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  1. Just found out there's a way to reset in the PS4 version of The Binding Of Isaac. This better have only just been added with the recent update or i swear im going to break something.

  2. When on his page click on the game you have in common and once his trophies appear you should see an option to flag the list as illegitimate somewhere on the right side. If you don't see it then that means someone must have flagged him already.
  3. Can someone provide a list of the new secrets and items and how to unlock them so the rest of us know what to do?
  4. Resistance Collection Remastered and Heavenly Sword Remastered. The fact that neither of these has been done yet is crazy.
  5. The only way for you to get the flag lifted is to connect your brother's PS3 to the internet and sync the trophies on there which would fix your timestamps. Otherwise you will need to hide the game to reappear on the leaderboards.
  6. Things that are flaggable: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. This would mean that the flag won't be lifted and you would have to hide the game to reappear on the leaderboards. However if your friend still has the trophies you earned on his system then you can just upload those and the timestamps should be fixed allowing you to get the flag lifted.
  7. I don't see the problem with his list. I maxed out my stamina before my health as well since i ignored the fruit on my first few playthroughs due to the trophy guide I used telling me i needed max stamina to get the fruit at the top of the shrine. I just grabbed as many lizards near my path as I could.
  8. Yes your own views count on your forum profile so if you ever feel down refresh the page a couple hundred times, watch your views go up, and pretend a lot of people suddenly became interested in you.
  9. If you are willing to help the others then can you help me as well? Thanks in advance.
  10. There are 12 medals you can get. You've unlocked 9 of them so far. You need to unlock the Master of Arms and Full Honors medals which will give you 11. That will give you Decorated III allowing you to get the 12th medal Duty Calls.
  11. Unfortunately you can only hide up to two flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards. As you have five flags you are permanently off the leaderboards unless you can successfully dispute at least three of them.
  12. mw2
  13. and how did you complete normal time attack before killing the last colossus?
  14. Found out the 1000000% trophy in The Binding Of Isaac is currently unobtainable on the digital version which brings up the question of whether I should even bother finishing up the achievements right now.

    1. TheYuriG


      do it in the expectation they will patch it out eventually. it's what i'm holding onto

  15. Hackers can't pop trophies for you in Modern Warfare 2