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  1. Thanks guys, you've been very helpful. I'll go with either Transformers or Bound. I have both because of PS+. I appreciate everyone's replies.
  2. Lol, I said not too hard or long and you recommend MK9? 😂 Anyway, I already have it
  3. Get it? "Nightmare" /snickers
  4. Sup guys, I have a trophy cabinet with my top ten rarest platinums. They are all under 2% rarity except one. I used to be really into getting super hard platinums but now I've moved on from that but my OCD is making me wish I had that 10th one. Any suggestions? Looking for something not too hard or long, but of course I know that's a lot to ask considering I want it less than 2% rarity. Thanks in advance!
  5. Super Meat Boy platinum holy cow!!!!
  6. Platinum #132: Dark Souls Remastered Gonna go for 150 platinums and 100% Dark Souls series this year.
  7. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PS3. Loved it so much on PS4 that I couldn’t get enough and am doing it again
  8. Sup man, I saw you offering stuff on Dark Souls Remastered. Would you mind if I got a Sif Soul or one of the weapons his soul makes from you? I don't mind doing everything else legit but if I can get it all in 2 playthroughs vs 2.5 that'd be great :) 

    1. CannibalX666X


      Hello there. I'm sorry, but since I hadn't heard from anyone about the weapons for ages, I thought that I no longer needed to keep the game, so I traded it in to buy some other things. I had forgot entirely about my post, so I'll delete it now from the forum. There is someone else that also offers the weapons. He was on the same post. See if you get any joy there and good luck with getting the weapon you need! 

  9. I played some MP the other day and it was still thriving. Though after the first 10 levels you're thrown to the wolves fighting against Echelon XI pros. But it's still very active.
  10. This trophy is complete garbage. Who designs a trophy like this? Took me 12-15 tries. Best advice I got for it was from MakoSolider which was to wait until the boss is around 5% or less then equip Ignis and Prompto with the worst weapons available. Then when the boss is at 1% or so run away and spam X hoping that Highwind pops up as an option. Took a while but it works.
  11. Assassin's Creed Unity, cause I wanna do the rest of the platinums in the series except for that one but I don't wanna be one platinum short of series complete.
  12. That's a launch price. They've done that with the past few digital only FF games as well.
  13. Since the entirety of the internet didn't have any info on this, I'll put this here so that someone can find it. If you're missing Athena's Kiss and looking everywhere for Mudmen but can't get to where they spawn, you may be missing the Wendel Pier in the bottom right hand corner of the map. From the bottom right square it's 3 squares left, 3 squares up. You can get there from Jadd Pier by getting in the water and going south to the bottom of the map then going west until you find that square. Once you find Wendel Pier go up a few screens and you'll see Mudmen. You can also find pigs here if you're missing Gold Dust and access Kent Manor from here to get Crystals to drop from the owls there. Good luck! Hope this helps someone!
  14. I hope...that they never add DLC trophies so that I never have to touch it again once I have this 5 billion hour long grind of a platinum.
  15. Yeah, Crystal A is the highest offline rank. Once Yshtola got that rank and I had C. Rank 10 with all characters I switched to other characters that I liked to get them to Crytal Rank A for the extra titles.