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  1. This post has really aged well! 😂 It's still incredible though that we actually got the Justice League movie that we were suppose to get years ago and the fact that we got to see Martian Manhunter and Darkseid in an actual DC movie is pretty dope! Not to mention the Knightmare scene, that Batman and Joker conversation was awesome! Shame this movie supposedly ain't canon and all these neat bits ain't going anywhere in the future and goes to show how the Arrowverse is still the best way to enjoy live-action DC content, especially after Crisis on Infinite Earths. As for the rest of the DC movies that came out after Justice League, I honestly thought Shazam and Birds of Prey were pretty average. Shazam's portrayal and Zachary Levi's performance was great but other then that a pretty average hero movie. As for Births of Prey, I enjoyed the action scene's and Black Mask was pretty cool, though Huntress and Black Canary should have had more time to shine. As for Wonder Woman 1984, I haven't seen it yet. Anyone else watched The Suicide Squad? Out of the three movies mentioned above, the squad's sequel is definitely one of the best. I really enjoyed the risks Gunn took in his script, although a certain character's early death really did piss me off. Also Starro was surprisingly good for what the villain is. Even though the DCCU's future ain't looking too bright in my opinion, I'm pretty excited for the Flash movie. Keaton's Batman return, Batfleck and Supergirl got me really excited, but to be honest I'd rather stick with DCTV especially Titans and the way it's been killing it these past two seasons.
  2. Both have pros and cons in my opinion. DuelSense Pros. Shape is similar to the Xbox controller which I honestly find more comfortably in my hands. Share and Pause buttons are better placed and easier to press. The mic is a huge plus for someone who dislikes headsets. Cons. R2 trigger spring broke after 4 months. I'm in no way saying that the PS4 DualShock is a bad controller as it's a lot lighter then the DuelSense, although I did end up replacing it three times due to analog drift in the span of 2 years.
  3. I had my PS5 (alongside the controller) since November and had the same issue with the R2 trigger in March after playing a week of COD Cold War multiplayer. I honestly ended up replacing the broken spring myself after I found the OG spring snapped, since the store I purchased my PS5 from said that he had to ship it in order to fix it. It's been fine since I did the home-made fix, though I did set the trigger sensitivity to medium on the PS5 settings. Edit: Good to mention that the spring I replaced was from a broken PS4 controller in case anyone wants to buy extra's or have a few lying around.
  4. A few purchases I made this past year! 😃
  5. Last month's pick ups!
  6. Been surfing the forum for any threads related to comicbook/manga collectors on here to find there isn't one, so I thought I should start one myself! 😜 Like the title suggests, I would love to see everyone's collection and what you all are picking up! This is my collection so far! Note that I've been collecting for roughly the past 3 years now! As you can easily tell, I'm more of a DC comics collector although I do plan on buying some spidey comics in the future!
  7. Indeed they do! Replaced my soundbar with those and it's honestly one of the best decisions I've made this year lol! Thanks!