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  1. Things that are flaggable: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order. This would mean that the flag won't be lifted and you would have to hide the game to reappear on the leaderboards. However if your friend still has the trophies you earned on his system then you can just upload those and the timestamps should be fixed allowing you to get the flag lifted.
  2. I don't see the problem with his list. I maxed out my stamina before my health as well since i ignored the fruit on my first few playthroughs due to the trophy guide I used telling me i needed max stamina to get the fruit at the top of the shrine. I just grabbed as many lizards near my path as I could.
  3. Yes your own views count on your forum profile so if you ever feel down refresh the page a couple hundred times, watch your views go up, and pretend a lot of people suddenly became interested in you.
  4. If you are willing to help the others then can you help me as well? Thanks in advance.
  5. There are 12 medals you can get. You've unlocked 9 of them so far. You need to unlock the Master of Arms and Full Honors medals which will give you 11. That will give you Decorated III allowing you to get the 12th medal Duty Calls.
  6. Unfortunately you can only hide up to two flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards. As you have five flags you are permanently off the leaderboards unless you can successfully dispute at least three of them.
  7. mw2
  8. and how did you complete normal time attack before killing the last colossus?
  9. Found out the 1000000% trophy in The Binding Of Isaac is currently unobtainable on the digital version which brings up the question of whether I should even bother finishing up the achievements right now.

    1. TheYuriG


      do it in the expectation they will patch it out eventually. it's what i'm holding onto

  10. Hackers can't pop trophies for you in Modern Warfare 2
  11. Since I got it also I believe it might have been given to everybody as a going away present.
  12. Batman: Arkham City You got most of the medal trophies at the same time then a couple of hours later you got the other two medal trophies again at the same time which is impossible. Shadow of the Colossus You got max stamina, max health, reached the top of the shrine, and got all the fruits before beating the final colossus and completing the game. This is impossible as even getting all the fruits and lizard tails it still takes multiple runs through new game plus to get max stamina and health and since you need max stamina to reach the top of the shrine where the last of the fruits are... Also normal time attack only unlocks after beating normal so you can't get the time attack items from completing normal. Just like hard time attack only unlocks by beating hard and it takes longer than 3 minutes to get the items. DmC: Devil May Cry Trophies unlocked as they did because you cheated. Strike one: Difficulty trophies don't stack in this game. Strike two: You got max health LONG before its even possible. Strike three: You got the trophy for beating the final mission before getting the trophies for beating the two missions before it. Final Fantasy X HD You couldn't capture 10 of all enemies in every area as you don't encounter one of the enemies until you reach the area AFTER Seymour Omnis so that is a lie. Also explain how you got the deal 9999 and deal 99999 damage trophies a lot earlier than you could. If your going to give us bullshit excuses make sure that we can't prove its bullshit. P.S. Just gave you another flag for Devil May Cry 3
  13. Completing the Web of Intrigue gives the Web Of Knowledge trophy. Before earning this trophy you will have earned the trophies Origin, Self-Deception, and Hope. He earned Self-Deception and Hope after Web Of Knowledge which is most likely why he was flagged.
  14. Two things: 1) You were flagged because some of your trophies popped in an impossible order or timeframe. The multiplayer portion has no trophies so hackers boosting your rank to max wouldn't matter. 2) It's been established that hackers can't pop trophies for you in this game so any cheated trophies had to have been done on purpose. So can you explain how you got Hotel Bravo, Charlie On Our Six, Blackjack, and Operational Asset at the same time? P.S. Being flagged means you are removed from ALL leaderboards including The Sexy Brutale.
  15. Lucky me (Half sarcasm half serious) I didn't have to spend any time idling as the Where's My Cape? trophy glitched on me so the rest of the 40 hours was spent on a second play through.