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  1. I have no regional stacks from the store lol
  2. so only one platinum obtainable? Maybe lvl 50 is the last one..
  3. Someone else have a similiar issue? It always crashes in the menu
  4. Autopop also when you get the old requirements from 2015?
  5. I heard that playing online and going to the nexus is a negativ influence?
  6. I have the same issue
  7. In november. For PS5
  8. I feel with you....I hate it that bugs like this exist.....I got this in lego star wars. it destroys the motiviation to play again :(. Do you have an old savefile in ps plus storage?
  9. Thanks this helped me This method didn't help me but thanks !
  10. I named my nexomon like me but no trophy :(. Someone got similar problems? Or did I something wrong?
  11. I bought it for about 20€ digitally (german store)
  12. thanks it worked
  13. Where can I select bot battle?
  14. 21 years