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  1. Are there trophies right now?
  2. how to get the trophy now?
  3. did they patch it?
  4. borderlands 2 and pre sequel was super messed up ,too.
  5. The minigame is random. You cant get perks or something else in the normal game. So you can play whenever you want. The difficult will be the same.
  6. In my memories you can play it from the beginning.
  7. yeah I play with a new character now almost lvl 20. I traveled with my lvl 51 character to every map to get the trophies. Other trophies like the kill trophies and cash trophy can be triggered to unlock
  8. how the level caps? I got only 51 when I level up the lower ones didnt pop
  9. All of the dlc trophies from the zombie auto pops but the normal quests not :/ (other dlcs didnt auto pop ,too.) Also I leveled my old character to lvl 51 and only got the lvl 51 not the rest.
  10. some trophies auto pop for example the money trophy. the zomvie dlc trophies auto popped but the rest didnt. I got lvl 51 and i got only the lv 51 trophy not the level about.
  11. look at the forum, I made a thread to get the golden dragon very fast faster than 5 minutes!
  12. Do dlc events count to the trophy too ?
  13. mh okay didnt see the vita version. So you are right
  14. You should think before you write You can play with a friend on the same ps4-.- (local coop) I got that game:
  15. The game crashs often. There are also trophy bugs after a crash. Do you play coop? The most crashes come from coop gaming-.-