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  1. I didn't see an option to buy all the tables yet in the PS store the last time I'd looked, only a few of them. Was this an option recently added there?
  2. I'm a big pinball fan but no way am I touching this until they get their shit fixed, end of story.
  3. A progressive round of bingo takes about 20 minutes too but the most I ever won on that was 4,248 crowns and the room was nearly full. Digital Leisure clearly has a massive poker bias unfortunately, quite annoying.
  4. As of today (6/20/20), the get a big win in 2 seasons trophy is now obtainable. The seasonal slot machines have changed from spring to summer.
  5. I can confirm this too, I got this trophy several minutes ago doing the same exact thing that you described. You know, it's funny when I think about it. I once met someone on 4 Kings who had 10 million chips at one point but lost them all going for this trophy at 40,000 chips per attempt in High Rollers. Don't know what ever happened to this guy, but he'd really be kicking himself right now if he ever found out about this shortcut. Props on one hell of a great discovery there.
  6. Overall I'd say the hardest thing would be paying $20 each for these. I like the classics and am a big fan, but they can fuck right off with that shit.
  7. Actually I found out and feel rather dumb now, I had to craft a blue fertilizer maker. First time I had to make one, so I'd had no idea that was needed. I do now though.
  8. All the machines in the second island prior to getting the elephant won't give me the blue fertilizer I need to plant the elemelon seeds so I can get the elephant. What do I do? Goddamn game is driving me nuts! Please help, thanks.
  9. Guess the rebalancing isn't happening, which is a damn shame because poker is favored way too much on 4 Kings. For example, winning a 100,000 chip poker in a game of 6 players nets you 375,000 chips and 24,500 crowns. But when I once won over 800,000 chips on a single bonus round on slots, all I got was a paltry 793 crowns. Talk about bullshit.
  10. Didn't even know there was a section for this. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Anyway, most people call me Colin online because I've got a very uncommon first name that they usually forget. No big deal, I'm fine with it. I actually don't consider myself a trophy hunter, more casual with that stuff and play more for fun than anything else. For example, one of my favorite PS4 games is Necropolis and the 100% on it is impossible due to a glitched trophy. A shame completionists avoid that one, they're really missing out on a fun title. Also in regards to online I've been a regular on Playstation Trophies for nearly a decade. On a personal note in regards to offline, I've never been married but came close once and I live in a part of California nicknamed New San Francisco. There's more about me, but I'll keep it brief. Hi everybody.
  11. Despite my very obvious anger in previous posts in this thread, I did eventually go back and try for this trophy. Finally got it several months ago, only took about 2 damn years.
  12. It took me a month and a half but I finally got the Freer Than Free trophy in the latest DLC. Majority of my attempts to do so involved spins of the minimum 250 chip bet. Given how annoying and frustrating going for this one is, it's wise to do it that way. The remaining pair of DLC trophies won't be acquired by anyone until summer for one and winter for the other so all we can do is fulfill what's needed to get them and wait. Nasty trophies, hopefully the next DLC pack is nowhere near as bad as this one.
  13. Definite grindfest and boring at that.
  14. I had trouble getting that trophy too but a few attempts of employing methods similar to yours eventually got it to pop.
  15. There's a trophy for getting all collectibles in one stage and all collectibles in all of the stages, both are currently glitched and unobtainable. Due to the inability to get 2 of the game's 7 trophies, the 100% is not possible.