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  1. Platinum Difficulty Challenge 2022 Premise: During the year 2022 you must earn one platinum trophy from every difficulty level 1-10. So you must earn a platinum from a 1/10 game, a 2/10 game, etc, all the up through a 10/10 game. Rules: The difficulty ratings can come from any trophy related website, but they cannot be your personal ratings. You must submit proof in the form of a link to each game's difficulty rating. Examples: PSNProfiles - Final Fantasy XIV - 6/10 PlatPrices - Deathloop - 3/10 PowerPyx - Battlefield 2042 - 5/10 PlatGet - Alan Wake Remastered - 5/10 PlayStationTrophies - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - 2/10 Etc. - If its a reputable site with difficulty ratings that are either voted on by the community or assigned by a guide writer then it works. Each platinum you want to count must have a timestamp within the year 2022. You can make any amount of progress you want to before then, but the platinum trophy must be unlocked in the year 2022. You can join the challenge anytime and with any amount of progress already made. The challenge will be open throughout all of 2022. Auto-pop platinums count. The goal of this event isn't to put a bunch of restrictions on everyone to make it as hardcore as possible. The goal is to have fun. If you wanna auto-pop Spider-Man Remastered for your 3/10, that's fine. You can platinum the games in any order. Games without a platinum do not count, regardless of the difficulty rating of achieving 100%. No DLC or 100% required, only the platinum trophy. Each difficulty level must be completed. You cannot substitute a higher level platinum in place of a lower level platinum. It's important to the challenge that you experience every level of difficulty 1-10. You can start and stop the challenge at any point. If you get tired of it when you get to the higher difficulty levels, just take a break and come back. As long as it's within 2022 it counts. Since there's no way to prove or disprove that you used glitches or exploits...anything goes. If you want to use in game cheats on Hades, god mode on Control, the invincibility glitch on Hollow Knight, or you got Infallible on Fall Guys back when it was glitchable...then it's up to you if you want to count those or not. Hacking or other cheating that can be determined through timestamps will of course be removed and not count and you are subject to being reported to PSNProfiles mods, but platinums earned through glitches and exploits will be counted. Some websites differ in their difficulty ratings for the same game. For example, Resident Evil Village is listed as a 5/10 on PSNProfiles, but a 7/10 on PlatPrices. Using Resident Evil Village for either your 5 or 7 is acceptable, just not both. Like you cannot do the PS4 version as your 5 and the PS5 version as your 7. Each game needs to be unique. For community voted polls, it's the average that counts, not the top rated number. If the site doesn't calculate the average for you, you can use this Vote Average Calculator I wrote to make it easier. In regards to new releases, in order to use community voted poll ratings either the poll has to have 10+ votes or the game has to have been out 2+ months, whichever comes first. If you find a rating on a site that is X.1, X.5, X.X etc. then you can count it as either/or as long as it's X.1+. So, for example, say you find a game that is rated as 6.4/10, then you can count it as either your 6 or your 7. This will especially happen a lot on playstationtrophies with ultra difficult games since the community vote method ensures a game can be 9.X but will almost certainly never be voted as a pure 10/10. In the case of a game that is 9.1+/10, you can count it as a 9 or a 10. Do NOT argue with others in the comments about their difficulty ratings. A moderator of the event can ask them for a link to prove their ratings, but if there's a link that shows the rating, please don't argue that the game is easier or harder than what they have listed. Process: To sign up for the event, just comment here. It's best to comment a list of games you want to go for. Do some research on difficulty ratings of games you want to play and look up a few 7/10, 8/10, 9/10 and 10/10 games to see if you want to commit to this challenge. It will not be easy. That said, even if you provide a list of games you want to do, you are never locked into those games. You can change any game, any time. Also, its perfectly ok to plan from the beginning to only go for a bronze, silver or gold tier. There's a world of difference between a 9/10 game and a 10/10 game so if you'd like to participate in the challenge but not stress over going all the way, that's ok! As you platinum a unique game from each difficulty level, post it here to update us. Of course this means there will be a lot of posts for 1/10 games, but that's fine. You don't have to post every game if you want to skip posting about the lower difficulty games, but you are welcome to. If you've already posted a game from one difficulty rating, say a 5/10, then you platinum another 5/10 game...don't post the second one. One game per rating please. When you complete a tier, please tag me in a comment and I will add your name to the completed tiers section! The tiers for completing the Platinum Difficulty Challenge 2022 are: Profile / Username - Date Completed / Post Link - Hardest Game Completed (Rating) ALL 10 difficulty ratings completed Any 9 difficulty ratings completed Any 8 difficulty ratings completed Any 7 difficulty ratings completed This challenge has been modified, but the original idea credit goes to PlatinumBro.
  2. Congratulations to @Groudon9000 and @Copanele on Bronze tier! Especially Copanele cause that's bronze on list 2!
  3. As a trophy guide writer and the creator of the Platinum Difficulty Challenge 2022 I've become more and more aware over the past year of the need we have on this website for a way to vote on platinum difficulty ratings and estimated time to completion. Almost every time a guide is submitted there are comments saying no this is too high or no this is too low. I personally agree that the guide writer should be considered the subject matter expert in this so, in my opinion, their vote should be weighted more heavily than others. However, right now they are the absolute authority with no one having any real say in the matter other than them. The only feedback a user can give is a comment on the guide which is either ignored or if they are all taken seriously creates a yo yo of adjusting the rating based on feedback which only comes from a vocal minority. My goal here is to brainstorm and create a forum that @Sly Ripper can read to give him ideas of how to best implement a way for players to vote. I'll start off with a few suggestions: Auto-created threads for each game with polls where you can vote for difficulty ratings and time estimates and then guide writers can use those to help them determine a guide rating and players can use them to compare with the guide numbers and get a better feel of it being somewhere between the two. A voting system on the guide itself where we can vote with options like: way too low, too low, just right, too high, way too high. Then it can be up to the guide writer if he will change his rating based on that feedback, but even if its not changed players have access to the poll to see the general concensus. A link/button on each game on your profile that you've earned the platinum/100% for that you can click and vote difficulty and time and you could only vote if you have the platinum/100%. Averages for all these would then show on the game info section on the game's trophies page. Etc. Please help me brainstorm more ideas, elaborate on my suggestions above or otherwise let Sly know you want this feature. I'm not advocating that guide difficulty and time estimates be replaced, rather they be enhanced by supplemental community voting. Thank you for reading and contributing.
  4. The 3.5/10 difficulty rating on Powerpyx website is a disgusting lie. Ripsnorter challenge is a 9/10, the hardest challenge you have ever or will ever face in a platformer in your lifetime. Unless you are extremely dedicated to getting this platinum don't even start. The trophy is "String it Together" Watch a few YouTube videos of people doing it before you decide if you're going to go for this platinum or not. inb4 some try hards come in here beating their chests bragging about how easy it was for them. Watch the videos, decide for yourself, consider yourself warned.
  5. Just published my 10th trophy guide 😎

    1. Sgznf


      Congrats! a very well-written guide. :yay:

  6. Congratulations on Silver on your second list! Sorry to hear that platinum sucked, I hate platinums like that. Glad to hear you feel free to change it up though, I'm a fan of play-what-you-want so good choice
  7. Congratulations to @victorrfuego on Gold and @Ben25BBB on Silver!
  8. Way to hit the ground running, you're in Bronze tier from the very first post!
  9. Heck yeah man! Good job! Tons of people have committed to DMC5, but you're one of only two to actually complete it! And you're the first person to hit platinum tier on list one and bronze on list two in the same post lol Congratulations
  10. Thanks man! and congratulations on Bronze tier
  11. You're good man, autopops count. Congratulations on Gold tier!
  12. Triple-decker will end up being one of, if not the, longest trophies in the entire Final Fantasy series.
  13. I go to the options menu and see the option to turn off inverted aim…but no natter what I press it won’t change. Same for other green/red options like vibration and stereo/mono. Is this a bug? Is there any way to turn off inverted aim?
  14. Mass Effect Andromeda ~ Andromeda's Finest Platinum #238! 7/10 Difficulty Now I've hit Gold tier and with that I have EVERY trophy in the entire Mass Effect Series!!! Super stoked about that. I trophy hunt by series and this is the 4th series I've completed 100% (shameless plug for my trophy checklist linked in my signature). Loved this game. People give it crap and to be honest if I'd played it at launch I might not have liked it either...I've seen the hilarious YouTube videos...but playing it after all the updates its a great game that just lacked polish. I hope the new Mass Effect at least pays some tribute to Andromeda and doesn't completely throw it under the bus. 1/10 - Batman Batman: The Enemy Within (PlatPrices) [January 12th] 2/10 - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PSNProfiles) [January 28th] 3/10 - It Takes Two (PlatPrices) [April 30th] 4/10 - Horizon: Forbidden West (PSNProfiles) [March 28th] 5/10 - Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PSNProfiles) [May 1st] 6/10 - Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PSNProfiles) [May 21st] 7/10 - Mass Effect Andromeda (PlatPrices) [June 21st] 8/10 - Elden Ring (PlatPrices) [April 23rd] 9/10 - Returnal (PlatPrices) 10/10 - Fall Guys (PlayStationTrophies) [April 11th] My final game of the challenge will be Returnal and I'm planning on making it platinum #250 as a milestone so it'll be a while before my next update. Gonna work on a few other games like some PS1 classics and some shorter titles for the A-Z challenge and Platinum Every Genre challenge. Also helping my wife with her challenge since her 5/10 is Resogun so we'll do some trophies on that co-op. Also want to congratulate @MD_91 and @DoctorDrPepper on Silver tier and @Mizz on Gold tier!
  15. Thanks man but if I had to switch it every time I got on that'd be fine. Problem is it won't let me switch it at all. No button works when trying to turn it on or off. Pretty sure it's universal but that's what I'm trying to gauge here...if it's just me or not.
  16. Thank you. No idea why I didn't think to look there lol
  17. Sup @D-E-U-S-X, where'd you find Injustice as an 8/10? Lowest I'm able to find it is a 9/10. Most sites have it as a 10/10. If you wanna use it as your 8 I need a link to a guide or average rating that comes out to 8 so I can link it on the main post since you just hit bronze tier Also congratulations to @Syr_Rys on Gold and @Yuber6969 on Gold x2!
  18. Yeah man you can switch games whenever you want and don't have to report or explain any switches.
  19. Thanks guys, this is a pretty awesome milestone! The challenge has definitely been and continues to be a success!
  20. Congratulations to @Big-Brady on getting Platinum tier and finishing the challenge!
  21. Welcome to the new and improved Project Platinum for Final Fantasy! Final Fantasy is one of the longest running and most beloved series in video games and has a hardcore, dedicated fan base. This is a place where you can show off that dedication by pushing yourself to your trophy hunting limits by going after all the trophies in this very long and somewhat difficult series. TIERS: Platinum - 100% Series Complete Literally all Final Fantasy trophies, DLC included Resets 3 months after every new FF trophy set (to give people time to earn them). Reset times are posted on the Platinum section of the Leaderboard. If by 3 months you don't have the new Platinums / DLC trophies you'll be bumped down to Gold tier until you get them. Gold - 20+ Platinums/Completions Silver - 15+ Platinums/Completions Bronze - 10+ Platinums/Completions RULES: To join, simply comment below! No need to have any Final Fantasy platinums prior to joining. You can start anywhere and just move your way up the ranks! Please use the checklist found below to post a list of the games you've completed when you join or complete a tier or when you make progress towards a tier. If you complete a new tier or complete platinum again after a new release, please tag me so I see your post and update the leaderboard. Any trophies marked as Unreleased Trophy on XIV PS5 do not count. DLC trophies only matter for the Platinum tier. For all other tiers, a platinum and a 100% in a game with a platinum are weighted equally. For games with no platinum, 100% trophies must be achieved. This challenge only takes into consideration your native region. If you have a Japanese account, you can include Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary, but if your account is not Japanese, this title is irrelevant for all tiers. There is no special bonus or tier for platinuming/100%ing multiples of the same game in different regions. When a deadline occurs, I'll move platinum players down to gold that don't have the trophies needed. If you have been banned from the PSNProfiles leaderboards for any reason you are ineligible for this challenge. The games included have been carefully selected. If you have beef with any game that is included or missing, please PM me, but I can't guarantee I'll make sweeping changes based on every suggestion. "Official" games are official because they have 'Final Fantasy' in their titles. Unofficial games are included because they are so heavily based on FF that they warrant inclusion. Games with minor ties to FF like Kingdom Hearts, Tekken 7, etc. are not / will not be included. CHECKLIST: LEADERBOARD: Profile / Username - Date Completed / Post Link Platinum Tier - 100% Series Complete Gold Tier - 20+ Final Fantasy Platinums/Completions Silver Tier - 15+ Final Fantasy Platinums/Completions Bronze Tier - 10+ Final Fantasy Platinums/Completions
  22. Yeah, it took me 30hrs so that makes sense.
  23. Holy crap you did 3 Final Fantasy games in two weeks? Impressive lol
  24. @MrHealthy congratulations on Bronze tier! @BigE1286 looking forward to that second list Good luck on DMC5. @WhisperingDusk doing great! 1 more to go! Good luck on DMC5 to you as well.
  25. Congratulations on Bronze tier!