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  1. The Lost Ruin (for the Tutorial of these), Underhall of Ehir Palace, Raom and every Place they are over the world
  2. This Picture is a example for my Problem. i upload original screenshots with trophy message on.
  3. Hi Guys and Girls, i have a problem and need help. The Problem is following. I see only the Tank. The Game has been removed and new download but it didnt work.
  4. Problem in Episode 15 - Beasts Hello, i have a problem. Which Accessoire or Item i needed to take Damage on the 3 Beasts? I cleared the Ship for the amulets. However the Damage on the Beasts is 0 q.q Thank you for your help
  5. Really, i need a asia psn-account? how bad, i use dengeki with my german psn-account.
  6. See the Picture pls. I have the Version 1.01.
  7. I mean Yuuki from Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition. Her Character Change is locked
  8. How can i unlock Yuuki Kunno und this Asistent?
  9. Dengeki Bunko_ Fighting Climax Ignition is awesome I have a problem with so many trophies
  10. I Don´´t know, because the Save State is for both Games on one Console. However, i have Platinium
  11. WTF: I bought the EU-Version and now i have the Game twice. Only the US-Version and EU. After installing the EU, i started an Hollow Mission and the Debug Trophy unlocked. Double Platin isn´t avaible.
  12. The 100 HNM Trophy isn´t buggy or glitch. You must kill 100 HNM, not less The Easiest Way is the HM "Assault of the Sky".
  13. Buyt the EU-Version and the Trophies Debug Complet and Memorie are in. The Save State is compatible with Your Console.
  14. Ohhh, i saw D ied in your post. Its Ok
  15. Why? We have one more than together as the VITA´s DLC´s