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  1. I'm pushing some games back and pulling some games forward, but here's another game update list of what I plan to do.


    1. Guacamelee

    2. Bastion

    3. Titan Souls (just bought on PS Store)

    4. Saints Row IV

    5. Assassins Creed 3

    6. Trine 2: Complete Story

    7. Assassins Creed Unity

    8. Vanquish (or Dokuro)

    9. Dark Souls (or Yakuza Kiwami for 200th platinum)


    Dark Souls looks pretty likely for my 200th. I have to do some research on Yakuza since I don't know too much about the game.


    Titan Souls and Vanquish look to be the hardest games on the list. Titan Souls is beginning to end a difficult game. Vanquish just has that one challenge that most people tend to struggle with.


    Guacamelee and Bastion are pretty self explanatory. Saints Row IV, Assassins Creed 3 and Unity are just clearing out a backlog that's been sitting on my shelf for the last three - four years.


    Trine 2: Complete Story looks tedious but I love the series so this was pretty much a must buy for me.


    I may switch out for Dokuro if I'm in the mood to play it.

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    2. Fen


      I’m crossing my fingers for Bastion staying on that list (and in 2nd place). I’m curious to read about what you think of it when you’ve made more progress, so go wild in case you feel like sharing your thoughts at a later point. 


      I know it’s critically acclaimed for an indie - and irl friends loved it (on mobile) as much as some of my PSN acquaintances claimed they did - but after I went in, hyped and looking forward to finally getting to play it myself, I managed to stick with it for all of 10 or 15 minutes tops before I dropped and backlogged it again. For ages. It’s possible that my impatience got the better of me, so I do want to go back to it again sometime. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Yakuza 0 is actually part of PlayStation greatest hits so it's $20 at GameStop or the PlayStation store.


      But yea fair enough. I'd prioritize saving money and spending it wisely/ finishing your backlog first. Good luck on your next game!

    4. Spaz


      That is pretty good insight.


      So far I don’t like it as much as Transistor. Both have a similar trophy list in that you have to play with penalizers, meaning the enemies become stronger. But I doubt it will be that difficult.