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  1. I named my nexomon like me but no trophy :(. Someone got similar problems? Or did I something wrong?
  2. Thanks this helped me This method didn't help me but thanks !
  3. I bought it for about 20€ digitally (german store)
  4. thanks it worked
  5. Where can I select bot battle?
  6. It is an old game but maybe it will help someone. I found this video on youtube:
  7. First you need 50+ gold bricks. Now search for the world "154-979-545 F". Fly to the sky and search the gold cloud. There is a gold dragon. You can ride him directly!! So you dont need any Questlines, you only need a teammate to kill him for the trophy :)!
  8. 21 years
  9. All of the dlc trophies from the zombie auto pops but the normal quests not :/ (other dlcs didnt auto pop ,too.) Also I leveled my old character to lvl 51 and only got the lvl 51 not the rest.
  10. So disconnecting doesn't count as a lose?
  11. Waiting for a patch ,too. Did they rally say that they need a lot of time to fix it?
  12. Nope it isn't included. Only with the retail version.
  13. Any help for it?
  14. I deleted my game . I played it without any patches and the situation mode was playable. I recorgnize that the trophies for the situations pop. So it is possible to get the 5 perfect wins in ranking with Version 1.00! ( You have to get all stars!) PS: You must start from beginning. The save from the newer version didnt work.
  15. Didn't find anything about it. Is it free to play?
  16. yes you can (but not the 1 month verison)
  17. Yes it is total retro
  18. oh no f2p
  19. Can I use the old save from vanilla?
  20. Nothing in the german store
  21. Lol only us store?
  22. Yes also fixed in germany
  23. Now it shows that I can't download the dlc because I haven't got the Season Pass. WTF?!
  24. yes (german store)