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  1. I purchased the game back in 2013 as a physical copy and even for me the game froze twice in a row at this exact miniboss on chapter 13. Luckily the 3rd time i got there while playing offline it didn't freeze and I managed to beat it, It just seems to be very random and based on luck more than anything else to be honest. Also I did this on my fat PS3 that I bought in 2008 so it's a 12 years old console, not sure if it played a big role on the game freezing though.
  2. Thanks !! Guess I'll be playing some Doom in the next few days to reach the 100% completion
  3. Can you guys just confirm that the DLC are now free of charge ? I did platinum the game back in 2016 but never really got into the MP. Now I see that there are potentially 21 trophies for me to grab with a bit of grinding !!
  4. That's chapter 13, really close to the end of the game !
  5. You'll make it very soon seeing how close you are to beating it ! For your information I never managed to blow the cars by shooting them, or if they did blow it was way too late and the ennemies were already out. I didn't use the dual welding auto 9mm because it doesn't work for me but stayed with the big assault rifle
  6. I was thinking about it last night and figured it would be nice to have it every 25 levels. I'll take the 10 levels too !
  7. Have you watched some NYMHC videos on Youtube ? That helped me a lot to find the safest strategies to use There's a guy that does NYM tutorial videos without melee kills - this helped me a lot when I was playing the levels. I would literally pause my gameplay before a hard encounter and watch the video to see how this guy was doing. This is the link to the playlist on his Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxo-C2zwDbopc4e8ITQih21fVdnA3V8C7 The good thing is that you don't have to take it as fast as he does because the timer does carry over from chapter to chapter.
  8. This is how my account looks like trophy wise: * Platinum: 92 * Gold: 336 * Silver: 959 * Bronze: 3576 Before the update I was at level 26 and 12% After the update I'm now at level 389 and 23%; which means Silver 1 after 12 years of trophy hunting
  9. Hi, If there was a kind soul to give me a certified, a painted item and/or a very rare item it'll be awesome! I've been super unlucky with drops :'( I have legacy status which means we shouldn't need the 500 credits to trade if you are legacy too ! Hit me up
  10. This was my 3rd platinum back in 2008!! I have great memories of my trophy hunt It's one of the best game I ever play. I'd definitely recommend playing the sequel, Dead Space 2, which is my favorite of the serie
  11. In this area after you kill the 6 snipers I stayed in cover behind the cart to kill the 2 guys that arrived from the right of the building. The 2 on the left I killed them using slow motion. I've heard that the sniper with the red laser is a one shot kill without last man standing. My advice would be to never shootdodge because it makes you too vulnerable if you fail to kill the ennemies. You won't have a perfect run and you will keep having close calls and fails, but just stay calm and keep trying. On my successful run I almost died at the very beginning of chapter 11 when you are in the crew cabin in the ship. I was 1 shot away from death and took it super slow. I think I wasted more than 1 minute to kill one ennemy because I was so close to death.
  12. It's amazing to see people also choosing The Witcher 3 as a milestone platinum !! For me it was my 50th platinum earned in 2016 !!
  13. #92 Max Payne 3 (PS3) Rarity : 0.71% Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 7/10 The first trophy I earned in this game was back in October 2012 and I remember that I hated the game at the time. I was a fan of Max Payne 1 & 2 for the fast-paced action and fun. At the time Max Payne 3 felt slow and a bit boring for my taste. Still I managed to finish the game and played some of the multiplayer up to level 11. Then fast-forward almost 8 years later and for some reason I wanted to give the game a fresh start. I also wanted to clear some of the easy trophies this game has to offer which I didn't achieve last time (for instance inviting someone from your friend list or the numerous collectibles). In the end I invested almost a month of my life to clear the whole trophy list (without DLCs). I even enjoyed the infamous "The Shadows Rushed Me" trophy (0.80%) where you have to basically speedrun through the game on a permadeath setting. It was tough but fair, and on my 7 attempts I died twice to ennemies; killed myself once by jumping in the water, and the game glitched/crashed on me 3 times. I think this platinum is one of my proudest with Killzone 2. It's not as hard as people make to be, it's just a matter of knowing where the ennemies and painkillers are, and practice again and again. This made me want to get back to work on the platinum for Vanquish on PS3 now, for which I'm only missing 1 final trophy that I gave up on almost 10 years ago now. The only very annoying part of Max Payne 3 was the multiplayer grind to level 50, but it's not as bad as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 5. I took it slow over 2 weeks. Very proud in the end
  14. Did you tape your game CD back together ? Good luck with attempt 43, you'll make it !
  15. I had the glitch on Chapter 7 where the level wouldn't load properly. For me it happened just after the sequence where you're being pulled by a chain. When you get out of this building you're passing through a train and then you have to cross a big red metal double gate which triggers a cinematic. I avoided the loading glitch by letting the cinematic play without skipping it. It worked for each of my 3 runs where I got to this point. For the glitch on Chapter 13 where the game would freeze when the LMG mini boss spawns I followed @z99f advices and also turned my internet connexion to "disabled" in the console's settings. These tricks helped me achieve a glitchless run Hopefully it will as well for you !