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  1. I wanted this game way back when it came out, but I balked at the price. I just got it on sale for $5 and I am so glad I waited. I haven't gotten very far in it but it really doesn't seem like it would have been worth $30.
  2. Watch the PS store for sales to buy the songs, etc. for the game. They just finished their "Golden Week" sale in which all of the content for this game was (I think) half off. I've seen it on sale before, too, so I'm sure it will be on sale again sometime down the road.
  3. I don't know why I do it, but I always name my protagonists after flowers. So my hero is Orchid (which is the one I use most often). It's funny when Orchid is battling a Gnawchid.
  4. Hmm, here's a bit of an unpopular opinion: every Lego game I've played has been pretty much insanely boring to me. I've tried Lego Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jurassic World and I never beat any of them because they really didn't hold my interest. Maybe I'm playing the wrong ones, but people on here have been recommending some of those, so I dunno. I'll admit, I'm not really into platformers, though. Oh, I actually loved Lego Rock Band, but I don't even think of that one when I'm thinking of Lego games. I consider that just another form of a Rock Band game.
  5. Bottom line: should I replay/finish the first .Hack series on PS2 first? Here's the situation: I have long considered myself a huge fan of the .Hack franchise, perhaps erroneously. Long ago I played the first three .Hack games. Of course, the fourth game, Quarantine, was hard to find so I didn't play it at the same time. When I did finally pick up a copy of the fourth installment, I restarted the series. By this time the PS3 had been out for a while, and I was playing on my 60GB. Before I could get to the fourth game my PS3 died and my replacement was not backwards compatible. So I have not actually played the fourth game, and I never even started GU, which I owned but wanted to play in order. Now of course I have the HD re-release (I pre-ordered it because, as I said, I'm a "huge" .Hack fan!). I just haven't played it because I still feel like I need to complete the original series. So with all of this in mind: can I just jump into the GU series on PS4? Or should I try to hook up my old PS2 to my HD tv (I got rid of the SD tv I was holding onto for these types of occasions) and start the whole process over again? Alternately, could anyone recommend a let's play on youtube of Quarantine? Maybe I should just watch a video of it. :/ I don't want one where the player is making fun of the game, though. I know the dialogue is bad -- but I love it anyway!
  6. Thanks for the replies! I guess I thought there were more games because the special editions have very different cover art. I figured "Guardian of Rebirth" was the first game but I wasn't certain.
  7. There are so many Code: Realize games out/coming out now, I'm confused about what order to play them in, and Google isn't helping. The only one I own right now is Guardian of Rebirth -- is that the one to start with? What order should these games be played in?
  8. The music from this game/anime just melts me.
  9. Stardew Valley has some really good music...
  10. This one isn't that great, but I'll probably read the second volume anyway.
  11. And now for something obscure. I haven't actually been able to play this game (has anyone?) but I've listened to the soundtrack which is beautiful!