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  1. can I choose with this method an version of the game? For example i want to download only the first update from one game.
  2. yes revived a friend 20 times and got the tropy
  3. dont know. Also i dont know how many of these mission are available
  4. yeah its idiotic but maybe it works
  5. there are more breach and clear events (different positions) I think you need to complete all of them !
  6. they patched it!
  7. they dont patch the exp exploits `?
  8. just cause 3 was already in ps plus
  9. 50/50 because you need a team to get the castles. It can be easier but when you dont get people to play with you , there isnt a chance to be emperor.
  10. everything only when I buy the dlc?
  11. Same for me! I needed 26hours playing without a break.
  12. How can I open the log ?