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  1. Thanks for your work. It's my 15,000th Trophy
  2. thanks I didn't think about it.
  3. seems like they are reducing the amount of ps3 games...
  4. Do I need a coop partner for all collectibles?
  5. Once you have selected a chapter, you start with all the improvements you have purchased. The progress of individual tasks is also preserved
  6. Very nice!
  7. A friend tested this method and it worked for him. Thanks for letting us know!
  8. I always tried the whole map. My chubby enemy spawned at the end of the right side of the map.
  9. It autpopped all my trophies but I had to boot every character which unlocked some trophies.
  10. true.. I didnt think about this...... that would be very annoying!
  11. It seems like they are working on bugfixes. The list of bugs there are currently aware of:
  12. I dont know...
  13. Some people already got 100%!
  14. But this time they are only the publisher.