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  1. mmm interesting in the original you only need to put a code in the menu to unlock them
  2. I can't believe the only change made on the rom is disable the cheats
  3. Thank you bro your work here is priceless
  4. Without the two versions of the game all plats autopoped needs to be flagged
  5. 2 pages any comment about the topic. My god what a waste of time reading
  6. Being first achiever is matter of more free time than others not actual skill. Earning a plat pre launch without collectibles guide without misables warnings is a exercise of patience they deserve being first achievers
  7. WTF on the enemies damage almost 2hit ko on regular minions
  8. I beat the game and almost open 15 chest since the last blueprint and I can't earn the last weapon blueprint (railgun)
  9. Apples trophy not work in PS5 either Fuck this game. Oh well Maybe I keep a save for a patch fix HAHA you can't manual save in 2023 because potatoe only 10 saves overwritting without your control
  10. the necromancer trophy are broken after update. Imagine put effort on a guide fo nothing
  11. I almost sure we can enter a debug mode with a keyborad. I suceed showing fps counter GPU use etc.
  12. I drop the game too Stop giving explanations powerpyx team have enough credit to drop a game without explanation. Save strenght to another game.
  13. can someone confirm if the only guide you need is stardust and no missables boss/decisions? It's my first time with the game. thanks
  14. Post name: Trophy toughs. Actual posts talking about trophies: 2 Theres another post to talk shit and politics keep this clean
  15. You don't need to go full precise the guide lets you plenty of days with free time. Of course you need to fulfill the red flags for links but thats all