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  1. I tried it on GamePass and it felt like a cheap game. I'll wait for a sale. I still want to finish it and get a platinum.
  2. I cannot contain my hype. I'm so ready for this. RE2 was my GOTY. It's my favorite franchise. I can't wait to be chased by Nemesis running full speed at me with a rocket launcher with modern graphics. And people thought Mr. X was bad lol.
  3. Feel free to add me. Lilseb93
  4. I absolutely love the trophy art. I never played the original game. I only played the demo.
  5. Omega Weapon follows an exact pattern every time. If you don't mind using cheats, get at least 1 character to 255 strength (or near it) and 9999 health (or near it), and just spam limit breaks. Put any GF on that character that has defend. When he casts gravija, his next move is going to be Terra Break which always 1 shot me even at 9999 health. As soon he casts gravija, I used defend with Squall and it did 0 damage. It didn't matter that my 2 other characters were dead. He couldn't kill me with this method (with the unlimited health cheat) and I just kept doing this until he was dead. I also used Doomtrain so Squall would do more damage. I have no regrets cheesing this boss lol
  6. #189 - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered The one Final Fantasy I never played before. It's not my favorite cast or story, and I did not like the combat system in this game, but I still got invested in this game. The ending is very emotional and is among the best in the series. Eyes On Me is one of my favorite FF songs. It was a pretty easy platinum thanks to the 3x speed. The hardest part is just the grinding to get to 1000 kills and dealing with Omega Weapon. #190 - Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast First of all, the trophy art for this game is atrocious. They didn't even try lol. I haven't played this game since I was a kid. It didn't really age well, but it's still pretty good. The platinum is actually easier than it would appear. You can use cheats for all the trophies as long as you turn them off, save, exit, and then load the save before you trigger the trophy. The hardest part was just finding information on how to do the trophies including where the secrets are. Once a guide pops up, a lot of people are going to get this plat.
  7. No problem! That seems to be the case. I just floated to all the secrets and then warped to the next level and it registered them all. But I needed to turn the cheats off and use the save method in order for the 10th and last (I think the first as well - I didn't have cheats on in the first level) trophy to pop. BTW, I owe a couple of plats to your videos so keep up the good work! I've been subscribed to you for a while. This was a pretty easy platinum. The hardest part was finding decent guides and explanations for the trophies. I recommend doing a whole plat guide in one video including where all the secrets are. There really isn't one right now so you'd be the first. The misc. trophies are really easy to do and explain. I was going to do a guide, but I want to play Concrete Genie now lol. Honestly, somebody could probably plat this game in 3-5 hours if they really knew what they were doing. I spent more time looking up videos and reading sites to get info than it actually took to get the trophies.
  8. No. I was worried about that though because it's the most time consuming part of the plat and there's no way to check which ones I found I think. When I got the trophy for getting 10 of them by turning off the cheats and doing the save method before I went into the room, I realized that you can get all the secrets with the cheats on and then using the save method before stepping in the 10th and final room in order to unlock the trophies. If you don't turn the cheats off, save, and exit, the trophy won't pop. On my final secret room, I forgot to turn off the cheats and I stepped into the room and it didn't pop. When I went back to the level and turned off the cheats and used the save method, it popped when I walked into the room.
  9. Alright so I just got the plat. Some things to know: 1.) You can't have cheats on when unlocking trophies, BUT you can turn the cheats off, save, exit out, and then load before you trigger the trophy to unlock it. I saved MANY times. Unfortunately, this game does not have an overwrite system so be prepared to have a ton of save files. 2.) You can do all the difficulty trophies in 5 minutes including Jedi Master by warping to the final level and using the above method (check out the other thread on it). 3.) You can have the cheats on when collecting the secrets (the game registers them), but when going for the first, 10th one and the final one (for the trophies), make sure to do the above method of turning off the cheats and saving. 4.) Nothing is missable because you can always warp to a level. In fact, you can do things completely out of order because you can go to any level you want from the start. 5.) For most of the levels, you don't necessarily have to play them. You can just cheat and float to the boss or final cutscene. However, some of the levels like the one with Lando require you to do the objectives because it's an escort mission. It's up to you if you want to do that.
  10. #187 - The Walking Dead: Final Season Thank you, Clem. It's been a long journey.
  11. Final Fantasy X-2. I don't know why I was so committed to getting that plat, but I did. It was just way too tedious. You miss 1 line of dialogue and you can't get 100%. And then when you beat the game, you have to play a strategy game which I didn't like.
  12. The only thing appealing to me is Superhot or A Way Out.
  13. You need Plus for online multiplayer so if the game has online trophies you need a Plus membership to do them. If it's single player, you don't need it.
  14. How are the controls for Cuphead in handheld mode?
  15. Because it's entertaining and something I've done since I was very little. I can't imagine not having games. Gaming has been a major part of my life.