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  1. The difficulty trophies are part of a separate trophy list for the Legendary Edition where you still have to finish the 3 games in Insanity
  2. It's the same as the one from Mass Effect 3 back in 2013 👀
  3. Same here mate, maybe because I don't have a PS5 yet 👀
  4. Hello guys, I managed to platinum the game last year but I'm still to get the 100% because I haven't started any of the DLCs. Last week it was revealed that an unexpected update of the game on Steam gave all the DLCs for free. My question is : Did we also get an update on PS3 that included all DLC in the base game ? (a bit like what happened to Doom 2016 on PS4 some time ago). Has anyone seen anything or got an update in the last coupe of weeks ? The game isn't installed on my system at the moment so I can' check for myself.
  5. It seems like you enjoy JRPG quite a lot
  6. It's very easy just time consuming ! It took me about 3 weeks to earn Beauty is Pain and I was only playing on week ends and a bit after work - all the other trophies just came along the way. I'm really not a great competitive multiplayer gamer on console due to the controller; and I only managed about 187 ppm by the end of my grind. In TDM I was really poor usually getting 5k - 7k XP, but I was quite good in SECTOR and DOMINATION with 18k - 20k points per game.
  7. The DLCs are free now and part of the base game - just update your game to the latest version and you're good to go ! I got the 100% not long ago
  8. In the meantime I've been using the following guide from another website: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/the-surge/guide/ it's good enough to keep an eye on the missable trophies and know when to back-up a save on the cloud when necessary
  9. That was sooo clutch !!
  10. I earned this trophy back in March 2011 and it was already super dead ! It took my friend and myself about a full afternoon to get the 50 wins each and I'd say that we had about 85% success rate in finding each other so I guess you'be closer to 100% 10 years later haha.
  11. I'm really looking forward to playing this game but i will wait until we have a proper PS5 version and all the bugs have been fixed. I did wait a couple of years to play The Witcher 3 as well and the game was running perfectly =)
  12. I do put my top10 rarest platinum trophies =)
  13. I just managed to beat this challenge on my first try ! I was actually very scared of the difficulty after all I've read on these forums so I studied a few videos and strategies but in the end I went with my guts and it worked ! I've detailed below my loadout ! First of all I played the game on Hard up to chapter 17 while doing all the side missions to get as many manuscripts as possible and I ended with 336 SP. Cloud : HP (9158), MP (196) Weapon: Twin Stinger - I decided to reset my upgrades and activate Reprieve; then I simply used Auto 2: Prioritize Attack to get it fully upgraded. Materia: Healing (MAX), ATB Boost (MAX), HP UP (MAX), HP UP (4/5), MP UP (4/5), MP UP (4/5), Levianthan (MAX) Armor: Chain Bangle Materia: Fire (MAX) linked to Elemental (MAX), Revival (MAX), MP UP (3/5) Accessory: Headband ------------------------------------ Barret : HP (9451), MP (89) Weapon: EKG Cannon - As I did for Cloud, I decided to reset my upgrades and activate Reprieve; then I simply used Auto 2: Prioritize Attack to get it fully upgraded. Materia: Time (MAX), Barrier (MAX), HP UP (MAX), HP UP (1/5), Revival (1/2), ATB Stagger (MAX), Bahamut (MAX) Armor: Supreme Bracer Materia: Fire (1/3) linked to Elemental (2/3), MP UP (3/5) Accessory: Survival Vest ------------------------------------- Aerith : HP (7114), MP (187) Weapon: Reinforced Staff - As I did for Cloud & Barret, I decided to reset my upgrades and activate Reprieve; then I simply used Auto 2: Prioritize Attack to get it fully upgraded. Materia: MP UP (4/5), MP UP (4/5), HP UP (4/5), HP UP (4/5), Magic UP (4/5), Magic UP (4/5), Shiva (MAX) Armor: Supreme Bracer Materia: Magnify (MAX) linked to Healing (MAX), Fire (MAX) Accessory: Circlet ------------------------------------- The only real piece of strategy that I used was to cast an Arcane Ward against Shiva and spam her with Firaga (doubled) and attack with Cloud when she was staggered. She did cast her Ultimate against me and the party survived with 1 HP each (Reprieve) then Magnify Healing with Aerith. Fat Chocobo is straight forward just a bit long. Against Leviathan I used Barrett to cast Manawall on Aerith before the Tidal Wave, then Aerith to Magnify Healing on everyone. Against Bahamut I used both Aerith and Barrett one after the other to mess up with the AI, switching to Cloud from time to time to ramp up the damage. Bahamut did cast Megaflare once, all my party got to 1 HP thanks to Reprieve and then Magnify Healing with Aerith and all back to full health ! When Bahamut invokes Ifrit, just play with Cloud and attack Bahamut while Ifrit is busy healing you. When Bahamut is dead just dispose of Ifrit. For Pride and Joy I mostly used Cloud to deal damage, Barrett with Maximum Fury, Aerith with Heals and Ray of Judgement. Hope this helps ------------------------------------- This trophy is also my milestone for Level 400 !!!
  14. Haha that's a funny thought that you spend NYE 2019/2020 getting killed by an Alien
  15. When you play the NYMHC mode you won't have a choice and you will have to play with Free Aim! Therefore I'd recommend using Free Aim as soon as you can =)