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  1. Guide was quite useful, thank you.
  2. How do you get this one? I have no idea how to make it pop. SMH
  3. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely an excellent movie. We just found it surprising that both the original and the sequel ended cliffhanger style. Furthermore, Reagan is a far more believable and convincing badass than Disney Star Wars' Wonder Rey will ever be.
  4. A couple of months ago, my girlfriend and I went to see A Quiet Place 2. It was kind of funny when the end of the movie occurred because she blurted out: "What the hell? You're doing that cliffhanger shit again?" Everyone in the movie theater laughed.
  5. Thanks, something I might look into. Interestingly enough, her cat was named after a video game character. My idea.
  6. Well I help my girlfriend look after her cat sometimes, so maybe. It'd be fun to show her this. 😺
  7. To be fair, Magus was so bad it was funny. I couldn't stop laughing at all the lousy dialogue, it was worth playing just for that.
  8. I had trouble too but I gave up, game's a cheap and cheating worthless piece of shit. Died at the end boss with no ability to continue, not exactly fair.
  9. I have a trainwreck mentality at times, sometimes I'll actually play bad games just for shits and giggles. Some examples of the worst PS4 titles I've played are Yorbie, Life of Black Tiger, Hidden, Spectrewoods, Attack of The Toy Tanks, Lizard Lady Vs. The Cats, Superhero-X, Batman Arkham Knight, Deer Simulator, Neverlast, MOP: Operation Cleanup, Troubleshooter, Toro, Inksplosion, Fear of Traffic, Brain Breaker, Pharaonic, Castles, Gladiator: Blades of Fury, Dark Mystery, Eliosi's Hunt, NeverEnd, The Unknown City - Episode 1, Horse Racing, and Little Adventure On The Prairie.
  10. Still down, considering the fact that many other services have also been effected this is either one massive screw up or the latest cyber attack from Russia or something.
  11. I got the term of "PSN busy," that's a new one. Just say it's down Sony, don't beat around the bush.
  12. The Finder trophy from the game Fear of Traffic has the least number of achievers out of all of my trophies, to this day I am the only one who has it according to this website.
  13. Not going to lie, this game is ass. Easy platinum though.
  14. Admittedly it's not very good, controls are stiff and the AI is cheap. Easy 100% though.
  15. A pity this game has no space docking. 😄