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  1. 2:41, not bad i think
  2. La Merced
  3. My save just got corrupted. Thank you ubisoft. 63%, every collectables collected. I feel great.
  4. Alternate Reality Do 1000 points in KC NG N P (L R X) No idea what is this trophy. Could anyone explain?
  5. Fortunately, game works. I deleted bigger patch and nothing, tried load without internet connection, without patch and still nothing. But what i did, deleted small patch (~30mb), downloaded again and game started work. Now I know that every 2-3 hours i will copy save to cloud. AC3 is really fun, but i dont wanted to do everything again...
  6. Popped a half hour ago. Pure luck 🍀
  7. Amplitude - after 2 years I will try to do it again Steep - because ps plus Jotun - Valhalla mode is waiting for over one year to finish
  8. nier automata, got bored after a few hours
  9. Gravity Rush, I got bored and I didn't finish it
  10. How? Half milion gold is glitched as you can see.
  11. Definitely .detuned. Never ever seen something weird like this.