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  1. Currently on NG++ and after getting to Chancellor Wellager I realised I was missing the soothing sunlight miracle which you get from invading Licia. So I went through the entire rigmarole of lighting another two primal bonfires (annoyingly after I'd farmed The Rotten), killing the Nameless Usurper and getting the crushed eye orb so that I could invade and fight her. She's poisoned and one hit away from death when, for no discernible reason, my great hammer decides to hit wildly to the left, resulting in my death as she kills me with one of her attacks. However, she then dies from the posion. I receive no drops of any kind and Licia is no longer at the Rotunda. There are no items in the rotunda or Heides Tower of Flame and I can't check her gravestone yet as it won't spawn for another 4 hours. So my questions are: Is there any way to acquire the Soothing Sunlight miracle if I was removed from her world before I could get it? Will it appear on her grave or anywhere else? Or will I have to trawl through the game for a fourth time to get this final miracle?
  2. Well I pretty much did beat her with ease, to this day I still can't fathom why I swung so far to the left on what should have been the killing blow....seems to happen a lot with great hammers. I probably got a lot of excess souls from farming falconers for sunlight medals. Yeah maybe at NG+9 things are different haha. I probably was just unlucky really
  3. Cheers man, I'm around 11.6m if that's any good to you?
  4. I also feared the worst. Ahh well, heads up to anyone else who's after that miracle, don't use posion on Licia when you invade just in case. It would also be better to get it on NG instead of NG++ as she has a lot of HP.