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  1. Touché I'm getting older I guess
  2. Lool your energy company likes that. It's a waste of time spend 40h on brainless grind for a single trophy IMO
  3. counter sniper is totally missable after the first point of no return
  4. There's abysmal diference between use of external means to cheat the game and a cheat put by developers with a single button in-game for a reedition of a 1999 game.
  5. It's hacked The Zombies big trophies are clock locked
  6. No I don't post any comment in youtube. The difference about being critical or crying it's for sentences like that " worst bday present I’ve had in a very long time.. " There's not my first indie bug fest game with glitched trophies the only solution is wait for a patch or fall into oblivion
  7. Dude you are really crying, the game is pure shit You know I know And almost everybody know's move on wait for a patch or drop'it forever.
  8. Hard mode it's doable only one key have combat involved. I already do mayor part on hard and I'm regreting getting 100% on normal first waste of time really
  9. 100% on normal and speedrunning on hard is the optimal route for platinium. Suffer the chicken Keys on hard to save 3-4 hours it's a nosense
  10. I'm 99% confident on a solution in the next patch. The delevolpers are very active on social media and there working on a fix
  11. Aiming for timed doors in only useful for blueprints. It's better to explore everything for a decent run
  12. Maybe I don't explain very well sorry. You don't need to backup anything. If you die and quick press PS button/close aplication you don't lose the progress you know right? Combine this with the fact every time you exit the game saves the exact moment. And the fast load times helps a LOT.
  13. Leaving from menu savestats the progress. Combine with hiting PS button and restart make difficult a joke. For example fighting a boss I take a big cut of life? exit game and resume from there I recieved a hit? close aplication and try again from this point. Abusing this method you make progress super easy.
  14. No its not If you save scumming you only need dozen of runs for platinium. It's stupid losing time trying to mimic a build you see on youtube there a lot of useful weapons
  15. I beat the game today without killing anybody and no trophy popped.