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  1. #124. Saints Row 4 (PS3 WW)
  2. God of War Some indie.
  3. So i just got the trophy without any Simple DNS Plus or other stuff. That all what you need to do: 1. Log-out from PSN. 2. Enter "Image As Designed". 3. Press "Character Gallery". 4. Your console will start connecting to PSN. At the same time, game will allow you proceed to next menu. 5. Now just press "Upload Character". There will be Error message, but you will get the trophy. And that's all folks!
  4. It will be 144.
  5. Metro Exodus Some indie
  6. Got this copy with dev team autographs. Also this is my Mortal Kombat 11 steelbooks. Got first one on start, and second (Steelbook only, without a game. Cost me around $15) recently.
  7. Metropolis: Lux Obscura (PS4/US) and Conan Outcast (Japan).
  8. Game is deleted from ps store, but I still see some keys selling by So if I’ll buy it, will I able to play online?
  9. There is also exclusive mini games .
  10. Finally. Saw 2.