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  1. Yes, it means those items were in the old version but are no longer in this version. It's just there to put people's minds at ease if they are comparing this with another item list to assure them I'm not forgetting any items.
  2. Here are some tips I wish I'd known before starting the platinum on this game: 1) This is a 120hr+ platinum, you gotta be in it for the long haul. 2) Dragoon and Dark Knight jobs with a Beastmaster buddy are the best combos for going through the story. Beastmaster as a buddy is DLC which I highly recommend buying as soon as you get the game. 3) ABUSE 2 PLAYER MODE! Man I wish I'd known this before starting. It makes bosses sooo much easier. In 2 player mode you can use a second controller to control your buddy and they can move freely which means they utilize 100% of their turns, can get into position to be kicked buffs, can get out of the way of a charging enemy, etc. 4) Print this list for collecting items and cross them out as you get them. 5) Best way to google questions about the game is to say "Chocobo Glazguz tips" or "Chocobo Interdimentional Rift" etc. Don't type Every Buddy because that buries results. 6) As soon as you complete the Dark Dungeon you get access to Pain and Gain. Abuse that dungeon and farm there to get powerful before starting on the optional dungeons. 7) As soon as you complete the Dark Dungeon you get access to the Insatiable Hunger dungeon. Beat the 50 floor version asap then farm the first few floors of the infinite version until you get a 7 slot Irma's Talons and 7 slot Volg's saddle. They are super easy to farm there and even though they are the second best gear in the game, the ease of getting 7 slots in them outweighs the extra 4 attack/defense afforded by Alpha Talons / Omega Saddle. 8) Google how to beat each optional dungeon before you even try. Other's have failed over and over and eventually discovered the perfect job/buddy combo or and strategy. Read and use theirs before wasting time trying to invent your own. 9) Camilla is the best buddy in the game for almost everything after you get her. Her level x 4 damage move is OP and should be abused. 10) In my opinion the best gear slots are: Talons - RustProof/AllBrand/TriAttack/Crit/Poison/Slow/Stun Saddle - RustProof/AllBrand/Evasion/LightWeight/NoStun/Sneak/ReduceDarkDmg 11) The only two end game collars worth keeping are Map and Ribbon.
  3. I commented on every trophy on forums for this game to give tips on getting each trophy so please check out this resource if you are interested in getting this platinum.
  4. Here's a thoroughly exhaustive item list that is specific to the HD Remastered Every Buddy version of the game. Please feel free to print this and check items off as you get them or look up the location of any items you may be missing. The most frustrating part of this platinum was reconciling item guides from the old version and the new version of the game so I hope the pain I went through to gather this data from all over can ease your burden. Here you go:
  5. Let’s ask questions about where to find items here. Also contribute by giving info on ones you’ve found. I need help finding Holy Saddle and Immobilizing Talons. Anyone know where they are? i found Treasure Talons in Shirma’s Memories and bought Wind Talons/Saddle in a store in Chocobo’s Memories dungeon 66F+.
  6. Thanks guys, you've been very helpful. I'll go with either Transformers or Bound. I have both because of PS+. I appreciate everyone's replies.
  7. Lol, I said not too hard or long and you recommend MK9? 😂 Anyway, I already have it
  8. Get it? "Nightmare" /snickers
  9. Sup guys, I have a trophy cabinet with my top ten rarest platinums. They are all under 2% rarity except one. I used to be really into getting super hard platinums but now I've moved on from that but my OCD is making me wish I had that 10th one. Any suggestions? Looking for something not too hard or long, but of course I know that's a lot to ask considering I want it less than 2% rarity. Thanks in advance!
  10. Super Meat Boy platinum holy cow!!!!
  11. Platinum #132: Dark Souls Remastered Gonna go for 150 platinums and 100% Dark Souls series this year.
  12. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PS3. Loved it so much on PS4 that I couldn’t get enough and am doing it again
  13. Sup man, I saw you offering stuff on Dark Souls Remastered. Would you mind if I got a Sif Soul or one of the weapons his soul makes from you? I don't mind doing everything else legit but if I can get it all in 2 playthroughs vs 2.5 that'd be great :) 

    1. CannibalX666X


      Hello there. I'm sorry, but since I hadn't heard from anyone about the weapons for ages, I thought that I no longer needed to keep the game, so I traded it in to buy some other things. I had forgot entirely about my post, so I'll delete it now from the forum. There is someone else that also offers the weapons. He was on the same post. See if you get any joy there and good luck with getting the weapon you need! 

  14. I played some MP the other day and it was still thriving. Though after the first 10 levels you're thrown to the wolves fighting against Echelon XI pros. But it's still very active.