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  1. I'm in Germany and there is only 1.03 for ps5. PS4 version has 1.04 lol
  2. Do I have to play on a specific difficulty to unlock the hardest diffculty?
  3. Fun fact: Ratalaika did the port and it is not an 1h platinum
  4. It is not a bug. You have to reach part 6 of the story. After that he will find the clothes.
  5. Wait for it tomorrow is the release haha
  6. Maybe you have to wait for the official release. I had this problem a few months ago.
  7. So every next fight the xp increases??
  8. There are no perfect run trophies in we were here together and we were here too, right?
  9. no cross buy in german store, too.
  10. No crossbuy. I bought the ps5 version and I have to buy the ps4 version.
  11. Oh nice crosscode is reduced!
  12. Do you know where we can write to the support? Maybe they will change the requirements or something else.
  13. why can't blitz pop the character trophies?
  14. It is also free for the german store (EU)
  15. No problem