slim and yet contained more space than the previous model. But this is the first time in console gaming history that we have seen a mid generation release that is an actual improvement over the previous model, both in frames per second and obviously the upgrade to 4K graphics. If you love your PS4 Pro, that's great. That's really all that matters. But I'm tired of people on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter saying how much better their PS4 Pro is than my vanilla PS4 model. I don't feel discouraged playing Marvel's Spider Man or Detroit: Become Human on an older PS4 console. What matters to me is the gameplay, not a bunch of shiny, fancy graphics that little kids are going to cling to like Halloween candy. As someone who has been gaming for over 25 years, gameplay is what matters. The 4K graphics is basically a selling point for these giant corporate companies to make profit. Yeah sure, 4K graphics will become standard eventually, but we haven't reached that plateau just yet. To me it doesn't matter if a game has 8 - bit, 16 - bit, 32 - bit, 64 - bit or whatever graphics. If I really enjoy it, then that's getting my money's worth.
  8. Of course there's the online that needs to be taken into consideration. But I already know how much you love the Vita, so you'll probably get it eventually. Even if it takes two years or more.
  9. If you live out in the country with shitty internet you or you live in a small town with subpar service, DO NOT BUY THIS CONSOLE. Microsoft assumes people have fast cable/fiber. America is one of the most backward countries out there when it comes to providing decent internet service. Google has practically given up on their Google Fiber service. Both AT&T and Verizon cherry pick select homes and neighborhoods for their fiber service. Both companies are looking to drop out of the home internet market and only provide fast mobile service once 5G service comes around. You're basically left with indie games and a few smaller games that are 10 - 30 GBs in size. You can't expect to play something like Gran Turismo Sport which I hear takes up over 80 GBs, plus with all these AAA games these days being required to have day one patches in addition to DLC, keeping around physical discs is declining. Now someone can put ALL the DLC and updates onto the discs, like what CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher 3 with it's Game of the Year Edition. Otherwise you're stuck with downloading 10 - 40 GB patches in addition to downloading more for DLC if you decide to purchase it. The days of having everything on the disc out and ready for you are gone. But despite my rant here, I don't expect Microsoft to succeed too far with this model. Reason? Lack of good exclusives. Forza is the only franchise they got going for them. Halo has gotten to the point where nobody really cares about it anymore, sure there are some diehard fans who still play those games but it hasn't exactly sold to the masses. Gears of War was fun back when I played those games in the late 2000s, but the series got old for me so I stopped playing. You can play most of everything else Microsoft has on the PC. Why in the fuck should I buy a disc less Xbox console if it doesn't have good exclusives and offers worth getting? You already got most of what a lot of people want right on the PC anyway. If it's not on Microsoft's library then you can probably find it on Steam. I have used Steam for many years now and it's still the best digital library out there. Once again, Microsoft doesn't really know what they're doing. And if this rumor turns out to be false, then I take everything back except for my last two paragraphs.
  10. I have one with 10 sockets. That's more than enough for me to hook up my flatscreen and my three Playstation consoles onto one outlet. Use Amazon. Their return policy is unmatched. Don't bother with GameStop unless you have a gift card lying around, in which case I have $20 on mine. Probably time for me to fish for a good used game. Is it the original fat model that only holds 60 GBs of memory? I bought mine in 2012 which came with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. It is the Super Slim model. The one you probably have is this: The original was being sold back in 2006 - 2009. That model isn't all too easy to find nowadays since they're all used. 60 GBs is practically nothing anymore, considering the fact that one game these days can take up to 80 - 100 GBs alone.
  11. I'll give you someone's name. Jesper Kyd. This man is the reason why I enjoyed the Ezio trilogy. He made very memorable music for both Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood. Gameplay wise these games aren't as good anymore as opposed to Syndicate and Origins simply because the jumping mechanics aren't up to snuff. But the soundtracks for 2 and Brotherhood are definitely worth a listen. It's sad to say the music in the later Assassins Creed games doesn't come anywhere close. It's still fairly okay but it's nothing outstanding.
  12. Useless piece of fucking shit. Soulja Boy doesn't deserve to be called a fucking celebrity, let alone a rapper because he has no skill, talent or class. He's just as much of a narcissistic prick as Donald Trump.
  13. Well I said it's harsh.
  14. That's with an ethernet cable plugged in your PS4? I'm glad I'm not using PS Now then...
  15. What I'm simply saying is this. Don't wait until the last minute to get these games done. I know I sound like an asshole by saying that but more often than not, some people wait far too long for a game and then they panic and try to do the online (or syncing in this case). Then it's too late and they're flat out of luck. Sometimes there's an issue and there's no response. For instance Uncharted: Fight for Fortune's online trophy may potentially be unobtainable. That was the first thing I did when I bought the game, get that trophy out of the way. But sometime between then and now the online stopped working, and thus people got irritated over the fact that a little known PS Vita game has one trophy that they can't obtain. I know there are games on my profile I will never 100 percent, simply because I am not interested in finishing them and I am completely fine with that. Unfortunately if the sync still doesn't work, you might just have to play through the entire game over again. I know that's harsh, but that's just the way things go.