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  1. its the second trophy list for this game
  2. I need all gold medails during one replay or?
  3. got platinum. One of my bugged one wins counted to the 10 wins! (I need 11 wins, I won 2 matches during the bug)
  4. this year (at the moment): 15€ psn card, kingdom hearts 3 45€, saints row the third complete 5€ and naruto trilogy 20€ = 85€
  5. how many wins you needed for the 10 wins trophy? How many you wins did you have before?
  6. hm i got 7 before the bug and 2 during the bug. I will test it.
  7. so 18 wins were away?
  8. dont think so. Maybe one more win
  9. Here you can see how many wins, kills etc you got! Maybe it is useful
  10. where can I see the stats?:O Edit: got it
  11. I dont think so
  12. Yeah. I hate it too..
  13. I can say you why. All developers give functions, bugfixes a priority. I think the trophies havent a high priority. So they dont fix it fast because other things have more priority.
  14. We will see. Maybe they patched it. But I dont think so..
  15. i saw that they unlocked all trophies at the same time. maybe from the beta?