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  1. I had trouble getting that trophy too but a few attempts of employing methods similar to yours eventually got it to pop.
  2. There's a trophy for getting all collectibles in one stage and all collectibles in all of the stages, both are currently glitched and unobtainable. Due to the inability to get 2 of the game's 7 trophies, the 100% is not possible.
  3. They made the sequel too goddamn hard, this game's a cheap and unfair piece of fucking shit. SMH
  4. MK9 was basically a time altered reboot of the first three MK titles, because of this the events of MK4, MKDA, MKD, and MKA didn't happen (MK/DC was simply a what if scenario and doesn't count, it was a lousy game anyway too). MKX while having a few basics from MK4 events is an entirely different story. There was also a comic book series that took place between MK9 and MKX, events in it are sometimes mentioned in MKX and MK11.
  5. That "Kain of Duty" title got cancelled in closed beta status so technically it doesn't count since it never got released. And even if it did, it still doesn't count because it's a blasphemous abomination. Legacy of Kain and multiplayer don't go together, don't know why Square Enix thought that'd be a good idea. Stupid as hell, even by their standards.
  6. We live in a world where garbage like Bubsy lives on but Legacy of Kain has been dead for over 15 years, let that depressing little fact sink in.
  7. It's still a fun game despite the inability to 100% it, a shame such things make some people balk at playing certain games like this nowadays. I've actually gone back and replayed Necropolis from time to time since getting every single trophy in it except for the glitched one.
  8. It froze on me and the weapons also froze countless times in the game, it's total ass gravy. Pieces of shit like this get put on sale for a reason, Sony can't make any money off of them under normal circumstances.
  9. Another Gilson B. Pontes game huh? I'll bet it's about as much fun as gargling hot elephant diarrhea while a narwhal's horn aggressively tickles your prostate and rusty nails stab your eyeballs.
  10. Okay, that definitely fixed it. Thank you.
  11. I never hid any trophies but after updating my profile several hours ago when there was a warning saying this site was having issues, it's now showing that the majority of them are hidden. What exactly is going on and how do I fix it? This is extremely annoying.
  12. Oh I'm absolutely certain Digital Leisure rigs this, after all a lot of their games in the casino are rigged. I can recall many times in the past I'd hit a losing streak in games like slots, machine games, roulette, and craps so I'd back off and come back after a few days. But even after doing that, the bad streak continues. It's like it's set up to where they sadistically force you to work through (and in terms of monetary amount via game chips, pay through) a bad stretch before you win again. It seems the Daily Super Slot is the same way, even more so if Digital Leisure doesn't like a person. Hell, I know of one person they really don't like that they banned until the end of the century so that's proof right there how childish and cheatful they can be. Looking back on this since I gave up and deleted this shitstorm mockery of a casino over a week ago, I'm glad I stopped playing. Digital Leisure pissed me off so bad I'm boycotting all of their products from here on out. It feels good no longer stressing out over a trophy that's certainly unobtainable for some people like myself. I can accept if I can't get some trophies due to not being good at something (for example, I'll never platinum MKX because I'm awful at online versus) or say if a game's online servers are lifeless or no longer in service. But something that's both insanely random and/or rigged like this We Three Kings trophy? No fucking thanks. I'm done, going to spend my time on games that are actually enjoyable unlike this bullshit. Fuck this trophy, fuck Four Kings Casino, and fuck Digital Leisure. 'Nuff said.
  13. It's nothing but luck based random fucking bullshit and/or quite possibly even something extremely scandalous, my reasons for saying this is given how Digital Leisure can be with users that they don't like I wouldn't put it past them to to make We Three Kings impossible to achieve for said individuals. For example, you know how saying the word rigged gets you a tin foil hat? There's been a rumor floating around for the past couple of years that's how they track and keep tabs on people who complain about their games. Not sure if it's true, but hearing shit like that really makes me wonder. Plus I've complained about Digital Leisure's questionable casino more than once in the past, so I wouldn't put it past them to make this trophy far more difficult for some users than others. After all, there's already been considerable complaints from many people who say that Four Fucks is nothing like real life casinos. As an individual who's been to multiple casinos in the past, I agree with that statement 100% and will also say this. Digital Leisure couldn't run an honest and realistic casino to save their own lives, they truly do need to be investigated by whatever the Canadian version of the Better Business Bureau is because it's all too obvious. There's some shady motherfucking bullshit afoot.
  14. After nine months plus recently buying 200 spins in an attempt to get this trophy, I decided to officially say to hell with it and give up. Digital Leisure rigs this shit, people. Don't waste your time or money on this fucked up abomination that's nothing like a real life casino. Do what I should've done a long time ago, and that's delete this worthless piece of shit off of your hard drive. I deleted Four Fucks Casino for good this time a few minutes ago, Digital Leisure is run by a bunch of corrupt fuckwads who should be in prison for fraud where they'll be put in prison cells with big burly inmates that'll pump their asses full of diseased filled semen. Fuck Four Kings, I've had it.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, guess I'll give this a shot.