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  1. The trophy is for entering on the same car you and a enemy no a teammate
  2. It's not hard it's pure luck without the exploit. I don't care putting hours in some trophy that requires patience or ability.
  3. Why spent hours of grind and pain on a stupid trophy list when others game are more simple and fun.
  4. It's no unmissable. when you exit the bar a car will leave you need to destroy it before escape.
  5. The gamer comunity is the most stupid ever defending the consumer rights. You paid for that game you HAVE ALL RIGHT to protest. Only in gaming companies can sell broken and untested shit without legal consequences. Imaging buying a car with a broken wheel A phone that rebbots itself every 10 min etc. Stop defending that please
  6. Thanks friend super useful tips!
  7. I'm doing the 4 kill with one shot in the same checkpoint over and over and nothing. On the Act 3-5 in the same spot of the 10 cigarrette distraction. Any advice? Nevermind In act 1-6 with little spiders pop in second try
  8. The trophy pops in 1.04 doing last checkpoint without issues
  9. Yes.
  10. Best method with no doubt.
  11. I can confirm. Doing the las check of the last chapter count for whole mision
  12. @Aeir_ Are you still playing the game? for sending request but the crew is full
  13. Hi guys anyone can send me a invite to join a crew? If anyone want to boost the 25 races send invite to jhonny_hd Cheers
  14. Life is Strange 2
  15. Touché I'm getting older I guess