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  1. I purposefully scaled down my friends list to less than 30 people at the request of UBIsoft and that did not fix the stability.
  2. I honestly don't know if there is a triphy requirement related to Kenways fleet. I think there is an in game achievement though.
  3. Watching the comments above made me laugh lol. I tried everything that everyone mentioned and in my original post I mentioned that I did call Sony customer support but because they don't offer support for the PS3 anymore they couldn't do much if anything at all. BUT...... in lighter news, I am able to log into my PS3 finally... it only took 3 weeks. I honestly don't know what it was, but I was following a reddit post that was discussing the same issues I was having and a couple of the people in that thread mentioned that they were starting to get back into their PS3. I honestly think it was a server issue on Sonys end but they would never admit to that. So after seeing the few people in the reddit post being able to log in finally, I tried today and it works! ... I appreciate all the help you've offered throughout this whole page man I tried everything on that list of things you mentioned in this comment I quoted already and yes maybe I was cursed. I have been sick in bed with the flu for a full week and I finally was able to try and log in today after seeing some reddit users with the same issue finally get back in themselves.
  4. I've done all of that. I've revoke the new device password, I have tried turning the automatic clock setting on and off, I've tried Wireless and wired internet, I've tried deactivating the PS3, I've tried logging into a different network altogether (I drove 4 hours to do this one), I tried logging into a different PS3, I've tried everything I can think of and that's been suggested.
  5. So I finally tried deactivating and reactivating my PS3... I can reactivate my PS5 but I can't reactivate my PS3 because it requires me to log into my PSN on my PS3. And guess what... I still can't log in ... ... I guess I now have a paperweight now...
  6. I absolutely hate the fact I cannot whistle in this game to bring the enemies to me, I have to use these stupid cherry bombs that don't even work, they just turn and look at the stupid cherry bombs.
  7. I can account for all the devices listed on my account, I only have one PS3 and one PS5... Both are activated but I think I'll deactive both after I'm done work and see what happens. Nothing works? haha I could try that or I'll just deactivate all of them and reactivate them ... I think for me I'll be comfortable doing all or nothing.
  8. This is hit or miss for me... I have to unlink and relink and unlink again for this to work... UBIsoft and their Uplay requirements for games are really annoying.
  9. Didn't work for me either... and I think by emergency codes I think you mean either backup codes for the two step verification or the device setup password... the backup codes are only for activating the devices and logging into your account should you not have your two step verification device available. I'm going to try one more thing later tonight.
  10. The only thing I haven't tried is deactivating my PS3 from my account... when I go to the Playstation account management from the link you sent the only option I have is to deactivate ALL my devices and I'm hesitant to do that. I did try playing around with the daylights savings option and the set time automatically and it still wasn't working when I tried logging in. This is incredibly frustrating.
  11. There was a lot of QoL things they took away in this game, the biggest being the eagle vision being on a time limit. A couple other things I noticed is that in previous versions and future ones, you could press R1 or R2 to see what objectives you needed to get in areas (ie. pressing R2 in Rogue showed you how many chests were left, how many shanty's, etc) The story itself is great, I like the setting and where it plays but the controls being the worse and other QoL set it off big time and I can't wait to be done with it.
  12. Once I turned off the "Automatically set time" feature it stopped setting my time back an hour.
  13. I have exactly 29 friends on my PSN. I have my time and date set to not be automatic because right now the DST is incorrect because where I live we have DST starting later than what the PS3 thinks (poor programing I guess) My timezone is EST in Ontario, Canada
  14. Oh my god, you're spot on with the janky controls... I swear there is so much about this game that involves bad planning. Outside of the controls being wonky and a bit difficult sometimes I think my biggest pet peeve is the eagle vision being on a timer rather than what you're used to. It was the most frustrating thing for me especially at the beginning of the game because I came from playing Rogue where the game play was smooth and the eagle vision worked like it should to this monstrosity of a game. Thankfully for me this game was free as part of the UBIsoft free games.
  15. Yea I called my brother who lives 400 kms away from me in Southern Ontario (I live in Northern Ontario) and he tried logging into my PSN on his PS3 and it wouldn't let him I tried the password change, I even had Sony on the phone when I did it and it still didn't work. Mind you Sony on the phone was like "So sorry but we don't provide support for the PS3 anymore so you last option is to send your PS3 in for repair to see if we can fix it here"... I just went and tried this and still no luck. Still getting the same error message.