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  1. Nope
  2. So i have the physical and my son played it on his account and unlocked cars and decals and i started playing after the f2p and i have the dlc cars but none from the main game
  3. Congrats on getting it
  4. No one to connect with or cant connect at all
  5. Im having trouble finding regular matches i feel like that is a good sign for boosting
  6. Thank you
  7. Trophydad i had a flash back card from completing a set and i traded it in for a sunset master gold pack, which needed one untradable collectible once that happened the trophy popped
  8. Im down to start this tonight if people are willing to help
  9. Also got it
  10. Any one have more info on hut ultimate competitor?
  11. Just got it thanks for all the help
  12. With two fridays left do you think a master set is still possible?
  13. If its still up im down to boost
  14. It looks like earnings new trophies helped