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  1. Dark Souls II, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin or Dark Souls III (Don't make me pick one of them XD)
  2. The regular players only use cheap kills with their crossbow and shock... Always. One of the worst and most annoying MP I've ever seen in my Life, just like the Tomb Raider MP but I least there you can boost without any help.
  3. Well thank you everyone for your comments. And you're totally right LetsTurnJu-On. The challenge board of my action skill was counting all kills i did when my shield was active. I just did a few more kills THROWING my shield and I got it. Thank You
  4. So, I'm playing with Athena, level 14 right know and I have 256 kills with my action skill and let me tell you my trophy didn't pop up. What should I do?