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  1. I see trophies for 'Duet' and 'Duel' modes. Is there online multiplayer or local only?
  2. Okay so...I see Kurisu there. The Makise Kurisu. What is this game? Is it good?! I wanna get it just for that but I've never heard of it before, so I guess I should ask opinions.
  3. I don't think there's a topic for this but if you find one that I missed let me know. Anyway, this is similar to the 'What games do you have pre-ordered' thread but with a twist. Basically, post below what is the next game you have pre-ordered that will be released. (I feel like I'm wording this horribly) For example, if you had only Black Ops 3 and Mirrors Edge Catalyst preordered, then you would say Black Ops 3 as that is the one that releases soonest. PLEASE NOTE THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR LISTING ALL YOUR PRE-ORDERS, FOR THAT USE THIS THREAD. PLEASE READ THE RULES ABOVE, YOU'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO SAY YOUR ONE NEXT GAME.
  4. I searched all over the forum and couldn't find a thread like this (if one exists let me know and I'll lock this or whatever) Basically you post a line or two from any song you want, and the person below you has to guess what song it's from ^^ Also since this forum game is practically dead, if you don't know the answer to the above lyrics then you can pass and post your own I'll start: 'This time around, yeah it's kinda final Ride 'til you fall, then the...'
  5. I had a search around and couldn't find this thread so here it is! Title says it all. For me it's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This film gets a lot of criticism but I honestly really enjoyed it and it's my favourite in the series. The whole Deadpool thing was a bit stupid as his jokes are one of the best things about his character, but at least they learnt from that mistake.
  6. Pleasantly surprised to see a platinum here. What are these like in terms of difficulty? Since I've heard it's a fairly difficult game in and of itself. Either way I'm very much interested in this after hearing about it from a member on here
  7. Welcome to the discussion thread for Project Diva X and Future Tone! So if you weren't aware, Sega revealed two new Hatsune Miku games for release in 2016. Firstly, Project Diva X which out now in Japan, and releases this fall on PS4 and Vita in America. Secondly, one of the PSP games is being ported to PS4 in the form of Project Diva: Future Tone, releasing sometime in 2016. This one hasn't yet been confirmed for localisation. This thread is for discussing anything related to these games or Miku games in general. Share your thoughts here! When new info is announced, it gets posted in the thread, so to be fully up to date hit that button in the corner that says "Follow this topic". If you want to catch up though, every news article that's been linked is available in the spoiler (if you're posting news in the thread please include a link to the article, it makes my life easier) -
  8. I feel like this thread should already exist...but I searched and couldn't find anything. If I'm being a noob and missing it then let me know and I'll lock this. Anyway, I've noticed a lot of people plan certain milestones such as special platinum numbers or trophy number 1337 and stuff, so I figured a thread to say and discuss what milestones you've planned would be a good idea. You could also ask for ideas and stuff here. Personally I only have a couple. I tend not to plan individual trophies but I plan the platinums to an extent. (Less so now that I know the tens disappear after hitting 50) I'm hoping to get this trophy for 1337 due to reasons that should be obvious - And in the far future, I'd like to have DJ Hero as my 50th platinum. So, what about you?
  9. I just figured I'd let people know, as of the latest patch trophies can no longer be obtained in Private Matches, which will likely make boosting much more awkward. A 1v1 mode is available which is probably your best option from now on, but it's not ideal. Also a new map has been added, however its special is NOT needed for the Tactical Support trophy.
  10. Does anyone know when the rest of the dlc will be released? The trophies are on the servers and I was hoping for today but it doesn't look like it'll be out. I looked online and can't find any information
  11. I may have quit the cult, but I will always be a Brawl3r in my heart

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    2. Jak


      You and several others have quit the cult.. i'm trying to wonder why lol?

    3. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      because you touch yourself at night Mar.

    4. 30 Year Old Boomer
  12. Nice, looking forward to them. They don't need to bother with FnaF world though
  13. While it's not harder, there's a DLC trophy in Helldivers that is a massive grind
  14. I'm absolutely loving it, playing as Tracer, Genji, and Reaper mainly with some Widowmaker mixed in. Playing the beta has solidified the game as a day 1 buy for me. One thing though...Bastion is fucking broken. He needs to be nerfed (the worse thing is he already has been)
  15. EDIT: Actually it can be changed so I have no idea what you're talking about. Look at Rainbow Moon. Used to be PS3/Vita, but was updated to add PS4 -
  16. It's people from a past war who have only just accessed the terminal to unlock the trophy. And that's the trophy guide description, not the trophy...
  17. I thought you were asking about the country at first
  18. After a successful war, the player has to access the terminal on the ship for the trophy to unlock. So this'll be a returning player from a previous war. It's a time based event that relies on the community not being shit at the game, which as you can tell isn't the best idea. Given how slowly the campaign is moving and the amount of fails, it could well be months before this trophy is unlockale again
  19. Honestly the best reveal trailer I've seen in a long time. Battlefield is my favourite FPS series so very much looking forward to this
  20. It might sync out of order, but apart from that it should be fine. I'm not sure what'd happen with the first trophy but I assume it'd be replaced.
  21. Played a few hours of the Overwatch beta and absolutely loved it, got a TF2 vibe from it. What characters did you use? I used Reaper mainly

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      Woah, Tracer best girl

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      Tracer is just a bouncy ball with some tight pants slapped onto it. Your waifu is shit i say.

    4. NotAFoxAnymore


      Well...that's my best girl argument also

  22. So today I recieved Battlefield 4, but noticed it was an Australian version of the game. Although I'm pretty sure Australia shares the same region code as EU (PAL) so in light of this, will DLC purchased from the uk store still work with the game?
  23. There's no fix unfortunately, but this thread should help to explain why
  24. Misleading title, unsubscribed For real though, cel shading looks cool
  25. I'm not sure why people are complaining about others criticising the OP, nobody is doing that or has done that.