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  1. Can I use the old save from vanilla?
  2. Nothing in the german store
  3. Lol only us store?
  4. Yes also fixed in germany
  5. Now it shows that I can't download the dlc because I haven't got the Season Pass. WTF?!
  6. yes (german store)
  7. lol what is happening here
  8. It should be possible with the download list because there are all ps plus games.
  9. No problem
  10. Only the last 2 are for free LOL (german store)
  11. A new trophy list would not be possible because the normale game got a patch to be the definitive version. So people couldn't complete the previous trophy list.
  12. yes it will be playable. (it is like buying this game)
  13. Likes games with good stories
  14. The trophy list seems easier