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About Me

Going to start streaming full time. Would appreciate anyone who checks it out even if you don't follow that is fine. I want to do this as a hobby. It means alot even just checking it out. Thank you to those who took the time to read this I'm just some guy who loves videogames.

Known for being the best Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction player ranked 1st on each map out of 20 million players also holding 2 wins over the Optic gaming squad.

DESTINY Raid updates

Vault of Glass Normal mode:Top 50 to clear and 39 total completions

Vault of Glass hard mode: 63 total completions

Crota's End Normal mode: Top 10 to clear and 18 clears

Crota's End hard mode:Top 20 to clear and 273 clears

Kings Fall Normal mode:Top 20 to clear and 33 completions

Kings Fall hard mode: top 10 to clear and 5 completions

About me:Grew up playing games from Mortal Kombat to GTA to Final Fantasy. Was a pro-wrestling fan growing up which made me get into ammy wrestling where if you look below i enjoyed success. After i stopped wrestling i wanted to go for Leaderboards/go pro which i think I've done well with.

Favorite Videogame series/games:

Final Fantasy:main games 1,7,X,XV

Xenoblade Chronicles: pic below is of that game

Legend of Zelda: Main games 1,OoT,WindWaker

Hyperdimension Neptunia


Videogame records i have held/hold:

25 1ST rank leaderboards held in the call of duty series.

Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction: First player to hit 1000 escapes on ANY map on ANY system. Map was PoC.

Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction: First Players/Team to beat Nightfall. Also first to beat hardcore mode.

Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction : First Players/team to beat Mayday

Call of Duty:Ghosts Extinction : First player to beat Exodus

Ranked 13th Resident evil 5 amateur ch.1

Resident evil 5 DE ranked 45

70th MN9 C4

50TH MN9 C7

8TH resident evil rev.2 ep.4

4th Megatagmension neptunia

9th dig-dug

1st dust

8th yellow devil megaman

17 wily machine 1 megaman

19th mecha dragon megaman

84th godzilla

Still a work in progress i've won a LOT of crap while gaming haven't even put up tournament wins


Favorite shows:

Black lagoon 10/10

Samurai champloo 9/10

Jormungand 9/10

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls 8/10

Akame Ga Kill 8/10

Danganronpa 8/10

Kill la Kill 8/10

Mirai Nikki 7/10


MMA/Wrestling records: weight class 160-189 will put the weight next to them

FAWA state champion 160

AAU state champion 160

MVP wrestler 2008 180

Seahorse 34th annual tournament 1st at 160

2nd dixie nationals 160

2x time all-american 189

Florida iron-man 189

3x sunshine state games champion 189

Coaching award (almost everyone i coached went to states)

greenbelt in karate

Only put relevant tournaments i did over 150 in wrestling

Records on this Site:

First on fallout 4 for 100% (until the last dlc drops)

First to beat vault-tec workshop fallout 4 dlc

14th to 100% Megatagmension

These aren't important

Favorite sports in order:

Mixed Martial Arts



Favorite Movies and Movie Series:



Mortal Kombat 1

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

Jurassic park