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  1. "Games Under $20" - Most of it is Dragon Ball DLC.
  2. Bloody remasters and remakes all over the place. Enough is enough. The rapacity's gone through the roof.
  3. They could've just waited till August, release it as a trilogy. But no... Greedy bastards.
  4. this.
  5. Excellent.
  6. I'll play it when it's under 15 bucks. Maybe I'll wait for it to be free on PS+
  7. Just saw this game is on sale, didn't even know it was available for PS4 but apparently it's been out for 2 months. Used this website to look into the trophies, the game doesn't exist here but some people say they are unlocking trophies for the game... what's going on???
  8. forgive my bleak view on things but I just see the creative people behind these properties as blatant political agents who don't care about public perception, the franchise's financial health and much less, the fans. I don't see public perception making much of a difference. Usually the key people that make a property good end up leaving, exiled, cancelled and the ones who remain use the product for political preaching and indoctrination. The property gets destroy and they move on to the next thing. That's the cycle of life and that's without mentioning the ridiculous support they get from the media. So by the time stocks fall and Sony feels it, they are already working on butchering something else, their resume is bigger and filled with nice-looking words that sound good to any HR idiot who just, doesn't have a clue. I said it's "inconsequential" because the result of this "mess" is: TLOU franchise broken (even though I think it will still have ok sells because most people don't have a clue), we won't get to see a proper sequel for a long time, Druckmann laughing his ass off, going to the bank while the media sucks his you know what.
  9. Lots of redpills here, good to know. Pity this is inconsequential. This game is going to sell well and since reviewers are pretty much in the same political bubble as Druckmann they are going o praise every single dumb creative decision made for this game. Maybe a bad metacritic score, some people complaining on youtube, that's it. Inconsequential.
  10. what is this! a PS+ for ants???
  11. Nothing.
  12. This is low effort/cheapest of the cheap for Sony. During this period of time (pandemic). Sale offers have been underwhelming, scarce and pathetic. Now they come up with this sad excuse of an initiative without anything substantial for their loyal PS+members, great job!
  13. NOT white.
  14. Are you fucking kidding me!?
  15. They should release a simple level demonstration. There's something off about the way this game has been marketed and introduced. too much gloss, no indication of either combat or stealth mechanics being any good.