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  1. I guess this can be locked now since the game is no longer glitched.
  2. I haven't played a COD game since MW3 so I'm not going to touch this one despite its currently being free. Gaming's most overrated series got stale and repetitive a long time ago if you ask me.
  3. Good to know, hopefully the patch arrives soon.
  4. For a game that preaches that there's no wrong answers, they sure as hell can't get it to work right. One of the trophies (the lone gold one) is currently unobtainable, it fails to register when you've done what's needed. Some of the others take multiple attempts to get, when I got them I'd deleted my save file to start fresh because they failed to pop the first time around. Don't buy this unless it gets patched.
  5. Shaq Fu and Bubsy get new games but Legacy of Kain doesn't? Oh this is truly a world without justice.
  6. Digital Leisure's new slot machine is dirty as hell, three times I came within 5000 or less chips of the 100,000 needed for that damned Golden Emperor trophy. One of those times I finished with 99,800. But after 2 1/2 hours of trying, I finally scored 113,600 to get it.
  7. 11 spins used yesterday and still nothing after trying daily for six months. Fuck Four Kings Casino, fuck Digital Leisure, and fuck this stupid trophy.
  8. I'm about to give up on this one by cursing Digital Leisure out in an in game bug report about how stupid this trophy is, since late October of last year I've had no luck getting it. Then if I'm lucky, these morons will ban me until 12/31/2099 like they did one person I know so I can never set foot in their lousy rigged digital casino ever again.
  9. How the hell do you go from Stage 1 to Stage 2 on the selection screen? It won't let me do that. Edit: I got it, had to use shoulder button. Feel like a dumb ass. LOL
  10. Definitely one of the dumbest trophies Four Cows Casino has ever come up with, too random and too unfair. SMH
  11. Today's 1.02 patch actually fixes the trophy images. Better late than never right? LOL
  12. I don't think it's coming back.
  13. hi i have trouble with the record score trophy in Aero Fighters 2 how did you get it?

    it really bugs me i want to 100% the game T_T

    1. Colin_Raleigh


      Sorry I didn't see this sooner but it looks like you got that trophy in the meantime, good news there.

    2. Greek-God88


      yes i had to do the regular mode not Highscore mode.

      I started there with over 50 continues after getting to last stage i died over and over and cheated by using 2 controllers then i could upload the trophy. If i would have given up i would get it too haha.


  14. The way you throw the tantrum is the way you live your life.

  15. I'm not going to lie, having a train wreck mentality at times is why I played this. It joins other awful games in my collection like Inner Kung Fu Game and Yorbie. No idea what it is, but sometimes I just want to see how bad a game really is.