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  1. Far too many games for me to bother listing. You're talking the old 2-D platformer Duke Nukem that was made for crappy DOS systems?
  2. I don't bother with the old consoles. But I'm disappointed that so few PS2 games have made it to the PS4, considering the system can just power cycle through games that are over 12 years old. We live in a society of snowflakes so not too surprising there. I apologize for derailing this off topic. I will make a quick note and say that was a very bad decision on FCC's part. That just gives the bigger guys more power and more money, like it has been the past decade.
  3. Having to message someone else about finishing a hard game for them in exchange for a few easy platinums is just sad. That right there is a indication that people like FR take trophy hunting far too seriously. Then there is the suspicious activity of getting those trophies in Call of Duty Classic 45 seconds apart. Probably couldn't do the game himself because it was too hard for him so he had to get the custom timestamps in place. Doesn't surprise me. Though this dispute has pretty much run it's course.
  4. The internet was a lot less accessible back then. The best you could get was DSL, whereas you had to settle with dial-up. My dad worked with a lot of tech guys at Hewlett-Packard back in the 1990s and they basically brought him up to speed with computers. Now with smartphones being able to do everything and individual companies having superior shows, there’s no way E3 can compete on a competitive level anymore. Anything that is revealed there I just whip it up somewhere on the internet and I already got my info. E3 feels every bit as fake as the MTV Music Awards. Other shows like the Grammy Award Shows have declined over the years. Full of fake people who are there to watch a glorified cinematic trailer of a game. The same type of people who buy a game at midnight launch, rush home and play the story, then put it back on the shelf and never touch it again.
  5. Because it’s too hard?
  6. Remakes are received well when done right. Look at Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. I’ll just settle with the original Final Fantasy 7. You guys got enough Final Fantasy Games. Oh wait, this is censorship we’re talking about. I wasn’t referring to the government. I was referring to soccer moms and anybody who feels this kind of censorship is necessary. The FCC is more concerned with Net Neutrality, which has been dead in the water for a long time now, and that Patai asshole who is basically a shill for them.
  7. What unsettles me is the type of characters they play. The old guys from the 1980s - 1990s you can rally behind and look up to as role models. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Jake 'the Snake' Roberts, Honky Tonk Man, they all defined the old WWF. My era was the Attitude Era, when The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Scotty Too Hotty, Dudley Brothers, Kane, Mankind, Undertaker and so many others were busting heads. I don't like John Cena or Brock Lesnar but I will admit they had a great thing going over a decade ago, which is more than what I can say for some of today's acts. These new guys just don't have the consistency, I've seen newer WWE showings and this is a glaring detail I've noticed. Those old guys from the 80s and 90s would NEVER do something like be off television for long periods of time, or stumble around. They were consistent and they loved their work. They were also multitudes more likeable. There is not a single rookie today in my mind who is a likable as Eddie Guerrero. I loved that guy back in the day, and it's sad he died young. The switch from PG - 13 to PG is what hurt me. The big difference between then and now is those old wrestlers and writers were willing to take risks. Shifting through a lot of writers to produce something is not good. Linda McMahon took the thought process of making the WWE cleaner. It's supposed to have blood gushing out of wrestlers heads. It's supposed to be edgy and hardcore. That's what I loved about the WWF. What a turnaround to the sport I loved so much growing up.
  8. @Nighcisama, this is basically reading Monster Hunter World all over again. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne just came out, and I'm probably not surprised you won't be touching that game anytime soon. You've made good progress with Outlast 2. I feel many games with Ultra Rare platinums take dedication and perseverance to plow through. You can't expect to just get them done. Keep trying, and you'll eventually make it. Or, you can just take a break from the game.
  9. Around 60 - 70 hours for me minus the Community Challenges. This was the game that came bundled on my PS4. Played it for a bit but wasn't too concerned about finishing it as I had other games on my to-do-list. Did the story in early 2016. A bit later on I did all the Riddler collectibles, some of which I had to use YouTube for help, catch the villain himself and lock him at GCPD, and did some of the aggravating trophies. Brutality 101 took some work but I pulled it off. Did all the AR challenges around late 2016 - early 2017 including the various Batmobile DLCs. Enjoyed the freeflow AR challenges with Harley Quinn and the gang. Enjoyed the one trophy story DLCs. Then came the Community Challenges. I basically did everything but the three hardest trophies in the set. Earned the platinum at this point. I ended up spending a good 15 - 20 hours in total on the three silver trophies, I'm not exactly sure how much time I actually spent but I'm guessing around 15 hours. Finally obtained 100 percent in this game in June 2017. Still remains one of my proudest 100 percents. This game is definitely a bit of a time consumer. You have to do a second playthrough for New Game Plus and find every single Riddler collectible, that alone took up several hours. Then you have stuff like gliding under the bridges in Gotham City, drifting in the Batmobile and scoring 5 Perfect Shots on enemy tanks. With all the updates and DLC thankfully the AR challenges aren't anything difficult. It's the Community Challenges that give a lot of people trouble, as they did for me. Enjoyed this game from start to finish. A proper sendoff for Rocksteady's Batman.
  10. I took a quick glance at the Disputes forum and one particular individual has generated a lot of responses from people.


    After reading through that thread it reminds me a great deal of someone who is/was one of the top trophy hunters on this website who came crying to the staff here after he was caught for something, likely cheating and/or maintaining a team based account for years to maintain his world ranking.


    If you spent years gaining tens of thousands of trophies and you have to act like an entitled snowflake over one incident, particularly with this fellow in the Disputes forum, you are automatically a piece of shit and you should get the fuck over it.


    Why are some of these high level trophy hunters snowflakes?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spaz


      Couldn't have said it better.

    3. starcrunch061


      LOL. I peruse the dispute forum (too) often, but in regards to your final question, I can't help but recall one incident. This player was a huge loudmouth, spouting off about how any trophy is possible with enough practice, and no one should be proud of his/her trophy accomplishments. S/he even had a signature to the effect of, "You are not your trophies!" And what transpired? Why...this player was getting trophies using save files!



    4. Temmie


      Cheating trophies is dumb.  I understand why people would do it, but those bragging rights must be earned, not given.


      I'm thankful this place is mindful of the practice and works the purge the leaderboards.

  11. Pretty much today's society in a nutshell.
  12. I stopped caring a decade ago. E3 was a lot better 10 - 15 years ago because a lot less people had quick internet access and they were good about showcasing the latest games, namely Assassins Creed, Uncharted and God of War 3. Nowadays I basically get everything through leaks on Reddit or some news organization that already has a cover on one of the latest games. By the time E3 showcases the games they've already been shown somewhere on the internet. Pretty soon it will be just as irrelevant as MTV, and then people will stop caring about it.
  13. Games were more difficult years ago not necessarily by their trophy lists but the way they were designed. Never before have AAA games been so easy and accessible, and the reason for that is the masses can't be bothered with something that is challenging. Marvel's Spider-Man has one of the easiest trophy lists for a AAA game and all the praise that game has gotten is a reflection of that. Then again it's Spider-Man, the most famous and popular superhero from the Marvel universe, so having millions of copies sold in the first week isn't a big surprise. Personally I like to play a big variety, that's what keeps me going. I feel the balance of having somewhat of a challenge while not being too overwhelming has been lost in a number of AAA games. A lot of indie games have taken to both extremes. Extremely easy with no effort needed as is the case with Ratalaika Games. Or extremely difficult with countless hours of practice, such as Bleed, Super Meat Boy and Crypt of the Necrodancer. That was probably the case back in 2008 - 2010. Trophy lists in general became a bit easier after that although many games still required you to beat them on higher difficulty settings. These games still have nothing on Runescape and Maple Story, two MMOs I sunk thousands of hours into over the course of several years. A skill such as Fishing I easily sunk hundreds of hours into, and I still didn't get level 99 in it. But that's a completely different thing from trophy hunting, so I won't go any further in that. You can throw in Dante's Inferno, Vanquish, Splatterhouse, Shadows of the Damned, The Saboteur and numerous others on that list. Not quite as big budget and massive as the Battlefields, Killzones, Call of Dutys, Assassins Creed or Uncharteds were. But still good games in their own right and playable for most. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater games were also games that reached middle ground. The Playstation 2 generation had the best variety when it came to AA - AAA stuff. Not just some massive bloated multi million dollar AAA game and not some shitty indie game with a retro 1980s - 1990s look to it that some 20 something year old guy made in his garage over the weekend. It's either massive budget generated by companies like Ubisoft, or very low budget indie stuff that Ratalaika Games is probably going to try to publish into a shitty trophy list. When you look at what the PS2 and early PS3 gave us you had more of a selection of good AA titles. Now there's virtually nothing as it's basically everything but inbetween. I noticed recently we've been getting stuff that is more akin to Baldur's Gate - Diablo 2 style ported over to the PS4 from Steam. At least there's that, because I'm sort of tired of playing these retro indie low budget games.
  14. I never liked Brock Lesnar. Basically a steroid fueled wrestler who works "part time", yet gets away with shit because Vince McMahon is still head of WWE. One of my friends in real life tried to get me to watch WWE recently. Tried to watch, couldn't help but cringe at what it is now. Watching those old 1980s - 1990s - early 2000s WWF shows makes me have tears in my eyes. It was so fucking good. No wonder millions of guys idolized Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and all those greats who left their mark. I grew up on guys like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit and to see the sport as it is today I just can't help but shake my head. There are fans much older than me who still enjoy WWE but it's definitely targeting a much different audience now than the audience that was watching some 15 - 20 years ago. It's basically "I'll give the WWE a chance, see how it is". After a few shows are done I go "Well, time to throw in the towel, there's nothing interesting".
  15. One big shift I see is the multiplayer requirements being nerfed, or some cases being outright removed. Red Dead Redemption is a game that I consider to be my favorite from the PS3/360 generation. Yet the online requirements even for just the platinum were a bit hectic. Even in it's prime when multiplayer was very active I don't think you would of easily gotten 10 Assists without a boosting partner. Posse Up needs eight people although that was probably fairly easy early in the game's life. Red Dead Redemption 2 just looks grindy. The multiplayer trophies are certainly much easier, the only trophy that may pose a challenge is getting those Gold Metals in the Story Missions. Other than that it's pretty much a 200+ hour adventure, but at least Rockstar made it time consuming so too many people wouldn't get it. I don't think it has to do with physical going away and digital becoming more commonplace. It's more to do with everything being more streamlined. I think most of everyone will agree that that is a good thing, myself included. But I have definitely noticed you don't have to put in nearly as much work for a lot of AAA games anymore as you had to do back in the day on the PlayStation 2 or early in the Playstation 3 era. That's not me singling out trophy hunters/achievement hunters. Just gamers in general being a big more casual and less tolerance for stuff that is overly cryptic and long. I struggled with a lot of PS2 games back when I went to high school and college. Nowadays with the late PS4 era and probably the PS5 generation, I don't have to try hard at all to beat the story in a lot of AAA games. Probably more to do with me having 25+ years of gaming experience and being in my 30s. But it's definitely an interesting topic to think about. A lot of PS3 games were like this. Nothing too hard but you had to play with the difficulty turned up if you wanted those platinums. Most AAA games required you to beat them on a certain difficulty setting, find all collectibles and maybe have a trophy for beating a section without dying. In the past year much of that has been removed. Assassins Creed Odyssey from what I've seen in videos looks like the easiest Assassins Creed game in the franchise. It's just time consuming. A big reason why it's so popular is much of the challenge has been removed to make way for a Game of Thrones like experience.