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  1. Thanks this helped me This method didn't help me but thanks !
  2. I named my nexomon like me but no trophy :(. Someone got similar problems? Or did I something wrong?
  3. I bought it for about 20€ digitally (german store)
  4. thanks it worked
  5. Where can I select bot battle?
  6. 21 years
  7. So disconnecting doesn't count as a lose?
  8. Waiting for a patch ,too. Did they rally say that they need a lot of time to fix it?
  9. Nope it isn't included. Only with the retail version.
  10. yes you can (but not the 1 month verison)
  11. Yes it is total retro
  12. oh no f2p
  13. Can I use the old save from vanilla?
  14. Nothing in the german store