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  1. The real problem is the game is so broken you dont know if really miss some collectibles or are bugged
  2. Hollow seeker with serrated ammo and portal beam is the OP combo to melt everything
  3. Nop Biome 4 (without boss) 5 & 6 (Et semblara poc i tot xD)
  4. beat the final boss in first try after almost 4h run. The game needs a better progression system not everybody can't play that much with a break
  5. Being mad for the implementation of a Quality of Life feature for the only fact of being selfish about the plat rarity it's insane IMHO.
  6. Stop crying save scumming in roguelikes only saves time you need the skill to beat the game. I complete act 1 in my second try and I dont have any problem with the adddition of a saves&exit option.
  7. I hate speedrun trophies. bonito avatar @YonahFuriae
  8. If you put 20h to level 50 no way you up 150 ((100-50)+25+25+25+25)more levels in ten more hours. 50h minium of pure grind
  9. A straight 4h trophy with a mistake and start over nah I tried two times for dying on the final boss Not worth the effort
  10. I need turn white to. Jhonny_hd
  11. I beat the story and some sidequest and only have 49k without spend a single penny fast fast I don't think so
  12. Doing that you need to search every operative manually wasting time. It's better aproach doing the mission because some operators especific for trophies are free unlock.
  13. It's the trophy bugged? After finding all secrets areas and beat the game the trophy of all upgrades don't pop. Any advice
  14. I played alpha months ago and I'm pretty sure theres no IA on dogfight only 5vs5 players. Prepare for easy +200 matches yup Not for me thanks
  15. Why F2P games always share the short ultra grindy trophy list?? I don't care about plat but 1200 chest seems Insane in a 3h session this morning maybe I opened 5 Chest.