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  1. I'd rather doing it myself on PSVita. You can take a break every 50ish or anytime to rest your eyes & brain.
  2. I can confirm Disc & Digital are able to connect each other (though I'm using same region of the game & same region both players)
  3. 5 ranked wins in a row trophy isn't easy to boost (technically nearly impossible unless you're using 2 PS4s your own) since you can't see who's your opponent this time (unlike DOA5) & you're only given 10 secs to decide accept or not.
  4. There are no difference between violent video games & movies imo, & in my personal opinion, they do NOT make people violent. But they might do affect your attitude & behavior in real life in long term.
  5. Is it just me or, are there many physical collectors like to buy certain games more than 1 copies like me? Whether it's the exact same version/region (because there's no other region released or the other region copy sucks, such as like FFX/X-2 Switch Asian copy) or just because you love the game so much that you'd like to have more than 1 physical copy in your shelf. Or it's because of the rarity, or whatver reason you have there. In my case, I'd like to buy games that I considered good games OR not so great but it's rare more than 1 copy. Especially when I saw the price was pretty low. (I'd buy any Last of Us copies I met if it's less than $5, I already have 9 copies various version of it. But I'd refuse to buy more than 1 copy for games such as Orcs & Men because I didn't like it eventhough it's very cheap, I saw at local store only $2 & it's still sealed new) I knew someone who has similar habit like me, but he only buy because it's different version/cover. Such as Greatest Hits, Platinum Hits. But he wouldn't want the exact same version for his collection. So, what's your story?
  6. Played both Nope. I platinum'ed both US & HK while online no problem with trophy popping at all.
  7. I can confirm after the latest patch (20 Nov 2019 which about 10+ GB patch) playing Private with Mutators won't count to your completion anymore For those who hasn't installed the newest patch but already has the mutator options. I suggest to grab the "Well, what did you achieve?" trophy before updating the latest patch. I wish there's a way to revert back this patch
  8. They'd better put all the S1-S3 DLC chars on-disc this time!
  9. fat? slim? super slim?
  10. Hi, can you help me with re6 onslaught trophies? Ps3

  11. I've platinumed both on PS3 & PS4. I'm usually very gently with my controller. I rotate normally not trying as fast as I could on PS3, I don't remember I'd ever died on that part before. But on PS4 yeah I failed many times. Eventually I managed to do it by rotating both analog stick as fast as I could (playing co op with AI) I think it's because the 60fps thing makes the game speeds up abit. Definitely not a bug, just become harder to be done on PS4 60fps.
  12. Try backup your save using PlayStation Plus, delete the DoA5+ bubble, then Re-install / re-insert the game cartridge?
  13. LoL. You're right, I misremembering with the trophy list on Vita. Sorry about that. But yea, Dragon's Dogma & Ni No Kuni in 3 days? I'll just wait for this guy to have more superfast accomplishment on any exclusive Vita/PS4 games.
  14. I don't quite understand how things work here. I saw there's Dirty list with cheater board. But, this cheater (Utusan29)after being reported his PSN ID totally gone instead of going to the dirty list. After few days, now he managed to came back to the CLEAN leaderboard. I thought any ID removed from leaderboard should've been banned as well from being back? Proof of this guy's cheating: This cheater quite good in faking his timestamp making it looks legit. Most of the trophies 'timeline' looks legit as everything he's doing it so fast but possible. But I saw a flaw in his DOA5. Getting Platinum in 61 hours is totally NOT POSSIBLE, especially when I checked after 10 hours he just got his 100 Online Match trophy. That means he only had 51 hours left to get the other NINE HUNDRED Online match + Clearing Arcade + 1 hour on Training room + clearing Command List, Tutorial & the Combo Challenge which hard as hell as SF4 Trials. PLUS clearing all course Arcade, Time Attack, Survival (you have to beat 100 opponents on every last few levels.) That's totally not possible doing all these within less than 3 days.