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  1. Anyone that knows a good method to level up and needs a partner, hit me up.
  2. can anyone confirm Royal Edition contains all DLC and 100% can be obtained with this version?
  3. Nobody's boosting, that's what's about to grind me out...
  4. Nobody seems to be making boosting sessions for this game anymore, is there like an easier way to get to lvl 50 on your own or what...
  5. Are all the DLC trophies included in the physical version? If I get this version and already played H1 can I achieve 100%? Somebody told me there were supposed to be additional DLC but I don´t know if it ever happened...
  6. Any news of a complete edition? The DLC amount is absurd.
  7. Hello there. I haven't played the game yet but I was thinking about getting the online trophies out of the way first since that portion of the game is the one a care for the least (to get 100%). I don't know if you need to access a certain part of the story mode to unlock RDR online? And I don't know if there are good methods to gain XP and money fast (hopefully with the least amount of dependency to other players) that haven't been patched yet. Any answer and advise is appreciated, thanks.
  8. Just got the hard mode trophy. It was a shameful waste of time.
  9. can you 100% with the standard edition?
  10. Can the online trophies still be obtained/boosted? I'm surprised to see the game's free on plus and nobody is organizing boosting sessions...
  11. Is it a complete game tho? Or are they gonna release more DLC...
  12. After all this time, is there any indication of a DLC coming, I've been waiting to make sure there isn't one
  13. as if playing through that awful Red Dead Redemption multiplayer wasn't bad enough to platinum a game whose sole value lies in the great single player campaign, now we have this 17 bullshit trophies, phenomenal...
  14. Of course, the stupid online trophies... Fuck.
  15. Are you telling me the complete edition wasn't complete and I was coned?