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  1. To make things even worse, games such as Dead or Alive 6 DLCs aren't even compatible between digital & physical version of the main game, even if it's from the same region. Smh
  2. I can confirm Vendetta Mission is still appear as I'm writing this post now. Just got the trophy on my alt account.
  3. This season 2.5 everything becomes even harder just to reach to the finals.
  4. Automatic or your choice? Mine: Automatic (it took longer waiting for players if I set to my region)
  5. I've been playing this game for 100+ hours & never once until yesterday I encountered a round 6 game. At the end of round 4 there was only 10 of us. But then, stage 5 it was Tail Tag (the solo version) they pick only 5 winners to go to round 6 the final round, Jumping Showdown. I thought 10 people for the final was pretty decent number. Anyone else getting up to round 6 before this November? Edit: sorry, just checked my recorded replay. Misremembering the order & number: Round 3 to 4 is 17 Then 4 to 5 is 10 people. 5th to 6th(final) is 5 people (thought it would be Royal Fumble. Which I haven't encountered it at all in season 2)
  6. While most of the trophies seems like you'll be getting it naturally by keep playing. There's 1 trophy, The Die Hard trophy which I think requires boosting otherwise it's extremely rare to happen (let alone have to do it 100 times) 100 kills with scope aiming also gonna be tough one. Did anyone else use the scope regularly to shoot? (Else than when using MSR)
  7. Cant get the first kill trophy... I killed like more than 20ish already & MVP few times
  8. That's because there aren't much casual players left playing this game. Most people who still playing the game now either trophy hunters or pros. Unless this game being f2p someday, this game's difficulty (I'm talking about your opponents, not the game levels) will keep getting harder everyday. Example similar situation is Last of Us multiplayer.
  9. Wonder if there'll be trophy for 100,000 times tapping the bottle this time 😬
  10. Fall Guys... Infallible trophy is total BS
  11. This master ninja messed with the wrong Dino
  12. Grounded DLC wasn't free on PS3 back then. Updates only to update the game content to provide the Grounded option & it's data but it's not unlocked for free.
  13. Get Deadly Damage from Traps? I'm at Wave 45 now & the last couple of waves I already try to lure the zombies & more than half of them died from the traps. How much more do they be considered as Deadly Damage? Edited: As I just read Knoef's trophy guide just now. The Deadly damage supposed to be on YOU, not the zombies. As I've already maxed my Regeneration skill. I can't get damaged from the trap as the skill instantly recovered my HP. So, warning for the others, this is a MISSABLE trophy. Do NOT upgrade your Regeneration skill before you attempt this trophy.
  14. I'm one of the proud owner of PS Vita. Having a few of 'em, no regrets at all & not planning to sell any 1 of them for now. Is it worth getting Vita in 2020? My answer in 2 different perspectives: 1. As trophy hunter: It's a must have. A lot of stacking Platinum 2. As a normal gamer: Uncharted Golden Abyss, UMVC3 & SFxT already gave me enough reason to get a Vita.
  15. Playing on Asia version here. Either the game has buggy calculation of zombies killed, or different region has different amount of zombies per wave. But I've reached wave 35 & I only have 3,800 kills... *Update post: Got the 5000 kills on Wave 39 when the amount of zombies left about 100-ish (Asia region) Real problem with the grinding aspect in this game is not the kills, but the money spent. Since you can't really do much with the money else than buying traps & ammos.