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  1. i deleted my savefile and did it again.
  2. Energy dlc is buggy, too. I didn't get the trophy: A Wheely Big Finish Complete the "Wheelspin" Gate Crasher Event Edit: Next trophy that is bugged: I'm Spinning Around Complete the "Flying Lap" and the "Sprint Spiral" Sprint events
  3. Yes cant select ps5 version
  4. The ps5 version is not choosable in the ps store (no buy button). How do you get it?
  5. Same. It is fixed
  6. How many dlcs will year one have?
  7. I dont have an option to downgrade mit ps5 version^^
  8. I have a full time job and a girlfriend but I still collect trophies
  9. the only way to get the trophy is to downgrade to an older version of the game. This trophy is the only one that is completely unobtainable at the moment.
  10. Which trophy list has the new download version?
  11. many many games have bugs these days
  12. I found a solution for the campfire trophy: You have to do the new recipes of the the cooking pot to get the campfire trophy. Very very strange.
  13. Thank you for asking them
  14. the second stage is the cooking pot or? This is a different trophy .