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  1. Oh sorry I meant to kill the P2 with the dragon. I was tired
  2. The online trophies dont look hard
  3. Nope! I like my name
  4. So its patched? Do you have some link to show ?
  5. First you need 50+ gold bricks. Now search for the world "154-979-545 F". Fly to the sky and search the gold cloud. There is a gold dragon. You can ride him directly!! So you dont need any Questlines, you only need a teammate to kill him for the trophy :)!
  6. The game got a patch. maybe they changed it back. Need to look.
  7. Can I achieve the online trophies in the private lobby with a friend?
  8. Thats the problem I would like to get the platinum without spending money on the game.
  9. Should I play it without dlcs?
  10. It would be nice
  11. still works?
  12. but you cant do emperor alone or?
  13. When you press option there will be a function named "simulate". So you can simulate the end of the game.
  14. nothing missable one bronze trophy came later.