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  1. To each their own but these religious facade games are really starting to get old.
  2. Got the platinum in 154 seconds, thanks.
  3. In the event that this is true, hopefully whoever buys Square Enix will actually treat the long dormant Legacy of Kain series properly.
  4. Guessing this is easier for Breakthrough Gaming than passing around the collection plate at Sunday service.
  5. These games are probably some kind of scam to get money, a modern day Jim and Tammy Faye Baker if you will.
  6. Last level took me several tries but I finally got it. For the record, there seems to be a delayed reaction to some of the trophies. Something I'd noticed when I finally got the 5th touchdown, so just give it a moment. It'll appear.
  7. I've known some irritating religious facades over the years, seeing a game like this could make them react either way. Either they'd offer long winded praises or they'd get their tampons in a twist.
  8. That was a long read but totally worth it. Sounds like a game to avoid but on the plus side, your description was hilarious. LOL
  9. And I thought Life of Black Tiger was bad, I'd rather give birth to a chair than touch this sloppy jalopy. EDIT: What the hell, it's only 49 cents and I could use a good laugh.
  10. Can't find any players for King of the Race. SMH
  11. I don't see it in the NA store yet.
  12. "Back in my day when we walked 10 miles to school in snow blizzards, platinums were much harder to get. You kids got it easy today in getting platinums." Sorry but that's what this rant sounds like. LOL
  13. Damn, you're certainly crabby. If you must know, sometimes I check out guides on here when I'm stuck on a game. Do I have your permission for that?
  14. I can't get it to work. SMH EDIT: Nevermind, you need a second player to do it. Figured it out.
  15. I play whatever I want and to hell with trophies, that's the way I look at it.