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  1. yes but it changed. For example the new wolfenstein is released uncut. But there ist a german cut version because the developer produced it before the usk said that swastikas are allowed.
  2. rivals was terrible
  3. Do you know the new values for the trophies?
  4. On the planet describtion you can see if the animal is for example underwater. But what is the meaning of "base"? Where can I find those animals?
  5. it is on the eu store in Germany: 17,99€. With PS PLUS : 16.19€
  6. Oh nice I will buy it to make my virtual computer and play video games on it😂
  7. You need to master all maps not only the one where the zico trophy was. So it can be sometimes hard on the highest difficulty.
  8. Mine was crysis 1 and what was your 69 platinum trophy?
  9. The release on xbox and switch store was without delay. So I think it was different problem.
  10. There was a problem on the german store, so it came later
  11. Everyone who was waiting for that. It is now available!
  12. So if I begin the game now. I will get buggy trophies?
  13. Yeah this goes fast but the local coop trophy isnt nice
  14. Yeah both games are awesome. But only 6k+ people played guacamelee 2 (on psnprofiles). So it isnt surprising that the percent of the platinum is higher.
  15. Got the same problems on lego games