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  1. Sounds good, thanks! On PS5. I hoped that the full version is better
  2. How is the performance of the game?
  3. Seems like that the demo has 30-40 fps (for me it is feeling like that)
  4. I don't see any upgrade for 10$
  5. Thanks!
  6. I dont see any upgrade..maybe only if you have the digital ps4 version?
  7. Anyone problems with downloading the dlc?
  8. Are cards missable?
  9. I got the game + steelbook (sealed) for 14€ yesterday.
  10. Is the PS5-Version upgrade for free?
  11. This game is awesome. I don't know why so few have bought it. I highly recommend it!
  12. The game is now on sale for 4.99$
  13. you will get access to all 4 dlcs
  14. So we need to buy the dlc? Or is this track free?
  15. There is a new patch maybe it fixed the bugs