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  1. #55 Jak II (PS3) Another Jak game done on the Jak and Daxter Collection, and honestly it wasn't really as bad as I remembered. I remembered favoring Jak 3 because Jak 2 was so difficult in some areas and Jak 3 has a lot more stuff. But now, aside of a couple missions, I went through the game like any other hard game and I enjoyed Jak 2 more than I did in the past. Now my favorite, can't be sure since it's been a long time since I last played Jak 3, but I look forward to finishing that too. Love me the variety of locations in this game, just wish the gunplay was a bit less clunky but overall, I enjoyed the game. I done the platinum legit with no glitches or anything to help me out, and in my experience, it's tedious with the side missions and the races, but none of it was really that bad. The side missions are mostly just orb searches or missions you already done in the main game, and once you get the pattern done for the races, getting gold isn't as daunting as it seems. Granted, the Class 3 and Class 2 races are no pushover, but after having to get used to the admittedly poor controls, I got gold for each of them in a bit of time. Class 1 is pretty easy honestly, there is no tricks or jumps here, just take the shortcuts and don't hit the walls, a stark contrast to what the other races have you doing to get gold. The reverse races seem like another bunch to cause frustration, but they're actually forgiving. I got gold in my first attempts on each of them and part of that is because their gold times are much more generous than the story races. The city races are the same thing really, just do them and that's about it. With the gun courses, the one you'll have to worry about is the Scatter Gun one. Before you start doing that wait until you get a Rate of Fire upgrade for the weapon, then go back to it. From here, it'll take many failed attempts and frustration that you are a point away from gold, but since the point system is based on how fast you shoot the targets, you can use the RoF upgrade to your advantage here. As for the others, the Blaster one is much easier and as it is, just shoot fast and don't hit any civilian targets, there is no secret or high amounts of luck and skill you need to pull off. By the time you unlock the remaining two courses, you'll have an ammo upgrade and those two courses don't really have you worrying about civilians as much, so just fire like crazy and don't miss too many targets. I got gold for the Vulcan Barrel and Peacemaker in my first attempts, got to love how accuracy and other things don't exactly matter. Now of course if I were to 124% the game again on the PS4 or something, I can't be sure if I want to do all this again given all the driving and side missions, but I guess I am enough of a masochist for that. I'll hate going back to that Jet Board challenge though, seriously all you have to do in that one is go to the back of the course, spam tricks and jumps on the rails and jump pad, and just pray the point system is in your favor. That is probably the only challenge in the game I really don't like at all, it's not fun at all and I can't find myself trying to use the Jet Board right for the life of me as the game would want us to do. If a new Jak game comes around similar to Jak 2 and 3, I would love for it to be as difficult as this game, of course with better controls and all, but still I like when a game is challenging throughout. Before I head to Jak 3, I'll be doing a Hero Mode playthrough, I don't think I finished it as a kid so may as well.
  2. #54 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3) I got myself the Jak and Daxter HD Collection for the PS3 some time back, I wanted to revisit all three games and so far the first one is done. Still holds up really well to this day, great platforming, variety, levels, and just good fun. I love how there is never a time the game has to load, it was really immersive back then and kind of still is. There were some levels I wasn't too fond of, particularly near the end of the game, it's solid stuff. Also, Daxter is just great. Looking forward to playing Jak 2 again...mostly!
  3. Well now all the trophies are possible to obtain for free now. Well, that Cyberdemonic armor piece trophy require you to be a high rank to earn, so that would mean many hours of playtime on the multiplayer. Well, so much for easy trophies.
  4. Uncharted 3, okay, the DLC was already stingy enough, but the trophies, they're so luck-based and time consuming that I just can't be bothered, it's just not enjoyable.
  5. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, pretty fun and a nostalgia rush for me, also got Call of Duty 4 and Resistance: Fall of Man to boot. Fun fact, my copy of Tools of Destruction is actually a PAL copy, yet it works on the my NA PS3 just fine.
  6. Really underwhelming if you ask me. It doesn't seem like the PS4 Pro did anything to improve the PS4 aside of upscaled 4K, and even at that, it doesn't seem like games would be optimized for 1080P 60FPS considering that devs still have to optimize the games for the original PS4 and Xbox One models. Doesn't help that the PS4 Pro and Slim looks ugly, and this is coming from someone who thinks the original PS4 model looks amazing, and it still does.
  7. I almost feel like some people don't know what a mod can do to a game. Sure, there won't be a Brutal Doom mod (As in heavily game changing mod, keep in mind, Doom is like 23 years old now, people still play it) on the PS4 or Xbox One, but still, bits of extra content made by other people is always nice (At least if it's good anyways). For Sony to just tell Bethesda to screw off like that (Whether you like Bethesda or not) is just asinine.
  8. I honestly don't know why would anyone say this is a good thing. PC and Xbox One owners pretty much have access to mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered, why can't PS4 owners have it too? There's nothing wrong with modding at all, but somehow, some people would say modding a bad thing, why? I mean, modding isn't exactly the same thing as cheating or hacking, I don't know how anyone could confuse that. Either way, this is just disappointing for anyone looking forward to modding on the PS4. What a shame.
  9. #52 - Wolfenstein: The New Order Another old franchise rebooted to the modern era, so before Doom 4 becomes, well, just DOOM, and with a new Quake coming onto PC, Wolfenstein: The New Order came a couple years back and set interest once more in the Wolfenstein series. As single-player is becoming seen as nonexistent with FPS games, Wolfenstein: The New Order shows that FPS games can still have good single-players, when done right at least. The New Order did not disappoint, it delivered a solid single-player campaign that goes all out with weapons and an alternate history that's far more interesting than, well, fictional wars and Nazis Zombies. Along with solid gameplay, The New Order also features a story that's well handled and gives B.J., the grandfather of FPS grunts out of all people, some actual character and emotion to be more than just some angry man who kills Nazis for a living, albeit, he still does that anyways, but you know, that's his job. Now granted, the story didn't exactly explored the concept of a Nazi controlled world, but even at that, the story in The New Order stands out better than many FPS games released in the past couple years. With excellent gameplay and a good storyline to boot, Wolfenstein: The New Order is among my favorite FPS games to come out in years, all without multiplayer to boot. Of course, against an army with advanced technology, super soldiers, and absolutely no moral, the best solution to this is to bring loads of weapons and complete a set of shiny trophies on a list. Case in point, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a pretty straightforward Platinum Trophy to earn, most of the trophies you'll earn in this game can be done just by progressing the main story and unlocking perks on the way. Regarding the perks, there's around 32 perks in the games, which can be unlocked by completing certain task as well as unlocking previous perks to continue unlocking the rest. The perks comes in four categories, which includes Stealth, Tactical, Assault, and Demolition, of which each perk category have perks catered specifically to that playstyle and the more perks to unlock, the better your chances are in encounters using a specific playstyle. Most of them are rather simple, some to the point that they're unmissable unless you only want to play the game in one playstyle at all times. For example, one perk asks you to stealth kill a Nazi Commander with your knife, which can be earned early on in the game, heck, the game even has a tutorial pop-up for that. Some are longer, but still simple enough to get, like killing 10 enemies using grenades. However, that's not to say all of them are free of being annoying to unlock, since some Demolition perks do come off as just that. The most prominent example I can recall is that one perk that asks you to indirectly kill 5 Nazis with their dropped grenades, and yes, it sounds easy, but for me, even though I could of sworn I shot a Nazi before he can toss his grenade because for some reason, the grenades don't explode, causing me to retry a checkpoint to try again multiple times. Other than that though, most perks can be earned in a first playthrough, as the game gives more than enough opportunities to pretty much do them all. As for the rest of the game, well, there's plenty of Nazi gold to collect, and what's a Wolfenstein game without that? Throughout many of the game's chapters, there's gold, letters, and health/armor upgrades to be found, while the first two are just for the trophies that goes along with them, the health/armor upgrades allows you to improve how well you can survive via a maximum health increase or increase in armor points obtained, so exploration is a key thing in the game as there's a lot of supplies throughout. There's also Enigma Codes, of which when a full set is collected, you can unlock bonus difficulty modes for the game, which does increase playtime to an extent. There are four sets of Enigma codes, 18 in each set, 72 in total. Most of the collectibles can be found by some searching around, although some are well hidden, so a guide may help if you need. Gold and letters are there for the sake of collecting, whereas once you get all the Enigma Codes, you'll have to crack the code in the main menu, so of course, a guide would be helpful to crack said codes in a relatively short amount of time. Once that's out of the way, enjoy piling yourself up with virtual gold. There's two timelines in the game to pick from, which can be done from the beginning of the game, of which choosing one then and one later would give you two trophies that are rather easy. As for the game's difficulty, you can pretty much finish the hardest difficulty option, Uber, from the very beginning. It may seemed daunting, but really, it's not, actually, The New Order is one of the easiest FPS games to come a long while. When I first started on "I am Death Incarnate!," I didn't exactly had much trouble say for a few hard sections here and there, so when I got to Uber, well, even though the enemies do more damage to you overall, you can still survive enough shots to take the Nazis down with a fair amount of ease. I kind of wish the game was a bit more difficult, though that didn't exactly made my experience any less fun. With all that set and done, I completed the entire game on Uber and finished what the game has left to offer with another Platinum Trophy on my list. Much like DOOM, I wish we see more FPS games like this, since single-player FPS games aren't something I see often nowadays, let alone a good one. Difficulty: 4/10 (One of the easiest FPS games to come out in quite a while) Enjoyment: 9/10 (Dual-wielding shotguns and a hallway full of Nazis? Sure, why not)
  10. 11 unearned Platinums, two of which are unobtainable (MAG and Overlord II), some I just can't be bothered with (Brotherhood and LittleBigPlanet), or very few play online or I don't have anyone to play with me.
  11. Get the Platinum for Advanced Warfare, since it looks like you're getting close to finishing, and it shouldn't be too bad.
  12. I'll get to completing Furi on Furier difficulty eventually, but the game kind of sore my eyes a bit, so I would play more in timed sessions when I can.
  13. I went as far to complete Ultra-Nightmare on DOOM (2016), even though I wasn't required to. It was great since it's been a while since a game had challenged me with a proper single-player.
  14. Quite the dedication to ultra rare trophies, impressive I must say!
  15. 445 unearned trophies, a lot of it DLC trophies, games I've haven't played much or finished, or games I can't be bothered to play.