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  1. End of the War is earned by getting A rank or better in The Last Battle Hero of the Ninja World is earned by getting S rank in The Last Battle For some reason when I S ranked The Last Battle on the legend path I only unlocked Hero of the Ninja World instead of both. I didn't get End of the War until I went into the Ninja World Timeline and redid The Last Battle on the hero path. Can someone tell me if that was a common glitch or was I just unlucky?
  2. As far as I can see there is nothing wrong with your DMC5 trophy list. Don't know why the flag was approved.
  3. You could also try my method. It's called not dying. Trust me it works 100% of the time. 👍
  4. An update for anyone who is curious or has the same issue: if forced to download the latest patch changing the difficulty from easy to extreme before doing so does not give you the difficulty trophies after beating the game. A second playthrough is needed.
  5. I started the game on easy planning to use the exploit that allows you to stack the difficulty trophies by changing it to extreme after the final boss on the unpatched version of the game. However, i got a bug stopping me from completing chapter 2 which can only be fixed by downloading the latest patch which will also block the extreme exploit. Does anyone know if I can change the difficulty to extreme before downloading the patch and just continue from there or do i need to do a second playthrough?
  6. The mini areas that are found under rocks don't have specific items only found in them however the secret rooms found by blowing up walls do. this site tells what every item does and what rooms they are found in. It even has has pages for if you have the dlcs.
  7. 60 matches
  8. I don't know as I can't check myself but does it actually tell people exactly what trophies they have flagged or just give the reason why?
  9. You're wrong. Its not just the network relays, you also NEED to get all the datapacks to be able to destroy the server. This isn't a suggestion. This is someone who got the trophies already and double checked the trophy guide he used just to be sure telling you EXACTLY what you need to do.
  10. It doesn't matter how many red orbs he gets because as said before he can't buy all of Nero's skills until Nero gets the Devil Bringer in mission 20. Also even if the orbs used in practice mode counts it still doesn't matter as Dr. Faust isn't unlocked til mission 13 so him spending 500k orbs using it before mission 6 is also impossible.
  11. Just found out there's a way to reset in the PS4 version of The Binding Of Isaac. This better have only just been added with the recent update or i swear im going to break something.

  12. When on his page click on the game you have in common and once his trophies appear you should see an option to flag the list as illegitimate somewhere on the right side. If you don't see it then that means someone must have flagged him already.
  13. Can someone provide a list of the new secrets and items and how to unlock them so the rest of us know what to do?
  14. Resistance Collection Remastered and Heavenly Sword Remastered. The fact that neither of these has been done yet is crazy.
  15. The only way for you to get the flag lifted is to connect your brother's PS3 to the internet and sync the trophies on there which would fix your timestamps. Otherwise you will need to hide the game to reappear on the leaderboards.