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  1. It's fun with friends. On my own I wouldn't have enjoyed it though.
  2. Gotten harder IMO just a lot less grindy.
  3. I recommend downloading the Brady guide. Or if you can buy it.
  4. Just got the trophy. It doesn't work on unranked servers.
  5. I do that, but sometimes I still have those urges. It's really annoying. Hell sometimes I am glad a game I gets unobtainable. And sometimes you have a game like Stardew Valley. Had a lot of fun doing the game with my friend, but then you have that "Festers Challenge" trophy.
  6. Trophy hunting.... Seriously I have grinded all these difficult trophies and wasted so much time on getting them. When I look back at it I just see a addict who plays games not for fun, but just for getting the bling or to get that 100%. Problem is I still have these urges. Worst of all is those DAMN DLC trophies I buy all those overpriced DLC to get that 100%.
  7. Tried tried it without batteries and on another place, still no luck. The only other thing would be that it needs to be done in ranked.
  8. Thanks for the replies
  9. I just killed 2 people on the same spot in bob wire on the same spot in 2 different rounds. And I still haven't received the trophy. DAFAQ Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? Don't go in There! trophy doesn't pop!
  10. Will this be paid or free?
  11. After Code:Veronica they can stop it. ;P At least I hope they remaster that one to.
  12. If I where Bethesda I would clean up the game pronto and have a 48h or 24h trail. So people can test the game before buying.
  13. Wait isn't 20th Century going to merge with Disney?
  14. Monster Hunter World
  15. You even get a trophy for that "Dastardly"