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  1. Lucky me (Half sarcasm half serious) I didn't have to spend any time idling as the Where's My Cape? trophy glitched on me so the rest of the 40 hours was spent on a second play through.
  2. yes
  3. Hey this is a legitimate glitch. I've seen a bunch of players who have cheated this game in the dispute section have this glitch happen to them also.
  4. Missing timestamps happen when you earn the trophies before you first connect your psn account to the internet, they also mess with the order if you try to sort the trophies by date. As for the reason for the flag I will leave to someone else as the only thing I know about this game is its name.
  5. If it was just two games then hiding them would have worked. However since you have three flagged games you are permanently off the leaderboards. Now since save file use means the flags won't be lifted the only way for you to get back on the leaderboards is to start over on another account. If you don't care about the leaderboards then you can ignore the flags as they don't stop you from doing anything else on this site.
  6. FINALLY earned the Grinder Man trophy in Surge Deluxe after weeks of effort. Worst grind I've ever done. To the person who thought this trophy was a good idea:


    F*ck you. I hope you step on a Lego. 

    1. madbuk


      The worst part was that you couldn't track it. Other than that the grind wasn't too bad imo. Fun game too.


    2. Fidel


      That was such a dumb final trophy.. Congrats on completing it!

  7. Obviously he got them at the same time but since its on PS3 there is a small delay between the trophies. I see no reason for him to be flagged.
  8. What was the reason given for the flag?
  9. His Final Fantasy 13 trophies are fine. Hell besides Master's Seal my trophies are closer together than his.
  10. Thanks for the chance. I'm in.
  11. Same with me. Master Locksmith popped three hours before Room Service
  12. Arguments withdrawn due to information given in pm. Trophy list is possible. I vote to lift the flag.
  13. You need to play 84 matches to complete a journey. When playing a match the game gives players a vote between 2 maps before you start. You don't get to pick whether the maps are dlc or not and there are more dlc maps than base game maps. I find it hard to believe that you managed to get through the whole journey until the end completing no dlc maps at all.
  14. Unfortunately you will still have to hide the game as even though it wasn't your fault it still looks the same as someone who actually cheated. If your list gets unflagged it would allow actual cheaters to get away with it by claiming the same thing.
  15. ...well if it looks like a duck, moves like a duck, and quacks like a duck