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  1. Hey there. Can you sign me up as Fortune Hunter? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! I qualify for the Ultimate Final Fantasy Lover category
  3. Hey there, just found this forum. I’m Champion of the Gods level, I have 7/7 (really 10/10) God of War platinums.
  4. Candidate for trophy list most disrespectful of player's time?
  5. Kingdom Hearts games are button mashers with incoherent storylines
  6. Currently Working On:

    • Mass Effect Remastered (Platinum and 100% on Legendary Edition)
    • Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Grinding game)
    • Zelda Link's Awakening (Switch)
  7. Currently Working On:

    • Turok 2 HD (Platinum and Writing a Trophy Guide)
    • Mass Effect Andromeda (100% Mass Effect Series Complete)
    • Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Grinding game)
    • Zelda Link's Awakening (Switch)
    1. Copanele


      Trophy Guide for Turok 2? THAT I can't wait to see :D

      Best of luck! Please bless us Turok 2 fans with the best Lair of the Blind ones item locations guide!

    2. Rebourne07


      Will do bro :D

  8. Currently Working On:

    • Resident Evil Village (All Resident Evil Platinums)
    • Mass Effect Andromeda (100% Mass Effect Series Complete)
    • Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Grinding game)
    • Zelda Link's Awakening (Switch)
  9. @HusKy Please let me know if you prefer forum talk or DMs One addition I saw others asking for and I wanted myself was to have game lists sorted alphabetically. If you're ever interested in adding that as a feature, just add this line here: Thanks
  10. The percentages and css classes for completions will be great!! I tried the tag method but I wanted an actual checkmark rather than just the little tag icon so I replaced the PSPlus icon with the Checkmark on my browser's version of the script like this. Thanks @HusKy I feel like a derp, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to paste images into these forums...only links. How do you do it?
  11. @HusKy I gotta say, as a Software Engineer myself, this tool is one of the coolest Chrome extensions I've ever seen. I just got it a few days ago and have been checking out the features and it's amazing. I ran into two things I'd like to see in future updates if possible if you don't mind a few suggestions. 1) It'd be cool to have the ability to keep a game on a list, but mark it as "Done" even if it's not 100%. Like if a user is just going for platinum. This could be achieved in one of two ways I think. #1 have the ability to mark each game with a check or other "done" symbol kinda like we can with the PSPlus icon. or #2 have the platinum symbol be greyed out / faded until it's achieved. Right now the platinum symbol is always full color / opacity even if its not achieved, but having it be like the platinum symbol on the main list where it's faded if not achieved would be a good indicator. Think either of these two options could be added? Example mage: To achieve this, for #1 I changed 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 here: For #2 just remove the "earned" class from unearned platinums like this: Thank you!
  12. Thanks man that did it! You’re the man.
  13. Question about game lists. @HusKy Why does Mass Effect PS3 not show that I have trophies? It shows on the list as if I'd never played the game, but I have 100% completion on it. Is this fixable? Thanks Screenshot of Issue
  14. Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’re so close on PS4 and PS5
  15. This is AMAZING!!! Could you add a feature to filter the Playstation Series page by region? I’ve been wanting that forever!