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  1. Proudly got plat for Torment: ToN, Having played Planescape Torment a ton back in the day I'm happy this game came out. Even if it had quite a few issues. Anyway, after that I got the Plat for Darksiders 3, Anyone want to recommend a game for my to get on next, having trouble deciding...
  2. grimlydemise Shadow of the Colossus I don't know what happen done this game many times maybe error and used old saves. But honestly can leave me removed I just like using the features or site like how rare and how hard trophies are to get. Plus all the guides. Thanks for having a awesome site.
  3. Teslagrad easy and fun
  4. Star ocean and wkc might get wkc 2 but doubtful
  5. Star ocean and wkc might get wkc 2 but doubtful
  6. jealous of demon soul's plat
  7. Sleeping dogs and alice, I kinda gave up on both for now anyway Last of us for guy above me other was for above him