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  1. #63 - Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (PS3) The end of the Sly Cooper PS2 trilogy, and a good end in terms of story, but for gameplay, well I ended up with mixed feelings. The first four episodes I really enjoyed for the most part. The first four episodes of Sly 3 really showed the improvements in Sly 3's presentation compared to Sly 2. Instead of some villains having two episodes that share a similar theme or visuals, each episode has their own villains in unique locations so you don't feel like Sly 3 is trying to put a ton of padding to itself. After the prologue, the first episode takes place in Venice, a city in Italy, and the first thing you'll notice is that Sly 3 is brighter and more colorful than Sly 2. Even in the game's dark areas or night time settings, it's never too dark to see. Now sure, the PS3 HD collection made Sly 1 and 2 easier to see by not making the games almost pitch black like they were on the PS2 and all games support 3D as well. Either way, Sly 3 looks great and seeing it in HD on a big TV is really nice. Also, the time of day changes as you progress through the episodes, so at the start of the Venice episode, it'll be night time but as you reach the end of the episode it becomes day light. This really helps make it feel like these missions are done in a span of time instead of getting the feeling that the night never ends until the Cooper Gang finished their operation. Gameplay saw improvements from Sly 2, flashlight guards actually use their melee attacks and give you some time to attack or escape to avoid taking damage, the rooftop guards would actually try to dodge your attacks or block them too so combat is definitely refined here and less stale. Flashlight guards also don't flinch or get knocked back every time you hit them so this gives you a chance to land a few more hits instead of taking a cheap gun shot immediately after you hit them. Bentley is way more fun to play, he can do things like jumping multiple times and actually placing a bomb on an enemy's pocket, so you don't have to use the sleep darts every single time. Murray can turn into a ball to reach great heights and by default he can run and jump while carrying things, it's not necessary to buy a power-up to do that anymore. Murray and Bentley can also pickpocket too, so you don't have to worry about only playing as Sly if you want to get a lot of coins early on for power-ups. You also get coins for pickpocketing loot right away, no need to return to the Safehouse just to sell them, since well most people were gonna sell them anyways. Sly 3 has more useful power-ups this time around, like being able to do several powerful attacks as Sly when pressing Triangle and not needing to save a slot to use it. For the abilities you use a slot with, there's less redundant power-ups for the Cooper Gang so overall, it really feels like Sucker Punch removed the fluff and tried to make Sly's friends be as fun to play as well, you know Sly Cooper. You can even replay missions, which confuses me as to why Sly 2 didn't have it in the first place, even in the HD collection. Surely it wouldn't be that difficult to implement a menu to replay missions, right? Despite the added content and more focus on actual platforming and stealth, Sly 3 suffers from a lot of unwanted variety. Sly 3 has a lot more variety than Sly 2 with its missions, and initially that seems good since Sly 2 suffered from repetition when you do recon photo and pickpocket missions every single episode. However, the added variety isn't much better for me, which is made worse by the fact that some missions for Murray and Bentley are done by another character that isn't the main trio. Why bother giving new abilities and better gameplay for Murray and Bentley if we're gonna play as the others with gimmicky and boring gameplay styles? Penelope and Dimitri are the worst in this case, Penelope has bad remote control missions and Dimitri has underwater missions that are just dull. Why can't we play as the main trio and play with their power-ups more often? Heck, it doesn't seem like you play Murray at all in the second half of the game unless it's some new unwanted gimmick. I also don't like the last two episodes, a small pointless hub world with an unwanted pirate ship segment in the 5th episode, and a rushed 6th episode for a finale. I like the story, but the core gameplay doesn't get the attention it deserves near the end since Sly 3 falls a bit into the trap that Sly 2 went into. Only instead of repeating the same missions over and over again, you play new and unfulfilling missions. Sly 3 is not a bad game, and I do enjoy all three games for the most part. After having replayed the original trilogy however, I wished Sucker Punch had focused more on the platforming for the sequels since the platforming levels in Sly 1 were really enjoyable. Sure, not all vehicle segments or new gameplay styles were bad, but honestly, I think it's clear that Sly shines the best when you are not doing any of that added fluff. I should mention, I done the Sly Minigames in the PS3 collection and it's a total time waster. You play them once for quick trophies and forget about them because you can finish it all in less than 10 minutes. If you really want finish up your Sly Cooper trophy collection, well you can play the Sly Collection on PS Now since it is the physical release of the collection so the Sly Minigames are included. Still a waste of time to play them really.
  2. #62 - Sly 2: Band of Thieves (PS3) The sequel to Sly 1, and similar to Jak 2, it changed up the gameplay formula drastically. While Sly 2 isn't boasting a bleak world like Jak 2, it features 8 open levels with missions to complete and guards on patrol as your obstacles. Sometimes you'll enter in buildings or other areas, but for the most part, you'll be completing missions in the main hub world and admittedly, repetition can kick in since you have to play through 8 hub worlds playing some of the same missions repeatedly. And Sly 2 also has the flaw of not having much to do in the hub worlds outside of finding clue bottles and finding loot around the levels. You also can't replay missions you already completed, even in this HD port which confuses me since Sly 3 has that option and I am sure it would have not been difficult to implement. Flaws aside, I do enjoy Sly 2 and I still find the writing and characters to be entertaining and good fun even today. After having replayed Sly 1 however, I can definitely see why some people might have preferred the gameplay of Sly 1 a bit more, at least on the platforming side of things. Regardless, Sly 2 isn't a very difficult game and I think it's something fans of platformers can get some enjoyment from.
  3. Since I basically only played the Spec Ops missions, unfortunately I still felt the price a whole ton. But yeah, it's good that none of the missions require co-op to do. The third DLC is probably the worst to pay for in that it's only 4 missions and the Chaos Mode, no new multiplayer/survival maps at all here. Good thing you can skip out on the fourth DLC but I didn't do my research so I end up buying it thinking there was more DLC missions. There wasn't any missions but oh well I guess. 🙂
  4. It appears there won't be any more sales for the PS3 system on AAA games anymore, so I had to fork $45 for the DLC missions (actually $60 because I stupidly also got the fourth DLC). As it is, they are not worth $45 at all, $10 tops. There's only 8 missions and each mission lasts around 5-10 minutes long to beat on Regular difficulty and yeah they're fun and all, but I don't think everyone is going to replay these missions. I suppose they thought players redoing the missions on Veteran over and over again will be "good enough" but it isn't. Paying $60 for all the DLC just gets you 8 missions and 12 survival maps in total, well 13 survival maps if we include the free Terminal map. Obviously there's multiplayer to play the maps on but I didn't played MW3 much when it was released. Getting the DLC is not worth it just for trophies, and even if you do like MW3, the DLC is overpriced no matter the platform, be it on PS3, Xbox 360, or Steam.
  5. #61 - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (PS3) Decided to pick a physical copy of the Sly Collection on the PS3 not too long ago, I felt like revisiting the old Sly games for a while now. Sly 1 is a pretty easy game and it has some duds for levels, especially if they're in a vehicle of some sort, but for the most part, I enjoyed it. The platforming levels are still fun for me and they have some pretty good pacing. While not required for the platinum, doing the Master Thief Sprints are pretty challenging and are a nice bonus to these short levels. No idea why the physical release of the Sly Collection doesn't have the dev commentaries though. Overall though, I'd say Sly 1 aged well and still has its charm even despite the sequels overhauling the gameplay formula.
  6. #59 - Jak 3 (PS3) Don't know why it took me so long to get around to Jak 3 in the HD collection for the PS3, but I did. Overall, I enjoyed Jak 3 but it definitely has pacing issues and it has some not so good variety in objectives. There were some missions that just end too quick or last longer than I would have liked, one being a turret section that is a minigame only to become like a mission you do later on. Another has you on-rails shooting from a cruiser defending one of your allies and I wish I was flying the thing instead. Pacing is also a problem with these missions, especially the third act where the game kind of just rushes itself and ends very quick. This sucks because I liked Jak 2 a lot with its pacing and to see Jak 3 suffer a bit with this is pretty disappointing. However, Jak 3 improved the open world gameplay quite a bit and I like how you go through a battlefield in Haven City that you can partake in or ignore as you go to new objectives. I like this open world structure much more than Jak 2 with all the civilians and guards that can cause unwanted chases. Overall, I enjoyed Jak 3 and even with its problems, I'd say it's still a good game and worth checking out.
  7. #58 - Doom 3: BFG Edition (PS3) I already done this on the PC so redoing the trophies here is kind of no different, well except the lack of PC options like graphical settings, FOV slider, and other things. The load times are much longer here so going to levels and dying isn't always the most pleasant. The controls cannot be changed here, so I am stuck with the default and alternative configs which are less than ideal. The circle button isn't even used here, the d-pad doesn't quickly switch to weapons you actually want to use so you have to go through each weapon slowly besides a few like the Soul Cube/Artifact and BFG. Strangely enough, this sort of weapon switching is done well in the Classic Doom games, so why not Doom 3 itself? I have no idea. The framerate also drops a lot here and there is no way to autorun in Doom 3 (you can in Classic Doom though), so this isn't the most ideal way of playing Doom 3 on console. Best to play this on PC or the 8th gen consoles where some improvements or much needed features are just missing in the 7th gen version of Doom 3: BFG Edition. Bunch of trophy ramble hidden in a spoiler. All in all, Doom 3 is an average game though it has grown on me over the years. Since the PS4 version of Doom 3 is basically the same as the BFG Edition on PS3, you can pretty much use the same strategies and guides there. Obviously a keyboard and mouse has better precision for aiming but not many enemies in Doom 3 are too hard to hit, even with aim assist disabled. That said, I'm burnt out on Doom 3, maybe I should actually get around to Jak 3 or finishing some cheap Transformers movie tie-in game. 😛
  8. #56 - Counter Strike: Global Offensive It's a good thing that all the trophies are still obtainable with offline bots, since the online servers have shut down due to GDPR compliance reasons back in May 25th, 2018. I don't understand why Steam was even required to play online since there is no cross-platform play but oh well. Most trophies are real easy to do and take little time to get. Some are annoying to get though, one of them was Rampage!, which requires winning an Arms Race game without dying. Another one was Bunny Hunt since bots don't exactly jump off a ledge often and aiming with a controller isn't exactly pretty, so I just played Arms Race normally until I eventually get it. And the last one was Make the Cut, bots rarely pull out their knife and it has to be a "knife fight", so I threw a molotov in a hostage map and got a bot to pull out their knife, hit me once, and I kill him there. Overall, pretty fast but not worth $15 just for a quick platinum. I think I'll stick with Counter-Strike on PC, Global Offensive is free over there.
  9. #55 Jak II (PS3) Another Jak game done on the Jak and Daxter Collection, and honestly it wasn't really as bad as I remembered. I remembered favoring Jak 3 because Jak 2 was so difficult in some areas and Jak 3 has a lot more stuff. But now, aside of a couple missions, I went through the game like any other hard game and I enjoyed Jak 2 more than I did in the past. Now my favorite, can't be sure since it's been a long time since I last played Jak 3, but I look forward to finishing that too. Love me the variety of locations in this game, just wish the gunplay was a bit less clunky but overall, I enjoyed the game. I done the platinum legit with no glitches or anything to help me out, and in my experience, it's tedious with the side missions and the races, but none of it was really that bad. The side missions are mostly just orb searches or missions you already done in the main game, and once you get the pattern done for the races, getting gold isn't as daunting as it seems. Granted, the Class 3 and Class 2 races are no pushover, but after having to get used to the admittedly poor controls, I got gold for each of them in a bit of time. Class 1 is pretty easy honestly, there is no tricks or jumps here, just take the shortcuts and don't hit the walls, a stark contrast to what the other races have you doing to get gold. The reverse races seem like another bunch to cause frustration, but they're actually forgiving. I got gold in my first attempts on each of them and part of that is because their gold times are much more generous than the story races. The city races are the same thing really, just do them and that's about it. With the gun courses, the one you'll have to worry about is the Scatter Gun one. Before you start doing that wait until you get a Rate of Fire upgrade for the weapon, then go back to it. From here, it'll take many failed attempts and frustration that you are a point away from gold, but since the point system is based on how fast you shoot the targets, you can use the RoF upgrade to your advantage here. As for the others, the Blaster one is much easier and as it is, just shoot fast and don't hit any civilian targets, there is no secret or high amounts of luck and skill you need to pull off. By the time you unlock the remaining two courses, you'll have an ammo upgrade and those two courses don't really have you worrying about civilians as much, so just fire like crazy and don't miss too many targets. I got gold for the Vulcan Barrel and Peacemaker in my first attempts, got to love how accuracy and other things don't exactly matter. Now of course if I were to 124% the game again on the PS4 or something, I can't be sure if I want to do all this again given all the driving and side missions, but I guess I am enough of a masochist for that. I'll hate going back to that Jet Board challenge though, seriously all you have to do in that one is go to the back of the course, spam tricks and jumps on the rails and jump pad, and just pray the point system is in your favor. That is probably the only challenge in the game I really don't like at all, it's not fun at all and I can't find myself trying to use the Jet Board right for the life of me as the game would want us to do. If a new Jak game comes around similar to Jak 2 and 3, I would love for it to be as difficult as this game, of course with better controls and all, but still I like when a game is challenging throughout. Before I head to Jak 3, I'll be doing a Hero Mode playthrough, I don't think I finished it as a kid so may as well.
  10. #54 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3) I got myself the Jak and Daxter HD Collection for the PS3 some time back, I wanted to revisit all three games and so far the first one is done. Still holds up really well to this day, great platforming, variety, levels, and just good fun. I love how there is never a time the game has to load, it was really immersive back then and kind of still is. There were some levels I wasn't too fond of, particularly near the end of the game, it's solid stuff. Also, Daxter is just great. Looking forward to playing Jak 2 again...mostly!
  11. Well now all the trophies are possible to obtain for free now. Well, that Cyberdemonic armor piece trophy require you to be a high rank to earn, so that would mean many hours of playtime on the multiplayer. Well, so much for easy trophies.
  12. Uncharted 3, okay, the DLC was already stingy enough, but the trophies, they're so luck-based and time consuming that I just can't be bothered, it's just not enjoyable.
  13. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, pretty fun and a nostalgia rush for me, also got Call of Duty 4 and Resistance: Fall of Man to boot. Fun fact, my copy of Tools of Destruction is actually a PAL copy, yet it works on the my NA PS3 just fine.
  14. Really underwhelming if you ask me. It doesn't seem like the PS4 Pro did anything to improve the PS4 aside of upscaled 4K, and even at that, it doesn't seem like games would be optimized for 1080P 60FPS considering that devs still have to optimize the games for the original PS4 and Xbox One models. Doesn't help that the PS4 Pro and Slim looks ugly, and this is coming from someone who thinks the original PS4 model looks amazing, and it still does.
  15. I almost feel like some people don't know what a mod can do to a game. Sure, there won't be a Brutal Doom mod (As in heavily game changing mod, keep in mind, Doom is like 23 years old now, people still play it) on the PS4 or Xbox One, but still, bits of extra content made by other people is always nice (At least if it's good anyways). For Sony to just tell Bethesda to screw off like that (Whether you like Bethesda or not) is just asinine.