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  1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure ~ Big Adventurer Platinum #231! 6/10 Difficulty OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I cannot believe I finally did this! I would personally rate this a 9/10 and if personal ratings counted I'd swap it for my current 9/10 because this game is brutal. Well, the game isn't brutal, the trophy String it Together is absolutely soul crushingly difficult. I know some people didn't struggle with it as hard as I did but I got about 60% through this game when I bought it at launch and then rage quit and sold it because of this trophy. I recently repurchased it when I saw it was rated a 6/10 and hoped this challenge would give me the motivation I needed to complete it. I spent 7-8 hours spread over 3 different nights this week just on this one trophy and man let me tell you the relief was insane when I finally got it! I firmly believe this is the hardest thing I'll do as a part of this challenge since I don't even see Returnal being this hard. 1/10 - Batman Batman: The Enemy Within (PlatPrices) [January 12th] 2/10 - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PSNProfiles) [January 28th] 3/10 - It Takes Two (PlatPrices) [April 30th] 4/10 - Horizon: Forbidden West (PSNProfiles) [March 28th] 5/10 - Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PSNProfiles) [May 1st] 6/10 - Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PSNProfiles) [May 21st] 7/10 - Mass Effect Andromeda (PlatPrices) 8/10 - Elden Ring (PlatPrices) [April 23rd] 9/10 - Returnal (PlatPrices) 10/10 - Fall Guys (PlayStationTrophies) [April 11th] Now that this platinum has been conquered I'm in Silver tier and well on my way to finishing the challenge myself! I think I'll do a few quick games for fun then start up Mass Effect Andromeda 😀
  2. Sorry man. You're like the third person to ask. Imo its important for the challenge that each person do each rating. If we allowed substituting higher difficulty platinums for lower ones, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the challenge. Can you find Slay the Spire on a community poll with an average of 5.1-6.99? If so you could use that as a 6. Congratulations on starting the challenge at Silver tier! I've added your name, post and hardest game to the main post.
  3. Congratulations on Gold tier! Almost there!
  4. Yeah man, I loooved Yakuza 0 (My only Yakuza game) but no way I'd do that platinum lol Congratulations on sticking it out!
  5. Congratulations Mizz! I know that’s a true 10/10 !
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Platinum #229 - Amnesia: Memories Not a series platinum, but a good one anyway. An effort to increase my profile percentage and clean up some old platinums.
  8. Hey there. The PS4 and PS5 versions have completely different trophy lists, but the game checks trophy requirements on both the same. So if you're missing some levequests, then get over 1,000 on the PS5 version...there is no trophy for 1,000 levequests. However, if you go back to the PS4 version and log into your character then do one more levequest, the game will check and see you have over 1,000 and pop the PS4 trophy. Keep in mind however, that anything raid based has to be done on the specific system. Like the bahamut coil trophy has to be done on PS4 and the savage fights have to be done on PS5. They dont pop with other raid completions so any of those you'd have to redo. Good luck!
  9. Congratulations on Silver tier
  10. lmao, well...I also said in another post that in order to use a community voted poll the poll would either have to have 10 votes or the game would have to have been out for 2 months, whichever comes sooner. So since Curse of the Dead Gods has been out for over 2 months that poll will qualify. On community polls, it's not the most voted answer that counts, it's the average and since that average comes out to 8.5 then you can count it as either an 8 or a 9
  11. I think the fact that the poll shows people want it, but the comments say people don't want it proves my point. A vocal minority comes out to comment that it's useless, but more people that don't care enough to comment, but do care enough to vote, actually do want it. The same would happen with voting threads if they were created. Right now only vocal minorities that want to complain say anything on guide comment sections, however much more people would weigh in if given the chance to just vote. is dead as a doornail so their implementation isn't worth addressing. Plus I'm not advocating replacing guide ratings, only supplementing them with an additional voting system.
  12. As a trophy guide writer and the creator of the Platinum Difficulty Challenge 2022 I've become more and more aware over the past year of the need we have on this website for a way to vote on platinum difficulty ratings and estimated time to completion. Almost every time a guide is submitted there are comments saying no this is too high or no this is too low. I personally agree that the guide writer should be considered the subject matter expert in this so, in my opinion, their vote should be weighted more heavily than others. However, right now they are the absolute authority with no one having any real say in the matter other than them. The only feedback a user can give is a comment on the guide which is either ignored or if they are all taken seriously creates a yo yo of adjusting the rating based on feedback which only comes from a vocal minority. My goal here is to brainstorm and create a forum that @Sly Ripper can read to give him ideas of how to best implement a way for players to vote. I'll start off with a few suggestions: Auto-created threads for each game with polls where you can vote for difficulty ratings and time estimates and then guide writers can use those to help them determine a guide rating and players can use them to compare with the guide numbers and get a better feel of it being somewhere between the two. A voting system on the guide itself where we can vote with options like: way too low, too low, just right, too high, way too high. Then it can be up to the guide writer if he will change his rating based on that feedback, but even if its not changed players have access to the poll to see the general concensus. A link/button on each game on your profile that you've earned the platinum/100% for that you can click and vote difficulty and time and you could only vote if you have the platinum/100%. Averages for all these would then show on the game info section on the game's trophies page. Etc. Please help me brainstorm more ideas, elaborate on my suggestions above or otherwise let Sly know you want this feature. I'm not advocating that guide difficulty and time estimates be replaced, rather they be enhanced by supplemental community voting. Thank you for reading and contributing.
  13. Congratulations on Bronze tier
  14. That list is like 100 games...where's the other 600? 😬
  15. Welcome DrunkenEngineer! Great list. Platinums obtained before starting the challenge also count as long as they are achieved in 2022 so if you'd like you can put your Middle Earth and TLOU Remastered platinums on your list as completed as well. Up to you. Also, huge congratulations to @Larzz for reaching Silver tier and @TheCunchPuncher for reaching PLATINUM tier!