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  1. Hello people of PSNP welcome, I have decided to try and progress with my photoshop talent and with that I would like to offer a service, give me a challenge, not to annoying but seeming possible. I will take on all my requests and give them my best shot I like my work to be the best quality possible. All works will be posted here. All I ask is that you give me a font if required otherwise it will be a basic font of my choosing. These are the requirements. Avatar or Signature? Background/Colours? Picture/Pictures that you would like me to use? FONT? if you don't know where to find one try: Anything else? eg. Circle Borders, Rectangle, Frame or PNG pop-out. Give me these details and I'll try my best with a swift delivery of your Avatar or Signature. This is just me trying to better my skills at photoshop. Actually has work in it now. Examples of my work that I do here will be posted below:
  2. I have been experiencing this problem where the DLC that I've purchased isn't installing it's for the three DLC characters and they just seem to not be installing onto my PS3 I checked the Download List on the Network and I've downloaded them, then I come out and there not in the list so I check for an update and there still not in the arcade or anything you can laugh at me for been silly but what is going on? Edit: I can't find anything online about this either.
  3. I'm curious about your first Horror game experiences, like mine for example I was over at my friends house and we had raided his dad's CD case full of PS1 games not knowing what we were about to play we pulled out the one that 'looked the coolest' we ending up finding a grey and black looking CD with a picture on it named 'Silent Hill' we played through it a bit and jumped quite a bit we were totally unaware it was a horror game but it was good fun. Good times. The bit I remember most from that game was this part, I don't want to spoil the gameplay for anyone if they haven't played it so I put it in here. This bit made us scream haha. So what about you? What was the first Horror game you encountered? Did it scare you? Were you aware it was a Horror? Anything else?
  4. Finally got my NAT type as 2 :D

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      Need to get Destiny's Child back together and do a Independent Woman 2015 remix.

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      Haha, I think they'd kill it if I was in there.

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      You would be doing Kelly and Michelle a solid. Probably the only time they will see a platinum record again.

  5. Everytime I look at my dash this is all I think about.
  6. Well, Sony are been nice. That's new.
  7. I'm more or less looking into this for me, I'm wanting to buy a decent case for my Vita I'm not to fussed on a price just looking at suggestions for something that will keep it in good knack if I drop it, it's the PCH-2002 black wifi can anyone give me a good case to get? Cloudn't find a topic on them so if you wanna show me what yours looks like post away.
  8. NBA2K15 you better not disappoint :(

  9. In all this game looks like it's hyped to be a good game I'm not as interested in the list currently but more the game, hopefully it doesn't let us all down. Hope this starts 2015's releases off with a good start
  10. The Binding of Isaac is just really badly ported I think, I've heard a lot of these cases. But yes you will have to make a new save file and do it all over I have even heard people not getting Mom's Heart 9 but they have gotten Mom's Heart 10 bit silly really.
  11. Refer to here, this explained it to me pretty well,
  12. ps3

    All the severs for Black Ops are still up I believe it's probably the most popular COD game of the series. As far as I know they are up someone might correct me. But you should be able to gain the Platinum plus the DLC for the 100% if you wish
  13. Well interestingly enough an Australian gaming community has made a interesting proposition pleading ubisoft to base the next Far Cry in Australia which I am all for since I am Australian myself and I believe our country especially in the outback would make for a great Far Cry scene personally. Check it out As all of this is just talk as of currently though Ubisoft has responded on there Facebook. Who knows maybe they will but first we will obviously be seeing some more DLC for Far Cry 4 hopefully as I very much love the series, but an Australian based Far Cry would be great really as we don't have really many big games that have been produced around here. I was curious myself and decided to a have a quick google about games based here but there isn't much at all. couple of links here about it, Here is the top 5 according to 2011 I didn't know that BioShock was made in Australia but I knew about Spyro: What do you guys think?
  14. I believe this doesn't belong here.
  15. Definitely do this 2TB will keep you going for a while and also you will be able to delete some finished games by the time you fill it anyways. I've got the 2TB drive as well
  16. Decided to do my own thing and throw this New York Knicks background together. Thought I might as well throw it in here, I might do a collection of the Basketball teams.
  17. Starting up Ultra Street Fighter going to start working on it I think

  18. Knowing that I am finishing work shortly makes my day so much better :D

  19. The colour in this game just pops and make me want to play it, I'm always down for a drift game and the animations look nice and clean like the smoke just looks so nice with the colours that have been produced in this game. Like with a bit more work I believe this game could be quite the Indie title.
  20. I redid the whole thing to set it up bigger because it didn't want to get a nice RES just expanding it so I did it again just bigger. The links are below the images, they will be the full size. Two versions; No name Your name I quite like it myself, Hope you like it.
  21. Budokai series I believe there is a HD collection on the PS3 they are probably my favourite. Here: That's a google about it check out some information.
  22. It is the Pricedown Font Thanks very much hope you enjoy it.
  23. Here you go, had a bit of difficulty trying to get a font together but I think this one went well with it. I had a Breaking Bad font but it was just to big for a signature One you requested. One with you requested smaller. One with your name bigger. One with your name smaller. Hope you enjoy them, if anything is wrong just let me know I can give it a shot for you, what size would you be after?
  24. Thanks very much I'm running on Photoshop CS5 currently but I'm most likely going to be going into CS6 pretty soon after I get a little better