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  1. Do I need all stars on hard?
  2. Should be easy . I platinumed the vita version
  3. What is about these champion medals?
  4. Yep he must because nintendo didnt want this bug. So he fixed all versions.
  5. Sometimes when you kill the big enemies too fast you can skip waves
  6. You must do the story again. The progress was resetted
  7. nice thanks
  8. So no year 1 dlcs?
  9. I have a question. Which exotics count for this? Only the main game exotics?
  10. When they auto pop?
  11. You must unhide your trophies
  12. Another option would be to downgrade the game
  13. They fixed it.
  14. same. do you have any answer now? edit: got it. you need to find the Slaughtershaft. It counts ,too.