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  1. Thanks for the suggestions man! Dead Space - I’ve reaaally considered going for 100% on that series but never looked too hard into the spin offs. Ill check them out and think about that, especially considering the Dead Space Remake is coming up! Assassin’s Creed - I honestly got kinda bored with that series. The only one left that intrigued me is Origins. But they gotta do something to revive that series big time. Spyro - I never thought of it in terms if adding another series. I think I’ll put this on my future projects list! Crash - To be honest I dont have the balls to commit to that series. Waaay too difficult for me lol Just Cause - Dude great idea, I am missing the letter J Bastion - Ive heard lots of good things about this game.
  2. You are correct lol Updated.
  3. 100% Fallout 76 - Wastelanders! What a great DLC. This is what made the game the relative success it is today. When the game first released it was a ghost town with no NPCs and everything felt empty. With this DLC the game was completely refreshed with all new NPCs and quests and it was a breath of fresh life breathed into the game. I'm really glad the Raider reputation trophy was exploitable because the Foundation reputation took me over a month and doing that twice would have been a lot to juggle, but overall I really enjoyed this DLC and feel like it made the whole game so much better. I'm very close to moving the Fallout series all the way up to Platinum tier 100% complete!
  4. Congratulations to @kinnyman on Platinum tier!!! Congratulations to @Thedah on Platinum tier on your second list!!! Man you guys are awesome. It's incredible how many people have committed themselves to finishing such a difficult challenge! Only three months left in the year! If you are close, make a plan to get'er'done!
  5. Thanks to @DrBloodmoney we have an awesome new badge for completing the challenge! I added this to the main post so you can find it easily. Anyone can put it in their signature upon completing the challenge.
  6. Congratulations on Gold tier on your second list!
  7. @Kramers001 @Evil_Joker88 @DrunkenEngineer Yeah that's weird that PlatPrices calls Doom 3 PS4 an 8, but then the PSNProfiles link on it links to the BGF Edition on PS3 which is a 9. I'd agree with yall though that even the PS4 version can be counted as a 9. It's not like Shadow of the Colossus, that game has very different difficulties on PS3 and PS4. Doom 3 platinum comes down to Nightmare mode on Doom 3 itself which is the same on both versions so yeah I'd agree either version of Doom 3 can be an 8 or a 9. Btw congrats @Hitman_Spinksy1 on Silver tier!
  8. @DrBloodmoney Dude nice! you'll be only the third person to complete the challenge! If the game you're playing for 4x doesn't work out, Minecraft is 4x and is pretty easy.
  9. @Copanele Sup man, great list! You're one of those guys I could actually see finishing this challenge! Gotta love the weird ones like LA Noire as Warfare and Overwatch as Comedy lol Very interesting that Turok 2 doesn't have a genre or theme at all O_O Also no 100% allowed just cause it's called the Platinum Every Genre challenge haha
  10. Hotline Miami 2 It was ridiculously hard on Normal mode. Hard and A++ are insane. I've done many other difficult ones like Dead Space 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, Silent Hill 2 HD etc. But Hotline Miami 2 was too much.
  11. Updated the main post with Future Projects and DLC sections
  12. @disaster500 That's an awesome list! Yeah some games have weird genres/themes lol Think you'll branch out and tackle the remaining genres?
  13. Congratulations to @ZLordofAwesome and @Groudon9000 on Gold tier!! Good luck on Astebreed and Hollow Knight respectively.
  14. Bro thank you so much! So much better now. Sorry I said what I said so rudely. Thank you for addressing the concern
  15. 100% Fallout New Vegas! What a great game. The story and dialogue was really well done. I prefer the overall gameplay of 3, but there's no denying New Vegas is a classic. The performance was absolutely terrible on PS3 so it's hard to recommend to anyone that they go back and do this, but I'm going for all trophies in the Fallout series so it was worth it in the end. Dead Money DLC sucked big time. Hated the bomb collar and toxic clouds and not being able to use my stuff. Honest Hearts was really well done and other than the weird 100 weight limit thing was great. Old World Blues was cool. I liked the warped minded robots a lot. Lonesome Road was my favorite DLC. The warhead collectibles were cool and the more linear path was actually cool. Gun Runner's Arsenal was more fun than I expected. There was a few hiccups, but they were more issues because the game is so old and runs so poorly. The challenges themselves were fine. Now back onto 76 and Shelter to finish the series!