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  1. Yeah awesome right ? A reason to go back and play this game again.
  2. I accidently chose the Bow
  3. When I synched my trophies today the order was finally perfect again. Later I earned some trohpies in an older game and now I'm having this stupid issue again... -.-
  4. Got the exact same problem since I started Final Fantasy VII. It's been really frustrating cause I thought it's a bug in the game or my psn profile. I'm reliefed that I'm not the only one with this problem
  5. I have one beat key left if someone wants it
  6. Hi , I'm still waiting for you to contact me 😅
  7. Alright . Thanks a lot
  8. Hi I'm interested in your offer I tried to contact you on psn but it oddly does not work :/ Would be Happy if you contact me ^^ PSN: Muhammed777
  9. In my PSN Portable ID Widget : It does not show the Completion Percentage anymore, under "Completion" stands just : "%" instead of :"19%" "44,1%" or so.
  10. 5892 unearned trophies Because I did a lot game sharing earlier, and I had so many games that I had no time to hunt the trophies, or the people got there accounts back
  11. Oh ok, good to hear I thought I have to delete it because my problems is solved
  12. sorry guys I dont know how to delete this topic
  13. Normally it cant be that you have beaten all the enemys without getting the trophy :/ But you can do the Korin tower fights in one of the other story arc's, they count to the trophy too
  14. Not really. you just have to make a combo set, can't explain it Write me on psn and i can show it to you.
  15. Really? Haha ok thank you