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  1. 3:30.00 hours is very forgiving. I just did a run on easy collecting EVERYTHING and still did it under the required time. Granted, I had the bazooka but I wasn't even running most of the time.
  2. ^ My heart rate was always through the roof whenever I got to 80+ zombies killed. So, calm was never an option. lol But, I did make a habit of pausing the game to assess the situation giving me time to decide what to do next. And when you gotta use the big guns, well you gotta use them. It's strategic to save them for later waves I agree but if you're pinned down and you have no other choice I say go for it. Some of you might've not made it if you hadn't. Gunslinger must've taken me 20+ tries.
  3. I want to advise anyone going for this to be careful not to be too close to a gas tank when your character is in "danger" status. Treat the distance the same way as the emitting poison of a zombie you just killed. I've died twice because of this and in one occasion I blew up the tank during zombie #91 thinking nothing would happen to me... Thankfully, I just did it while going for Gunslinger. Also, another piece of advice I can give is to never rely on the d-pad for switching weapons. During the main story it's easy to switch between because you don't get more than 4. But, in this mode you find and discard so many that it can be confusing as to where their placement in the d-pad is. If you can keep track of all of them without missing a beat then more power to you but I found that pressing triangle and equipping the weapon I want to use at that second was easier and not only that but it pauses the zombies while giving you time to think.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQAwlkrI8ukNJvLMerj6vg Bound won me over the second I saw the teaser and with Sony's promotion of pre-order two games with 20% off and get a 20% off code down the line I jumped on it. I mainly did it for Abzu though cause I loved Journey and knew former thatgamecompany people worked on it. I will admit once I started Bound I quickly realized how difficult it was going to be to achieve the platinum and with me being a completionist there was a moment where I kind of regretted not doing any research and thinking it was going to be another easy indie game. But, once I start a game I don't quit and it's not because I I don't want to tarnish my 100% trophy completion rate. In fact, as I was getting the trophies in Bound I knew that there could be a possibility that I would've left it unfinished and I would've been okay with it. It's been a couple of days since I achieved the platinum and it's been an amazing journey. It's my GOTY for 2016 topping Uncharted 4 and trust me i'm a Naughty Dog fanboy. I went to sleep thinking of Bound. Thinking of how I could improve, thinking of finding new secrets, and strategizing all kinds of things in my head. It's a testament of how addicting this game can be if you let it.
  5. The most fun I've had with Bound is trying to master all the levels and getting all the trophies. Oh i know i just wanna get a good handle on how you approached everything.
  6. No i never watched your stream live. If i had i would've said hi. But, once you uploaded the streams to youtube that's where i saw what routes you took and what methods you used. In fact i'm gonna look at your 100% run and try to mimic it as good as possible.
  7. I only need 100% Run and i join the club! Hopefully i can get it within the next couple of days. But, i want to thank you a lot for sharing your progress on youtube. You definitely helped me and if it weren't for you and i few others this platinum would be even more difficult. Once i get the plat i'll share my experience of it. It definitely feels like a proud platinum to have.
  8. For me Bound wouldn't be as special if it didn't have all these difficult trophies. For example i enjoyed Abzu and thought it was majestic, beautiful, and sometimes mesmerizing but it didn't struck a cord with me the way Bound has. That's not to say Bound's story and presentation aren't good is just that learning to master all the levels and find all the hidden paths have been more fulfilling to me.
  9. It's a game that seems like your typical indie darling but it's much more than that. The gameplay is basic enough for everyone to understand but can also be deeper for those looking to master the platforming. However, trophy-wise it's one of the hardest games out there due to all the speedrun related trophies. So, take that in mind.
  10. Thanks for suggesting Sycho96's channel. I'll check him out. Oh and the beach parts do count towards your overall time. Granted, they're not long but they can easily add minutes to already super challenging speedruns.
  11. I don't have the "Caution" trophy yet. And yeah trophy description says in one sitting with edge guard turned off. Don't think you can use "restart" in story mode and even if you did it in the speedrun menu if you use "restart " it'll probably take you to the beginning. But, i'm not worried so much about that one as by the time we're done with most of the other trophies we'll be pros at this game. lol Plus, there's no time limit.
  12. Unfortunately i think so. I'm gonna try something later today and see if the beach parts counts towards the overall time. Oh thanks a lot for your video! Hadn't notice it was you indeed. Gave you a "thumbs up".
  13. There doesn't seem to be any way to skip cutscenes. Look for "Faster Than Sound" trophy on YouTube. A guy did it in 4:25. Took me like two hours but i managed the same time. I don't know how the hell I'm going to pull off the 50:00 & 1:05:00 speedrun trophies. I just wish cutscenes didn't count towards your overall time.