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  1. Yes and he got it back in 2015 before the servers closed which is why he is asking if its still possible for him to get the platinum.
  2. because you need to have all those upgrades along with all the batsuit pieces for The Collector and you need multiple playthroughs to get all the batsuit pieces so since the upgrades don't carry over you would just need to get all the armor, rush, and gauntlet upgrades again during your final playthrough for the trophy.
  3. The only way around the glitch is to load an earlier save file from before it happened and make sure your scavenging locations all count while using multiple save files in case it happens again. If you only used a single save file throughout the whole game then yes you are screwed.
  4. So let me get this straight. You saw there were online trophies in the guide so instead of checking that same guide for the description of the trophies and how to earn them you came here and made a new forum post asking how to earn them?
  5. I have the digital ps4 version and it worked for me.
  6. You just have to beat The Slayer.
  7. What do you mean? How is it not a laid back story game? If your not careful the enemies will cause you to spend the story laid back on the ground.
  8. The dlc you need for 100% are the Echo Six Expansion Packs 1 and 2
  9. He confused this game with the sequel Shadow of War. The trophy he is talking about is in that game. Edit: Ninja'd by the eagle.
  10. The dlc trophies aren't gotten by registering your score to the leaderboards, they are gotten by completing all objectives in the trials.
  11. .

    Still possible. The only online trophy is for posting a time on someone else's track and you already have that one so you don't need to rush if the servers go down later. All other trophies can be done offline so currently the only thing that can stop you getting 100% percent is your skill level.
  12. People will never die from just sickness. The illnesses just lower district health and reduce the xp you get from them if you embrace while they are sick. People only die if: you embrace them, you don't finish a citizen in distress investigation before sleeping, you make a decision leading to their death, you make a decision leading to them becoming a rabid skal and ignore them risking them killing someone else when you sleep, the district health lowers too much and reaches hostile status thus killing everyone still alive in the district.
  13. The trophy is only for not embracing any citizens during the game. Citizens turning into vampires or priwen from making a wrong decision like sparing Sean instead of turning him are fair game as they are enemies then. As long as you don't embrace anyone you should get the trophy even if you get everyone killed.
  14. Can anyone tell me if this game shares a trophy list with the PS3 version or are they two separate lists?
  15. The Dividend challenge apparently. Are you sure you checked all challenges? It should be in the wasteland category. You might have just missed it.