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  1. The internet is a much more free will society when it comes to censorship than the television, movies and music industries. Shit gets censored all the time on those mediums. Here on the internet you can express anything you want without feeling censored. Blogs and vlogs are more popular than ever, and they're a great way to express one's thoughts and opinions. Video games have to be looked over. I understand there are a lot of people out there who feel the need to censor stuff shown in video games because it might fall into the wrong hands, which are the children. But over time we have evolved to where much of what was previously censored is now free. There was a time where the name "God" in a video game was highly looked down upon and censored. Even "Hell" was censored, because there was a standard that had to be met back when ESRB ratings didn't exist. I hate censorship. But I'm still going with the opinion that this is just taking it too far. If a game like an upcoming One Piece game has a bunch of censors that are obvious, then fine. That's justifiable. But something like an easter egg in a Spyro game that not everybody is going to see that gets censored because someone thought Lara Croft needed smaller breasts, I feel that is nitpicking. Censorship has affected Eastern television shows, movies and games for decades. I fully understand that Sony is getting overly greedy because of the huge playerbase they have as a result of Microsoft choking on their own vomit a few years ago. If this means that Japanese gaming companies don't want to deal directly with Sony because of their idiotic methods of trying to censor what they deem fit for censoring, then that could mean their games may not be released on Sony's gaming console and instead go to Microsoft or whoever is the next most profitable company out there. I am not for scrubbing anything and making it clean. A lot of this censorship has to do with fictional women that are showing off a lot of skin, apparently we have groups out there that don't want that and they force the developers to change the way these fictional women look. Us and Sony are not on the same page when it comes to what is considered obscene. If I don't like something in a video game I ignore it too. You can try to make a petition out there for the developers to make an update to their games that will allow that content that was previously censored to now be uncensored. What I'm getting here is for people to make a list of every game on the Playstation platforms that supports trophies (or not) just to see how bad censorship really is. I will say that I don't think the German versions of Wolfenstein deserved to get censored. But they did, and fairly recently that censor has been lifted. I guess that can be called progress. I hate to sound like an ass and I'm sure most of you probably think I'm an asshole. But this is just my angle. In many ways it is. I don't think some of these minor censors are that big a deal and I think they're overly trivial in the bigger picture. Unpopular opinion yes. Maybe I will do that. Then again I probably won't. I will agree to disagree, and I'll leave it at that.
  2. Any public setting you set foot on, if you have any presence then people are going to judge you. So I guess your point is to play how you want to play? Admittedly the reason I made this topic is to see how other people cope with a game that is too hard or strenuous, every once in a while I enjoy a challenge, but everyone has a certain limit. And when you surpass that limit, do you quit and move on, or keep trying to overcome that challenge you set as a goal?
  3. Nazi symbolism is a history lesson that everybody regardless of who they are need to learn about so the same mistakes don't fall through again. Part of why I enjoy history is seeing the things we can learn from it. I tend to weep at the people who refuse to learn it. But something like The Lara Croft easter egg in Spyro 3 being censored, I just don't see the big deal about it. Personally I don't like censorship, but I just don't see the point in bringing up something like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 censoring something that jiggles boobs up and down. I love seeing booty as much as the next guy, that's why Pornhub exists. Yes, it sucks it got censored. But if we're going to bring up every Playstation game on the Playstation 3, Vita and 4 systems that has censored something that is relatively obscure and hidden from the general public then that's just taking things a bit too far. You can argue about the censorship on principle angle, but in this day and age I think we have it pretty good in regards to what gets censored and what doesn't. This is just nitpicking, and doesn't necessarily affect how we play the games. Censors are mostly visual changes anyway.
  4. Not necessarily true. I knew plenty of adults back in the 1990s who played video games. The difference between then and now is video games were mostly seen as a niche activity. My own dad who is now in his mid 60s used to play some Goldeneye 007 with me for fun, and because of him I was exposed to a lot of computer games including Diablo, Starcraft and Simcity 3000. The people who looked down upon video games were people like Jon Lieberman who tried to ban violent video games after the whole Mortal Kombat/DOOM controversy that took place back in the day. Didn't stop video game developers from making Duke Nukem 3D, which was the the first computer game I played that featured half naked women showing off tits, gore and limbs flying off enemies, and showing a lot of sexual references. A lot of parents didn't understand video games and just saw them as toys. You're still going to be judged if you get your account reviewed by a YouTuber.
  5. PC is the only system that has allowed AO ratings. But personally, as much as I hate politicians trying to censor everything they see fit, I think we're trying way too hard to find trivial things that have been censored. Most of these censors do not in any way shape or form affect the games all too much. Because most of everything I've seen here has been rather trivial, it doesn't really matter that much. One exception is the Nazi symbols removed in the German versions of Wolfenstein, since the country of Germany was pretty much a dominant threat to everything else during World War II. To this day many German citizens do not want anything to do with swastikas or stuff referencing what had happened in the past. Which is why Germany for a long time censored video games that featured the Nazis with their swastikas because that was a tragic period in time. Looks like that censor has recently been lifted, but that is barely considered progress since many countries including the USA and Australia still censor a lot of games. But I think we're asking for too much, I just see people bitching and nitpicking any game they see that has a little censor on it.
  6. Pretty soon people are going to ask for full nudity, give us the option to have real sex in a game, and stare at some woman’s fake giant tits that she paid big money for. As much as some countries are putting censors on various video games, it is not as bad as you guys think. Sooner or later there is going to be a lift to allow Adults Only games to seep through our consoles and PCs. Right now Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have banned those games from making it onto their respective systems.
  7. I didn’t agree with most of Shai’s posts, but the word elitist is thrown around so loosely and casual these days that anybody who is even a little outspoken can be seen as an elitist. But whatever. It’s probably time I spent less time on these forums since I have become more irritated with the general attitude here. Going after someone for bringing up an old thread just because I don’t want notifications from it is just silly.
  8. Most useful comment on this thread. Good job saying the obvious. Makes them meaningless. Just measures how much time and money somebody has. Good comeback. Didn’t think Phil would be into DBZ. Because assholes here can’t make a proper debate or conversation without stating ‘who the fuck cares’. Because we bothered to click on this discussion and posted on it. Anyone ever hear of just ignoring to click on the title thread?
  9. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Getting 50,000 kills was a grind, but getting A++ on all required levels and beating the game again in Hard Mode took a lot of persistence. Definitely a trial and error game that was a bit difficult at times. Velocity Ultra - The last level (50) was a bitch to perfect. This game also requires mini games to be played for the platinum, a couple of them proved frustrating. Crash Bandicoot 1 - A couple levels were difficult to get Gold on the Time Trials. Stormy Ascent DLC took two and a half hours to pull off. Call of Duty Classic - Until Call of Duty: WWII was released this was the only game to have a health bar and health packs. This in effect made Veteran difficult and frustrating. I died somewhere between 550 - 600 times on Veteran. But in the end I enjoyed the game.
  10. I wouldn't think someone like you would play through the first game. I played the first game back in 2013 - 2014 even though it doesn't have a trophy list. The first game arguably, above all the other games, did the most story wise. Much of the actual gameplay revolves around this storyline, you are ordered by your mentor to assassinate select targets in Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. The side missions were to help collect intel, the entire game was basically a boring slog that was made up by it's strong storyline. But because nobody really cares about the storyline much anymore the stories in the recent games have been piss poor. The whole Assassin vs Templar conflict has been thrown around so casually it doesn't sound like anybody takes it seriously. That was the big selling point storywise, the series had an angle with conspiracy theories and actual history that hadn't been done before in games. Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood had these puzzles where you solved them to figure out what Subject 16 was trying to get across, with the help of Desmond Miles, Lucy Stillman, Shawn Hastings and Rebecca. I thought that was very interesting, but that has since been tossed out completely and we're left with a very lackluster storyline with decent gameplay. I personally think a lot of that has been tossed aside as well. In past and older Assassin Creed games there was more of an emphasis on stealth, blending in with surroundings, interceptions, factions you could easily tell from one another and parkour races. As fun as Origins is at times it is extremely streamlined. Probably one of the easiest games I've played in the entire series. I don't consider streamlined to be always good. But anymore these days I think people in general want a more easy experience. Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the easiest AAA games I've played in a very long time, it's trophy list is nothing difficult whatsoever. Not much to do with Assassins anymore as much as this series is to do with being a warrior, or spartan rather with Odyssey. Taking away a lot of the stealth and appeal the Assassins Creed series had in the early going, but as I just said it's probably because the masses want it to be overly easy.
  11. Kind of odd Madden 13 is your first platinum. I don't know if it's possible to do solo on the Vita, though it's basically a dead game at this point.
  12. I believe story wise this was before the hidden blade. If you paid any attention to the story, Altair from the first Assassins Creed was one of the first true Assassins to don the hidden blade, which he had to sacrifice a finger for. Ezio Auditore had his own hidden blades but thanks to the help of Leonardo da Vinci, he didn't need to sacrifice any fingers. Every mainstay Assassin after Altair and Ezio had their own hidden blades. And because Odyssey takes place in the BCs, it has the oldest timeline and therefore the hidden blade did not exist. I guess you didn't play the first Assassins Creed. Odyssey does a much better job telling it's story while providing gameplay (from what I've seen on YouTube videos), whereas the first game was pretty much lackluster in gameplay. I would argue that the first game told the best story, while Assassins Creed 2 and virtually every other game in the series has been mostly on the gameplay. I wouldn't consider the story to be a strong point, there's a lot of flaws and inconsistencies. Nobody cares about the Assassins vs Templars conflict anymore really, and I hope there will be a game that will expand on the story. Hell, bring back another Desmond Miles, because the present day storyline is piss poor. Obviously the Leap of Faith has been done to death at this point. In the older Assassins Creed games climbing those monuments and towers was like solving a little puzzle. You had to solve this puzzle but you were rewarding with revealing a portion of the map, which you would synch at those jumping points and then do the Leap of Faith. It's nothing special now.
  13. I don't ever recall there being a game that adds trophies onto a DLC list that already existed, nor have I seen trophies where we don't know what they are yet.


    Just looked up the trophy list for Assassins Creed Odyssey and found some new trophies added onto the existing DLC list as well as a new DLC pack.

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    2. PermaFox


      That is a first for me, too

    3. dertswa687o


      Overwatch has added trophies for new characters to existing packs as well.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Also, anyone ever see placeholder trophies before this?

  14. I played some Origins a couple nights ago on another account and found it very fun to play. Taking away the older mission structure that lasted from Brotherhood all the way through Syndicate helped out a lot. Quests are thrown out in a different manner and being able to explore such a big landscape of Egypt is great, since I'm a sucker for Egyptian history. I'm also into Greek lore and history, so is Odyssey more of the same? I hear it's the most time consuming of the AC games to platinum.
  15. If you came this far to make an account and have posted on the forums a few times, then you've already done more than most people ever will. I think to some degree everybody who comes here on a regular basis and posts every now and then does care a little. You care about your account, your progress, the games you have done and the games you look forward to playing and completing on your profile. I will admire and maybe even mention good job on a platinum, or your profile with how I see fit. But at the end of the day I don't really care about anyone else's account but mine. And right now I'm happy with where I'm at. Arguing over trophies over in the Disputes forum, and having a certain top trophy hunter make a big fuss and bitch about a game that is multiplayer focused, that's taking things too far. All I see out of that subforum is drama. What I've seen on this topic is nothing compared to what I've seen on other forums, where people go on long tirades that last for several pages until finally a moderator steps in to stop the flame war. Play the games you want, when you want, and worry about yourself. You can't change other's opinions, and I found that out the hard way.